Moving to Utah Ch. 02

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It was during this period I was staying with my folks at there little house in town. My step dad has a big rig and my mom has her license so they were always off somewhere. They seemed glad to take advantage of the house sitter and be honest I was grateful for the privacy. My folks had a neighbor named Terry who had the most incredible smile and the hardiest laugh. She was somewhat of a Tommy boy and was really game for anything. She was a very scatter brained woman & was very spiritual, especially about anything Native American. It turns out she made TeePees for various gatherings & dances in the western par of the country. She loved to be out doors and took every advantage to get her & her kids in the mountains somewhere.

When I arrived I was still new to the country and one day she dragged me along with her family one on of there outings. She took all over the place and showed me things I had only seen in books. The area was beautiful and only like 10 minutes away. It felt like a life time. Nothing happened between Terry & I that day but from the looks she gave I knew my future was looking bright. The next day I was headed off fishing to one the spots she had shown me and I was leaving she asked if she could come along. Who was I to argue & she went to get pole & dome worms. We had a great afternoon and we caught some pretty good trout, certainly enough for dinner for the whole family. It was a great trip, we flirted a lot, “accidentally” rub against each other more then once and one time we got into a starring contest. It was intense to say the least. My dick got hard fast.

When she noticed it seemed to scare her a little. She started stammering and saying that she could because she had a boyfriend. I told her couldn’t do “WHAT?” trying to act to cool and make her talk about it. She again mentioned her boyfriend Joe a tall typical looking Indian living up on the reservation. I had seen him once or twice and he didn’t seem to be her type. I gave her one good kiss and told her not worry, I wouldn’t tell. She made me take her home right then. But living next to her was hard, for me & my dick and it took about 3-4 weeks before she finally came to me and said she no longer had a boyfriend. I was pretty skeptical but she invited me fishing & my dick said yes before my head said anything. I grabbed my pole then headed to the house to grab my pole and we were off. She was daring this time the conversation to the creek was all about sexual innuendos and blatant come on’s.

Buy the time we arrived we were in heat. We tried to fish but ended Sakarya Escort up back in the van doing everything 2 people can do with their clothes on. The funny part was neither of us had an orgasm. The drive back was frustrating but as we pulled into the drive she told not worry, real soon she would finish me off. She stated she was a little scared but was horny as hell for. Again, “next week” was OK with her. She quickly went to the top of my rotation and I’m not sure why. I mean I wasn’t getting anything but hard and all she talked about was Indian Joe. I’m pretty sure it was a love/hate thing but one about 4 weeks later night, during a full moon, she asked to head with her to the river. By this time we had gotten to 3rd base. I was eating her pretty good and playing with her healthy set of o tits and she stroking me or sucking me every time someone wasn’t watching. We went to Salt Lake once, which was a 2 hour drive one way and she blew the whole time we were on a 2 lane road. It was one of the few times I really enjoyed the long way anywhere, but it seemed every time we got close to consummating this relationship she would back out & run. It left me with blue balls fir a minute, thank good I still had my regulars. And I think that worked well for everyone. My regulars could not believe my enthusiastic response to their pussy. Some of them got the fuckin’ of their life and really showed their appreciation. I had it real good. Eventually terry let me fuck her and she there was a reason I had but on the top of the rotation. She fucked like a 20 year old college sorority girl. Of course she had tricks up her sleeve that only a woman of her could know. And being right next door didn’t help. She snuck over the fence a lot & so did I. Although I didn’t care how knew she did and were tried to be pretty discreet.

As we headed out on this particular full moon, she insisted she drive. She had a mini van to haul everyone around. I had only been in her van once as I always drove us anywhere that was out doors, but it seemed typical, tinted windows on the outside to keep everyone cool the inside and to hide the mess. It was a family kind off mess though, kids toys, food wrappers, clothes & shoes of all kind and fishing tackle. It also had seats for miles, about 2-3 bench seats. But when I got in on this night the van cleaned & vacuumed. She said she was headed out in the morning to pick something up, I wasn’t paying attention, and she needed every inch of space. But packed in the back were a few blankets & some firewood. She also mentioned Sakarya Escort Bayan that she had the ingredients for Smores. So off we went to find our little place down by the river.

When we got to her little spot it was a small alcove with sort of a hidden drive dirt path. If you weren’t looking you’d have missed it. She turned left and dove about 100 yards then it open to a small camp area with a fire pit. It was hard to see everything at night and we tried to fish a little but we just ended up sitting by the fire pit and talking. We got cold quick and she headed out to the back of the van to retrieve the fire wood. It didn’t take her long to have a roaring fire and just as things started heating up she had to pee. Good timing because I also had to pee. E both headed off in separate directions to find out bush it seems tucked in all her blankets was an air mattress, the kind with its own pump. It was set up fast although I noticed it to only be a single, how dumb I was.

When both climbed on it & then I realized why it was so small. It basically cause us to spoon tight together, which was great cause it was starting to get real cold. We laid down next and got under the covers, I rubbed my dick on her ass as she wiggled it al over the places I was missing, the was great & the creek was running and before you knew we were naked and fucking. This when I realized that we only needed a single mattress because for the rest of the night I was on top of her or she was on top of me and we fucked like teenagers. Damn she was good. I must have come at least 3 times and it seems like she never stopped. I didn’t think I could get hard again after that romp. And it seemed the more she got the more she wanted. I had never fucked down by the river but what a ride. After coming for the 3rd time we rested a minute and she tried to get me hard again. It was no use. I had actually stopped earlier in the day and had seem my young mommy while her kids were at school. And maybe it was terry who thought I could only come 3 times a night but what she didn’t now was that I had come 3 times in the last 12 hours. My dick was soar but as we were putting away our blankets & stuff, I got hard one more time fucked her behind, laying her on the van floor ass in the air while stood behind her and just feed her my dick. She came again and so hard I though she passed out. Once she got her breath she turned and licked me clean and then we got in the van to head home.

It seems I had worn her out and she was impressed cause according to her Escort Sakarya no one had ever made her cry uncle and now every time I hit a bump in the road she winced and held her crotch. The smile on her face said it all & she said it the buzzing her crotch stopped by the time we got home I was in a world of trouble. To tease I decided to drive home naked with only my socks on. At 3:00 in the morning who was going to catch us, so off we went, her stroking my dick, butt ass naked while I drove home. Her property was rather large and she had a pretty big out building in the front t of the property, her house was in the back. We were making wise cracks & promises as we pulled down her drive but she finally admitted that she was done for the night.

Just then I heard the loudest bang and I jumped. Then again and again and then someone was trying to get in the van. The one good thing about her van was that when you put the car in gar to drive it looks the doors and they don’t open till the engine is off or you hit the button. And thank good, cause BANG! It came again. Well it took a minute to see what was going on heir was her Ex/Current Boyfriend circling the van with a baseball bat trying to kick some ass. He never really looked like the aggressive type but there was no mistaking that he was mad. I’m sure at her but her was looking to kill me. He was screaming, “Come out and take it like a man!”. About the second time he started around the van I decided I had better get dressed. I had only worn sweets and as he went to the back of the van I decided that was the best time slip out of my seat and get dressed. With the tinted windows at night he could never see that I was naked.

When I knew he was at the back of the van I put one leg in my pants and straightened up. Unfortunately my ass hit the dome light before I had the other leg in. Before I knew it the van lit up and I mooned him He only got angrier and the only thing left to do was put the van in reverse and leave. Terry was crying and scared because she had been caught in a big lie and Joe caught her. She then told me that she was horny and Joe wasn’t man enough but she couldn’t leave him She said he was a good man but didn’t now the first thing about pleasing a woman. She apologized for fucking me and not telling me but seemed relieved now that the cat was out her pants so to speak.

Eventually Her & and Joe came to understand that she needed more, and although we tried to be discreet there was no way in hell she was going to stop fucking me. It was a great time. Living right next door and sneaking out in the middle of the night. I’m sure Joe was aware and when he was at her house he always giving me some dirty looks over the fence but he never said much more then hi after that. Terry & I fucked every where and all the time till she moved away. I was sorry to see her go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32