Mum’s Friend in Need

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Whether it was the sound of the traffic outside, or the humidity of the night, or maybe the strange, slightly uncomfortable bed, I lay there in that semi slumbering state of consciousness while my mind became slowly aware of a woman in the next room making quiet whimpering sounds. In a rush I remembered where I was. At Amy and Jeff’s in London.

Instantly I was wide awake, my ears pricked, straining to interpret what I was hearing. Immediately I made the assumption that it was Amy and Jeff having some early morning sex, but it couldn’t be. I’d gone to bed in the knowledge that Jeff was leaving around 4am to catch a 6am flight to Stockholm.

The whimpering didn’t get any louder, but was metronomically regular, until suddenly there was a brief silence, just for a few seconds, and then a gasp, followed by a muffled groan.

Amy had been masturbating, it was the only explanation.

A few minutes later I heard the loo flush in her bedroom en-suite, and then there was only the noise of the traffic, gradually increasing as rush hour approached.

Amy was an old uni friend of mums. I’d met her several times over the years, when she’d come to visit, usually just to have a break away from urban life in London. We lived in the heart of the country, not far from Bristol.

I’d wanted to visit several museums in preparation for my university course starting in September, Amy and Jeff had offered to put me up for three or four days, and as mum couldn’t get time off work, I was really getting my first opportunity to be free, and explore the big city on my own.

Jeff worked for an engineering company that was partly in Swedish ownership and so he often visited Stockholm on business. At short notice he’d been called over to fix a design problem so although I’d arrived the previous evening, he was saying goodbye, and asking me to ‘look after’ Amy while he was gone.

Amy, a woman in her late forties, was superbly sexy. Whenever she and Jeff had visited over the years, I thought she was so funny, so likeable, and as I became a teenager she became even more attractive in a teenage fantasy sort of way. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, with a slim waist, and perfectly formed breasts. Whenever she wore jeans, they always seemed to fit tightly over her buttocks. So much so that I began to very consciously not look at her ass. On one occasion mum had noticed me looking, and she caught my eye, whereupon I blushed heavily. She knew exactly what I was thinking, but didn’t actually say anything.

I must have drifted back to sleep so when I heard the mug of tea placed on the bedside table close to my head, I half opened my eyes.

Amy was leaning over me, and straightaway my nostrils were filled with her perfume. She was still wearing a t-shirt and loose pyjama bottoms.

“Just brought you a mug of tea Timmy. I wasn’t sure how long you wanted to sleep in?”

As she stood up and went to leave I replied, “Please call me Tim, it sounds as though I’m still about nine years old.”

Amy chuckled, “Ok… TIM!… I can see you’ve grown up!”

I could see her smirking as she turned to leave, and I suddenly realised I was lying there, with the duvet thrown off me, and an early morning erection holding the fabric of my boxers up like a tent.

She’d disappeared before I could cover myself, but she yelled back, “If you want a shower, use my en-suite, the bathroom shower’s not working properly. I’ll be downstairs having breakfast, I won’t interrupt you!”

It was as though she knew I must have wanted to masturbate. Guiltily I called back, “Thank you.”

As it happened I just showered without any ‘relief,’ but when I was dressed and joined Amy in the kitchen I was hugely embarrassed by the knowing look she gave me.

“So where are you going today?”

Thankfully the conversation circled around the two or three museums I would visit in Kensington, and the best way of getting there by tube.

“Jeff’s not gonna be around tonight, I thought we’d get a takeaway. There’s a brilliant Chinese just up in the high street?”

“Great, yes,” I replied, “I’d love that, when’s he getting back?”

Amy raised her eyebrows, as though she was slightly miffed, and stood up to clear the dishes away.

“It looks like he’s got to be there until the end of the week.”

I tried not to look at the shape of her ass moving under the thin cotton of her pyjamas, as she bent over the dishwasher.

“I’m glad in a way, I need some time to myself, things to do you know.”

As she turned she must have seen me staring, but didn’t say anything. I felt my face go hot, and in a few flustered words I muttered that I must, “get going.”

Facing me and looking absolutely delicious, she made sure I knew what to do when I left. “Ok, I’m going up to shower now, when you leave, just make sure you slam the front door, it’s heavy, and needs a good push.”

Before going upstairs she paused, kissing me on the cheek, lightly hugging me, but close enough for me to feel her loose breasts beneath the t-shirt.

“Have Şişli escort bayan a good day, you’ve got my mobile number, call me if there’s a problem.”

I stood there as she disappeared, and breathed in her perfume. Amy was so, so sexy.

The thrill of being on the streets of London for a rural lad like me was intoxicating. The noise, the bustle, the constantly changing scenes. I spent the morning in the V and A, and after having a sandwich in the cafe, I had several hours in the Natural History museum in the afternoon. Taking the tube back I wondered what it would be like to work in this atmosphere all year round, I realised why Amy and Jeff wanted their breaks in the countryside when they visited mum and I.

“Good day?” Amy asked as I dropped my backpack on the hall floor, “You want a beer?”

I was hot, and thirsty, and instantly said, “Please, I’d love one.”

It was 5.30pm and as Amy flipped off the cap of a Budweiser, and passed it to me, she was already sipping a glass of Sauvignon.

“I shouldn’t really be drinking this early, but to hell with it. Jeff’s not here to nag me, we can please ourselves can’t we Timmy?”

“TIM! please!” I smiled, and Amy squeezed my arm as she apologised.

“Ok… TIM!… now do you want a shower before we choose our takeaway? I’ve left a towel on my bed.”

I accepted the offer, and said that I’d only be fifteen minutes or so.

“That’s ok, you take your time, you need to enjoy it after a long day.”

The sentence seemed to hang in the air like an innuendo, I was wondering if my inner fantasies about Amy were skewing my thought processes.

Again I resisted the temptation to ‘play’ in the shower, and briefly spoke to mum on the phone telling her about my day, before going back downstairs wearing much cooler shorts and t-shirt.

“My word, muscular legs!” Amy looked me up and down. I was trying not to take in her body as well as she was dressed in a shortish summer skirt, and a loose cotton blouse.

Again I blushed, and just as I was about to reply she burst out laughing.

“Oh I’m sorry Tim, I do tease men a lot, I must break the habit, and I forget you’re only ‘just’ a man. Eighteen year olds should stay away from frustrated middle aged women like me.”

She held my gaze waiting for a reaction.

“Ummmm… you don’t look middle aged to me.” My tentative words seemed clumsy, but apparently pleased her.

“Ohhhhh Timothy! come here, you’re so delicious.”

Putting down her glass, in an instant I was hugged, held close, and given another kiss on the cheek. Her perfume filled me up once again, and stepping back she refilled her glass continuing, “I really shouldn’t, but why not. Shall we order, it’ll probably take half an hour to be delivered?”

We sat at the breakfast bar and ordered far too much, I was totally relaxed, and the conversation flowed, so by the time the food arrived I was on my third bottle of beer.

As we ate we chatted about her visits to us, my growing up, things that had happened, but not so much about her life. Whenever we broached the subject Amy seemed to twist the conversation away, and back to me and mum.

By halfway though the evening when we’d moved to the lounge, Jeff phoned. Amy walked back into the kitchen, and I only heard part of the conversation. It seemed to get rather heated, and Amy appeared to get very angry. Various names were mentioned, and I assumed they were work colleagues of Jeff’s. After about fifteen minutes it calmed down, with her eventually reappearing.

“Everything alright?” I questioned, trying not to appear ‘nosey.’

She flopped down beside me on the sofa, and burst into tears.

“Hey, what’s up?”

Amy flung her arms around me, sobbing into my shoulder. “Oh I’m sorry Tim, it’s just me and Jeff, we’re not getting on at the moment, I think he’s probably having an affair.”

“What makes you think that?”

She raised her head, looking up at me, “It’s someone he works with, her name’s Elin, not much older than you, I just know it!”

“So you haven’t any real evidence, you just suspect?”

“I suppose so, but we haven’t had sex in weeks, we don’t seem to connect anymore, we just argue.”

I wiped away some tears from her cheeks with a finger. I felt slightly embarrassed talking about my mum’s friend’s sex life. She looked so sad, so helpless, and I found those little wrinkles at the corner of each eye so fascinating. I was drawn in, and when she looked up, Amy seemed to be studying my face too. Almost imperceptibly the gap between our faces closed, and our lips met. The kiss was gentle, tender, like a butterfly, then a brief pause, and a more insistent kiss.

“God, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Tim, I shouldn’t have… please forgive me. Oh my god, what am I doing?”

In a panic Amy jumped off the sofa and ran upstairs. I really didn’t know what to do, or how to react. I had no chance to say anything, all I could hear was her sobbing.

I crept to the Escort Sultangazi doorway, and could hear her in her bedroom. I sat on the bottom stair wondering what I should do.

Gradually it seemed to quieten, and looking at my phone I could see that it was now quite late. I decided to go to bed, and hoped that everything would have calmed down in the morning.

As I tiptoed past Amy’s bedroom door a floorboard creaked, and I heard her call out.

“I’m sorry Tim, you don’t need this, I’m sorry I kissed you, it was wrong.”

I stopped in mid step outside her door, and through the gap I replied, “It’s ok Amy, I understand, I’m going to bed now, you try to sleep,” and added pathetically, “it’ll seem better in the morning.”

The night was another humid one. I lay there in just my boxers listening to the never ending traffic, hoping that Amy was getting to sleep, and wondering about the truth of Jeff having an affair.

It must have been some thirty minutes of adjusting, and readjusting how I was lying on the slightly uncomfortable mattress when I heard Amy whimpering again. I knew exactly what it was this time, and my hearing was heightened by the fact that both my bedroom door, and hers were both ajar.

It went on for longer, and it started to arouse me. I found myself squeezing my hardening cock as I heard her beginning to moan. She made no attempt this time to quieten her orgasm. She cried out with a long groaning, “Ohhhhhhh,” and then a gasp, and then it was quiet.

My cock was fully erect, and I decided I needed to cum, no holding back, it had been three days or more. At first I rubbed it slowly, enjoying the fantasy in my mind of fucking Amy. I felt that kiss all over again, I remembered the sensation of her body against me on the sofa.

I was aware of her toilet flushing next door, however I began to increase my massaging, pressing the edge of my fingers against the underneath of my cock.

I knew I was breathing more quickly, I was trying to keep it quiet. I tilted my head so that the pillow half muffled my efforts to cum. I was completely unaware of Amy standing on the landing staring through my half open bedroom door.

When I started to cum, I groaned and my cock spurted it’s spunk halfway up my chest. As it continued to pump semen over my knuckles, I heard the floorboards outside creak, and the sound of her retreating.

I hurriedly reached for some tissues, and wiped up the mess, sitting up on the side of the bed. I needed to go to the bathroom, but I wasn’t sure if Amy was back in bed, or downstairs, or indeed if she had actually seen me masturbating.

I waited a couple of minutes then crept along the corridor, and did what I needed to do. I had to flush the tissues away, the noise of the loo seeming like Niagara Falls. Delaying for a few seconds, I waited for the cistern to fill and for it all to quieten down, before I stepped out to return to my room.

Amy’s door was still ajar as I passed by, and the same creaky floorboard squeaked.

“Tim!” Amy’s voice was a loud whisper, “Tim!”

“Yes Amy, you ok?” I replied.

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

I wasn’t sure if this was a repeat of the apology for kissing me, or for possibly looking into my bedroom.

For some reason, I pushed the door open a bit more, and saw her lying on her bed.

“You don’t have to keep saying sorry for kissing me, I understand why it happened, it’s all ok.”

“I didn’t mean that, I meant just now.”

“Oh!” I hesitated, “I wondered if you’d seen me. Amy, I should be apologising to you!”

“Come here, talk to me… I’ve sobered up, I won’t leap on you, I just need to talk before I go to sleep.”

Whether it was a mistake didn’t really register. I stepped inside and Amy patted the bed for me to sit on.

The room was lit from the street lights outside. Amy looked incredibly beautiful in the half light.

“I saw you wanking,” she said quietly.

“Yes I know that now, I’m afraid I heard you too!” I responded, and both of us ended up chuckling.

“God, we’re a fine pair, me getting myself off ‘cos I’m not getting it from my husband, and you getting off because you have to.”

“I needed to when I heard you!” I said it before I realised what I’d said.

There was silence for a few seconds before Amy picked up my hand and held it.

“Did it excite you, I tried to be quiet?”

“What do you think?” I replied nervously.

“Does this excite you?” and slowly she placed my hand over her breast.

My chest suddenly felt tight, as my fingers took in the softness of her breast, and the shape and hardness of her nipple beneath my palm.

“Amy, I thought you’d sobered up, you promised you’d be good!”

She leaned towards me, “Tim, I just want your company, no sex, just stay with me, lie with me, talk to me.”

She took my hand away, releasing it, and moved herself so that there was space for me beside her.

“Here, just lie down and let me put my head on your chest.”

It Taksim escort felt incredibly confusing. Here was mum’s friend who I’d grown up knowing like an aunt, then almost lusted after in my pubescent years, and now I was in bed with her, and supposed to remain unaroused.

It was silent, apart from the traffic, and I lay with my arm around her, her head on my chest. My face was up against her hair, I was breathing in her perfume, and I was feeling the rise and fall of her breathing. I couldn’t sleep, no way, but after half an hour she was clearly slumbering.

Fortunately I could move her until I was comfortable enough to fall asleep myself, and although I woke up once in the dark, I slept until dawn broke. It was then that my apparent dreams became reality.

The room was lighter, and the traffic noise louder when I half opened my eyes. It was Amy’s fingers gently gripping my hardening cock through the fabric of my boxers, that brought me rushing to consciousness. Gently they were massaging it and I realised Amy was awake too. Again her head was on my chest and her breath was up against my neck.

As soon as she knew I’d woken up she whispered, “Let me.”

I decided not to answer, but just remained completely still.

I had no way of preventing a full erection. Bizarrely I pondered the fact that this was roughly the time of day I’d heard her masturbating. As she felt how stiff I was she moved her hand and slid her fingers under my waistband until she gripped my cock for real. I sensed a grateful satisfaction of achieving that without my opposition.

When I felt her kiss my neck I knew that this wasn’t a situation that would just end in me returning to my bed, or both of us getting dressed and having breakfast without something sexual happening.

Again, without comment, Amy took her hand away and I felt her tug her pyjama trousers down and off. She turned onto her side beside me, and hooked one leg over my thighs. I could feel her pussy hard up against my leg.

As she pushed her face towards mine, she found my hand again and this time pushed it up under her t-shirt until it was on her breast. Taking her hand away it left me free to respond. As soon as I began to smooth my fingers over her softness, and start to play with her nipple she knew there was no going back.

“Make love to me Tim, don’t say no, I can tell you want to.”

Amy nuzzled closer and offered me her lips. Her eyes drew me in and I kissed her, very softly, until her mouth opened slightly, and my tongue pushed inside. She gave the quietest of moans, pushing her body closer. The kiss went on and on, the night time heat from our bodies seemed to ignite something inside us. I lifted myself on one elbow and tugged her t-shirt up until she lifted her arms up enough to pull it over her head. Completely naked now, she looked divine in the watery sunlight coming through the window.

She in turn sat up and tugged my shorts over my hips and down my legs. As she freed them from my ankles her head sank downwards and I felt my cock enveloped by her mouth.

“Oh god Amy! Are you sure?” I muttered, “What if Jeff finds out?”

“He won’t,” she said firmly, “and if he does he can go fuck himself!” The words were spat out with venom.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned again, I’d given in, as she took as much of my cock as she could.

My body was stretched out, tense, trying to summon every ounce of self control as Amy’s head bobbed up and down. In distraction, my hand searched downwards until it found her soft inner thigh. My fingers explored up towards her pussy and I felt her shift to enable me to find her delicious cunt. One finger, then two, easily gained access and slid inside. She was so aroused that her juices flowed like liquid silk.

When she stopped sucking me and looked down at me, the desire on her face is something I will remember forever.

Raising her body, she straddled my hips, and as though we both knew each other from years of making love, she sank down onto my cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… fuck,” was all she said before holding her body upright, arching her back, and almost looking up at the ceiling.

“God, that feels so good!”

I took in her tousled blonde hair, her smudged mascara from a night of tears, and her breasts swinging free with her pert nipples which were hard to the touch.

Slowly she ground down on me, moving in a circular motion, with her mouth partly open, and her eyes flickering as she moved.

Gratefully I wasn’t anywhere near coming, in fact my cock was rock hard within her. I just watched her set about bringing herself off using my body as a foil.

Gradually her level of arousal increased, her breathing quickened, her movements becoming more frantic. When I played with her breasts, and tugged her nipples it hastened everything. She came in a rush, shuddering, gasping, then moaning out loud.

“Oh god Tim… Oh god… Tim… TIM… TIMMMM!”

With a final sigh she collapsed forward, still holding me inside her, but kissing my neck and with both of us drenched in perspiration.

“Oh Tim, that felt soooo… wow! … but you haven’t cum, you naughty boy, you’re just too good.”

I chuckled into her damp hair, “Just wait a minute.”

Amy raised her head and looked at me, “Go on then you horny boy, fuck me again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32