Morning Shift Ch. 01

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Morning Shift — The First Time

As the breeze hit the mid-twenties, I stepped out of the store, and quickly sat in my car, letting it warm up in the cold air, my body shaking in the layered clothing, my car’s defroster running, blowing a warm stream over my gloved hands. Kismet must have been working with me as I spotted Loren walking out of the store. I would have never guessed her for a lime green VW bug driver, but there she was, smiling at me from inside the domed car.

We came in to work at seven a.m. She is my co-worker, a waif, tiny, small waist, thin as a board, but long features: angular cheeks, deep-set blue eyes, blonde hair that had a natural bounce to it when she turned from one side to the other. Thin pink lips, clear skin that needed no make-up or blush made up her complexion. Loren’s in her early twenties, a little thin but what a perfectly heart-shaped ass, snug in tight jeans. At a nearby restaurant, I told her I was sneaking glances at her skin when her t-shirt rode up, and saw that she wore a thong.

“I wore it because I hoped you’d notice, Julian,” she said, touching my hand at the table.

I mouthed the words, “Follow me”.

My teeth chattered but not from the cold.

Minutes later, we were opening the cold motel room down the street from the restaurant, leaving her car behind, kissing like mad. My jacket flew into the air and I peeled off her running top, lifting the skimpy polo-style blouse, letting the disheveled blonde hair fly in all directions. My fingers gripped her ribs, pressing into the pale skin, licking her navel, kneeling to get at her jeans, opening them quickly, kissing her jutting hipbone while pulling down the denim. She ran her fingers in my black hair, tussling it lovingly, and I kissed her pelvis and belly, licking the navel, touching her asscheeks, cupping them, kneading them gently, making her moan softly. I could feel the camisole she wore under her blouse riding up on my forehead, the kisses coming a little faster, coating her belly, making her shiver.

My fingers caressed the smooth, soft flesh, feeling the tiniest string of her thong, tugging it frantically off her roundness, the full cheeks allowing the lacy string to come down, peeling Loren bottomless. I was licking her flat pelvis, nuzzling my nose in the belly button, and scraping off the skimpy patch of pink lace, the color almost melding into her alabaster skin. She grasped my scalp, holding me in place, feeling me licking and tasting her silky skin, my hands opening the cheeks, making her tiny anus open and wink. My tongue travelled past where the slinky thong once was, touching the skin and swirling it against my chin, feeling the warmth of her cunt radiating my face with inner heat, instinct telling me that she was wet and slick.

And GOD! Loren’s fucking hot!

The next kiss was my tongue licking her juices, my nose planted firmly on her pubic mound, lapping the sweet honey she expelled like a dog at a puddle. Loren whimpered, digging her nails into my scalp, moaning, “Oh baby, that’s sooooo goddamned goooood.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned aloud, groaning, sucking her juices into my throat, savoring the tanginess of her sweet wet snatch. I relished the compliment and her responses, pressing my mouth deeper inside, licking and slurping faster, devouring the smooth pussy. Thin hairs tickled my nose, the pubic shaved (or waxed) into a smooth landing strip, the labia bald and allowing me to taste more, delicious smoothness, licking all over the clitty, sucking the juices out of her with my tongue, groaning and loving how this skinny blonde tasted. I heard her making noises, groans and guttural throat sounds, the expressions of passion and lust overflowing from her mouth into my ears with her sounds and delights.

She responded to my licking, groaning, “OOooooooh fuck Julian. Gooddddddddaaaaamn.”

Loren peeled off the camisole herself, letting it fly into the air, my hands still busy with her ass and smooth skin, the spaghetti-stringed top hitting my head and then slowly falling off my shoulder, sliding down my back. As I continued licking the smooth pussy, making slurp-slurp-slurp-yummy-yummy-yummmmmmmyyy sounds with my tongue, I could feel her legs shifting, the feet coming up shortly, releasing her feet from the tiny sneakers. I pulled back, and found a naked woman smiling at me. Her cheeks and neck were blushing with a mixture of heated lust and a pending orgasm.

“Mmmmmm, Julian, that’s fucking wonderful,” she whispered. “Now, are you gonna join me?”

All I could do was nod and watch her, my body moving automatically.

I peeled off my shirt, tossing it behind me, all the time my eyes fixed on her gorgeous body, delighted in every inch of flesh she gave me. She leaned back on the mattress, a smile on her cheekbones, her eyes watching me with fascination, seeing my dark Latino skin appearing as jeans opened, the boner already traceable in my shorts. She could see my smooth stomach — I’m no Joe Six-Pack-Abs! — and smiled, watching my hands moving deftly to lift my Tekirdağ Escort cock, stroking its’ length, feeling my hairy balls with the other hand. She took one finger, stroking the clitty in small circles, staring as I jacked off, tugging the dickmeat, holding and rolling my testicles like exercise balls, the pair seeming to trade places in my sac as the tip belched a bit of wetness, the precum clear and rolling off the head, sliding down, making my knuckles glossy.

“Nice cock Julian,” she said lovingly and with adoration. Her eyes focused on the fuckstick bouncing in my fist, stroking the length. “I love watching men jacking off.”

As she made the emphasis on her desire to watch, I pulled harder, the balls bouncing faster, pummeling my inner thigh and the edge of my hand, stroke for stroke matching her spinning finger as she moved faster and deeper against her hot, wet cunt, shaking slightly, moaning but never taking her eyes off me.

Then Loren stood immediately, a naked young, tiny blonde, and now at my feet, on her knees, my cock jabbing hard in her hungry mouth. I could feel warm drool encasing me in her rapture, the lust making her groan and sucking me like a woman possessed. Loren bobbed up and down, pulling my length with her mouth, keeping me inside the perfect ‘O’ her lips made, the cock stiffening and my hairy balls moving and jumping with her lusty touch, bouncing off her chin. I wove my fingers into her soft, blonde hair, tugging her forward, pumping and grinding my hips, fucking her mouth deep and groaning, loving how receptive her slutty demeanor was to my perverted desires.

She gurgled, “Mmm phh Oooohhhh!”

Then the hot little cocksucker went into overdrive, her face pummeling my groin, devouring my length, sucking me to the root of my cock, my balls on her chin, my fingers dancing on her scalp. I was enjoying this too much but didn’t want to lose control too soon.

“Oh damn Loren,” I moaned. “You’re such a good little cocksucker. Lick my balls you sweet angel.”


I questioned, saying, “What honey?”

She took my cock from her mouth, the length slick and glossy with her drool and my precum, a strand of slippery wetness stretching between her lips looking me dead in the eye, tugging the cock ever so slowly.

“Julian,” she said, looking up at me, her hand slowly jerking my cocks’ length. “I am no angel; I am a fucktoy, plain and simple. Moreover, right now, I am your fucktoy.”

I smiled like a just-released-convict, aching to unleash ALL my desires on her slim and sexy body.

Loren began pumping, gobbling, gorging herself on my cock, devouring me like a starving woman. She smoked my cocks’ length, taking me inside herself, making her own neck gulp hard and gag, testing herself with my thickness, groaning and whimpering insanely. Her mouth slobbered like a broken hose, drenching me in drool, pulling my precum out, making my balls bounce and hurt, wanting to release the jism wiggling inside them.

“Goddamn suck me good you sweet little slut,” I whispered, feeling the corners of her mouth rising slowly with a grin that didn’t slow down her natural ability to devour my length. “Such a precious hot little fucktoy you are my whore.”

“Talk dirty to me you fat bastard.” She moaned, fingering my balls with her right hand, stroking the length with her left. I continued riding her hot, wet tongue, pumping, rolling my hips, fucking her mouth deeper, feeling the head tapping her palette, bumping deeper.

“Gooooooddamn you’re so fuckin’ good Loren.”

“You gonna treat me good,” she said, my cock out for a moment, “or you gonna treat me bad? Gonna use me as you wish? Fucking me all you’d like, again and again? Gonna make me beg for your thick fat cock to be pumped and pounded into my wet little cunt Julian?”

I gasped my reply, whispering, “That’s what you want don’t you? To be used like a whore, a cheap slut needing a fuck, good or bad. I’m sure you’ve tried grinding and fucking your way through the married men and fags in the store, and now you’re stuck with my sick desires aren’t you?”

As my dialogue went on, I could feel her tongue wrapping itself around my head, the tip removing the precum like a snake leaving a branch devoid of leaves as it climbs down a tree. Loren moved her mouth faster, sucking, slurping, making her head bounce back and forth, her hair flashing against my stomach, making me jump and ache for her. I needed her deeper on my length, choking her with the girth, fucking her mouth deeper until my balls rested on her chin, the pubic hairs inhaled into her nostrils, making her keep me inside her wet mouth.

“Swallow me you sweet bitch,” I spat out, groaning with her talents touching my nerves, making me jump and shiver, holding her head in my hands. I gasped, fucking her mouth deeper, balls slapping the chin, pumping, hearing her gag time and again. “You’re good to me and next week I’ll fuck you in the back stockroom, making sure you’re kneeling on that dirty floor, feeling me cumming Tekirdağ Escort Bayan in your mouth hard and fast, walking away from you like a alley whore needing her fix!”

Without warning, I reached down, grasping her arm, lifting her from the ground to her feet. She held my cock inside her mouth, then teeth, then lips, dropping me finally as I stretched her neck by tugging her arm away from our space. A spin, and she was facing the wall, her arms outstretched, palms flat on the wall, fingers spread, her ass jutting out from the small of her back towards me. I smiled lewdly, watching the honey-cunt drooling with saliva and need, her desire to be fucked fast and hard absolutely obvious. The scent of her snatch filled the room, her body needing me more than we could comprehend.

My cock bobbed, and within the span of a step, I lowered and lifted my hips, placing my cockhead inside her thigh. I could feel Loren squirm, moving, trying to get me inside the molten cunt, arching her back, moving to be one with me. The head slid up along her inner thigh, then against the smooth bald cunny, and finally between the puffy lips, the outer mound moistened and ready. My feet planted apart, I rose like a horny animal mounting his bitch, one hand on her shoulder, fingertips planted firmly and deep, the other grasping the delicate skin of her hip, holding her in her back-bending pose. I was pushing upward, fucking in slowly, sinking my cock in inch by inch, until I finally sat cock deep inside the perfect little cunt, planted like a farmers’ tool in soft, wet soil in need of purchase.

Suddenly, I began speaking in tongues, a language used by the foulest pornographers and pimps as compliments, at the top of my lungs: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! FUCK! LOREN! That’s a perfect little fuckhole of a cunt, you sweet slut! So amazing! Goddamned good! Holy SHIT!”

She whimpered, pushing back, my belly on her asscheeks, pumping, sinking, fucking her deeper and harder with each stroke. I pumped my bloated cock, feeling the vein moving of its’ own volition, the prostate jumping beneath the testicles, ready to unleash my cum. She rolled her hips, fucking me as much as I fucked her, my stream of obscenities making her shiver and hump, bumping, pumping, humping and taking me further inside her delicious, young body.

My fingers grasped her hard, holding tight to the smallest folds of skin, wiggling and watching, seeing her hair floating, the moment almost too perfect, making me feel like a porn star. She jumped, her tiny body bouncing above me, my cock bumping deeper and faster inside her body, groaning and gasping, whispering lurid and vulgar words and expressions into her ear, watching her hair flowing like a wild mop in the wind. My mouth reached down, latching onto her neck, biting the skin, feeling it moving in my teeth, groaning, grinding, pumping harder each time she wiggled and bucked and fucked me, barely on her toes, her body jumping and moving like a desperate creature starving for sustenance.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” She wailed at the top of her lungs, our bodies pressing close, my cock impaling her, riding her harder, deeper, fucking as fast as possible on the upstroke, riding her every way possible. I could feel her legs straining to stay on the floor, my thick thighs grinding into her, levering her upwards with each skin-slapping stroke, loving how incredibly tight her sweet, molten pussy was around my cock.

All I could do at that point was breath fast, holding on and groaning in her ear, seeing where my teeth marked her, the pink flesh a ring against the white, seeing the slope of her spine leading my eyes to her ass jiggling like a paint mixer, writhing and bouncing insanely.

And what a fucking ride!

“Ohhh godddamnnnn Loren you sweet fuckin’ whore! Gooddaaaammmmmnnnnn!” All I could do was wail at the top of my lungs, growling and unleashing a series of profanities, screaming over my head, my neck bending my skull back, upwards, howling like a wolf at the moon.

She jumped, moving, her own orgasm tackling me, making me her own fucktoy, using me as much as I promised to use her at that moment.

“Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllessss!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK Fuck fuck-fuck-fuck-fuckkk-fuckkk-fuckk-FUUUUCCKKKK!!”

Belching hard, my cock spit all it had inside my balls up into her body, feeling her pressing down, trying to flatten her feet to the floor, keeping me buried deep and hard inside her. I could feel the jism leaking down the inside of her tight pussy, the buttery lips slick and wet, her strained fingers cracking the plastering of the wall, her screech tossing the paintings around, my cries shattering the lights above us. Her explosive cried pierced my hearing as well as her orgasm soaked me in her girl-cum, making me love the moment, the passion, the unleashed delights that ran through our bodies at the same time.

It felt as if electricity Escort Tekirdağ rained down on our bodies, every nerve on our skins alive with the unbearable lust and the crashing tides of orgasms as we rode the deflating cock to the greatest pleasure possible. We were on fire! It was so damned amazing I felt we could pass out standing up.

Then, my knees buckled.

Loren could see my cock emptied, hanging down, and she could feel the fire leaving her body also, a small tug from exhaustion rising, bring us down from our mutual highs and orgasms.

Suddenly, I could feel my legs disappear from beneath me, and my elbows caught the edge of the bed, letting my legs fall open, my feet splayed, and my balls slapping the rug beneath me. I exhaled, trying vainly to catch my breath, panting like a dog in the summertime. I groaned, watching Loren gracefully fall, a prowl, closing in on the floor, smiling, her body covered in a sweet sheen of girl-perspiration, glowing gently under the cheap lights and amid the flickering bulbs of the shitty hour-by-hour place we were using for our first rendezvous. I sputtered out a small laugh, watching her sticky body picking up debris from the floor, smiling, trying hard to refocus on her eyes, the lashes batting themselves at me as her smile caught itself on her lips.

“Geezus Julian,” she breathed out, “that was fucking amazing.”

“I loved it too Loren. You’re quite a savage woman when you’re on fire.”

It was then I noticed her blushing, her head curling up on my lap, her body pressed between my thighs, stroking my cock tenderly, touching my balls. She said softly, “Do you shave your balls, honey?”

“I do.” I was whispering, smiling, thoroughly used. “All the better for them to be licked by someone.”

That was all the incentive she needed, tasting my cockhead. Her lips licked the sensitive tip, making me shake slightly, moaning and watching her move my dick deeper between her lips. She could now savor the combined juices we poured out onto my fuckstick, loving how we mingled like Red Bull and Absolut.

I could feel myself rising to the occasion again, thick and ready for more. She turned away from me, then I slowly pressed myself upward, leaning back, collapsing onto the bed, Loren already climbing over my on-my-back stance, smiling, happy that my forty-plus-year-old body could keep up with this girl half my age.

She kissed me, pressing her body over me, going nipple-to-nipple, breathing life into my body, sweet breath, soft skin, my hands caressing her hips and ass, cupping the smoothness in my hands.

“Ooh baby,” she whimpered, her delicate voice a soft hummingbird into my ears. I shifted my body, allowing her hand to slip inside me, feeling me entering her slowly, the residue of our orgasms still leaving her pussy slick and my cock able to penetrate her easily. Her moist vocals eased out another compliment, breathy and soft, saying, “Fuck. That’s so damned good. Oh honey, don’t ever stop.”

It was as if she were praying for another fucking.

Or I were fucking as if praying — heathen actions to delight the inner being and warm our own lusty hearts and souls. Grasping all this world and our actions could provide.

The room was still, only the sounds of the mattress rocking beneath our weight, my hips instinctively grinding, pumping, churning inside the hot-fuck-pussy Loren gave me again. I could barely breath, just exhaling my shivering response, loving what she did with and to me. She pressed her weight down, keeping my cock impaling her, my hands on her breast, my mouth on her lips and neck, her hair covering my face, her responses guttural and soft, warm and delightful, so perfect like an X-rated dream starring me as a pornstar.

“Oooooh baby,” I delicately whimpered. “You’re so fucking good my fucktoy.”

I said fucktoy with absolute and total reverence and honesty, loving the actions and delights of her body with my own, enjoying every inflamed nerve and sweating into the comforter, gasping for breath as she pressed down on me. I groaned, loving what was happening as she straddled me, fucking me deeper inside her tight young body, clasping her pussy closed, the greedy little fuckstop taking me to Paradise.

No spanking, no swearing, nothing but lusty appreciation for each other and this one moment of perfect pleasure. She gritted her teeth, loving my hands everywhere, tracing her hips, feeling the inches under my fingertips, pinching and tugging the nipples, watching her writhe like a dancer over my body, my pelvis her personal grinding stage.

I felt my twisting and moving increase, relaxing inside her perfect body, the tight wet snatch enveloping and grasping me, holding my erection at an angle inside her body, pressing deeper with each stroke. Loren’s hands slid down my chest, over my pecs and down my shoulders. My hands reached back, taking fistfuls of her ass in the grip, keeping her parallel to me, pressed down, again, nipple-to-nipple, our kisses hot and vivid. She moaned into my mouth, matching my pumping, her grinding increasing, our breaths exchanging, faster, hotter, harder, groaning, losing all semblance of humanity. Two rutting creatures on the bed, fucking faster, becoming one at the torso, pumping deeper, lost in the moment, naked to the world of one another, living only for our pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32