Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 04

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“Kate are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Darling don’t worry, everything is fine.”

Kate smiled and tightened her grip on the steering wheel. She wore her white summer dress with no hose and a pair of sandals on her feet. Her blond hair was down around her shoulders and her blue eyes hidden behind vintage sunglasses. She was still a very attractive woman for going on fifty, with firm breasts and a shapely figure. Mrs. Anderson felt she wasn’t much competition as she was a little soft and Kate was not. She sighed.

“Lola, you look great,” Kate said glancing over at her. “You know Nick can’t get enough of you, or Thomas for that matter. If I weren’t so fickle I might be jealous.”

“You jealous?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

She smiled. “Anyways, I’m happy you’re coming with me. It’s my birthday after all and with Thomas on vacation I need a diversion, and since you have yet to share Nick with me-“

“I know,” Mrs. Anderson said. “Perhaps I’m being silly and a bit jealous.”

“We won’t worry about it,” Kate said as she slowed and made a right. “I was very possessive of my first boy, so I do understand. Be on the lookout for the coffee shop. Karen said it’s down here about ten miles on the right hand side.

“How do you know this Karen?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“She used to live in the neighborhood, but then moved out here a few years ago. She knows of my… inclinations and thought to call me last night.”

“Tell me the whole story please.”

“Her nephew is staying with her, apparently helping her remodel a room in the house before heading off to college this fall. It seems at some point he has developed an interest in her. She has been ignoring it for the most part.”

“I can understand that.”

“I’m sure,” Kate smiled. “Anyway, it’s been alright but the other night she had man over, and realized that he was watching them fuck. She was having a great time and nearly ready to cum when she heard a noise over the music. Her nephew was in the doorway jerking off. He saw her notice him and ran off but the next day he was worse than ever, staring every time she turned around.”

“Oh my goodness,” Mrs. Anderson said. “That would make for a difficult situation.”

“Don’t play the innocent Lola. I knew the idea of it turns you on like I do.”

“Kate, really.”

“Anyway, Karen said after this she was starting to feel overwhelmed with the attention and since he is such a cute boy…” Kate grinned. “She started teasing him.”

“I see.”

She tried to ignore it, but Mrs. Anderson felt the sudden ache gripped her pussy and she shifted in the seat.

“Really? Teasing her nephew?”

“Well, can you blame her? She is alone in the house and he is teeming with testosterone, and no girlfriend to spend it on. We both know how intoxicating it is.”

“What did she do?”

“Oh the usual, wearing nightgowns and being naked underneath, and exposing herself in open doorways. She said he was getting more and more excited as was she. One night he came in while she was in the tub and pulled his cock out and started stroking and she-“

“She what?” Mrs. Anderson asked almost breathlessly.

“Oh she knew she couldn’t, but can you blame her for wanting it? So she called me and asked me to take care of him, and of course how can I say no to a virginal young man? Imagine that.”

“She wants you to fuck him,” Mrs. Anderson said.

“Oh yes darling. She wants me to work that energy out of him before bringing him back, and what better way to satisfy his craving than with a woman like me?”

“Lola, perhaps you should just drop me off somewhere?”

“Don’t be silly. Are you saying you don’t want to get your hands on him? It’s my birthday and I’d like your company.”

“I appreciate that Kate. You know I do.”

Kate reached over and ran her fingers down Mrs. Andersons arm. “Darling there’s no reason to deny yourself these pleasures. These young men want to be shown and guided. We know what they need and how to give it to them. Do you think a young girl knows how to suck a cock? A woman with years of experience can give it to them they way they imagine it in their fantasies. Are you thinking of Nick? Is that what this is?”

“A little,” Mrs. Anderson admitted.

Kate laughed. “You are a beautiful woman but you know, the day will come when he wants someone his age and you will have to let him go. It hurts to see them go at first…I know this well but there’s always another who wants to be teased until they are pushing their way inside. I would like a chance to sample him before that happens.”

“There’s the coffee shop. I think I see a sign?”

Kate slowed and edged along the road. This was a less populated area and there were a few business’s mixed between residential houses. After a few minutes they saw the sign for the coffee shop and the dirt parking area behind it. Kate pulled into a far parking slot and cut the engine.

“Okay,” she said. “I think I should go in alone. She said he gets done work in about ten minutes and I am to tell him we are giving him a lift home Kurtköy Escort because she wasn’t able to get here. She paid for a room at a motel about twenty minutes away. That’s where we are going.”

She took a quick look around and moved closer to Mrs. Anderson and kissed her. She could feel Kate breathing heavier and her tongue slipped hotly into her mouth as her hand moved down between Mrs. Andersons dress. She gasped as Kate ran her fingers over her damp pussy.

“Mmmm you are wet like me,” Kate whispered. “I can’t wait to see you on his cock.”

“Kate,” she sighed as she felt her lips trail over her neck. Mrs. Anderson put her hand over Kate’s breast and fondled her, her hard nipple pressing in the center of her palm. Kate whimpered.

“Oh darling, I am so excited,” she said huskily, “and the fact that you are sharing it with me is even more of a turn on.”

The bang of a car door pulled them apart and Kate composed herself before getting out of the car. “Be back in a few minutes. Do you want a coffee?”

Mrs. Anderson shook her head. All she wanted was to relieve the throb between her legs and she saw Kate go into the building. She turned in her seat and moved the stuff on the backseat around, leaving the boy no choice but to sit in between them. She checked her face in the mirror and quickly pulled her panties off and shoved them in her handbag. After what seemed like forever she heard Kate’s laugh and saw coming back towards the car with a young man. He hair was blond and longish, a bit tall with a lean hard frame. He wore a uniform and sneakers and was carrying a book bag. Kate’s hand rested lightly on his arm and when they approached the car she motioned for Mrs. Anderson to get out so she did.

“Lola this is Chris. Chris, this is Mrs. Anderson.”

“Hi Chris,” she said pleasantly. Up close she could see the faint line of facial hair over his lip as he smiled at her.

“Hello Mrs. Anderson.”

“Lola do you mind driving? Chris slide in between us okay? You know how us women are with all our shopping bags.”

Mrs. Anderson got into the car as he slid in next to her. His thighs were well shaped inside the tight hitting uniform pants and Kate got in on the other side. She draped her arm around the back of the seat, causing her full rounded breasts to be more noticeable.

“Take this road Lola okay? I’ll let you know when to turn off.”

Mrs. Anderson nodded and they headed off from town and into the countryside.

“So Chris, what are you going to college for?”


“Ah yes, tech is the way of the future isn’t it? Don’t you think so Lola?”

“Yes you’re right Kate.”

She glanced over and noticed Kate’s dress taut against her legs, caught around her knees and she leaned in towards Chris.

“Plans for the summer?” Kate asked him.

“Just helping my Aunt,” he said. Mrs. Anderson felt him shift slightly and his leg was inches from hers as he slouched in the seat a bit with his bag on his lap.

“Why don’t you put that in the back Chris so you’re more comfortable?”

“It’s okay really-“

Kate took the bag out of his lap and tossed it in the back. “I insist.”

Chris covered his arms over his lap. “I am sorry to say this but you’re going the wrong way to my Aunt’s house.”

“Think of it as the long way around,” Kate said. She ran her fingers over the back of his neck. “Plus it’s my birthday and I should get my way yes?”

The boy flushed. “Sure I guess so.”

“Aren’t you a sweetie!” Kate said brightly. “So tell me about your Aunt.”

“What about her? Aren’t you friends?” Chris asked.

“Yes, but I want your opinion, from the male perspective.”

He shrugged. “She is nice, she has been paying me well for the work around her house.”

“She is nice. She’s also pretty attractive for an older woman.”

“I guess so.”

“You guess hmm?” Kate giggled. “Lola, do you think the boy is being shy?”

“My name is Chris,” he said a trifle defensively.

“Excuse me. Do you think Chris is being shy?”

“Perhaps,” she said vaguely, knowing that Kate was going into her seduction play and she liked it to burn slowly.

Kate slid her thumb across the back of his neck. “So are you going to really answer me? Your Aunt is an attraction woman yes?”

He nodded. “Yes she is.”

“She definitely is. Attractive enough to look at a lot wouldn’t you say?”

He flushed again. “That wouldn’t be a good idea… at least for me.”

“Yes I completely understand but… sometimes it’s hard to not give in to things even when they’re wrong.”

Chris sat up straighter in his seat. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh come now,” Kate said soothingly. She placed her hand on his thigh and he looked at her in surprise. “You can be honest with us Chris. We are just two ladies you’ll never see again right?”

He swallowed. “What do you want me to say?”

Kate ran her fingers over his pant leg. “Honesty my dear boy.”

She moved closer to him and her skirt caught mid-thigh. He glanced at her breasts Pendik Escort and then quickly looked away.

“I don’t think I should.”

“Lola, he doesn’t think he should. What do you say about that?”

Aware of her growing arousal Mrs. Anderson drove a little faster, feeling her clit grow harder as Kate touched the boy. She wanted to get to the hotel so she could feast her eyes on Kate’s seduction.

“It’s okay Chris, say whatever you like,” Mrs. Anderson said. “We won’t tell anyone.”

“Well,” he hesitated. His eyes were on Kate’s fingers as they moved closer to his crotch. He shifted in his seat as she pressed her lips against his cheek.

“I know some things Chris,” she said softly. “I know about the night you watched her fucking someone.”

His eyes widened and she moved her hand over his hardening cock.

“Yes I know.” She moved her lips over his neck and he groaned. “You were jerking off while watching them weren’t you?”

He nodded, arching his neck so she could go further as she squeezed his cock through his jeans.

“Go on,” she said encouragingly.

“I heard them…and I went in and she was laying with her legs wide open and I saw her sucking his cock. She was playing with herself and I couldn’t help it, honestly. I was getting hard and uh-“”

“Like right now yes?”

“Yea.” He groaned as she squeezed him again.

“Then what?”

Mrs. Anderson saw the sign for the hotel and pointed it out to Kate. She smiled and continued stroking Chris.

“I…I took my cock out and it was really hard. I started stroking it as I watched her rub. I was so fucking turned on!”

“Of course you were sweetie,” Kate crooned. “You’re turned on now too. I like that.”

She pressed her breasts against his face and he nuzzled in between them. She reached over and ran her finger across Mrs. Anderson’s hard nipple.

“Keep going.”

He pulled out of her mouth and got on the bed and shoved it in her. She cried out and he started ramming her hard, like I’ve seen in porn. The bed was squeaking and she was moaning and the way she sounded was so good…”

“You want to be the one didn’t you Chris.”

He shook his head. “That isn’t right.”

“I didn’t ask that. I asked if you want to be the one?”

He groaned and he cupped her breast as Kate sighed. She pulled the strap down and showed him her breast to see and taste.

“Hurry Lola,” she begged and Mrs. Anderson went even faster until the motel sign was looming in front of them. She pulled into the dirt driveway and Kate pulled away from Chris. “Which room Kate?”

“Number six,” she said. Mrs. Anderson felt her clit throbbing as she parked in the space. Kate recovered herself and jumped out to get the key. “Be right back.”

Mrs. Anderson glanced around and then grabbed the boy. He was clearly bulging through his pants and she gripped his cock and thrust her tongue in his mouth. He groaned as she stroked him.

“You know what’s going to happen don’t you?” she whispered in his ear as she trailed her tongue down his neck.


“You’re going to be a good boy too aren’t you?” she asked. “Give us what we want?”

He nodded.

She noticed Kate coming around to the car waving the key. Mrs. Anderson grabbed a bag as she unlocked the door and went in.

“Lock it Lola,” she said breathlessly. She pushed Chris on the bed and pulled at the tie on her dress. She was naked underneath and it drifted to the floor. Chris stared at her and Mrs. Anderson went over to her and kissed her wetly on the mouth.

“Take off your clothes and let us see that big cock of yours.”

Hurriedly he pulled everything off and his cock popped out in full view. Kate smiled and told him to move back on the bed up to the headboard. He did so and watched her straddle his lap. Mrs. Anderson moved onto the bed and up next to her, her fingers sliding over her wet pussy as she rubbed her own throbbing clit at the same time.

“You wanted to be the one didn’t you?” she asked him again.

He stared back and forth between them, his cock inches from Kate’s pussy though he was trying to move it closer. She teased him a little, feeling Mrs. Anderson’s fingers rubbing her and letting her fingers barely massage the boy’s cock. He moaned loudly and she knew how bad he needed it.

“Mmm,” she sighed, tilting her head back and letting Mrs. Anderson kiss her, her tongue tracing down and running over her nipple.

“Please…please ma’am…” Chris begged.

“Oh not yet,” she said. “You have to tell me the truth.”

“What… what?”

“You want to fuck her didn’t you?”

“God,” he choked out. “Yes I wanted to!”

“Good boy. Say it again.”

“I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to be the one inside her. Please-“

“Who did you want to fuck?”

Mrs. Anderson moved her hand and wrapped it around Chris. He cried out and she positioned him at Kate’s entrance.

“My Aunt. I wanted to fuck her!”

“Yess,” she drawled, and she sunk down on the boy.

“Fuck!” he cried out Mutlukent Escort and she took him all the way down until he was buried. She took in his wide eyes and heaving chest and bit his lip playfully.

“I’m making you a man baby,” she said. “You need it so bad don’t you?”

He nodded and placed his hands on her hips. Mrs. Anderson laid down next to him, rubbing her aching pussy as Kate began to ride him. She loved watching Kate in action, her hard nipples extended from her firm breasts and long blond hair around her shoulders as she leaned forward and began to grind on him.

“Yes…please…please!” he yelled out as she rode him, her body moving up and down fluidly as she moaned, her breasts bouncing and the smell of her sex wafting through the room. Mrs. Anderson rose up and forced her nipple into his mouth as she slipped a finger inside her pussy. This boy was theirs for the afternoon to do whatever they wanted with. She groaned as his tongue twirled around the nipple and then latched on.

“Your turn to be on top baby,” Kate said and she pulled off of him and laid back on the bed. Eagerly he was over her and pushing her legs apart and thrusting back inside.

“Oh Yessss, like that,” Kate moaned. “Pretend I am your Aunt.”

Chris made a sound deep in his throat and pressed hard into her.

“Yes good boy, it’s okay,” she whispered in his ear. “I won’t tell anyone…”

Chris began to pound her hard and Mrs. Anderson felt her orgasm rushing up hard and fast. Her soaked fingers made a slick sound as she moved them in and out and she could tell the boy wasn’t going to hang on much longer.

“Push him into me Lola,” Kate begged. “I am so close…”

Mrs. Anderson moved around and gripped his tight ass in her hands. She pushed him deep over and over, thrilled at the sound of his cock smacking against Kate’s pussy.

“You want to cum in your Aunt don’t you?” she said. “Fill her up with your seed?”

“Oh fuck yes…” he groaned. “I am going to cum.”

“Do it…give it to her.”

A few more deep thrusts and suddenly Kate was cumming. She shouted out, her back arching upwards and Chris drove it home. He grunted as he spewed his cum in Kate’s pussy. There was so much that it was dribbling out around his cock, and he sighed with pleasure. He pulled away and fell back on the back next to Kate whose eyes were closed with a small smile of satisfaction on her face.

“Mmm, such a sexy body,” Mrs. Anderson sighed as she rest her head against his chest. Her pussy was still throbbing but she was felt satisfaction nonetheless. She ran her hand over his skin and the small line of hair snaking down his chest, so like Nick’s and yet so different looking. She trailed her fingers over his cock and he trembled.

“Such a nice birthday present,” Kate sighed. She turned on her side and saw Mrs. Anderson playing with his cock which was still semi erect. “Isn’t he delicious?”

“Mmhmm,” she agreed. “I definitely want some of this.”

“I’ll want more too,” Kate said softly. “A lot more. What about you Chris?”

He grinned.

“I do hope,” Kate said as she ran her finger over his nipples, “that when you go home you will share this with your Aunt.”

“Uh yea, I don’t know.”

“Chris it’s okay,” Kate smiled. She leaned over and suckled his nipple. “It’s between the four of us. I know you want to.”

He groaned. “I don’t think this is right though. I try not to think about it but you’re making me.”

“I’m not making you baby, I’m only encouraging you to explore your needs. It’s just how I am. Your Aunt thinks about you, you know.”

“No she doesn’t-“”

“Oh baby, believe me she does. I know her, okay? I know what she is like.”

His cock was getting harder and Kate glanced at Mrs. Anderson.

“In fact, I know something she would really like.”

Kate moved over Chris and straddled Mrs. Anderson. Chris turned on his side to watch them as his hand drifted down to his cock. Kate leaned over and kissed her, her lips and tongue teasing hers as Lola opened her legs wide so that Kate was between them. Kate nipped at her lower lip and moved down her neck and over her breasts.

“A woman likes to be teased,” she said softly. “Build us up slowly.”

She moved her mouth from one nipple to the other. Mrs. Anderson sighed, her body on edge and so aroused.

“Mmmm, such a beautiful body. Don’t you think so Chris?” Kate asked as she moved down her belly.

“Yes,” he croaked,” his hand slowly jerking his cock.

Kate moved in between her legs and Mrs. Anderson moaned. Her hard clit protruded through the lips of her pussy and Kate flicked at it with her tongue.

“She wants to cum so bad Chris.”

Slowly she began to lick her, her tongue stroking back and forth and making her already wet pussy wetter.

“Fuck Kate,” she gasped.

She grinned. “Chris come here.”

She moved over and let him between her legs. His cock was rigid again but he moved around until his face was at Mrs. Anderson’s pussy.

“Just like I did,” she encouraged. “Lick her. Once you taste pussy you’ll never stop baby.”

He stuck out his tongue and pressed it against her clit.

“That’s it, tease it with the tip of your tongue. Mmm she moaned. See? She likes it. Now more tongue, glide it over the top. That’s it, good boy…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32