Morag’s Friend Linda

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Further to my true story about my relationship with Morag (a story which should be read before reading this one), this is about an incident which arose some time before my getting to know her mother better. I must confess, though, that only part of this story is true — I did have a sexy night out with her colleague, but I have embellished this tale somewhat in order to make a better story.


I mentioned that I used to pick Morag up from her school sometimes, and got to know some of her colleagues by sight, at least, as they usually came out together, and one in particular used to walk out with her and got to greeting me as I stood waiting for Morag. I got to know her name as Linda. She was taller than Morag (who was what you might call “petite”), and I would say about two or three years older, getting on for thirty I would think.

Anyway, I would pick up Morag and then drop her off at home, calling for her later when it was time for us to go out to eat followed by our cuddle in the car.

It was amusing, though, following on one occasion when we had parked my car in a secluded area also noted for “dogging”, and where we had our usual session, Morag always being prepared as I mentioned in my last story by never wearing knickers for our dates.

What happened was that the following week, when I went to pick Morag up from school, (we could usually only manage to meet about once a week as I was unable to work in that area all the time), and she came out accompanied by Linda.

The two girls were laughing as they came out through the school gates, and on noticing me Linda immediately greeted me, then said (much to my embarrassment at the time), “I noticed you were enjoying yourselves last week at Dingles End.” Then, becoming aware of my immediate discomfort, she gave a tinkling laugh as she went on to explain that she and her husband were also there in a nearby car, and had noticed mine. Then she continued to allay any fears I may have had at being so discovered by telling us both that it was there that she and her husband had spent many evenings before getting married, and that they had gone there to relive the memory and to pretend to be courting again, and to make believe that they were being promiscuous as they had been then.

When Morag climbed into my car for me to take her home she grinned, and told me that she often shared secrets with Linda, and that Linda knew a great deal about our relationship.

“And I know some of her secrets, too,” she laughed. “None of the other staff at the school know about us, though, other than the fact that you sometimes call to pick me up to take me home. And in any case, two of them are much older, and the other one keeps herself to herself, so Linda and I tend to drift together in the staffroom.”

“For instance,” she continued, “we often share stories about her courting days, telling me of times when they were nearly caught, of how when Steve visited her at home she would often tease him by going behind the chair in which her own mother was sitting facing him and, unbeknown to her mother of course, she would swiftly flip up her skirt to show him which knickers she was wearing at the time. And sometimes, she told me, she would do it when she had no knickers on at all! She must have been nearly as wicked as me, don’t you think?”

“But you don’t do that for me when I am in your house!” I jocularly protested.

“You will have that pleasure one day,” Morag laughed, but it will have to be when both Mum and Dad are facing away from me and not when I am also facing the big mirror over the fireplace!”

We had reached her house again by then, and so I let her out of the car knowing I would be seeing her again later.

We had our usual meal out and the customary petting and fucking session afterwards, but that is nothing to do with this particular story, although later that evening, whilst eating, she told me one or two more confidences which Linda had made to her.

She told me how Linda liked to swallow her husband’s cum when she gave him head, although she herself (Morag that is) would never swallow and always insisted I take it out before cumming. Mind you, she never objected to, and even seemed to relish my kissing her after my going down on her with my lips glistening from her juices.

She also told me that Linda had told her that she had been one of the most promiscuous girls in college, even though it was a ladies’ college and not mixed. Evidently she had been allocated a room on the front of the building and never drew her curtains at night. This meant that any peeping tom would have been in his element, and that she was certain that there had been a number of those. Morag also told me that although Linda was now married she still liked to have a fling from time to time, and that she and her husband had an understanding to the effect that if either of them wished to stray it would be all right just so long as each told the other afterwards.

“So you see why we get on so well together,” Morag Sivas Escort said. “You know I have a boy-friend whom I see every weekend. I have told you about him before, but I have never gone into sexual details about him for the simple reason that there have not been any such details to tell you about. He has always been extremely decorous, but I have a feeling that he wants to start to get more adventurous. Not that I mind him being slow — I have you to fulfil those needs, and, after all, he will have me for the rest of his life when we decide to marry. But if he ever does start to get amorous in any way you will be the first to hear about it — apart from Linda, of course, as I shall probably see her first. But he will never hear about you, and that is an absolute promise.”

Later that evening, as we were recovering from our exertions together, she turned to me and said, “About Rory. I promised that I would tell you of any incident which might take place sexually between us, and also I promised never to let him know about you. I was just wondering — if I had not met you who could I have turned to in order to satisfy my craving? I wonder, do you think that Linda would have lent me her husband?”

We both laughed at this, but inwardly I was beginning to see Linda in a different light.

Anyway, the following week when I went to pick up Morag from her school she was once again accompanied by Linda.

This time I looked at Linda more closely, and found her extremely attractive, although Morag was the one for me. Morag I was certain of, whereas Linda might only be telling fibs to Morag about her past life and open marriage.

But it was two weeks later that I had to change my mind.

I went to call at school for Morag but to my surprise Linda came out on her own, and coming straight up to me she told me that Morag had been sent on a course for two days by the Headmaster, and was in residence at the college where the course was being held.

She saw the disappointment on my face, and simply said, “If you would like to drive me home instead of Morag I can tell you a little more.”

Being a gentleman I said that I would take her home, and in the car she explained more about Morag having being given two days leave of absence because of this occurrence, and that her headmaster had called in a temporary teacher to cover for the next day or so.

“I’m so sorry you are about to miss your night out,” she said. “But would you mind very much if I offered to substitute for her this evening? Obviously I would not expect you to pay for my meal — I shall pay for myself — but it would save having to cancel a table. That is if you have already reserved one somewhere.”

“Linda,” I said. “I feel like taking you up on this offer, but you are a married woman. What would your husband think?”

Her reply was what I had asked for, I suppose. “Well, you are a married man. What does your wife think?”

I confessed that as far as I was aware she did not know, and that I would be in serious trouble if she ever found out, but Linda just laughed and said, “What a shame she is not like Nigel — my husband. He and I are very open about everything, so if he feels like a fling with someone he does so, except that he always tells me about it afterwards, as do I for him. “

I was following her directions to her house as we spoke, and now we arrived.

As she got out of the car she said, “So don’t forget — seven o’clock here, and just to reassure you I will have Nigel wave us off.”

With that she blew me a kiss and skipped to the front door.

I made a mental note of her address and directions, and drove back to my hotel to change and freshen up.

And so, exactly on seven o’clock I drove up to Linda’s house, and to my surprise and delight saw that a man was standing in the porch with her. Nigel, no doubt. As I drew up she gave him a quick kiss, and then came down the drive to meet me. I noticed, though, a little disappointedly, that she was wearing a skirt which, although short, came down almost to her knee, but as I held open the car door for her to get inside she flashed me a quick smile, and said, “I know from what Morag has said how much you love mini-skirts, but I am wearing stockings and suspenders. Nigel said that it would probably excite you more if I wore them, especially if I wore them with this skirt which he picked out for me. It is actually a wrap-over, which means that it has a slit almost to the waist along the side, and is only held at the top by a single Velcro fastening. So, when I sit down, I can either show right up to my hip on one side, or I can judiciously tuck it round so that it looks like an ordinary skirt. See!”

And before she slid into the car she cheekily pushed the material to one side so that I could see not only her stocking and stocking top, but also an expanse of white thigh almost to her waist. It also proved that she was not wearing any “passion-killers” or granny-knickers, although she might have had a Sivas Escort Bayan thong or a g-string which was still hidden from view.

When she got into the car, though, the slit was between her and the car door, and so I would not have that view again until she got out. She waved again to Nigel, and I could not help glancing towards him, as he gave me a “thumbs-up”, and then went back inside the house.

I now looked more closely at Linda and noticed that for a top she was wearing a knitted sweater, beneath which her firm breasts were thrusting to make two small bumps where her nipples pressed against the material.

As she saw me looking there, just as we drove off, she smiled and said, “Keep your eyes on the road. You can ogle my breasts when we stop. And to satisfy your curiosity I shall say “No — I am not wearing a bra.” I never do when I am out with Nigel, and he does not expect me to wear one when I am out with anyone else. But as for your other unspoken question, one which you wanted to make when I showed you the split in my skirt, the answer is you can find out later if I am wearing knickers or not. For now concentrate on your driving.”

I made no reply, but pretended to be engrossed in my driving as commanded, but my head was already looking ahead to all the possibilities which might occur with Linda as my companion for the evening.

And so it was Linda again who began to chat.

“By the way,” she said. “Morag tells me everything about your dates. Where you go, how she always goes knickerless, what you get up to and even the fact that she is certain that her mother is aware of her knickerless state when she meets you. And, like Morag, I am also on the pill, and I have to be with a husband like Nigel, so you can forget condoms.”

She was making no bones about actually offering herself completely to me! And, from the way she was speaking, with her husband’s full approval!

“And there is one other thing to save you questioning me. Yes, I do have a smooth pussy. Morag tells me that you prefer her that way and so I got Nigel to give it an extra shave whilst I was waiting for you. But you will see that later, won’t you? That is — if I let you. There is one condition — it is that I pay for my own meal as I suggested earlier. If you try to pay for mine this sweater and skirt stay on all night until Nigel takes them off for me. Otherwise all that will stay on will be the stockings and suspenders, even if they are uselessly torn afterwards. Do you agree to my terms?”

“How can I not agree?” I asked her, although a little astonished at her being so forward.

“Anyway, we are nearly there,” she told me, “so try not to make it too obvious what we intend getting up to. What I mean is — hide that erection until we are sitting down, of course!”

Luckily this restaurant was arranged in small compact booths, and Linda slid along the seat and I slid along after her.

Then I heard her give a quiet “Damn!”

I looked at her, and she smiled and said, “I think we ought to sit on the other side — sitting on this side means that the slit of my skirt is on the other side away from you, which means that you will not know whether or not I am wearing knickers until we leave here. You do want to find out, don’t you? As well as making sure that Nigel has not left any stray hairs there.”

This girl was faster than sound!

We started to move around, but then she stopped me again. “Silly me!” she exclaimed. You are right-handed are you not? This means that we are better sitting this way. And I can always twist the skirt round so that the slit comes round to your side, can I not?”

Quickly glancing round to see that there was no-one else in the vicinity to see her she deftly raised herself off her seat fractionally, then with a twisting motion she tugged her skirt round so that it was now nearest to me. She had twisted it so that the slit went round her from the rear, so that up until then I had seen nothing more than the moving material, but now the whole of her side was visible to me as she made no effort to cover it up, a jet-black stocking with its patterned top, and a black suspender strap which contrasted sharply to her creamy white skin right to her hip where it joined its belt.

As we waited for the waiter to return with the menu she whispered to me, “Do you want to check whether or not Nigel insisted on my coming out without knickers?”, and her leg began to move sideways towards me so that more and more of her naked thigh was revealed.

My hand automatically obeyed her request, and as it touched upon her warm skin my own cock felt as if it wanted to burst out of my trousers, and no wonder! But just as it neared its goal her leg suddenly closed again and I was just in time to snatch away my hand before the waiter appeared with our menus.

Mutually we seemed to sense that we would have to cease our antics until after our orders had been taken, at least, even though the shape of the booth made it sufficiently Escort Sivas private from the rest of the restaurant.

However, once the waiter had taken our order and returned with the drinks we had ordered, he disappeared again, whereupon Linda took hold of my arm, at the same time turning her head to offer her lips to be kissed. As our lips met I felt her sliding my hand once again between the slit of the cotton skirt, across her naked warm thigh, and this time right onto her moist smooth pussy, her legs parting at the same time for easier access.

Automatically my fingers sought the delicate opening, but received a slight shock when they encountered what appeared to be the end of a cord.

“She is in the midst of her periods,” I thought, my hopes rapidly fading.

Linda seemed to sense this, and laughed. “Silly boy!” she said. “I know what you must be thinking, but you are wrong. I’ve got some love-beads into my pussy — it keeps me aroused all the time, and keeps the juices flowing so that I am always wet. Has Morag not told you that I do this often when I go out with someone? I know I have told her, and once when we were out together I took mine out to show her and she tried them, too.”

My relief must have shown visibly, for she once again pressed her lips to mine in a passionate kiss, our tongues pressing against each other, and my finger now pressing inside her to feel those love-beads.

Once again she broke the kiss to say, “And you can have the satisfaction of removing them for me when we are in the car — not here, though, because the pleasure they give when they are coming out makes me want to scream with delight.”

Luckily the seating arrangement meant that I was able to remove my hand again as the waiter approached the table without him being aware of where it had been. At least, I think that was the case.

He had brought our starter course, and so, for the time being at any rate, we desisted from any physical pleasures, confining ourselves mainly to chatting.

I learned that even more than Morag had told me about Linda’s exhibitionism at college, that part was mild compared with what she had actually got up to. Evidently not only had she consistently left her curtains open at night, but she often used to stand close to the window when she undressed to go to bed, seemingly ignorant of who may have been watching. Although actually, she told me, she only did this if she was aware of any boys being outside and thinking that they were not suspected of being there at all. But she was also aware inasmuch as she carefully only did this when there was no danger of the wrong type of person seeing her like that, including college staff.

She did say, though, that there was one of the college staff who regularly did stand outside her window, but it was one with whom she was having an affair at the time, and he used to do this prior to coming to her room, having watched her display and knowing she would be there waiting for him, although those were occasions when she did draw the curtains after she had seen him about to come round.

She also told me of Nigel’s affairs, and how they were both so free in their marriage that on occasions he had brought his one-night stand home, whereupon she, Linda, would quietly go to bed in the guest room, leaving the bed to Nigel and his amour. Mind you, she often did the same. One ambition she had, though, was to take part in a threesome, but so far neither of them had had a partner who seemed inclined that way.

By now we were on our main course, and shortly afterwards we had finished our meal, after which we retired to the restaurant lounge for coffee and liqueurs.

Linda was quite decorous whilst in there, though, making sure that her split in her skirt was not obvious to the other clients in there, although as she was wearing stockings she somehow managed to sit in such a way that her skirt had ridden up slightly (and pretended accidentally) to the degree that the stocking tops were slightly revealed. I noticed some of the men there taking surreptitious glances at her display from time to time.

Eventually, though, it was time to go.

Now would come the crunch. Would she let me pay the bill?

As I drew out my wallet to pay she thrust a £20 note into my hand, and said, “Remember the condition, but I’ll make the one concession — that I’ll allow you to pay the difference, as I have no other change with me.”

Actually I wondered where she had hidden the money until then, for she was not carrying any handbag even. But then I noticed a small pocket to one side of her skirt. She must have had it in there all the time.

It was beginning to grow dark by now, though, and so we walked to the car, and as I opened the door for her she wickedly took hold of the waistband of her skirt and tugged it so that the opening was now completely in front, before dropping backwards onto the seat, and causing the skirt to open most of the way to her waist.

My erection grew almost painfully as I deliberately stared at her exposure, the black stockings so tautly held in place by the equally black suspenders, the parting skirt obscenely framing her glistening pussy embracing its equally obscene silken loop — the end of the string to the beads.

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