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I had been sleeping when sleep started to tatter, as I suddenly felt two strong hands gently grasp my hips. I could feel myself being rolled over onto my tummy, my hips positioned on a pile of pillows, my rump upthrust. As I started to rise to wakefulness, I could feel my legs being gently spread apart, and I could feel Mr. Jenkins’ hot breath against my pussy. His mouth made contact, his tongue sliding deep inside me, licking me lovingly, over and over. Now fully awake, feeling my senses awaken from his stimulation, I could feel my body start to respond fully, as his tongue was scooping out all the hot cream my pussy was starting to churn with. He started to lick me higher, and I groaned with pure pleasure as his tongue slid over my asshole, the tip flicking at my tight rim, over and over. I had never felt such exquisite sensations, it was absolutely mind filling pleasure, as I was again treated to his skill at oral sex and his sheer enjoyment of going down on me, as he licked every sensitive fold, every sizzling hot spot of both my holes, licking out all my hot juices, I could feel myself start to climb to climax. Suddenly, his mouth left my pussy, I felt his body press against mine, and his stiff, hard cock penetrated my dripping pussy, as he impaled me on his flesh pole.

“Fuck, it’s too good!” I panted, “Let me have it, Terry, fill my burning pussy!”

“Oh yeah, Tanya, you are so fucking sexy, and I’m going to fill you with all the spunk my balls can pump into you!” he grunted.

Gripping my hips tightly, Terry plunged into me again and again, going right to the balls. I was grunting passionately as he power fucked me, ramming me with his hard stalk of male flesh plowing my most inviting furrow. My fiery, tight teen pussy wrapped snugly around his cock kept him steel hard as he gave me a doggy style reaming, slamming deep into me, driving deep up my quivering cunt, again and again. My cries of joy and delight urged him on, his grunts of passion joined mine, I could feel my orgasm building, I knew I was going to cum massively. The feel of his rock-hard prick deep inside my tight burning fuck-hole, wrapped snugly around his throbbing cock and milking him, brought us both to the boiling point.

As the wave raced at me, just before I exploded, I howled, “Yeah, let it go, Terry, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood my horny pussy with that thick juicy load of spunk, cum in me, cum in me NOW!”

I howled with pleasure as the wave of orgasm slammed into me. I could feel my inner pussy muscles eryaman genç escort wrench wildly, spasms racing up and down, my orgasm tearing into me, making my body shake like a leaf in a storm.

Dimly, I heard Terry gasp, “Oh fuck, yeah, I’m cumming, gonna fill your fiery cunt Tanya baby, YES!”

I could feel Terry’s cock, the hard, jetting flesh spurting out thick ropes of cum deep inside me, splattering my insides as my pussy, wrapped tightly around his shaft, spasmed wildly, sucking every drop out of him. As our orgasms ebbed, we flopped down in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

As I rolled into the embrace of his arms, I said, “Making love with you has been even better than I hoped. I’ll tell you this when my boyfriend popped my cherry out at the lakeside cabin his parents owned. All I could think about while he was grunting and thrusting inside of me, was you, fantasizing that you were the one taking my virginity. Being 18, my boyfriend lasted all of a minute, before he blew his load. Usual teenager, lasting just long enough to blow his load, I had barely gotten started. And his foreplay, a quick grab of my tits and ass, and a whispered ‘let’s fuck, let me pop your cherry!’ Yeah, it was really romantic.”

“After he fell asleep, very quickly I might add, I went to one of the spare bedrooms and gave myself a far more heated, enjoyable session of self loving, you were my fantasy partner, stroking and caressing my body, them as I fantasized you sliding deep inside me, your hard cock reaming out my horny depths, I came so gloriously, I knew I had to find a way to let you know how much I needed your lovemaking, I got so much more pleasure from masturbating after he’d fallen asleep, imagining that you were fucking me, then I had from losing my virginity. I ended the relationship that very night, I left him a note, telling him what I thought about his so called lovemaking, I had my own car there, and I drove home. I didn’t need a fumbling boy, I needed a real man. I needed you, and it has been glorious!”

Cuddling in next to him, it didn’t take long before his cock showed signs of renewed interest. With my hands and fingers stroking and fondling him, he was quickly back up to full glory.

“Mr. Jenkins, you are the best pussy licker in the world. And now, I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours, and I want you to fill my eager mouth!”

I quickly descended and started to run my tongue up and down the shaft. I could taste the mixture of his cum and my juices smeared up and down his cock, ankara escort bayan which spurred me on, I grasped his cock and pulled down gently on the foreskin. His cock head popped out, all shiny and pink, and I ran my tongue over and over the head again, hearing his sigh of pleasure as I started to run my tongue all over his cock head, licking it like it was a delicious lollipop. I couldn’t wait to get his hard stalk of male flesh in my mouth, and covering his head with my mouth, I slid down his shaft, taking him in inch by inch, until, with a slight movement of my head, I swallowed him down to the balls. I clamped my lips tightly around his shaft and started to bob my head up and down, my hot mouth sliding up and down his rock-hard shaft.

“Oh yeah, Tanya, you’re a great cocksucker! Watching your cute pink lips wrapped around my hard cock, what a view! You got fantastic cocksucker lips baby, nice and tight, suck my cock, Tanya, you sexy teen cocksucker, and swallow my load!”

Hearing Mr. Jenkins call me a cocksucker drove me wild with lust. Hearing him call me by very earthy, erotic terms just made me hotter. I loved being called a cunt, a fuck hole, and a cocksucker.

Releasing his cock for a minute from my mouth, I growled, “Yes, Terry, I’m your very own little cocksucking student! I need to get from a D minus, you’ve told me what the price is for that, and I’m paying the price right now, by servicing your hard cock, and eager to swallow every drop, I’m just a horny little slut, cocksucking my way to better grades! I want all your cum, and I want it now!”

So saying, and taking him into my mouth again, I plunged down the stiff, throbbing shaft.

Getting into the spirit of things, he growled, “So Miss Lowson, you think you deserve a B? Well, you’d better do the very best suck job you can, my little cocksucking student, suck my cock and make sure you swallow every drop, and you will have your B! And, if you can suck me good enough, and you are as good at fucking as you are at sucking, we’ll talk about how you can earn an A, my little hot mouthed cocksucker of a student!”

Being talked to like that, just made me hornier than all hell. My mouth went up and down, his cock started to throb. Molding my lips tightly around his shaft, I eagerly awaited his wet spray of sperm.

He grunted out, “Oh fuck yeah, do it, be the good little cocksucker of a student you are, and suck out your teacher’s load, gonna cum, gonna flood your hot sweet mouth baby, fuck, yes, YES!”

I sincan escort could feel his cock start to pulse, and he howled as his cock exploded. I could feel 4 thick ropes of semen gushing forth between my tight crimson lips, spewing across my tongue, filling my eager mouth, as I sucked hungrily on him. I kept him in my mouth, making sure that I got every drop, before I released his cock, and swallowed every drop of his delicious semen. Once again, I cuddled in next to him.

He rolled me gently onto my back, and growled, “You need another cum baby, let your horny teacher take care of that!”

His fingers slid down, drawing circles of pleasure over my breasts, pulling gently at my hard, stiff nipples, fingers tracing lower, over my belly, sliding through my neatly trimmed nest. I cooed with pleasure as I felt his fingers sending zings of pleasure, zapping my creaming pussy. His fingertips slid down, and I moaned with pleasure as I felt the light tracing over my slick, syrupy lips, his fingers grazing lightly at the underside of my clit, hard, eager, and throbbing.

“Oh yeah Tanya, my sexy student, I love watching the bliss on your face, the feel of you wrapping tightly around me as you cum, and the feel of your juices gushing, cumming all over my cock! Cum for me Tanya, cum for your teacher, be teacher’s pet, and cum for me baby!” Terry growled.

I did exactly that, clutching onto his shoulders tightly, letting out wordless cries and grunts of pleasure as I felt my orgasm pick me up, and shake me in a grip of pleasure, my whole body feeling the wonderful release.

I heard him whispering to me, “Oh yeah, baby, so beautiful, so sexy” then his mouth descended on me, licking up my juices, tasting me, then his tongue started to swipe at my clit, long, tantalizing strokes over my pleasure bud, and I was racing towards orgasm again. I pulled his head in tightly, shoving my dripping pussy against his mouth with a force, and I let out a long shriek of pleasure as I felt another orgasm take me, wrenching waves of pleasure sweeping over me, oh I was on a whole new plane of pleasure. I saw his face, shiny with my juices, smiling as he came back up, gathering me into his arms, holding me close as I drifted through the post-orgasmic glow. He held me close, letting me enjoy the afterglow.

After a while, I whispered, a teasing note in my voice, “Terry, I am alone this weekend, my parents won’t be home until tomorrow evening, would you like me to stay overnight?”

He chuckled and said, “Do you even have to ask?” making me laugh.

“And, I would love to take you out for dinner, Tanya. When we get home after dinner, how about if we heat things up in the hot tub?”

“Ooh, Terry, I can hardly wait!” I cooed, looking forward to more lessons from my sexy teacher.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32