Mrs Watts Is A Cheating Bitch Ch. 01

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Chris had worked hard on the case for months. He was a young ambitious lawyer who was doing well in his career acting for major corporate and financial institutions. Today he knew he would be embroiled in a full day or negotiations on one of his cases as the parties were meeting to try to settle a dispute before it escalated and potentially went to trial.

In a way it was a mismatch as it was a large financial institution against a local company that owned a few garages. Chris formed part of a formidable team which included a senior partner in his law firm and 4 senior people from the bank. They had a claim for over £1 million against the husband and wife business and if successful it would be the end of the small company and with personal guarantees in place there was a real prospect that Mr and Mrs Watts would be made bankrupt. Chris did not worry at all about such things, it was his job to represent his clients as well as possible without sentiment. The bank was aware of a risk that the company would be claiming against them for an undetermined figure but saw this simply as a negotiating tactic without much merit.

The bank’s team had a private meeting before the other side arrived and the partner made it clear that the Bank’s position was strong and a deal in which the bank was paid a substantial sum was the expected result. Mr Riley, the partner, was around 60 and very well respected as an aggressive and no nonsense lawyer. Mr Riley said that he trusted his young colleague Chris and that after giving an opening speech to the other side he would be leaving for another meeting but that Chris was well capable of handling the negotiations.

The telephone went and it was reception to announce that the other side had arrived. Mr Riley went out to meet them with Chris. The visiting party made an odd triumvirate in that Mr Watts must have been well over 60 and was a small frail looking man. Their lawyer was a plump red faced man in his mid-forties who clearly worked in a small firm and came across as nervous and unimpressive and clearly out of his league. Mrs Watts towered above them both in a long camel haired coat. Chris had seen correspondence between the parties and knew she had a fearsome temper. She stood quietly as people were introduced and her blue/grey eyes looked cold and humourless as she studied Mr Riley. Chris was not surprised by the somewhat cold reception, after all if the day went badly for the Watts then they could be financially ruined.

The parties were then introduced in a large meeting and sat opposite each other as if lined up for battle. Mr and Mrs Watts did not even take off their coats as they sat opposite the banking team as Mr Riley made superb submissions as to why the bank would win at trial. The chubby Mr Cooper responded for the Watts with a short and nervous speech which lacked any conviction. Mrs Watts’ face looked like thunder as she studied her lawyer’s movements. She looked as if she was in her early 50s to Chris and therefore considerably younger than her husband. You could see her age starting to show around her eyes and her jet black hair looked severe along with her high cheek bones and cold fierce eyes. Mr Riley explained that he would now be leaving and that Chris would negotiate the deal and suddenly Mrs Watts’ eyes turned on him and studied him, as if looking for a weakness. Chris sat impassively but was unnerved by the fact that he was being stared at and he looked briefly at her to see a flicker of amusement in her blue eyes. Chris sensed that she thought he was a weak link and his resolution stiffened but he also realised that his cock had also twitched.

Mr Riley left and the Watts and their lawyer went to another room to discuss the developments so far. Mr Riley groaned in despair and Mr Cooper agreed that it looked bad. Mrs Watts stood and undid the buttons of her coat:

“I have not been very impressed with you Mr Cooper, it looks like it is up to me to find their weakness,” she said as she peeled the coat off her shoulders. Mr Cooper gulped and Mr Watts lowered his head sheepishly.

Chris rose to welcome them back into the main room and his eyes tried to lock on Mrs Watts’ eyes as she stared at him but he failed, his eyes drifted down. The coat was gone and now there was Mrs Watts showing the finest example of power dressing he ever saw, long black heels emphasised her toned tanned muscular legs, endless legs. Her legs were so tanned as if she lived in a tanning salon or on a beach and they shone as if she had oiled them up.

What staggered Chris was that those legs were not what first caught his attention. Her mini skirt was a continuation of her pin striped suit and her jacket was buttoned up but all Chris could think about were the huge tanned bulging tits that bounced in a tight low cut white top and were held in a perfect tight frame by her pin striped buttoned jacket.

Chris garbled on in negotiations with Mr Cooper for the best part of an hour and was proud of himself for getting the best of the arguments despite being unable to drag his eyes away from Mrs Watts’ bulging and very deep cleavage. Mrs Watts was nonchalant jigolo escort gaziantep as she tapped away at her blackberry, barely acknowledging what was going on. She bent forward to review the screen on her device and her elbows nudged against the sides of her tits and the sight was spectacular. Chris thought he heard a groan from one of his clients next to him. Those things were huge and Chris thought that for a woman of her age to have such firm solid looking tits that they had to be enhanced.

As Mr Cooper waffled on Chris felt his phone vibrate and then again indicating 2 messages. He indicated his apologies to Mr Cooper who turned his attention to the bankers who were all far more focused on Mrs Watts than on anything Mr Cooper had to say.

Chris looked at his first message. It was from Riley asking:

“Trust all going fine, Cooper is incompetent.”

Chris smiled and typed “All fine,” and sent.

The next message was from a number that was not recognised by his phone. He opened it and read it and his heart started to race. He re-read the message and looked around the room in panic but no-one was paying him any attention. His mobile number was on the foot of every email he sent to Mr Cooper and so it was obvious how Mrs Watts had access to it. It was only too clear who it was from as he read it again:

“Please try to keep your eyes off my tits for 5 seconds, I think it is unprofessional Chris! I think we can do a deal today, do you agree?”

Chris took 5 minutes before simply typing: “My client needs a substantial payment but I hope we can reach a deal. I apologise if any offence has been caused.” He was pleased with how he had dealt with it. The meeting went well for the next 30 minutes as Chris impressed his clients by shooting down Mr Cooper at every turn. Chris was feeling ok again but then his phone vibrated again. He looked at it nervously:

“38 FFs as you seem to be so interested in them Chris. Tanned and without a hint of sag. The size of them is all mine Chris but yes I have had them lifted as gravity is hard to resist over the years.”

Chris ignored it and they broke for lunch in separate rooms. Chris was applauded by his clients for his sterling work and one or 2 inappropriate comments were made about Mrs Watts by the bankers. Lunch was ending and another text buzzed on Chris’ phone.

“You know I can’t pay what you are looking for. It is time to ask yourself where your loyalty lies Chris, your banking clients or my big tits? Alex xxxx.”

Chris had never had such a hard full erection in his life but he knew what he had to do, there was no justification for not forcing this through. He went into overdrive after lunch and crushed Mr Cooper absolutely. He tried to come back with the same old points but he had been totally undermined and looked pathetic. Chris saw Mrs Watts look at him andshe hit her blackberry with purpose and a few seconds later another message buzzed onto Chris’ phone.

“You have defeated Mr Cooper but Mr Cooper plays nicely. I don’t. Time for me to step in I think. All I ask Chris is that you confirm what I say and I think this could turn out to be a very rewarding day.”

Chris was still looking at the screen on his phone when she spoke:

“Gentlemen, Mr Cooper has done his best today but I will admit this young man has outwitted him at every step.” Her voice was sharp and unfriendly. “Mr Cooper, I think I can do better myself, you are dismissed and you can go.” Mr Cooper said nothing, he looked shocked and quietly picked up his papers and shuffled to the door. “I trust you will not be charging for your lamentable showing Mr Cooper?”

“Eh well…”

“Er well what Mr Cooper?” she fired back, sensing blood.

“No Mrs Watts, I will not char…”

“Very well, I have witnesses to that, now get out you pathetic man.”

She then turned to the bankers and launched into an attack on how the men in that room had been negligent in their dealings with her company and that this had caused them significant losses.

“I estimate £500,000 a year over 6 years which is £3 million.” Two of the aging bankers choked on their tea but she was not finished:

“As you are personally negligent any claim will be against the bank and yourselves as named individuals in case you were acting outside of your normal allowed remit. I am sure your young lawyer will confirm that you are at risk of personal liability if I win and that the sums I mentioned as damages are possible.”

The moment of truth for Chris,it had been building to this all day and he knew what Mr Riley would say. He started in autopilot:

“What Mrs Watts is arguing is pure speculation and there is no evidence to support the claim.” The bankers smiled. A good try but their lawyer had batted off her attack. She looked at Chris with calm eyes, waiting. She bent forward and allowed her huge tits to bulge further over the top of her white top within the tight confines of her jacket.

Chris could not even remember what he said next but he knew it started with “However” and had gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan gone on to emphasise that there is always a risk in litigation. The bankers were worried and started interjecting but Alex Watts knew she had made ground but not the decisive ground she had hoped for and these experienced bankers were going to call her bluff. She smiled inwardly at Chris’ attempt to throw doubt on the bank’s position but it had not been enough and she would need to get whatever deal she could.

Chris was sitting there thinking but suddenly he realised he was looking for arguments to support Mrs Watts and a chill went through him. His career was on the line.

“I am sure Mrs Watts is not considering calling in the regulator and having this formally reported Peter,” Chris said suddenly realising the strongest angle Mrs Watts had in her favour had not been raised.

“Well it is funny you should mention that Chris, you don’t mind if I call you Chris do you, but that is my next step if no deal is reached. Perhaps you could advise your clients of the implications.”

Chris let loose, the reporting sanctions sounded awful and Chris laid the consequences on thick. Loss of reputation, loss of bonuses and promotion opportunities, potential criminal sanctions. This was all highly improbable but Chris was just highlighting the risk.

The momentum had turned and Mrs Watts showed her business acumen by keeping the context purely on the risk to these individuals, they were sweating and getting hedged answers from their lawyer that did not do anything to calm them.

One of them turned to Chris and angrily asked:

“Why has your advice been so positive if now you seem to think we have a problem, Chris. We have a good claim and we have come here for cash.”

For the first time the older woman saw the young handsome lawyer struggling for a reply and she stepped in:

“Chris has advised you on the strength of your claim but I have never put my cards on the table, regulatory reporting rules kick in above a certain level and now you know my claim will exceed it, he is telling you the risks. Don’t blame the messenger boys” she said with a cold smile.

“Well what are we talking about said one of the bankers, drop hands, what offer is on the table?”

Mrs Watts considered for a moment and then said:

“I think I should have a private meeting with Chris to set out my aims now that Cooper has gone and then he can advise you.”

That was agreed and Chris found himself sitting there with Mr and Mrs Watts as the others left the room. She turned to her husband:

“Fred I think we should settle for a payment of £50,000 to the company. I am sure you agree.”

“Well I, I thought we were going to be paying them. 50 k, that would be fantastic.”

“Not the greatest negotiator my husband but do you think that is realistic Chris?” she asked.

“Well I think it could be yes, it is more realistic than the sort of figures…”

“Yes, yes, well Fred I think you can get back home and I will stay and sign off the deal. I have a room booked in the Radisson so I will just come back tomorrow. “

“Great, yes well thank you young fellow, 50 k, well I never… super!” and with that Mr Watts went to collect his coat.

She stood and walked round the table and sat on the edge of the table above where Chris was sitting. He had to look through her tits to see her face and as she crossed one thigh high over the other, her glorious tanned legs were on full show for him.

“So I will see if I can get a deal at 50, I will be right back,” Chris said.

“Hold it young man, 50,000 for the company is for starters, I came here to have some fun. 50 will keep little stupid hubby happy but I need more, I have an expensive lifestyle to maintain and I need a further 50 just for me, minimum. I am sure you can do that.”

“I am acting for my client and so it is my job to minimise any payment they make and there is no justification in making any payment direct to you as opposed to the company.”

She uncrossed her spectacular legs and then coiled one thigh high over the other and let her muscled calf swing back and forth suggestively to maximise attention on her legs before bending forward to closely inspect the huge tent bulging in his trousers. His eyes were drawn to her magnificent cleavage as she whispered:

“You can stop pretending now. I had you before the coat came off, when I knew Riley was leaving.”

At that moment Mr Watts came in and took a double take at his wife perched on the edge of the table appearing to be offering her huge cans into the face of the young lawyer. Chris felt like he was going to have a heart attack, this looked so improper. She calmly turned to the document on the table and pointed at a provision and said in an authoritative voice:

“I told you that is what it said Chris, I am right again.”

“Always right, Alex is” Mr Watts said, any suspicion allayed by her needing to look at his document. “I just wanted to know about tea, is there anything in gaziantep escort masaj salonları the house?”

“Stop and get fish and chips, now leave me to business.”

He turned obediently and left.

“The more fat he eats, the sooner he will croak it,” she said without any emotion. “Now do you think you can convince them I have a claim which requires a payment to me?”

“Uhh, well you could raise the regulatory issue I suppose, it is total bollocks…”

“That is for a judge to decide, they need to understand the risk, that is your role. £100 k at least, I am waiting.”


Peter started talking about bonuses and promotions and the others agreed that this needed to be knocked on the head without any reporting issues.

“What is your cap for authorising a payment today Peter?”

“Well I came expecting a good payment,” he said testily “but I have authority to settle any claim up to £1million.”

Chris launched into a long warning speech about the implications if she reported them and they all looked nervous.

“We haven’t done anything wrong though” one of them chirped in.

Peter responded by saying “That will not stop her reporting us and that alone will do the damage.”

“That is why I recommend a settlement payment to her to stop that threat as well as a token payment of 50 k to the company.”

“I agree” said Peter and the others nodded “but if 50 is a token payment, what are you suggesting.

“Well her figure is £3 million but that is unrealistic.”

“Damn right it is,” Peter said. “How about £500 k on top.”

Chris nearly fell off his chair. Here was the acid test, tell them 100 k in total would do or go with his client’s panic stricken figure.


What will Riley say, this will end my career he thought as he approached the other room.

Mrs Watts was working on her laptop when he went in:

“50 for the company and 900 k for you”, he said proudly.

She did not flinch, a deal of a lifetime and she wrinkled her nose at him.

“If they will pay 900 they will pay me a million. “

“He has a cap of 1 million and with the separate 50 that would take it over it. Just take it for God’s sake.”

She smiled: “I am booking a holiday on line for 3 weeks to the most luxurious resort in Barbados, 20 k and I am buying this brand new Audi R8 for 80 k. I know where your loyalty lies Chris, I asked for a hundred, you got me 900, now run along and make me a millionaire. I need this deal done before Riley turns up and tries to unravel it.

It took 5 minutes to convince them that the million could be treated separately as it was settling a different claim and 30 minutes later the 2 deals were done and signed and Mrs Watts was a millionaire.

Chris managed to convince the clients that this should be a confidential deal and as they had paid money to protect their own reputation, they should keep the result to themselves so that not even Mr Riley would know the result. Chris provided a vague document to confirm they were justified to make these payments based on a risk of a £3 million claim.

They headed off and Mrs Watts left the office with barely a backward glance.

Chris sat in the meeting room with his head in his hands and wandered what the hell he had done and how it would impact on his career. He spoke with Riley and confirmed the client was happy with the deal and that was all Riley was bothered about, happy clients.

Eventually the strain in his trousers got the better of Chris and he found himself in the entrance of the Radisson.

He walked to the desk and said:

“I am here to see Mrs Watts.”

The female receptionist smiled a sly smile: “Alex Watts, room 36, she said she was expecting you.”

Chris knocked on the hotel room door and heard a cold clipped: “It’s open,” from inside.

He walked in and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, still in her suit.

“I did what you wanted Mrs Watts.”

“You did what your cock directed you to do; you have been thinking with your balls all day and tonight I am going to drain them.”

“I spent all day staring at those tits, show them to me.”

“Take your cock out Chris, it has been straining to burst free all day. I have that effect on men, all men. I get what I want in life and I used you today to set myself up for life and you were prepared to put everything you have worked for at risk just to please me.”

His cock sprung out of his trousers and strained upwards as it arched towards her with desire. Do you please a pretty girl with that big cock Chris?”

“Yes I do and I have never had any complaints so far.”

“You are stepping up in class today my dear boy, now fuck me!”

She rolled her tanned hips over him and sunk down on him. He realised she had no knickers on and his shaft was pushing into her tight cunt. He thrust up and she took him. His head was thrown back and he groaned at the pleasure her tight cunt was wringing out of his big cock. He reached his hands up to reach the promised land, those huge firm tits that had tantalised him all day. Her hands knocked his hands down and she started fucking him with vigour. He was a passenger with a big hard cock, his eyes were mesmerised on her full tanned tits as they bounced in her pin striped suit and her tight white top. He lasted 5 minutes before he emptied his balls into her in a shuddering explosion in which he felt he felt he released 3 times more spunk than he had ever produced before.

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