Movie Night

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“No way, Xenia,” Zack shook his head fervently.

“For once,” Chad chimed in, “I agree with him. We are not watching Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“Guys,” Xenia sighed, “this is my place; hence, my rules.”

“Can’t we watch a normal movie? Something a bit more…”

“No,” Chad said sternly. “We are not watching one of your movies, alright? I’m not spending my Friday night watching some obscure Iranian indy film, or, whatever kind of independent filmmaking school you fancy this month.

“I’d actually rather watch Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“It’s simple,” Xenia sighed and nipped her white wine. “Last week, we were at your place,” she addressed Chad, “and we had to watch a movie where people just drove around in fast cars.

“And the time before that we watched a movie at your place,” she turned to her right to face Zack, “a Korean movie about…I don’t remember, because I fell asleep twenty minutes in it.”

“It’s not my fault, if you two can’t appreciate art,” Zack mumbled.

“At any rate,” Xenia continued unfazed, “this is my turn to pick a movie. And, since I haven’t watched Fifty Shades yet, we’re gonna watch it all together.”

“Hope you’ve got plenty of beer,” Chad sighed in resignation.

“Don’t worry,” Xenia smiled at him meaningfully.

“That’s always something,” he smiled back at her brightly.

“So, you’re actually going to make me watch that thing?” Zack insisted.

“Consider yourself lucky,” she told him with a smirk, “I didn’t take you to the cinema to watch it.”

“I’d never have paid money to…”

“Yet, you made us pay good money to go to that festival!” Chad reminded him.

“Excuse me,” Zack rebuked, “for trying to insert some culture in our lives.”

“Enough!” Xenia snapped. “This is going nowhere; we already know that. So, how about you both shut up and we just watch the movie?”

“Fine,” Chad exasperated. “Let’s get it over with.”

“This is probably the first time I don’t mind watching a pirated movie,” Zack said.

“You can’t help it, can you?” Chad told him. “You just have to be pretentious all the time.”

“Oh, shut up,” Zack sighed and sipped his red Chardonnay.

Xenia, with a knowing smirk illuming her face, pushed play, then leaned back on the couch, sitting between the two men, spreading slightly her legs. She kept on stealing glimpses of her two friends, eagerly anticipating for their reaction.

The movie began without any rolling titles, or credits; just a living room, fairly lavishly decorated; a woman appeared on screen, barely dressed. Xenia smiled to herself, when both men arched their eyebrows and obviously began paying closer attention.

The woman answered the door and there stood two bulky cops—the ensuing dialogue was more than cheesy and Zack just shook his head while rubbing the bridge of his nose, muttering incomprehensibly to himself. The woman showed the two cops in, swaying her hips way too much.

Xenia spread her legs a bit wider, softly running her fingers across her stomach, all the way down to her exposed thighs. Suddenly, one of the cops grabbed the woman from behind, groping her breasts, while the other hiked her dress up.

“Hold on,” Zack said, visibly confused. “What are we watching? They…that thing, let’s call it a movie for the sake of argument, was played in cinemas; no way they showed a bare vagina like that!”

“Shut gaziantep escort it, man,” Chad told him. “At least, there’s something interesting going on.”

Xenia remained silent, as she cupped her breast and squeezed gently, while she let her other hand slither under her dress, slowly running her finger along her inner thigh.

“That can’t be Fifty Shades!” Zack protested once more, when the two cops in the screen yanked their pants down, revealing their massive cocks—the woman took them both in her hands and stroked them, immediately forgetting her former surprise from being groped.

“Xenia, what did you…” Chad stopped mid-sentence, when he caught a glimpse of Xenia rubbing her pussy and caressing her breasts, her short dress lifted over her hips.

She glanced at both of them, while slowly licking her lips, as they stared at her in sheer disbelief. And while the woman on the screen dropped to her knees and began sucking both cops, Xenia grabbed both their crotches.

Their synchronous gasp rang like divine music in her ears; her heart raced in her chest and she felt, underneath the rough fabric of their jeans, their growing excitement. Her eyes remained, for a few more moments, glued on the screen, where the woman in the film was taking both men in her mouth in turns.

Thusly inspired, she unzipped and unbuttoned her friends’ trousers; it felt warm inside their pants and she took hold of their erect penises, gently rubbing them both.

Neither of the men spoke; they just shared a confused glance, before leaning back.

She whipped their cocks out and finally averted her gaze from the screen; she ran her hands up and down their hard rods, feeling their smoothness under her palms. With a bright smile on her face, she slithered off the couch and down on her knees, still stroking them both.

The two men scooted closer to each other, once more sharing a glare of confusion and excitement.

Xenia looked up at them with beaming eyes, before she took Chad in her mouth; she swirled her tongue around the head of his prick, tasting salt. She wrapped her lips tight around his shaft and took him all in in her mouth, while still having a firm grip around Zack’s dick.

Her heart palpitated, banging hard against her chest, as she moved over to Zack, taking him too in her mouth; she savored the faint differences in how they tasted, as she rapidly moved her head between them, wetting both their meats with her saliva.

With some drool dripping down her chin, she suddenly stopped sucking and leaped up to her feet; she bit the corner of her lips as she ran her hands across her body, her skin shivering from her soft touches. Slowly, she unzipped her short dress and let it fall down to her ankles; butt naked, she stood in front of them, her lips curled in an anticipatory smile, while her heart was on the brink of exploding.

Chad was the first to respond; Xenia giggled softly, when his rough hand grabbed her ass firmly and pulled her closer to his body, and throbbing cock. His lips tasted like beer and while she sucked on his tongue finding its way in her mouth, she eagerly clenched her fist around his prick.

Zack, overcoming his initial reluctance, came closer and tenderly fondled her breasts, toying with her erect nipples; it was Chad’s firm grip that held her up, when her knees buckled.

Both men were vying for her lips, while she stroked them both, her mind overwhelmed with exhilaration at seeing them compete for her attention. Two hands of different texture and roughness landed on her shoulders and both pushed her down on her knees—she instantly lifted her eyes, seeking for her friends’ gazes.

She was panting heavily as both men rubbed and slapped their dicks on her face; she cupped their balls, massaging them tenderly, thoroughly enjoying her friends’ twitching and sighing.

“No crossing swords, man!” Chad protested, when they simultaneously tried to thrust their dicks in her mouth.

Consequently, Zack took a step backwards; with authority, Chad held Xenia’s head steady and began thrusting, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat hard. In the meantime, she still held on to Zack’s cock, trying to continue jerking him off, despite the overwhelming sensation of being choked.

She squirmed, as Chad buried his prick balls deep down her throat, forcefully holding her head glued to his crotch; Zack groaned, when her grip around his cock turned too tight.

Drool dripped down her chin, when Chad finally pulled out, thus letting her draw a few quick breaths; she looked up at him with teary eyes and smiled, when Chad offered her a wide, wicked smile.

Hungrily, she pulled Zack closer by the cock and took him in her mouth, this time able to control the pace, as he tenderly caressed the back of her head, moaning loudly.

She closed her eyes and sighed on Zack’s cock, when Chad twisted her nipple and began groping her breasts. She followed him with the corner of her eye, as he moved behind her, his hands still squeezing her breasts; with Zack still in her mouth, she got up on her feet, bent over.

“Hot damn!” Chad exclaimed with a chuckle; she writhed, when his warm tongue first came in contact with her pussy.

Xenia spread her legs slightly; she bobbed her head on Zack’s cock, taking him balls deep in, thoroughly enjoying his heavy, deep panting and soft jerking of his body.

Her lips’ grip around his cock tightened, when Chad’s finger slipped in inside of her, spreading her nether lips; Zack pulled her hair and, overwhelmed, began thrusting, gently, yet steadily, drilling her mouth and throat.

Chad twisted his finger in her, moving it slowly in and out, while he teasingly licked her anus ring; his warm breath landed on her soft, hot skin, causing her lower body to twitch uncontrollably. His finger was replaced by his tongue, which warmth and wetness caused her cunt to contract, and as he flapped his tongue inside her, her lips tightened even further around Zack’s cock.

Xenia remained passive, letting her two friends have their way with her; her body flooded with ecstatic pleasure, she grew wet down under, and her mind was overcome with the enthrallment of finally experiencing her greatest fantasy.

“Yes, fuck me, please!” She begged Chad with a high-pitched, overly excited voice, when he took position to penetrate her. “God!” She cried, when he shoved his cock in her cunt, stretching her wider.

She still had Zack’s cock in her hand, her grip tight around it, as her body rocked back and forth from the hard pounding she sustained; she was panting directly on Zack’s cock, her head resting on his flat stomach. With hunger, she stuck her tongue out and licked Zack, while still trying to stroke him amidst the hard fucking.

Zack grabbed his dick and shoved it in her mouth, now growing bolder in his thrusts.

She dug her nails in Zack’s asscheeks, as balls slapped against both her chin and cunt—her entire body burning from desire, her heart pounding hard in her chest.

When Chad called for a high-five over her bent and ravaged body, and Zack answered it, her exhilaration rose to unprecedented levels; they had ceased to be her childhood friends, they were now just two guys tag teaming her. And the harder their pounding grew, the more evident it became to her they viewed her as just a woman they got to spit-roast.

“Ata boy, Zack!” Chad told his friend in an almost boyish manner. “Keep choking her, that makes her cunt even tighter…shit, I’m not sure how much longer…” He increased his pace even more, his balls rapidly and noisily slapping against her soaked cunt.

Drool streamed down her wide open mouth, when Zack finally pulled out; she panted hard, trying to catch her breath amid her constant cries of pleasure deriving from the intense drilling of her pussy.

“Time to shift, man,” Chad said and pushed Zack away from her mouth.

Immediately, he began pounding her throat—blood rushed up to her scarlet face, when she first tasted her juices on his prick. A muffled gasp escaped her mouth, when her pussy was once more penetrated.

“Fuck,” Chad exasperated; a wide, satisfactory smile decorated her face, when he unloaded all over her, his hot, sticky cum forming a thick layer over her nose and forehead.

Hungrily, she took him back in her mouth and squeezed the last drops out of his still throbbing cock and onto her tongue. Then, she smiled at him affectionately, as she watched him buckle his pants up and taking a seat back on the couch; meanwhile, Zack continued unfazed the pounding, having a firm grip around her waist.

She looked dead into Chad’s eyes, feeling the hot cum slowly dripping down from her chin; she licked her lips and salt overwhelmed her taste buds. She swallowed down all the drops she was thusly able to catch.

Zack’s final thrusts were long and hard; he pulled out, as her convulsions had engulfed his pulsating prick, and unloaded all over her asscheeks, while she squirmed and fell forward on her hands, overpowered by the strong orgasm that rendered her legs numb.

She remained on her knees, naked and with cum still decorating her face, watching at her two best friends sitting on the couch, staring at her in bewilderment. With a smile, she brushed her sweaty hair off her face and slowly, and rather theatrically, collected the drying cum off her face with her finger—seeing their jaws drop was even more exhilarating to her than sucking her finger clean and swallowing down the jism.

Finally, and after wiping her asscheeks clean of Zack’s jism, she took a seat between them, still naked. The porn movie she had chosen was still playing, though different actors were fucking.

She leaned back—thoroughly relaxed and satisfied—on the couch, with her glass of wine in hand, and crossed her legs high. A faint smile appeared on her face, when she noticed her friends sitting awkwardly next to her, visibly uncertain of what to do, or say.

She had a short sip of wine and sighed heavily; she knew this would either be the end of a long friendship, or, the beginning of something great. The woman on the screen was sucking off a monster of a cock and Xenia uncrossed her legs and began rubbing her clit.

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