Mom’s Pet Ch. 05

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The next morning Jamie woke up suddenly as the vibrator in her chastity belt came alive and began edging her. “Fuck,” Jamie screamed as her slumber was instantly disturbed by the rude teasing at her crotch.

“Slave,” she heard her aunt Brenda yell.

Just as the teenager got out of bed the vibrations stopped. Jamie ran into her mom’s bedroom to see her mom and aunt still naked and kissing each other in bed. Instantly Jamie dropped to her knees. “You called for me, Brenda,” Jamie said timidly.

Brenda stopped kissing her sister and looked down at her niece kneeling beside the bed. “Like your mother, you will only address me as Mistress,” Brenda said.

“Um yes Bre…I mean Mistress,” Jamie said.

“That was disrespectful, Jamie,” her mom said, “Brenda and I own you and you should always address each of us as Mistress. You are a slave now and should always show us proper respect. You get an extra month added to your denial sentence.”

A tear trickled down Jamie’s face. “Yes Mistress,” Jamie whined in a cracked voice.

Brenda continued, “Prepare a tray of coffee for Brandi and myself. Cream and sugar on the side. As well as three toasted bagels with cream cheese on the side.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie said as she stood to leave.

“Oh and slave,” her mom added, “You are not permitted to eat anything until you are given permission.”

Another tear trickled down her face, as Jamie answered, “yes Mistress.”

The teenager obeyed her aunt and made the coffee and toasted the bagels. She prepared a nice tray for them and finished it when the coffee was ready. Fifteen minutes later Jamie carefully carried the tray into the bedroom where both ladies were sitting up in bed talking.

“Remain standing beside the bed holding the tray while we eat,” her mom commanded.

Jamie stood obediently holding the tray. Her tummy rumbled as she was forced to watch them eat. She also desperately had to pee but was terrified to ask.

“Did I give you permission to speak to my sister when she arrived yesterday, slave?” her mom asked.

“No Mistress,” Jamie sobbed in reply.

“I was offended that your slave talked to me like an equal,” Brenda said to her sister.

More tears trickled down Jamie’s face as she realized what was happening. “What punishment do you think is proper?” Brandi asked Brenda.

“For starters,” Brenda said, “she currently is going to be denied an orgasm for fourteen months?”

Brandi nodded. Brenda took a bite of her bagel and thought about it as she chewed. “Let’s make it an even year and a half,” Brenda finally said.

Jamie whimpered softly as the two sisters agreed to add more time to her denial sentence.

While the two women casually had their breakfast they continued chatting as if Jamie wasn’t there. “We always had to keep our relationship a secret because I didn’t want my daughter to find out about us,” Brandi said, “However since the little bitch knows about us, there is no reason why you can’t move in with me.”

“Really?!” Brenda exclaimed, “That is terrific. I will need an office here for my work.”

“No problem, we can turn Jamie’s room into your office,” Brandi said then handed the empty cups to Jamie, “More coffee, slave.”

Jamie quickly went away and came back with more coffee. When she returned. Her mom took a bagel and threw it on the floor. “You may eat your breakfast after you make more coffee, clean the kitchen, and start my laundry,” her mom said.

Jamie glanced at the bagel and nervously said, “thank you Mistress. But um first may I pee before I start my chores Mistress..

“Of course my pet,” her mom said.

Jamie set down the tray and walked to her bathroom. As she was walking down the hall the vibrator in her chastity belt started buzzing getting the teenager very aroused quickly. Kıbrıs Escort Jamie was moaning loudly as she relieved herself. It was very difficult peeing in the chastity belt and allowing her piss to flow out of the tiny holes. It was even more difficult to pee as she was being edged.

As she was finishing, she noticed her mom standing by the door watching. “Every other day I will remove your chastity belt and clean off your pussy,” her mom explained, “Until then you must flush yourself out every time you pee.”

Her mom handed her a plastic bottle with a narrow hose on top. Jamie slid the thin nozzle between the metal strap around her waist holding the chastity plate in place. She squeezed the plastic bottle and let the fresh water wash off her desperate mound.

“Good girl,” her mom said as she took back the bottle.

Jamie then walked to the kitchen to begin her chores, while her mom and aunt went into the shower together.

Jamie was just finishing her chores when her mom came out dressed in one of her conservative business skirts with matching jacket. Jamie instantly dropped to her knees when her mom walked in. “After you are done with your chores, you may eat your breakfast on the floor without the use of your hands of course,” her mom explained as she gathered her papers for that day.

“My sister will be working here today. Just because she speaks to you, doesn’t mean you get to speak to her,” her mistress warned, “Remember any mistake you make adds time to your denial sentence. Quite frankly I don’t care if you ever get to cum again.”

Tearfully Jamie replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Finally her mom turned off the vibrator in Jamie’s chastity belt then said, “After you eat your breakfast, I want you to crate all of your personal items in your bedroom. You are then to go through your clothes and throw out all of your casual clothes. You are only permitted to keep your workout clothes and anything sluty. If there is anything left I think that is not sluty I will add more time to your denial. Put your remaining clothes in the spare hall closet and remove the bed. I want that room completely clean and empty except for the desk and chair for my sister. If it is not finished by the time I get home more time will be added and you will be punished.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie responded tearfully.

Her mom left and Jamie heard her aunt call her. Jamie got up and ran to her mom’s bathroom and knelt in front of her aunt.

“Eat your breakfast, slave,” her aunt said.

Jamie looked down at the bagel and saw that it had been stepped on several times until it was mostly crumbs. The teenager was totally humiliated as she lowered her head and licked up her meal.

After Jamie licked up the crumbs she went into the garage and got several plastic totes then began packing all of the personal items in her bedroom. Normally she would have looked over each item and reminisced about it. Jamie would have day dreamed about how it influenced her or what it meant to her. Instead Jamie feverishly packed everything so she wouldn’t upset her mom.

While she was working her aunt came in and sat in the chair watching her. “Your mom is really enjoying making you suffer,” Brenda said, “I have never seen her that aroused.”

“I am glad I can please her like that, Mistress,” Jamie responded to her aunt as she continued packing.

Suddenly her aunt spread her legs and said, “Lick me off.”

Jamie finished packing the small item she had in her hand and knelt in front of her aunt. The teenage slave eased her head between her aunt’s thighs and began kissing her mound.

Brenda responded by grabbing the girl’s hair and moaning. She held Jamie’s head in place as the girl kissed her sex. Eventually she guided the teenager’s lips to her slit.

Jamie Lefkoşa Escort instinctively began licking her aunt’s clit. She could feel her aunt’s hands gripping harder onto her hair. Jamie resisted the urge to scream from the pain and continued licking.

Above her Jamie could hear her aunt moaning increasingly louder. Suddenly she felt her aunt tighten her grip on her hair as Brenda began screaming in pleasure. Her face was pressed tighter against her aunt’s pussy as she was forced to continue licking.

Finally Jamie was pushed away and saw her aunt panting as she caught her breath.

Brenda nodded her head and finally said, “Brandi was right keeping you denied and punished definitely motivates you exceedingly well. Go to the couch and get my phone.

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie said as she scrambled to get up and retrieved her aunt’s phone.

She brought it back kneeling in front of her aunt. Brenda said, “I promised your mom I would make sure you suffered while she was away today.”

Suddenly Jamie felt the vibe in her chastity belt come alive and begin to edge her. Jamie gasped in frustration. Her aunt bent over and kissed Jamie on the forehead. “You know that I have always loved you very much,” her aunt said, ” However I love Brandi much more.”

Her aunt then got up and went back to her work while Jamie was left to continue packing away her things while her pussy was being edged.

Jamie was having a very difficult time focusing on her task. Her pussy was desperate for an orgasm, as her young body was kept right on the edge of a climax.

Several times while Jamie was working, her aunt called her to the great room, so Jamie could get her some water or a snack. She would make Jamie remain kneeling at her feet so she could take the empty glass back to the kitchen. Before she would dismiss Jamie, Brenda would have the teenager lick her off to orgasm.

Jamie was falling further behind on cleaning out her room. She finally got to her clothes and began bagging up all of her casual clothes. She was left with only a couple of extremely short micro skirts, a couple of short shorts and sheer tops. She also kept her spandex running shorts and sports bras along with a couple of very skimpy bikinis. Everything else was quickly bagged up and carried downstairs to the garage. Eventually her aunt did turn off the vibrator allowing Jamie to concentrate on her work.

As Jamie was taking apart her bed, her aunt called her again to get her some water and satisfy her. Jamie’s heart was pounding quickly as she looked at the clock. She didn’t know when her mom would be back but knew it could be any moment, or it could be several hours.

Once her aunt climaxed again Jamie quickly went to her room and finished tearing apart the bed and carrying it downstairs to storage area in the garage with the rest of her things.

Jamie had most of her things packed away and was working on cleaning out her desk, when her aunt came in again. The teenager instantly dropped to her knees as her aunt walked in. “I really do love you Jamie,” her aunt said as she handcuffed the girl’s wrists behind her back.

Brenda then sat on the chair and ordered Jamie to lick her off to climax once more. The teenager did as she was told and quickly licked off her aunt. After she came Brenda casually walked out of the room leaving Jamie handcuffed.

The teenager sobbed as she was forced to use her mouth to pick out the things from her desk and drop them into the wastebasket. She was almost done when she heard her mom walk into the room. Instantly Jamie dropped to her knees sobbing louder.

Her mom walked around the room then commented, “Still things in the desk. The floor needs to be vacuumed, and the windows needs cleaned.”

Brenda walked in and slid her arms around Girne Escort her sister kissing her on the neck, “Welcome home.”

“Our little slave didn’t finish her assignments,” Brenda said kissing her sister on the lips as Jamie sobbed even louder.

After the two kissed for a bit Brandi said, “I guess she doesn’t want to climax anymore.”

The two sisters walked out holding hands, as Jamie remained crying on her knees. She never knew such sexual frustration before and desperately needed to cum. She realized that her mom and aunt were simply inventing excuses to deny her.

Suddenly the vibrator in her chastity came alive. “Slave,” Jamie heard her mom yell.

Jamie stood up and ran into the great room where the two women were relaxing on the couch together talking. Her mom set down her cup and started walking down stairs.

“Follow me, slave,” her mom ordered.

Jamie walked behind her mom and down stairs to the door. At the bottom of the stairs the teenager knelt beside her mom.

Brandi opened the door. Jamie was shocked to see a young man, who was delivering their meal. Brandi took the bag with the food and gave him some money for a tip.

Jamie recognized the guy as Ted, who was a few years older than her. They had never dated but knew each other through mutual friends. “Do you want her to suck you off?” Brandi asked.

Ted was shocked from seeing Jamie naked except for the collar and chastity belt. He was even more shocked by Brandi’s question. “Um. Yeah. Um. Sure,” Ted replied as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock for Jamie.

Brandi started walking upstairs carrying the food and said, “Jamie come upstairs when you are finished.”

Even though Jamie had a hard time getting dates because of her petite body and timid personality, she would have never have been desperate enough to date Ted.

He was about a hundred pounds over weight, drove a piece of crap car to deliver food for a living. He probably still lived with his parents, she thought. However she was the one naked, on her knees and told to suck him off. It couldn’t get any more humiliating than this.

Jamie leaned over and took Ted’s five inches into her mouth. She began pumping instantly, as she wanted to get it over with quickly. She could feel Ted’s hands holding her hair as her lips glided up and down his shaft.

It didn’t take long until Jamie tasted Ted’s cum shooting into her mom. There was not very much of it and Jamie was able to swallow all of it. Above her she could hear Ted grunt in pleasure.

When he was done he zipped up and jeans and left without saying a word.

Jamie pulled the door closed with her cuffed hands and walked upstairs.

Once upstairs, she found her mom and aunt sitting at the table eating. “Your dinner is in your dog bowl,” her mom told her.

Jamie walked to the bowl and knelt down. It was a bowl of fruit all mashed together with some chicken and rice. The teenager didn’t care what it was she was hungry and ate it quickly.

As she ate she couldn’t believe how quickly her life had changed. However she could see how much her mom and aunt were enjoying dominating her, which actually made her suffering tolerable. She only wanted to see them both happy but she also desperately needed to climax. The teenager’s mind was jumbled with thoughts.

While she was bent over eating, she suddenly felt a hard slap on her ass. The teenager squealed and saw her mom holding her riding crop. “Eat faster, slave,” her mom demanded.

Jamie bent her head down and continued eating, while Brandi continued cropping her ass and back. Tears poured from her face into her food as she ate. Naturally Jamie ate as fast as she could to stop her punishment. When the cropping finally stopped she could hear her mom and aunt kissing behind her. She glanced up and could see their hands gliding over each other’s bodies. “I love how excited and wet you get when you beat her,” Brenda moaned into her sister’s ear.

“Then let’s take our little pet to the bedroom so we can beat her properly,” Brandi said as she caressed her sister’s ass.

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