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This story involves man to man sex with bondage, discipline and forced fem involved. If not your thing, please disregard. Enjoy feedback and suggestions. Hope you enjoy.

I need to tell someone about what has happened to me. My name is Steve. I’m 28, single white man, 5’9, 140 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. I work out at the gym three days a week mainly trying to stay firm, not really into building up a lot of muscle. I’m not very hairy except on legs with just a little hair on chest and a smooth ass. I had lived with a girlfriend for 3 years until about a year ago. We got along alright but think we both got rather bored with our relationship and we split up on good terms. I had been straight my whole life.

Before we split up, I used to go to gay chat rooms when I was home alone and talk with men some about my fantasies and theirs. You see, I had been having fantasies about being submissive to another man for the last couple years. As long as I was with my girl, I really only messed around online occasionally. Once we were separated, the time I spent online increased significantly. I talked to lots of guys, some from Vegas where I live, sometimes to men all over the US. Often they were dominant men and we would discuss my desires to submit to a dominant man. Sometimes, it would just be discussions about what doms expect from the subs and what kind of things I would like to experience, other times we got into roleplay, fantasizing on what would happen if we were to meet in various situations. Often, the roleplay involved things I would never do for real, especially the public scenes, but most times, they were still very hot and it would make me think even more about doing something for real. I enjoyed it all but could never agree to meet with a dom man for real. I just couldn’t cross over that line.

One night I was in a vegas m4m room when I got an IM from a man named Mike. His profile said he was 48, 6’1, 220, single and that he also worked out and was in good shape. The thing that really caught my eye was that he said he liked being in control of things. Did he mean another man I wondered? I answer his IM saying hello and it didn’t take long to find out if my thoughts were correct. His first words to me were “Are you looking for a real man, boy?”

It caught me rather off guard but did start me thinking. My reply was to tell him that I had been thinking about other men more lately but had never been with a man before.

“What do you think about when you think of other men, boy?” he asked.

I told him that my fantasies usually involve being submissive to another man and be made to do as told. I also explained that it was just a fantasy and I didn’t know if I could do it for real.

“I understand what you are saying boy but what it sounds like it to me is that you need a real man in your life,” was his reply.

Again I tried to explain to him that meeting someone for real was hard for me to do.

“You know what you need boy, I will be at O’Reilly, the bar on Trop and Durango. Be there in hour. Stand to the right of the door, hands behind your back till I come for you,” he tells me like I have no choice but to obey.

I remember how I thought that wasn’t going to happen. I’m not going to go running to some bar to meet a stranger I had only spoken to for a few minutes.

“You will never regret coming boy, this will be your only chance,” his next IM stated. He then signed off.

I sat there rather stunned thinking how strange that all was. He must really expect people to do what he says I remember thinking. I looked at his profile again and his stats matched the kind of man I always fantasized about. I tried not to think about even doing it. I didn’t even know what he looks like. But the other side of my brain was working on me. ‘This is what you think about all the time Steve. What can it hurt Steve, you will be in a bar with other people, if you aren’t comfortable, just leave.’ It turned into a hell of an argument.

I sat back and had a hit off a pipe, some good weed always make me think better I remember thinking. Right!!! The only think smoke really does is make me more horny and submissive so the next thing I know I’m looking through my clothes for something to wear. I remember being so nervous, felt like I was on my first date, and a blind date to boot. I ended up in some tan dockers and a polo shirt. I take a couple more hits and a joint for the road and hit the door. I remember driving there, almost turning around a couple times but didn’t want to wimp out. What can it hurt? I pulled up to the bar, sitting in my car almost in a panic. Finally I opened the car door and walked to the bar. I think it will be easier for me to tell you what happened if I tell you like it’s happening now.

I open the bar door and step inside. It’s rather dark but I can see a half dozen people at the bar and a few more in some booths in the back. I move to the right of the door and stand there. I don’t see anyone looking my direction and then I remember what he said about putting my hands behind ümitköy escort my back so I do it. I feel foolish just standing there like that and put my hands back down to my side. This isn’t working I think as I start to turn to leave.

“Where you going boy?” I hear a voice beside me. I don’t know where he came from.

“I was supposed to meet someone here,” I say nervously, my voice almost cracking.

“You are on time boy, that is good, follow me,” his voice deep and commanding.

I follow him to a booth in the back. Looking him over as we walk, his profile didn’t lie. He looks very masculine, definitely works out a lot, in a pair of jeans, black boots and a long sleeved black shirt. His hair is black and combed back. As he slides in the booth I slide into the other side, really seeing his face clearly for the first time. Masculine look, 5:00 shadow, he has the looks of an executive out for a drink. Definitely, white collar man I think. I have to cater to them enough at work to have no trouble recognizing the signs.

“Hello boy, what’s your name?” he asks.

“Its Steve and I don’t know…” I start to say when he interrupts me.

“I’m Mike, you may call me Sir, boy”, is his reply.

Embarrassed to look him in the eye but play along with him,”Hello Sir.”

“Didn’t think you would come boy, thought you would probably wimp out on me,” he says.

“I almost did more than once, I don’t know if I’m ready for anything yet,” I answer.

“Anything yet Sir,” he states.

It takes me a minute to understand what he’s talking about then realize what he expects, “Yes Sir. Have you…?” Again, he interrupts me.

“Boy, I will ask the questions here, do you think you can understand that?” he says. “Look at me boy.”

I look up at him, know my face is red, “Yes Sir.” His eyes are on mine and I soon have to break the eye contact and look down again.

“I can tell that you are definitely in need of a real man to straighten you out boy. You don’t know what the fuck you want, do you?” his voice calm but penetrating.

I can’t believe he is talking to me like this. Why does he think he knows anything about me? I should get up and just leave but I don’t. Instead out comes a weak, “I guess not…Sir,” I remember to add after a seconds hesitation.

“Go to the bar and get us a couple beers boy,” he tells me.

I get up and go to the bar. Damn, this man isn’t lying when he says he likes to be in charge. Don’t know if I’m up to being treated like this but in back of mind realize this is just the kind of things I fantasize about. I guess that explains why I buy the beers and return to his booth. I sit down and as I look at him I see him checking me out.

“You have a nice ass boy,” he says, “rest of you not bad either.”

“Thanks I guess,” I answer. Being talked to like this is so strange. I glance around to see if anyone can hear us but don’t see anyone very near us that that relaxes me some.

“I think you mean ‘thank you Sir’, don’t you boy?” he says as he stares at me.

Looking down, “Thank you Sir,” I say softly.

“That’s what I mean boy, I’ve had to tell you that twice already. You really ought to pay attention when a real man decides to spend some time with you,” he says, his voice very serious.

Feels like I’m being scolded like a little boy. Still looking down, “Yes Sir.”

“I find you interesting boy but I don’t want to waste my time on a stupid boy, are you stupid boy?” he asks of me.

“No Sir,” I say wanting to sound pissed off but figure it doesn’t sound that way to him.

“Then maybe you just don’t like being told what to do boy. Is that it?” he says to me. “No Sir I’m sorry, It’s just…,” I start to tell him.

“So you do like being told what to do boy?” he asks of me. “Do you need a real man to tell you what to do?”

“I don’t know Sir, I think about it a lot but I don’t know if I can do it for real,” I reply.

“Look at me boy,” he says. When I do, he asks, “Do you want me to tell you what to do boy?”

I look at him and can’t help myself, I nod yes.

“Answer me boy,” he commands.

“Yes Sir, I want you to tell me what to do,” I say my voice weak and unsure.

“Go to the men’s room, take your underwear off and throw them away,” he states coldly.

I start to reply but see the look on his face and realize this must be a test so I get up and go into the men’s room, get into a stall and take my slacks off. I’m so nervous my hands are shaking. I can’t believe that I’m actually here with a dom man and that I’m doing this just because he told me too. I pull my jockeys down and put my slacks back on. It really feels weird to have my cock hanging free in my slacks. Then I leave the stall, throw my jockeys in trash can, covering them with trash. Look in the mirror and realize if anyone really looks they might see its outline in my pant leg. I go out to the booth and get ready to sit down when he stops me.

“Come stand in front of me boy,” he orders.

When avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort I do, his hand reaches out and he grabs my crotch. I try to move away but he holds me tight.

“Just checking boy,” he says as he releases me.

I look around, it doesn’t look like anyone saw what happened and I slide into the booth across from him again.

“I don’t know about this Sir,” I am getting very nervous about this.

“You don’t have to know about anything boy, you just need to do as you are told,” he states. “I will not do anything to put you at any risk boy, I understand discretion is important. You must learn to trust that I have your best interests in mind.”

“But, I need…” I start to say.

“I know what you need boy,” he says flatly, “It’s time for us to leave. You will follow me to my house. We will spend a couple hours together then you may go, if you don’t want to meet again, I will understand.”

“But Sir…” I start again.

“If you don’t want to walk out of here holding hands, you will be a good boy and get up and walk to the door now,” he tells me firmly.

Not wanting that one bit, I get up and head for the door. I can feel him behind me. Outside he points to his car and tells me where we are heading. Feeling almost out of control but also wanting this, I decide to follow him. Know he is giving me a chance to get out of situation if I want but I follow him to his house unsure of what might happen when we get there.

He pulls up to a nice house, the garage door opens and he drives in and motions for me to park on other side of garage. He closes the garage door and we get out and go into the house. It’s very nice, decorated expensively. He leads me into the living room, motions for me to sit down. I sit down on his couch and he leaves the room coming back in a minute with a couple beers. He sits down in a large black leather chair.

“Are you alright Steve?” he asks, his voice softer.

“Yes, I guess so, but I’m very nervous,” I answer, then remembering and almost panicking, “Sir.”

“It’s time for you to find out more about yourself Steve and I’m here to help you do that if you will trust me.” Again he states, “I will not take you further than you want to go Steve.”

“I do want to do that Sir but I really don’t know how I will react to things I have never done or really even been exposed to,” I tell him.

“Do you want my help Steve?” he asks his voice calm and soothing.

“Yes Sir,” I answer, feeling I can’t stop now or I will always wonder what might have happened.

“Then come kneel down in front of me and ask to be my boy Steve,” he tells me.

I get up slowly and walk over near him. It feels so strange to go down to my knees on the carpet in front of his chair. Embarrassed to look up, I say softly, “Can I be your boy Sir?”

“Will you do as told boy?” he asks.

“Yes Sir,” I answer.

“Will you trust me boy?” he asks.

“Yes Sir,” I answer.

“You understand that if you displease me or if I feel it’s necessary, you will be punished boy,” he asks.

“Yes Sir,” I reply, but the thought of discipline does get my attention. I have fantasized about it but never experienced it at all. I wasn’t even spanked as a kid so I’m not sure how I will react to it if it happens. He gets up out of the chair.

“Stay,” he says, like you would address a dog. He leaves the room going back to the bedroom area. I feel stupid, staying on my knees, but figure I better stay where I am. Don’t think I want to make him mad at me. Finally he returns. “Get up boy,” he orders.

After I get up, he takes my arm and leads me to a bedroom in the back.

“Go in there and undressed, then put on the clothes on the bed. Come back to the living room when dressed,” he tells me.

I go into the bedroom and he shuts the door behind me. I see a rose colored robe on the bed and nothing else. It looks like it’s made of silk or satin. I undress, and pick up the robe and put it on. It’s very short, coming to just the bottom of my ass cheeks and has a sash that fits around the waist. When I look at the bed I see a small thong of the same color and material on the bed. It must have been under the robe. I pull it up my legs, the material so soft and smooth. They feel good but are so small. My cock sticks out the top of them and I find the only way I can get my cock hidden is to tuck it back between my legs. I go look at myself in the full length mirror. The image looks pretty fem or faggy I think to myself. My crotch even looks flat with my cock tucked back between my legs. Can I go out like this? Let another man see me in this outfit? Don’t know if I have a choice in the matter and decide to just do it.

I fasten the sash around me hiding my thong and go back into the living room. Having my cock tucked, makes me take smaller steps and I can feel that it’s making my ass sway more as I walk. He is facing away from me leaning on the fireplace. He has undressed, wearing urfa escort just a black leather jockstrap, black boots with a small amount of white socks displayed above the boots. Black leather armband define both biceps. I can see his back muscles and realize he is even better shape than I thought at first. He hears me and turns around.

“My, my, you look so much better boy,” he tells me.

“Thank you Sir, I guess,” I answer, so embarrassed. His chest is defined, some black hair on his pecs and a trail heading down into his jock. I consciously force myself not to look at his crotch.

“Come over in front of me Steve,” he commands.

I walk over in front of him, stopping a couple steps away. He reaches out, touching my chin, and lifting my face making me look at him.

“You look so much better when you aren’t pretending to be a man,” he says.

Shocked that he would say that, don’t know what to say, so just stand there taking it. His hand reaches for my face, my reflexes make me start to move but I stop myself. His hand touches my cheek.

“You are a cute boy and we will have a fine time if you will trust me,’ he tells me. “Do you trust me?”

His hand still on my cheek as I answer softly, “Yes Sir, I trust you.”

He takes my arm, leads me to a door and then down some stairs into the basement. It furnished nicely. He leads me over to a ceiling support. It’s a metal post about 6″ diameter. He moves me to where my back is against the post. I feel the cold metal as I lean against it. He moves over to a table and comes back with a leather cuff.

“Lift your arm boy,” he commands.

“Sir, I don’t know…,” I say before he interrupts me again.

“Quiet boy, you said you trust me, didn’t you?” he asks of me.

“Yes Sir, but…,” I start.

“Lift your arm boy,” he repeats.

Slowly, I lift my arm and watch as he fastens my wrist into the cuff. It’s padded so at least I don’t have to worry about marks I think to myself. Then he returns to the table and when he returns he just looks at me till I finally lift my other arm and watch him cuff my other wrist. I’m nervous but don’t know how to stop him without the chance of screwing up the whole thing. He pulls my arms behind me and out of my sight, takes a padlock and locks the rings on the cuffs to a metal ring welded onto the back of the post.

I try and move my hands and realize that I can’t move them from the back of the pole. I start to panic and he notices and rubs my cheek softly.

“Relax boy, nothing bad is going to happen to you,” he says his voice calm. He walks over to the table and picks up a big joint. “You like getting high, didn’t you say?”

“Yes Sir, I think I could use that right now,” I reply, hoping it will help me relax. He lights it up and takes a big hit and then brings it over to me and holds it while I take a big hit. We share the joint, its good shit, and soon I’m very high and feeling much more relaxed.

“Thank you Sir, I needed that,” I tell him feeling better about what’s happening.

“I like it too boy,” he says as he goes over and sits down in a black leather chair. All the furniture in the room is in same motif, black leather and oak. “It’s time to play boy.”

He picks up a bell and rings it. Another door in the room opens and in walks another guy. I stare at the guy. He looks to be about 5’6, maybe 120 pounds with long blonde hair, well past his shoulders. A guy could not look more like a flaming fag is he tried…I’m shocked to see another man here.

He is wearing a baby blue tshirt, very tight and cut off right below his pecs. He has a pair of white hot pants on, low hip hugger hot pants, can’t be 6″ wide. They are skin tight also. He is also wearing white 5″ spiked high heels. It looks like he is almost standing on his toes. He has some makeup on. His lips are pink and very wet looking, his eyes colored with eyeshadow that matches his tshirt and his eyelids sprinkled with silver sparkles. Also the way he walks, leaves no doubt just how much of a faggot this guy is.

“Hey, you never mentioned anything about another guy being here,” I tell him as he just sits there in the chair.

The flamer starts giggling, “He’s very cute Sir but his manners are atrocious.” His voice matches his persona.

“Yes,” the dom answers, “he really is having trouble addressing me properly but I’m sure he can be trained.”

The fag poses, touching his chin, “Yes Master, I’m sure you can make sure he behaves,” he says giggling again. His voice is the type that drives men crazy, so faggy. “Are you really going to let me play with him?”

“Sir, please, we never said anything about another guy, especially a guy like this,” I plead.

“Don’t you think I’m cute?” the fag asks, posing again, throwing his hip out like a girl would.

“Sir, I …,” I start to say.

“One more whining fucking word out of you boy and I will fit you with a gag I promise you won’t like,” the dom tells me. “You will answer us when we ask you a question and that is all I fucking want to hear from you, UNDERSTAND?”

I don’t think he is kidding so I shut up, looking down. My mind still spinning from the pot and I watch as the fag go puts on some music and starts moving to the music, giving the dom and me a show, trying to look as seductive as he can. He starts moving closer to me, till his face is only about a foot from mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32