Mom! You’re Naked!

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White Panties

It is Senior skip week; I normally spend this time with my girlfriend or the boys.

But it was Wednesday my friends just didn’t go to the school. I had nothing to do.

I drove to the local bakery and grabbed a dozen donuts to take home watch some movies. The weather had changed to rain also.

I get home and I knew it would be a great day, Mom and Dad working and my two sisters would be away this week on a College Gymnastic Tour for being the National Champs.

I get home, grab a glass of milk and headed to my room. I strip to my boxers and turn on my TV and videos. Changed headphones to TV. I start to watch the videos and ate a few donuts, I was in a really poor mood because no one was available to spend time with.

I was getting a little excited as the R-rated movie went to a sex scene, showing the women’s full body. I put my donut down and I start to masturbate. I guess I hadn’t been keeping up because I hit my own face this time. Normally I’m lucky I hit my belly button.

I put everything away so I could take a shower, still had my head set on listening to music from the fifty’s. As I was entering the bathroom without thinking because my sisters were away for the weekend. I enter, and placed my headphones on the sink. I hear water running. I look in the mirror and it’s my mother in the bathtub. I was dumbfounded, and curious.

When I got close enough, I froze seeing her naked and water running into her pussy. I backed against the wall to watch. She was wearing headphones also, and her eyes wear closed tight. Then she screamed.

“Oh Fuck It.” She sat up turned off the water. Stood up. Grabbed a towel and turned around. She screamed and I fell on my ass.

“John what are you doing home?”

“Mom, You’re naked! You’re masturbating also and you said my name a few times?”

She laid back in the tub, covering here nakedness, then she looked at me.

“John, I’m sorry I yelled, you scared the shit out of me. Please come sit next to me so we can talk.”

“Mom you’re naked!”

“John, you may not be aware of this but you’re naked and covered in a lot of cum.”

I didn’t say anything, I was so scared and seeing her hot beautiful naked body. She like my twin sisters, has long red hair, large breast, six pack stomach, and a very hairy bush.

“Mom I am so sorry, no one was to be home and I had a bad day, one thing led to another. You were not supposed to be here or naked.”

“John sit down please and relax; I’m cover by a towel now.”

“I’ll sit down, but why are you in our bathroom and naked? I understand you were masturbating, seems to be the thing this hour.”

I laughed when he said that. “John, my bathtubs water pressure isn’t as strong as yours, and like you I wasn’t expecting anyone home for hours. I figured I was safe to use this tub, it’s pressure is very strong.”

“Then why did you get mad and turn off the water?”

“Wow, how do I answer that one? Could you do me a favor and turn the hot water back on it’s getting cold in here.” She tossed the towel on the floor.

I turned to the faucet, turned on the hot water, waited for her to say enough.

From here I could see her bush and I got an erection. She said enough and I reached to turn off the water, but I slipped and fell into the tub.

It hurt at first, but mom’s laughing had me look at her.

“John, are you okay?”

“Just hit my head, I’ll be ok.”

“Which head would that be?”

“The only head I got.” I was still rubbing the back of my head and looking into her pussy.

“I may be getting older, but I remember men having two heads, and the second one is starring right at me.”

I looked down and covered my cock,

“I’m so sorry mom, I forgot I came in to take a shower.”

Mom sat up showing her breast and nipples.

I was kahramanmaraş escort hurting so much my dick exploded, she was fast enough to catch it and aim my cum to her nipples.

My eyes went wide as I watched my cum drip off her large nipples.

I was still erect; I couldn’t get the sight of her out of my mind.

Mom then reached for her breast scooped up my cum and sucked each of her fingers. She did this several times. I could feel the boiling in me again, I tried to stop it, but I shot off again. This time I hit her right in the nose. I was coming hard, and screaming to get the last drop out, and I slipped again, my head landing in her lap. When I tried to move, she put her leg over me.

“Don’t move John, you’re filthy.”

She cleaned all the cum off her one finger at a time now, with a smile on her face. Then she used the wash clothe to wash my body, It felt so good. She had me turn my back to her, so she could wash my back, then she asked me to turn around and place my legs beside her.

“Mom, that would put me right at the entrance to your pussy.”

“You like calling it a pussy?”

“There are other words but I find them demeaning.”

“How about vagina?”

“Didn’t think of that sorry.”

“If I sit like you asked my penis will be at the opening of your vagina,”

“Didn’t that sound better?”

“Not really, pussy is a word for something beautiful, and yours is just that.”

I smiled when he said that and helped him get close enough. I washed his chest, arms, and stomach. “Wow I thought I had a great stomach, yours is so tight, so strong.”

“Thank you, mom, yours is also very strong looking, and your arms and legs.”

“What about my pussy?”

“From here, looks very tasty, I mean very nice.”

He covered his head in shame.

“Don’t say your sorry that was a very sweet thing to say thank you.”

I washed his penis, and then his legs and feet. I stood up and asked for his help getting out.

When I saw mom stand up, my cock got so hard it hurt. She didn’t look and asked me to dry her back. I pulled the plug to the tub, looked up and she was facing me. He vagina was right in my face. She lifted her leg and I got to see it all.

“Tell me what you think of my pussy now John.”

I reached for it and touched her red mound. Then her lips. I stopped and stood up. She looked at my cock.

“John are you always like this?”

“To many times.”

She dried my back and then my front. She had me lift a foot so she could do between my legs. She was on her knees looking at my cock.

“John, you have a beautiful penis, or would you rather I call it a cock?”

“Everyone I know calls them cocks.”

“John please come with me.”

I get up and walk behind my naked mother. I look down and I am hard again. I can’t believe this is happening. She walks into the kitchen and takes down two wine glasses. Fills them to the top and hands them to me as she reaches up to return the bottle, her breast are swinging and I couldn’t believe how firm they were, no wrinkles or stretch marks. She looks at me, then her breast.

“Do you like them?”

“Mom, they are so young and healthy.”

“I take that to mean I am also then?”

I looked at her butt, she looks also, turns so I can see all of it. I thought I would blow my wad again.

She looks at the bottle then me, she carries it with her. She stops and bends over to pick up some food from the fridge. I almost dropped the wine.

“I’m sorry John.” She smiles as she walks back up the stairs. This was too much; each slow step showed her beautiful rear end and the hair between her legs. She walks through her bedroom, to her sitting room.

“John, lets talk have a seat.”

I sit down and she comes kahramanmaraş escort bayan toward me, bends over to place the bottle of wine. Her breast are in my face. I felt the sweat pouring down my back.

She turned and sat on my lap sideways, her arm around me and her left breast in my face. She reaches across me, my face in smashed in her soft flesh. She holds her glass of wine.

“John, you’re not thirsty?” She drinks half the glass, and once again stretches to place the cup on the table. She took her time as she returned with my glass.

“John, you have to loosen up, have some wine.”

She puts her breast in the glass, spilling wine in her bush.

“Have some wine, John.”

She leans forward her nipple dripping of wine, she almost shoves it into my mouth, I open my mouth and lick it off her. She giggled as my cock popped up between her legs. She does this several times before hands me my glass and reaches across for hers.

“John, drink up so we can talk.”

She stands up and bends down in front of me.

She takes my cock and dips it into her wine, Then sucks it off me. I took my wine and gulped it down, refilled it and drank more. Mom was laughing.

“Thant’s enough John, I don’t want you to get drunk on me.”

She dips me in again and leave me in her glass. She then lays down, pours the wine all over her. She pulls me down by my cock. She takes it into her mouth and starts to suck me. She spreads her legs so wide; I was shaking as I lowered myself to her pussy. The smell the wine, I was sucked in, I kissed her pussy and she used her hand and pushed my face into her.

“John have you ever had oral sex?”

“Not like this, I’m not sure what to do, Mom you’re my mother. I don’t know how to touch you down here.”

“Does it look different from any other women you’ve been with?”

“No, it is a hundred times better.”

“Just lick me, and nature will take over.”

I started licking her, and I couldn’t get enough.

About ten minutes later she ask:

“John, would you please suck and bite my clit?”


“Don’t sound so excited John.”

She laughed as she deep throated my nine-inch cock.

I couldn’t breath and I was shaking. It was such an amazing feeling. I looked at her clit, and I sucked it into my mouth. I nibbled on it also. Now she was shaking. I felt my balls tighten, and I shot my load. She just kept sucking making all sorts of noises and pulling me in and out. I must have done something, mom started to shake and she pushed her butt into the air and I felt her scream with my cock in her throat again.

She slowly pulled me out then licked my head. She was coming again, reminded me of tossing a stone across a lake, the ripples were strong at first then slowed down.

“John, that was so beautiful, thank you for bringing me to the orgasm I couldn’t reach in the bathtub.

Could I lay in your arms?”

“Yes mom.” She moved to my arm and laid her head on my chest. Her right breast was on my stomach. And her hand on my cock.

She just laid there holding me for about thirty minutes, I wasn’t complaining.

“Mom, you are very beautiful and this feels very comfortable. May I ask why?”

She looked up and kissed me. “Could we talk in a minute?”

She rolled up on top of me, then She took my cock and rolled it back into her. She sat up and held my head up to her breast. I sucked on her nipples back in forth. I held her breast and told her they were so soft.

“Mom, I always thought your breast were implants. I’m sorry I thought that.” She kissed me.

“That’s ok, I always thought you had a small cock.”

She laughed, and I laughed. I felt my cock grow again.

“Oh yes.” She rode me while I sucked her nipples.

“Johhn, escort kahramanmaraş I’m going to cum, Johnnnn Oh fuck yes. I felt her pull away as she sprayed my body.

“Mom you’re a squirter?”

“Been so long John, so long, lets go for a swim. She stood up but smiled as she lowered her pussy to my face. This time I attacked her like it would be the last thing I would ever eat.

“I was only trying to tease you, but please continue.”

“Mom, are you ok you are shaking and breathing hard.”

She smiled as she once again screamed out her orgasm.

“John, John, Oh Thank you John.”

She rolled over, and I picked her up and carried her to the pool. Maybe the cool water would wake her up. Not a good idea the water was freezing and she jumped out of my arms and ran to the side.

“That was so cruel John.”

I walked to her, and hugged her and kissed her, my tongue in her mouth.

She seemed to melt as she slid down into the water. She jumped up again.

“I need some food and wine.”

I helped her out with my hand holding her pussy. She wiggled and ran to the table, she ran back. I was once again stiff as a board. She sat down ate some cheese and meat. She sipped her wine. The hole time her legs were spread. I got close and looked at her, I sat in front of her. She handed me my drink. I took a sip. Reached across her, and she smiled. Then she jumped as my dick entered her.

“John, I wasn’t expecting that, oh wow, yes pump me slow if you could.”

I was kneading her breast and kissing her even though she was eating.

She had tears in her eyes and finished her wine.

“John, harder please.”

I started to laugh as I was sucking her nipples and screwing her. Within minutes we were on the grass, and she was on top of me she was on her feet with her hands on my chest. She would pound hard from this position, and she started to laugh.

“I’ve never seen a cock in my pussy while fucking. John your cock is perfect for this. She kept laughing until I felt her swell up and her eyes rolled back, I grabbed her and held her as she spasmed. She didn’t squirt but she was going wild as she came. I pulled her to me and held her.

She kept me in her and continued to move until I came in her. She closed her eyes and smiled. She was asleep.

I sat there holding her, my hands massaging her back and ass. I heard her moaning while I massaged her ass. I made my way back and sat on her legs. I massaged both her buns for a while laughing because I could hear her pussy farting when I spread her cheeks.

I lowered my cock to her pussy and entered her, she made all sorts of sounds. I slowly entered further in, and then slowly pulled in and out. She didn’t wake up and I massaged her shoulders and her back as I made my way in and out of her. When I was ready to cum, I pulled out and heard her sigh. But I came on her cheeks.

I then massaged my cum into her cheeks. She rolled over, looked up at me and spread her legs like a gymnast. I slowly put my lips to her pussy and blew my hot breathe against her clit. She Took her hands and spread the hood so I could have easier access. I kept blowing on her, then I licked her then back to blowing. Then I sucked it into my mouth, she bucked her ass off the grass and sprayed me with her cum.

“I’m sorry John, I couldn’t help it, she got up and ran to the pool. I was trying to clear my eyes. Once she made a splash I went for her, she laughed when I did a belly flop. I came out and laid down holding my cock. She came to console me, I laughed as I rolled on top of her kissing her and hugging her.

“Oh John, thank you for a today. I really enjoyed this time with you. I know you may feel it was wrong, but for me it was right. It’s been so long since I have had someone love me. I feel so comforted and fulfilled.”

“Dad should keep you this way, my god you are so hot.”

She pulled me in for a kiss.

“John, I wish that could be true.”

But not now. “Oh, wow I feel so wonderful. Your sisters are due home soon, we should clean up.”

We stood up to see both Jean and Kathy sitting in lounge chairs at the pool.

“Hi Mom Hi John, How has your day been?”

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