Morgan and Jake

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Six months ago, Morgan would have never thought she would have had sex outside of a serious relationship, but occasionally she surprised herself. She had met Jake on the Internet and a week later had met him in person. She had every intention to take it slowly, but once again, she surprised herself. The first time they met Jake came over to her apartment and they ended up making out and groping on her couch.

Morgan continued to tell Jake that was as far as she would go without being in a relationship, but Jake wasn’t looking for anything more than friends with benefits. Each time she talked to Jake, whether on the phone or Internet, her defenses weakened a little more. The next time Morgan saw Jake she had weakened enough to suck on his cock. Morgan had always enjoyed giving head and this time was no different.

Jake continued to press the issue of sex and Morgan continued to resist. Finally, one day, Morgan asked herself, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t she take this opportunity? She was full of curiosity following her previous relationship and only experience with sex. She also wondered if she could handle having sex with someone who wasn’t her boyfriend. She decided to go for it, another surprise.

After months of having sex with Jake, Morgan realized that having sex without the rest of the relationship was actually a lot of fun. Each time Jake came over having sex with him got easier Sivas Escort and better. Now a lot more comfortable being with him, Morgan feels as though she can take charge and be more aggressive with him. This new feeling of power is all Morgan can think about as she leads Jake into her bedroom. Stopping in front of the bed, Jake pulls her to him kissing her, sliding his warm tongue between her open lips. Morgan pulls away and picks up the blindfold on the bed. Smiling seductively, she walks around him to tie the blindfold across his eyes. She stands in front of Jake making sure he can’t see through the blindfold. Taking charge, Morgan decides to leave his hands untied, but tells him that he can only touch her, not himself, and if she tells him to stop he must put his hands at his sides. She smiles to herself reveling being in charge.

She walks around him trailing her fingers up his chest and over his shoulders. Morgan leans in starting to lick and kiss his neck, then trailing her tongue down his back. Knowing that this makes his cock rock hard, she kisses and licks patterns all over his back. She drags her nails lightly down his side as she kneels down, her tongue continuing lower. His heavier breathing and occasional moans are the only sounds that fill the room. Morgan kneads his ass, one of her favorite things about Jake. She lets her fingers graze under his legs brushing Sivas Escort Bayan his balls; heavy with cum she will eventually swallow. She returns her attention to his ass, plying it with wet kisses and licking it all over. Morgan uses her hands to separate Jake’s cheeks and kisses between them. His loud moans telling her she has hit the right spot, Morgan sticks her little pink tongue out to lick it. Jake’s moaning gets louder and she realizes he is stroking himself. Morgan playfully slaps his ass and tells him to put his hands down. Jake obeys, smiling.

She returns to the object of her obsession, his ass, and fondles his balls again. Morgan slips her finger down her own body, stroking herself. She tells Jake that she is so wet and that she tastes good, as she sucks on her own finger. She notices his cock growing bigger as she slurps loudly on her finger. Returning to her feet, Morgan steps in front of him; licking his lips and kissing him letting him taste her. His hands move to her hips as their tongues wrestle back and forth. She takes his hand, moving it to her pussy. He strokes her and slides his finger in making her moan into his mouth. She steps away from him and takes his hand licking it clean.

She kneels down in front of him, kissing his hips. Using her hand, she gathers her juices and starts to stroke his hard cock. Morgan smears herself all over Escort Sivas his balls and cock. Then she starts to lick his balls, sucking on them lightly. She gathers the drops of pre-cum off the end of his cock savoring the taste as she swallows. Morgan licks from the base to head, flicking her tongue across it. She loves the tastes of herself on him.

Finally, she starts to slide his rock hard cock between her red lips. She tells him he can remove the blindfold now and then slides his cock back into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Holding on to his hips, she slowly slides his cock in and out. She reaches down to play with his balls again, flicking her tongue across only the head. He threads his hands through her hair and she takes his cock all the way in again. Morgan’s hands massage his ass as she thrust his cock in and out.

Reaching down, she dips her finger into her dripping pussy and then runs the finger between his cheeks. Jake’s breathing is harder. His hands slide to her sensitive ears making her moan around his cock. He starts to thrust faster, slamming against the back of her throat. Morgan fingers herself and then returns to stroking his ass, sliding her finger in a little. She matches the tiny thrust of the tip of her finger to the thrusting of his cock in her warm, wet mouth. Jake moans louder, thrusting harder. Then she feels him explode, his cum hitting the back of her throat. Morgan swallows greedily trying not to let any dribble from between her lips. When he is finished shooting his load, she cleans him with her tongue, making sure to get every drop. She smiles up at him and shoves him onto the bed. Now it is Morgan’s turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32