Mom’s Favorite Boy

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Mary always wanted a bunch of kids ever since she could think about starting a family. She and her husband had their first child which turned out to be a boy. They named him Thomas. Wanting a little girl next, she convinced her husband to have another baby a few years later. He was less interested in having a lot of children but wanted to make his wife happy. Fate gave them another son instead. They named him Gregory. Mary was happy of course but really wished it was a girl this time. She hounded her husband year after year but he wasn’t having it. This is what God gave her and she was going to be happy about it.

Growing up, her two sons were inseparable. Gregory always looked up to his older brother Thomas and he protected him in kind. They played together all the time and it brought joy to Mary and her husband. As time went on, the family separated after Mary found out her husband was cheating on her. She kicked him out and won all the settlements and even kept the kids. This would take a toll on her boys as they grew up not having a father figure to look up to.

As expected, things changed when they got into their teens. Greg started to hang out with other kids while his shy older brother stuck to himself and didn’t make many friends. Tom was often bullied in school, and it didn’t help that his own brother made fun of him a lot as well. Mary often saw it as a part of growing up but sometimes her younger son took it too far. She tried to get them to stop fighting all the time now, but they were just so different. She felt bad for Tom, he was supposed to be the brother you looked up to, but Greg seemed to not care anymore.

Greg started to fill out more than Tom when they hit puberty. He started getting into sports while his brother stuck to books. There was quite a noticeable size difference between the two brothers. Greg was several inches taller and more muscular than Tom. He alone had enough testosterone for the two of them and he was becoming the problem child. The comparison between the two was only more noticeable as time went on and they entered college.

While Tom got a full ride into college based off his grades. Greg got a full ride off athletics a few years later. Tom ended up coming home most weekends from the college he attended close by while his brother only came home on holidays. It was only natural Mary seemed to miss Greg since she didn’t see him as much. Whenever he came home, Mary was all over him, and Tom jealously watched.

Greg’s semester ended a little later than Toms. He came home and dropped off his bags at the door announcing he was home. He heard the hurried footsteps coming from the kitchen and saw his mother fly around the corner and into the foyer. Mary came running up to him and jumped in his arms. He easily caught her and hefted her up in his strong arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist which made him bring his hands to her ample ass.

Mary was now in her early 50s. Her Italian background kept her looking younger than most of the women her age. She never got too tan and had more of a paler complexion. Even after keeping up with sports during her younger years, she managed to stay in decent shape with only a few added pounds from age. All her sons’ friends still ogled her large d cup breast and bouncy ass on her petite frame. Caring less about her dark hair with age, she kept it short only coming to her shoulders.

“TOM! Come up here and say hi to your brother!” Mary yelled for her oldest.

She stayed in his muscular arms waiting for her other son to arrive. She couldn’t help but take in what a man she’s created. He was tall, dark and handsome. Over 6′ tall, tan skin and amazing looks with a muscular body to cap it all off. Mary stared at his handsome face with his slicked back dark hair and smiled up at him almost blushing not even caring his big hands squeezed her butt.

Tom emerged from the basement to halfheartedly greet his brother. She couldn’t help but notice how different he was compared to his brother. Tom was short and fat and not attractive at all. Mary hated to admit it but it was true they were complete opposites.

“I heard you came home almost every weekend this semester. Don’t you have any friends at that college of yours?” Greg asked and laughed after.

“I’d rather concentrate on my studies than go out and party all the time like you…” Tom couldn’t even look his brother in the eyes.

“Suit yourself nerd. While I’m slaying chicks, I guess you’re slaying books. Hahaha!”

Mary couldn’t help but snicker as her younger son made fun of his brother. Tom noticed and got embarrassed his mom didn’t stick up for him and ran off.

Greg set his mother down on her feet and she gave him a peck on the corner of his mouth. He was surprised by this but figured she was just excited to see him.

“I’m making your favorite meal for dinner. For my favorite son.” Mary said under her breath so only Greg could hear.

A short while later, Mary yelled for Silivri Escort her sons to come to dinner. Greg raced to the table while Tom sluggishly came shortly after. His mom and brother started eating and didn’t even wait for him. The situation at the table was awkward because Greg and Mary were talking and barely paying any attention to Tom besides some snide remarks about him. He ate in silence while the other two chatted up about their lives. Tom finished quickly and tried to get up from the table and leave.

“HEY! Who said you could leave? Sit back down!” Greg yelled.

Tom stopped in his tracks stunned with fear. Mary was surprisingly excited by the power Greg asserted over his older brother. Tom meekly sat back down without saying a word.

“Mom made this nice meal for me. You should thank her.”

“Thank you, mom…” Tom replied.

“You’re welcome honey, its your brothers favorite as you know.” Mary suggestively said.

“Ok now you can leave.”

Tom ran off back to the basement.

“I think you made him pee his pants!” Mary giggled.

Greg continued to eat his meal and chat with his beautiful mother.


Tom was easing into his break from school by playing pc games or reading in his corner of the basement. Any time he’d leave his den, he’d notice his brother and mom were always near each other or going out together. While he liked his alone time, he didn’t like his own family leaving him out. He soon took a crappy job for the time being to make some money and get out of the house away from the two love birds.

Some of the things he noticed were that they’d watch TV, got to the gym, hang out at the pool and go out together leaving Tom alone in the house. Their mom would even be serving Greg hand over foot and made a lot of his favorite meals throughout the week, never asking Tom what he’d like to eat. He hated to admit it but he was jealous of all the attention his brother was getting from their mom. An idea popped into his head to try and get his mom to shower him with affection like she did with Greg.

Tom left the safe confines of the house to go get a piece of jewelry for his mom as a sort of appreciation. He went to a shop and picked out a relatively cheap necklace because it’s all he could afford from his job. Its the thought that counts he said to himself and went home. His mom and brother weren’t home when he got back so I waited in the basement for them to get home. A while later, he heard a pair of voices arrive home and he made his way up the stairs. The voices were whispering so he started to creep up the few remaining stairs. He peeked around the corner to see his mom and brother in a warm embrace and decided to break up the moment.

“Uhh hey guys, where’ve you been?”

“Out.” Is all Greg smugly said.

“Oh, I wanted your brother to come shopping with me. I know you wouldn’t want to come so I didn’t ask you.” Mary tried to make an excuse.

“Well, I went out too and got you something actually.” Tom handed her the bag from the shop.

“How sweet of you!”

Mary pulled out the decorative paper and got to the necklace. Her face went from excitement to dull in a second. She pulled out the cheap necklace and tried to look happy, but Tom could tell she wasn’t impressed.

“What the fuck is that piece of shit?” Greg laughed.

“Stop it, at least he thought of me.” She smirked.

“Fuck you, Greg!”

Tom went to punch his brother, but Greg took it as if nothing happened. Greg then reeled his arm back and threw a punch at Toms stomach causing him to gasp for air.

“My god Tom, get back downstairs while I calm your brother down!”

Tom hobbled to the basement door and slowly walked down the stairs in pain. His mom must’ve thought he couldn’t hear what she said next.

“Wow honey, you almost made him throw up with that punch, you’re so strong!”

It was like she wasn’t even mad at Greg and didn’t care about how much Tom was hurt. She hurt him mentally by not liking his gift and his brother hurt him physically.


Greg and Mary were getting flirtier as time went on and only when Tom wasn’t close by. They moved on from greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek to now kissing on the lips. Greg would run his hands down her back and squeeze his mother cheeks when they did. Mary didn’t like it at first, but his confidence allowed him to push their boundaries. He was showing her he wanted to step up around the house and do thing for her. He even asked her if he could make her a special dinner and stay in together instead of going out. Mary of course agreed to the romantic gesture and told him what she wanted.

That Friday night after work, she arrived home to an amazing aroma coming from the kitchen. Greg made her favorite meal and set up a romantic candle lit spot out by the pool where they could chat and eat. Tom ruined the ambiance a few times by leaving his den and rummaging for Şirinevler Escort food, he would stare at them and wonder what was going on between those two. The couple got a little tipsy with the expensive wine paired with their meal. They were soon sitting right next to each other looking out at the night sky. Mary placed her head on Greg’s strong shoulders, and he held her in his arm. Feeling a heat radiate from her pussy, she looked up at her handsome son and brought her lips to his. The sensual kiss lasted very long leaving them panting for air.

“I’m tired of fighting these feelings. I need you so bad right now. Since your father isn’t here anymore, you’ve taken over as the man of the house and you should have all the privileges.”

“And those are?” Greg smirked.

“Getting to fuck me whenever you want.” It must’ve been the wine talking because Mary was surprised at her boldness.

“That’s gonna be tough with dickhead around all the time.”

“Well make it work. We just have to be sneaky.” Mary said with an evil grin.

“I’ll make Tom clean up the dishes, let’s go to your room mom.”

With that, Greg lifted his mother into the air in his strong arms and carried her to her bedroom. He locked the door so they wouldn’t be interrupted or found out by Tom. Walking back over to the bed and throwing Mary down, he started yanking off his dress shirt and pants. She soon followed by peeling off her professional dress until she was in nothing but a matching set of underwear.

“So, you said I’m the man of the house huh, even though my brother is older?”

Their lips came together and then Mary pulled back to answer her naughty son.

“Well just look at you, handsome, muscular and strong willed. Everything your brother isn’t.”

Mary stood up on the bed and was only slightly taller than Greg who stood next to it. She jumped on him and resumed making out. Through the sensual kissing, Mary started removing her bra. They laid down on the bed and were wrestling for control. Greg finally pinned her on her back and started peeling off her panties until he saw his mother’s holy pink pussy.

“I wanna start by licking every inch of your sexy body mom.”

Heat radiated though Mary as she laid on her back with her legs open. Greg started kissing the bottom of her feet and make his way to her white manicured toes bringing them into his mouth to suck. She gasped at the erotic performance from her manly son. He kissed up her soft legs and planted more kisses around her thighs next to her pussy. Moving in for the kill, Greg gently lapped at Mary’s clit and sucked on her delicate pink folds. Mary’s head shot back into the pillow as a rush of ecstasy hit her. Soft kisses and licking worked its way up her belly button, to her abdomen and then to her breasts. Greg circled his tongue around her hard nipples and sucked and bit them like he did when he was a baby. He wasn’t kidding by every inch because he dragged his tongue across her armpits soaking them with his saliva. Gentle kisses along her collar bone to her neck where he sucked on the tender flesh not caring if she got a hickey. Their lips finally connected again before needing air again.

“Let me make you feel as good as you made me feel baby. Get on your back.”

“Whatever you say mom.”

Mary hopped off and made her way to the foot of the bed. She seductively crawled her way between his legs up to his crotch. The outline of a massive cock could be seen in his tight boxers. Her hands grabbed the waistband and shimmied if off until his dick sprang free. Greg kicked his boxers off while his mother was in a trance starring at his manhood. He watched her lay on her stomach and bring her face right up to his crotch. His tool stood tall and looked massive with her face hidden behind it. Mary’s dainty fingers wrapped around the base and the rod pulsated with her touch.

“Will I even be able to fit this in my mouth? I’ll try my damnedest because I want to make my baby feel good.” Mary thought to herself.

All while looking up past her sons sculpted abs up to his handsome face and into his eyes, she ran her mouth and tongue up the side of his dong. His head fall back into the pillow which made her feel good about her performance so far. She finally reached the top after the long drag of her mouth and turned it into a kiss on the large purplish head. Licking around the crown made Greg moan. Bobbing on the head made him groan. After making love with her mouth for a few minutes, she finally started trying to take it to the back of her throat. Never having done this to a cock as large as his before, she began to gag. Greg focused back on his mother attempting to deepthroat him, watch copious amounts of saliva drip down his cock. He was just happy she was trying so hard to please him.

“You’re making me feel so good mom.”

“I’m so happy honey.” She answered after removing her mouth with a pop.

“I want to make Şişli Escort love to you tonight mom, we’ll save fucking for later.”

“Then let’s make love.”

Greg pulled his mother up his body and then flipped them over, so she was on her back. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his muscular waist to draw him closer. As he guided his dick to her vagina and parted her lips, Mary’s hands flew to Greg’s shoulders and clenched on for dear life. Slowing sinking in inch by inch, her grip and nails almost began to hurt her son.

“I’ve never had something so big!”

“Not even dad?”

“He can’t begin to compare to you, oh my fucking god you’re splitting me in half!”

Greg liked how she answered that question. The way she took a shot as his asshole dad by saying his son had the bigger dick made him pulse. Rather than feed his dick into her tight pussy some more, he rotated his hips around to maybe help loosen her up. Straightening himself back out, Greg took Mary’s ankles in his hands and hung them over his shoulders. His dick was reaching even further than before which made his mother’s eyes roll back in her head. Watching his mother writhe and moan in ecstasy made Greg happy he was making her feel better than she ever had before. Adding to the sensual rollercoaster, Mary felt her son start to kiss her ankle and work his mouth all over her soft feet. Kissing and licking the delicate salty flesh of his mother’s gorgeous feet only added to the amazing feeling of her velvety pussy. They made love for a solid hour before making each other cum.

“You are the most amazing lover I’ve ever had!” Mary said with a sigh of relief after Greg rolled off her.

“I could fuck you forever mom.”

“Fuck? That was just making lover. Trust me when I say were gonna fuck hard when we get a chance baby!”

“Shit I can’t wait!”

“I’ll think of something, we just can’t let your brother find out. He’ll be jealous you’re my favorite son.” Mary rolled over to kiss her son and caress her son’s muscular sweaty chest.

“Well, you better think of something quick because if not, I’ll end up fucking you right in front of him!”

“You’re such a bad boy! Now we have to clean up before your brother snoops around.”

The pair finished in just enough time to not raise any suspicion with the risky act while their other family member was home. They cleaned up separately and went off to bed in their own rooms completely satisfied.


After a few more love making rendezvous with her youngest son, she was starting to want something more, to finally fuck him without abandon. It finally hit her, it was risky, but she and Greg needed to unleash bad. When she knew Tom was fully immersed in his pc games and glued to the screen, she went to get Greg. He was laying on his bed scrolling through his phone when she entered his room.

“C’mon baby, follow me.”

“Wait, what? Are we gonna fuck in your room?

Tired of waiting and wanting to get fucked, Mary walked over to Greg and took him by the hand. He got up without much fight and stared at his mother’s ass as she walked down the hallway to Toms room instead of hers. She spun around and stopped to look at Greg before entering Toms room.

“Were going to fuck in your brothers’ room!”

“How? That fucking nerd is in there.”

“Trust me he wont hear us with his headphones on or divert his attention away from his monitor.”

“Shit this is super risky but really fuckin’ hot mom!”

“I know baby, it turns me on so goddamn much! C’mon let’s go.”

With that, Mary turned to the bedroom door and unlocked it with a key she kept to herself for emergencies. She opened the door and the loud sounds of gunshots and screaming teammates could be heard from the headset Tom had on. It was a wonder he could hear at all Mary thought to herself before taking Greg by the hand again and bringing him over to the bed. They carefully watched for a few seconds to make sure Tom didn’t know they were there. The milf mother and studly son gave each other a smirk and they knew it was on.

Greg started by pulling Mary in close for a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms over his large traps and around the back of his thick neck. Greg slowly slid his large hands down his mother’s back and down to her supple ass cupping and squeezing the cheeks. After swapping spit and battling with their tongues, they got to removing their clothes and throwing them on the floor. While they got naked, they were still weary of Tom taking his eyes off his screen.

“Funny to think this bed gets no action but I’m about to break it in for him.” Greg laughed and sat on the edge of the bed.

Mary knelt between his muscular legs. Her naked back was facing toward her other son who didn’t have a clue what was going on right behind him. Cupping his big balls and massive cock, she massaged it while kissing the head getting it slightly wet. She really got into it and sucked on him while ramping up her massaging hands. Her tiny hands twisted at the base and her other hand tugged his sack. Mary stopped a few times to look over her shoulder at her other son while she pleased his brother. Greg grew tired of the few times she stopped and grabbed her head to keep her going. With the forceful face fucking she was receiving, she moved her hands to his thighs for some leverage.

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