Mom, I’m a Girl Now! Ch. 01

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The following story don’t contain sexual intercourse, but you need to read it for context of next part. It contains masturbation and self discovery. It’s a gender bender story. Leave if you don’t like that. Enjoy! All characters are above 18.


I frowned a little, as I sat there in my principal’s office. Mr. Kepler was continuously howling at me about my performance this year. This is stupid, I have no interest in these boring ass degrees, my dad left me millions to spend on myself. The only reason I’m studying is my mom. She forced me to go to school and finish this shit, to be a ‘better man’. I picked the tissue box from his table and wiped my face ignoring his boring rants, he snapped it out of my hand! And yelled me to get out.

Guys the old man is out of his mind. I’m sure y’all will lose your boner seeing his angry face. Well that’s expected, for things I did last night. Punched his son Kevin in the face, and broke his nose. He wasn’t a weakling himself, homie punched me back giving me a bleeding nose. But my last blow on his abdomen was enough for him to pass out. I know you are thinking I’m a bully. Well maybe you are right. But today, the reason for the fight was different. He was jealous about me being close to her chic! Awful man! She was flirting with me!


As I walked my way to the school gate. Someone called my name. “Hey, Neander!” As I turned around, a girl with pretty face. Hugged me tightly, I brought my hand around her and moaned. Well this is Hailee, my best friend. She’s my age. We were raised together after her mom left,my mom kinda took her in our home. Her dad was a doctor. I don’t know how my mom and him met, but they were pretty close. Don’t get me wrong, I never saw them getting intimate but they cared alot about each other.

“So, how was your little rendezvous with the principal?” she asked me with a cute smile. “As usual.” I replied. We walked towards our car discussing more about the day and drove towards my home.

As we stepped inside the house, I went straight to my room. Life was pretty dumb, I mean don’t take me wrong I’m happy. I’m not saying I need more, I have everything a teenage guy would ever desire but sometimes it feels… What should I say I don’t have any words. I don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t have any commitments, I don’t have any girlfriends cause I was very picky and never felt connected to anyone. I never had any good friends, just Hailee and Alex my classmate whom I treat like shit. I feel regret, why I keep hurting people.

I sat on my desk, to draw some stuff. Usually I’m artistic, I love drawing buildings and portraits. I spent several hours completing my drawing, and when I was bored I just slept on my desk.

Maybe after some hours, a knock on my door woke me up. I got up and opened the door. It was Alex, as usual smiling at me like an asshole. I shook his hands, without saying anything went towards my bathroom to wash my face. As I came back, he was standing near my desk with his hands on the drawing.

“You are getting better, never expected a cliché Football player to be an artist.”

“Huh, have a long way ahead. What’s up by the way? You seemed dressed up very nicely, any occasion?” I replied.

“Common man, don’t say you forgot!” He exclaimed dramatically. I tried my best to remember, but my mind was dizzy due to the heavy nap I took. I should have kept an alarm.

“It’s Amy’s birthday party!” he said with a lame smile. “You always forget stuff man, that’s the reason you don’t stay in a relationship.”

“Oh, yeah I remembered its just…i was hungry.” I said anything that came to my mind. Being embarrassed I said nothing for a minute. How can I forgot Amy’s party? She’s my ex after all. She is a good person. Someone with whom i can share anything.

We broke up several months ago due to some family issues. I still don’t know what were they, she insisted me not to say anyone about this. And act like this happened mutually. That’s what I did. Never said anyone about the breakup. I hurried my way taking a shower and getting dressed up. Alex waited in the hall downstairs watching TV. I went down and saw Alex and Hailee together on the sofa watching Seinfeld. Damn this thing is still relevant?

“Guys, hurry up I need to go to the mall to get her something for her birthday.”

They both got up and walked with me to the car. Hailee chewing her gum, gave me a box. It was wrapped with purple glitter paper, yuck these girly stuff.

“What’s this?” I said.

“It’s a gift for Em. Give it to her, I mean she expects her ex boyfriend to give him some gift. Maybe she will come back.” Hailee said with a wink. Alex’s obnoxious laughter followed her comment about my ex girlfrie…I really don’t wanna call her this. I really don’t even wanna meet her. Don’t know why I’m doing this. But part of me wants to cause I don’t wanna break her heart.

The way towards her home was pretty boring, Hailee and Alex ranting about new Star War movie, kids on the road crying for ice-cream. hatay escort Dogs wondering around for food. We parked our car near her apartment, and went inside the madhouse. It was crazy, loud music, girls, beer. I walked my way straight to Amy, who was standing near the dining room talking with a younger guy. As I called her out, she looked at me.

She said, “Hey!” with a wrinkled nose which doesn’t felt friendly at all. I shouldn’t have come here I thought to myself. I gave her the gift and tried my best to start a conversation. Not getting any attention from Amy I thought it would be better to walk away without talking much.

I went straight to the bathroom, in hope of getting a place to be alone. As I opened the bathroom door, there was Emma and Claire making out. Yep, they are the two infamous lesbians of our school. They got disturbed as I opened the door. I looked at them like a dumb one and apologized. I left the place and tried finding Hailee and Alex, they were at the center of the party. It’s not like, I’m a Lone Wolf. It’s just I’m not in my prime. I’m always getting fucked for things I’m doing. My mom’s not paying enough attention on me. My girl broke up with me, without any reason. Now she’s in a secret relationship with that junior guy. I mean how easy it’s for girls to have a normal life, need a boy? Just spread your legs they will die for you. Need money, spread your legs. It’s so easy to be a girl.

Most white teenage guys out there would die to be in my place, but not me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I went to the kitchen and sat on the table there in the corner. It was quite there, and I felt better. Life did a lot wrong with me, never got a chance to see my dad. He died way before I learned walking. Mom’s always busy in her Hair dressing job. She’s pretty famous, that’s not at all a advantage for me. I had Hailee, my best friend who is always here for me. Alex, my partner in crime. Emy my… Oh Fuck that bitch!

As I was there reflecting upon my life, a soft hand touched my cheeks.

“What’s wrong buddy, you look a bit stress.” said Claire with couple of glasses filled with juice on a small tray.

She was my partner in last year’s science class. She always helps people.

“Am alright, just feeling a bit.. Off.” I replied keeping my tears in my eyes. It’s easy to hide them normally, but if someone ask you how you are. That’s when you lose them. And my tears slowly started rolling down my cheeks in front of her.

“Hey hey, what’s wrong Nean? Everythings alright?”

She insisted to talk about what’s going on with me. But I denied telling her anything. How can I? I don’t even know how to express this.

“Hey, I don’t know what’s wrong with you bro but I can assure you, you will be fine. Just stay strong and don’t loose hope” she said handling me a glass of juice. I know she was trying her best to say something motivational.

Her words made me feel better.

“Just take a sip, clear your mind. If you need to talk about anything you can come to me. ” she said.

Her words gave me comfort, I drank the whole glass of that purple juice. It was tasty. She smiled at me as I moved the empty glass away from my lips, keeping it on her tray. The taste was… good maybe. I don’t know maybe liquor is added in this shit.


Suddenly my emotions were erupting like volcanoes. Things were pretty blur after that, I proceeded to comfront Amy about her behavior before.. As soon as I started talking, something strange happened – I saw everyone, everything turning red and blue. Pain filled my veins. My brain was heavy. I heard voices of people around me, but much lower pitch. I was sweating very badly. Then everything became normal, Amy was looking at at me, Jaden – the guy she was talking to was holding me.

“You alright bro?” he said.

I saw Hailee and Alex hurrying towards me. They began to ask me whats wrong with me. I tried talking but no avail. How could I tell them, If I don’t know it myself.

“Hey I think we should leave for home Nean, YOU ARE FEELING SICK. LETS GO HOME, JUST LOOK AT YOUR FACE. IT’S RED” said Hailee in Albert Einstein’s voice, her sentence ending with the same familiar low pitch.

“Boy what are you doing right now?” Said Elton John standing next to a T-shirt floating in air with ‘Never give up’ written on it.

“Fag, about to throw up!” said Eminem, followed by laughing of minions who were having sex with mermaids.

“You need to step up son” Thomas said to me, “Why do we fall?”

“To sta..wait what the hell!!” I cried in a screeching voice.

My body felt paralyzed, and the psycadelic sight turned into darkness, pure darkness.


I opened my eyes with a sharp pain in my spine! I explored the place with my eyes, It was a complete white room with a bed, no window. Seems familiar. Wait that’s my own house!

“Don’t move, you might hurt yourself!” said a familiar voice. It has to be uncle Rey, Hailee’s dad. “What’s happening to me Rey? Why am I here? What’s happening to me?” I said in a paniced voice. He continued writing something on his paper sitting next to me on the table facing me, as I was lying on the bed… Naked! I felt a shiver in my body and I moved my hands to cover myself.

“Mm relax.” uncle Rey made a noise stopping my hands. He looked at me head to toe from his round glass, I felt awkward being naked in front of a man, alone in a room.

“He’s awake, totally conscious!” uncle shouted looking at the door. I tried getting up to see who was it but he again gave me that teacher type glare forcing me to lay and relax. As I was cursing him in my head, Mom and Hailee came inside the room running, I felt so loved as well as scared looking at their concerned faced. Mom hugged me, I wanted to hug her back, but I felt weird being naked and her totally being on my top on a bed… Her boobs touched me I felt twitching between my legs. Stop it dick… That’s my mom, go to sleep. Hailee’s awkward hug followed moms kisses on forehead.

I looked at Rey for permission go move, and he nodded his head. I got up and moved my hands around her, feeling her back. I felt some weight on my head, damn I got pretty long hair, must been unconscious almost a year I thought to myself. They were bothering me, Hailee with her hands brought some hair behind my ears, need a haircut after this!! I felt so weak and tired, my bones felt like wood, hollow.

As she stood up standing near the bed looking at me with tears, I started talking. “Mom, Hailee what’s going on, where am I? Why am I naked? ”

I moved my body sideways to pull the bedsheets and keep it over me, I saw my dick between my legs, all loose and slightly red. It was feeling like I had a strong erection but, my dick looked so weak and… Small! I looked at Rey with a scared look. “The fuck is wrong with my penis?” I yelled!

All he did was stand there writing something and then walked away without talking. I looked at mom and Hailee who were now looking at each other as if they were hiding something. I crumbled into tears.

I started asking them, grunting in pain and suffering my spine and bones were giving me. Finally mom spoke,”Son, there’s something you need to know, your dad. He didn’t died in an accident.. ” there was pause between her words mixed with sobbing and tears. I moved my hands and asked her to continue. “The reason your dad died, was because he turned. ” Turned what? what is this woman is talking about? I then looked at Hailee who was equally emotional as mom. “Nean, your dad was a part succubus!” she continued.

It hit me like an arrow! My own dad, a succubus? These things were just fiction, how was it possible. “Mom, please stop that it’s bor… ” as I was speaking she interrupted me as she sat on the bed, “Your great grand father was a succubus, his son your grandpa was a half succubus. They both were pretty powerful but your dad… He didn’t had control over his powers, he didn’t even knew about it. When I was pregnant he suddenly collapsed on the ground screaming. I didn’t knew about it either, then I found out his dad’s Dairy,he wanted your dad to be a normal person. Due to the hunting of all the supernatural creatures. Your dad was fine all his life, but the last day he just had a seizure, he changed very badly. Doctor announcement his dead.

“We buried him, and then you were born after 2 months. Things were pretty good but then I found your grandpa’s diary. He mentioned about succubus’s one weakness- Brampton flower that can give you seizure and change your body. Your dad somehow ate that flower and changed. Nobody knew about it, so we buried him. But according to your grandpa’s diary he had a chance if given another dose but he will lose his power.” wait when did I ate the flower? Snap, in the party that purple drink!!

It was all heavy for me, supernatural, deaths, reincarnation. I chuckled softly thinking it is a joke but Mom’s face was still pretty serious. “Wait a minute, I’m a succubus?” I asked. “Half, or maybe less. Look I don’t understand this supernatural stuff, but according to Hailee your siezure were similar to your dad’s so I understood that you have the same powe..curse.” I frowned a bit, thinking about my dad, one misinformation killed him. Also, now my life is fucked up, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this tiny dick of mine, and weak body. All because of that damn purple juice!

“What do you mean by I lost my power to switch?” I asked my mom curiously. She looked at Hailee and then me and said “You turned into a girl, however your transformation was not completed, your body stopped working and your heart stopped. We took you to hospital, and they declared you dead. I only had one option left, try your grandpa’s tip. I asked Rey to get your body here in this room and supply the flower’s juice in your veins. Your heart started beating in an hour but It took you 4 months to wake-up. “

I felt my whole world upside down! I was almost dead for hours! And I’m stuck between this weird form, neither a man nor a woman. I started crying with my head on my pillow, mom helped me to get up and stared at me for a minute.

“Look son, there’s still a way you can get out of this condition.” she said.

My wet eyes looked at her with some hope. “You lost your power, but you are in the middle of the transformation. That’s means you can be a WOMAN.”

That means I was almost a woman?

“What are you talking about mom!” I yelled at her.

“Medically you are dead to people. There was even a small ceremony conducted at the school for your death. You are dead son, now imagine about changing,that’s how you do it. Also, you better do it by stimulating your genitals!”

Hailee walked away during the conversation, I continued the talking with mom. “Mom, this is scary. How can I do it? How can I be normal again?” I said. Her reply was calm and confident “Just masturbate son. You will change.” She got up as she said that, Hailee came back with my laptop. She kept it on the bed, porn site running on it. “Here, this will help. It’s your bookmarked site.” Hailee said with a smile which was not very happy, I know she was scared. So was I, I touched my dick which was 4 inch pinkish Winnie. I missed my old dick, as I examined my balls which were tight and sensitive as hell! I took my dick in my finger, cause of course it was too smalls even for my new slender hands, I started with a simple moan as I pumped it slowly. Mom and Hailee left the room for me, and closed the doors from outside.

With my other hands I started a porn video, a red headed cute girl getting fucked by a guy. As the video continue I wanked my little dick which started

getting smaller and smaller with every pump, my testicles rose up inside my body. I could feel them contort from deep with me forming my ovaries. my scrotum thinned out and formed my pussy lips and my penis shrunk down and had become my clit. I felt my body quiver as my new pussy hole opened.

My fingers straight went inside my new pussy hole with a femine moan leaving my mouth.

My boobs were growing too, they grew bigger than Hailee, she has 32B maybe mine is 34B, C,D? Hey I don’t know how this works OK! My weak body was now feeling much more stable but I felt my body becoming shapely, my ass plumbing out, and body forming hour glass shape. My old brown hair were now red, my other hand was now on my nipple, I slowly cupped my big tits and started finger fucking myself. The lust was real. In the beginning I was thinking about the woman, but now I was even paying attention on the man’s body. His abs, the way he was pumping himself in the girl’s ass. His grunts…

My fingers were moving in a circular motion on my clit. I could hear voice of friction my clit was making with my fingers. My fingers were wet with my soaking pussy juice. My small new organ was giving me intense pleasure, I continued fantasizing about getting fucked by the guy in the video!

I imagined myself on my knees pleading for his dick. Him pulling my long scarlet hair, I would open my mouth to take this dick in my mouth. I wasn’t always attracted to males, but now it was different. There was lack of guilt in me, thinking about man. Would I bent over to offer him my pussy? would I pump my hands relentlessly over his meat, asking for his cum on my face? Would I swallow? The increasing warmth between my legs as I was fantasizing this scenario was an indication that Yes, I would do that…Maybe.

My right hand was on my pussy, masturbating. The other one was on my left nipple, pinching it and pressing my boobs together. As a pressure started erupting in me, I felt that. I was having my first female orgasm! It was a surreal feeling, like I was on a rollercoaster. I lost my mind, when the climax actually happened, I moaned heavily raising my body, with my legs and head only staying on the bed. My hand’s work on my clitoris continued as the orgasm faded, so does my consciousness.


“Nean!! Nean! Wake up honey…” I opened my eyes to my mom’s voice with her hands shaking my body to bring me back from my sound sleep. There was a new weight on my chest, of my new mounds. I slowly sat on my bed, and tried analyzing the situation. I am a girl now! I panicked, even though I knew about it happening I still felt scared and nervous! Mom, then kept her hands on my head. “Look son.. I mean Nean, it’s best for your well-being, this was the only way for you to stay alive.” she said.

She helped me getting up, I noticed my new body, well toned hot body. My quarterback chest was now a Victoria Secret model’s chest. My hands were smaller than before. As I stood up, I noticed that my height was smaller than mom now. My hair were shiny ginger and smooth. They were the same size as before, ending at my hips. “How much time has passed since I was on bed?” I asked mom.

“Nearly 4 months” she replied. It’s not possible for my hair to be this long in this span of time. Must be the result of incomplete transformation. As I kept my hands around moms shoulder to stand properly, I saw my bed. It was wet and the porn clip was paused. I felt my cheeks getting red. The AC’s cold wind touching my nipples made me feel incredibly sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32