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“Mountain Girls”- 4

By Blueheatt

Bella continues…

…This here is the part of the story I been a wait’in ta tell. Ben and Amy come up with some new stuff to do, and it was a mak’in Jen and I real horney…..
Jen marched Amy and Ben in the bedroom a hold‘in that shotgun on them. Jen was a grinn’in and a told them ta git naked.

Now Jen and I may be twins, but I’m an easy go’in girl, but Jen is more of ‘git r done’ kinda gal.

We was a compare’in dreams the other night about Ben. Mine was a good feel’in ta have him on top of me and a hump’in me while I was a kiss’in and tongue dance’in with him.

She said hers was a hold’in him with a shotgun and then tie’in him up. She was a teas’in him and watch’in his cock get big while he was a look’in at her. She liked to force him to hump her real rough like….. where as I like to feel him up, git him a big hardon, then….suck on it and then …put his cock in my pussy and git a big squirt a that white stuff in it.

Now,…. Amy was all growed up. She whispered ta me that Ben was better at a hump’in than her own pa.
I knew right then, we’s gonna have ta share Ben.

Jen had a different way a share’in than I did…but it was excite’n ta watch. We enjoyed a watch’in Amy and Ben a hump’in. It got us all warmed up so we could do our hump’in with Ben. Watch’in Amy and Ben naked was a pussy bursa escort bayan tingler for us.

Jen come up with what she wanted them ta do to get us all horney. She had Amy git on her tummy and Ben on her back. Amy liked that one caus she said this is how her pa gets her in the middle of the night. Ben was a lik’in it too as he put his cock in Amy’s pussy.

Jen was a like’n this and she got up on the bed all naked too. She put her pussy right up to Ben’s mouth so he could lick it while he was a hump’in Amy. Amy was a groan’in as she watched Ben a lick’in on Jen. She reached up and pulled on Jen’s legs to bring Jen’s pussy closer into Ben’s tongue.

I was a lay’in by Amy a watch’in all this new stuff, and it was a mak’in me real horney. Jen was a squirm’in as Ben was a lick’in on her pussy and a hump’in Amy.

Jen started a pull’in on Ben’s ears and a say’in: “Yeeeee Haw..” real loud. Well…this musta got Amy real excited caus she just pushed her face in with Ben’s and started a lick’in on Jen’s pussy too. I said to myself, I gotta try that….

That got Jen a buck’in like a donkey. Now she was a pull’in on Amy’s ears too. All three a them started a groan’in. I’d never seen Ben hump that fast before….then Ben’s body stiffened up and the girls started yell’in and a shak’in. Amy was a buck’in back on Ben and yelled escort bursa loud: “Oh Lordy Be!” and bit Jen on her pussy. Jen yelped but she seemed to like it.

Ben felt Amy’s tits and humped her slow now. Jen was a smiling and rubb’in her finger on her pussy. Amy was a slow squirm’in with a red face…I was a rubb’in my pussy caus it just felt to dang good to stop.

Watch’in all this was a mak’in my pussy get all wet. My finger felt mighty good a rubb’in my pussy. I was still horney tho, and so was Jen.

Jen was jump’in around on the bed like a jackrabbit. I looked at Jen and she had that ornery look on her face. She looked at me and grabbed Ben’s shotgun. She said: “Ben, you go lay down on the couch and rest up, we ain’t done with you.” Ben got up a grinn’in and went and laid on the couch. Jen said: “Amy, you roll over and put yer arms and legs wide apart.”

We had never seen a full growed woman with hair on her pussy and arm pits. Jen whispered: (“… let’s play with Amy a bit.”). That was fine with me, we wanted a closer look and her. We kneeled down by her and Jen played with her arm pit hair. I got between her legs and looked close at that pussy hair. It was all fuzzy feel’in on my fingers. There was some of Ben’s white stuff in it.

Well heck, I loved the taste a that so I just started lick’in Amy’s pussy. Amy started a squirm’in when I görükle escort bayan licked her big pussy bump. Jen was a lick’in her titties now and a feel’in her arm pit hair.

Amy was a little pink in the face, but she was a gett’en over her shyness. I was a lick’in her pussy. Ben could do it the best, but I was a learn’ in. I looked up and Jen had her pussy on Amy’s mouth and was a pull’in on her big titties. I wanted to feel them too, so I went up and Jen and I both felt her big titties. I sure wished mine were big like that. I rubbed my pussy bump on Amy’s pussy bump. I was get’n a good feel’in doin that. Amy was a squirm’in and a lick’in Jen’s pussy. Jen’s eyes got big and she leaned over and started play’in with Amy’s pussy hair as I was a rubb‘in my pussy on Amy‘s pussy a lay’in on my side. I was a play’in with one of Amy’s big ol titties and a lick’in it. Jen and I was a like’n this new stuff.

Jen was a breath’in hard and she got her tongue right on our pussy bumps. I was a gett’in new good feel’ins in my pussy.

I was a lick’in and a rubb’in when I felt it. A big warm hand on my butt. It was Ben, just a grinn’in and feel’in my body. He started feeling all our bodies. Jen and Amy both started gett’in real excited as we all started feel’in Ben.

* I wasn’t about to pass up getting in bed with three hot girls. They were already all hot and ready to play and fuck.

Amy had got my attention the most. Her pussy was the best I’d ever had. What a body with those big tits and hot legs. She used her whole body when she fucked.

“Ok girls, it’s everybody’s first foursome…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32