My Almost One Night Stand

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I am not a “one-night stand” kind of guy. Honestly, it’s a bit of a weird concept to me to just have sex with no emotional connection at all with your sexual partner, but I don’t judge others for their choices. That said, my very first time having sex was almost a one-night stand. But let me describe how events led up to this.

Ellen was someone I barely knew through mutual friends. She was a bit younger than me, still in college while I had graduated a few years before. She had also just been dumped by her long-term boyfriend the day that our mutual friends were having a get-together. Needless to say, she was not in the best emotional state.

As for myself, I had had a girlfriend back in college. It was a short relationship, but one I had been very invested in. We had managed to remain friends and still hung out with each other often. However, she had recently started dating someone new, which put me in a bit of a down mood, as I still found myself attracted to her.

So perhaps it should not be unexpected that two people going through some emotional turmoil might find solace in each other. By pure chance, Ellen and I were seated in the back of the room our friends used as a home theater. With the lights out and everyone focused on the movie we were watching, no one noticed when our hands brushed against each other’s, or as over time our fingers entwined. No one noticed when our lips touched as we made out in the back of the room off and on over the course of an hour.

When it was time for everyone to go home, she whispered, “Email me,” into my ear before leaving. As soon as I got home, I did exactly that. Both of us were a bit astonished at what had happened. Ellen confessed that she probably should not start a new relationship at that time as she would be leaving the country for an exchange program in about a month and a half, but she would like to anyway if I was okay with it.

I was.

What followed was a lot of emails, some phone calls, and a number of weekends hanging out together. I also got to experience my first Valentine’s Day while in a relationship, short though it may have been. We’d go out to eat, or just walk around downtown. We’d hold hands and steal some kisses here and there. Ellen lived with her parents while going to college to save money. I had not yet saved enough income to get my own place after graduating and was living with family as well. Neither of us really had the privacy for anything more to happen, and with the sort of built-in expiration date to the relationship, I wasn’t sure if either of us really wanted more to happen.

But things happened anyway.

The day before Ellen’s birthday, we had arranged to meet up to get dinner and watch a movie. Thing was, she was housesitting for some people she knew and they were coming back the next day, so she had to stay over there. I showed up in the late afternoon and knocked. The door opened, and there she was. She was wearing capri pants and a simple short sleeve cotton top. She was also barefoot, really only ever wearing socks and shoes when going outside. Her blond hair was pulled back into a tail and her blue eyes shone as she smiled at me.

We went and sat together, holding hands or talking about a variety of things. As time passed, we continued our talking at a nearby restaurant she had chosen, and generally had a wonderful time together. After dinner we went back to the house. When passing by, I saw something a bit weird under my car, but we were headed inside to put on a movie, so I shoved it to the back of my head and forgot about it. As the movie started, we were sitting next to each other on the couch. Soon after it started, our hands came together.

I have to admit that details get fuzzy after that, especially about the movie. My arm went over her shoulders. Her hand on my cheek turned my face to hers and our lips met. I remember periods of making out and then watching the movie, only to be followed by more making out. I remember being hard for a majority of the time. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but near the end of the film Ellen had moved to my lap and as soon as the credits started our lips were locked together for well past the end of the credits. My right hand ran up her back and held her against me, my left moved over her legs, her fingers tangled in my hair. Her tongue flicked rapidly against mine, something so different from what I had been used to when making out with my ex, which was more of a slow rolling of our tongues together. It was different, but not unpleasant in any way.

My hands moved around to the front of her body, caressing her breasts through her bra. Ellen had rather small breasts, which again contrasted starkly with my ex who had had D cups, but even without any direct stimulation, I could easily feel her nipples through the bra as I ran my thumbs over them. She let out a small gasp as I did, but otherwise made no move or encouragement for me to take off her shirt or continue Bakırköy escort what I was doing. Similarly, sitting on my lap as she was, there was no way she could not feel my cock straining against my pants, but she did nothing in regards to it either. I let my hands just roam around her sides, back, and legs and took pleasure in what we were doing rather than trying to push things further than she was apparently willing to go.

At some point we stopped, the main menu of the DVD having looped over and over again for a while. It was getting late, and the homeowners would be back rather early in the morning, so Ellen felt it was best if we called it a night. She was having a party for her birthday the next day anyway, and I’d see her there along with our other friends.

She walked me to the door. We kissed goodnight. She stood in the door and we waved as I pulled away from the house.

A few blocks away I was reminded about the weird thing I had noticed under my car earlier as the engine began to overheat. It had been a puddle of liquid. Due to the smoke now coming out of the car hood, I realized it had been coolant. Luckily I was still in a residential neighborhood, so I was able to pull over and park the car. I checked under the hood, but it was dark and these were the days I did not yet have a cell phone. Really, I only had one option.

About fifteen minutes later, I knocked on the door to the house I had just left. I had to knock a few times before the porch light turned on and a moment later the door opened halfway. Ellen poked her head out. “Curt?” The door opened the rest of the way and revealed Ellen standing in a long shirt than hung down to her knees. Her hair was loose from the ponytail and a little tousled. I could tell she was no longer wearing her bra as her nipples were hard and making obvious bumps in the shirt.

I apologized and explained what had happened with my car. “Can I use the phone? I can probably get my cousin to come pick me up, though it will likely be an hour or so before he can get here.” She invited me in and led me to dining area, turning on a light and showing me the phone.

As I picked it up and started dialing, she put a hand over mine. “It’s really late,” she said. “Why don’t you just sleep here tonight? You can, um, sleep on the couch, and we’ll just make sure you are gone before the homeowners get here in the morning.” She looked very serious and continued, “You can’t be here when they get home, okay?”

I nodded in agreement. I called home and after some grouching from my uncle due to the late hour, I was able to talk to my cousin. I explained what had happened, that because it was late I would just crash on the couch here, and gave him the approximate location of my car with instructions to meet me there the following morning.

Turning off the light, leaving just a dim illumination from one in the hallway, we went to the couch where we had spent the majority of the evening and sat down. Our hands quickly found each other, but otherwise we just sat in silence for a minute, not sure of what to do.

“Well, this is awkward,” I said, resulting it a bit of a chuckle from Ellen.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

“What time do I need to be out of here by?”

She glanced at the clock on the television’s cable box, seeing 11:17, and said, “They will probably be here around six o’clock. Maybe later, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it.”

I pulled her hand to my mouth and kissed the back of it softly. “Thanks for letting me stay tonight,” I whispered. Then I noticed a scent. Something familiar that I had not smelled in some time. I planted another kiss on her hand and inhaled through my nose to get another whiff before setting our hands back down on the couch between us. I turned to look at her, and her blue eyes returned my gaze.

“Um, not to embarrass you or anything,” I said, “but…were you masturbating?”

I have never seen anyone truly flush crimson before or since that night. Her face was practically glowing and she sputtered a few times before finally saying, “What? Wh-wh-why do you say that?”

I brought her hand up to my face again and inhaled. “I’m pretty certain I am smelling your…uh…you on your fingers.” It smelled less musky than my ex, but still the obvious scent of a woman experiencing arousal. A scent I had not had the pleasure of smelling in years, and one which I dearly missed.

Ellen jerked her hand away, cradling it in her other hand as if it had been scalded. She sputtered some more in a way I found both amusing and endearing, “I- No! What- I mean- Um- What- What does it matter if I was?” She looked down at her hand. “I mean, we made out for like an hour. I could feel your…you know,” waved a hand vaguely at my crotch, “thing for most of it, and your hands running all over just felt…you know…good.”

She looked up at me again. “For a couple of years now I’ve been used to feeling ‘good’ Bakırköy escort bayan pretty often. Just, now, with you, I’m not quite sure what to feel. Or what’s the right thing to do. You know?”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I said. “While it’s been quite a bit longer since I’ve been with someone, I think I know what you are getting at.” I took her hand again. “I’m sorry I embarrassed you. Though I have to say,” I smiled, “you are damn cute when you get flustered.”

Ellen smiled back, but slapped me playfully on my chest.

“Did you, um, you know…finish?”

She glared at me a bit. “Are you trying to make me look ‘damn cute’ again?” I met her eyes and waited, saying nothing. “No,” she finally admitted, “I didn’t.”

I reached out and cupped her cheek, then pulled her face towards mine and kissed her. She didn’t try to pull away. Our tongues met again, hers still doing that rapid flicking over mine. Our breathing quickened and I broke the kiss just long enough to whisper, “I want to help you with that,” before locking lips again. I pulled at her more and she moved to straddle my lap. My hands hugged her to me and I could feel her breasts squish against me, her nipples like little rocks making their presence known.

My hand slid down to the end of her shirt, just above the knee and then moved back up, underneath the shirt. My eyes widened when I felt her bare ass beneath my fingers. She wasn’t wearing underwear! I dug my fingers into her ass, eliciting a moan from her lips against mine. I moved my other hand to do the same on the other side, putting both hands low and moving them in a circular pattern in, then out. On the outward motion it spread her ass cheeks wide, and I could hear the squishing sound of her wet pussy as the lips separated too.

I did this a few times before moving my hands up her back, bringing the shirt with them. As I pulled it up over her breasts, Ellen broke our kiss and raised her arms to let me remove the shirt entirely. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples between my lips, running my tongue around it. A sharp gasp escaped her lips and one of her hands grasped the back of my head and held me tightly to her breast. My other hand cupped her other breast, fingers rolling the nipple occasionally.

Wrapping my free arm around her, I let my other hand fall from her breast and slide down her belly until it found the gap between her legs. I felt the curls of her pubic hair, damp with her juices, but nothing compared to the wetness I found when I slipped a finger into her. I immediately felt her clench around it, another gasp escaping her lips as her head fell back, exposing her neck. I moved my lips there and she tilted her head to provide me better access, her hand never leaving the back of my head.

Using my body, I rolled her to the side, laying her down on the couch, me atop her, finger slowly moving between her wet pussy lips, my own lips locked on her neck. I began to slowly move down her body, planting kisses over every inch of her chest, sucking her other nipple into my mouth and flicking my tongue over it for a minute before continuing working my way down her belly. Over five or so minutes I kissed down, down, down until my mouth was just above the finger working its way in and out of her. I started to move over to her thigh, but her fingers tightened in my hair and pulled me towards the one thing she wanted me to kiss, to lick, to suck.

I indulged her.

My lips sucked around her clit and my tongue began to flick over it in a steady rhythm. Her hips bucked at the contact and I had to wrap my free arm around her leg to hold myself in position. The taste of her flooded my senses, slightly different than my ex, but similar overall. One thing she had taught me, or at least that I had realized from my time with her, is that I loved going down on a woman.

I slowly increased the speed of my tongue, at the same time matching it with my finger, now able to turn it in such a way to stimulate her g-spot as it moved. Her free hand began to play with one of her own breasts, rolling the nipple between a finger and thumb. Over the course of a few minutes, Ellen became very vocal as she moaned, panted, and cried out in a few different ways as her orgasm approached. Very different than my ex who never did much more than gasp or sigh. I moaned in satisfaction, taking my own pleasure from hers, enjoying every scent, every taste, every movement of her body as it raced to climax. Shortly, my tongue was a blur on her clit, my finger driving in and out multiple times a second. I knew it hit when she let out one last loud cry and her fingers clenched tightly in my hair, pulling my mouth against her clit as her whole body stiffened.

She cried out a few more times, each one punctuated with a hard pull on my head before her body just went slack in relaxation. I slowed down both my tongue and my finger thrusting, moving away from her clit to just stimulate escort Bakırköy her lips a bit. Her fingers fell from my hair and the only sounds in the room were her heavy breathing and the squishing noise of my finger and tongue in her pussy.

After a minute of catching her breath, she took my head in both hands and tugged slightly, encouraging me to move atop her. I wiped my mouth, liberally coated in her juices, with one hand before going up to find her lips awaiting mine. Her tongue slipped between my lips, shocking me a bit. My mind went to my ex again, who was barely willing to touch our lips together after I went down on her, finding it gross.

Ellen wrapped her legs around me, which meant pulling my stomach against her and I felt wetness on my belly, a mixture of her juices and my saliva. We made out for a minute or two, my cock straining against my pants after all the arousing actions of the past…well, evening, and the continued arousal sparked by her lips and tongue on mine, her legs pulling me against her, the wetness I could feel from that. Everything really.

Finally, she released me with her legs and pushed at my shoulder, urging me to get up. Breathing heavily, feeling pre-cum leaking out and soaking into my underwear, I complied. I didn’t know what to expect now. My ex had usually jerked me off after I went down on her, too grossed out by the thought of oral sex to put me in her mouth. Sometimes, though, she just didn’t want to do anything. At the time, I’d not minded, as just going down on her was something I took pleasure in. Looking back though, it seems very selfish of her.

Ellen sat up, then told me to stand. I did, and she pulled me in front of her. She unfastened my pants, unzipped them, then pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. My cock, hard and throbbing, practically jumped out at her, pointing directly at her face as if trying to convey what it wanted. Either she got the message or, more likely, it was exactly what she had planned. As she gazed up into my eyes, I watched her take the base of my cock in her hand and slide the whole thing between her lips.

For years, the sexiest thing I had ever seen with my own eyes was the sight of my ex arching her back to raise her hips and ass off the bed to allow me to slide her panties off. As I’d toss them to the floor, I would stare at this vision of beauty before me, her legs spread revealing her by then always wet and aroused pussy. Something about that motion just really did it for me. It had just been supplanted.

Ellen’s mouth sliding over my cock as her blue eyes bore into mine kicked that old image to the curb. Sexy had a new definition. But even more notable was the sensation of it. This blew handjobs out of the water (no pun intended)! I could feel the same tongue flicking that she did when we made out, but this time on the underside of my cock and it was amazing! Her nose reached my pubic hair and she was doing some kind of swallowing thing that compressed the entire length. Moving her head back until just the tip was in her mouth, she did it again and again and again.

I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. I had never felt anything this good before! My ex had been a master at giving handjobs. No one else has managed to get me to the levels of pleasure that she did when just using a hand. That said, Ellen’s oral manipulations put my ex’s handjobs to shame.

It probably hadn’t even been a minute, but with all the build up over the course of the evening, it was no real surprise that I was on the edge of orgasm so quickly. “I’m going to cum,” I warned her, wanting to be honest but part of me hating that she might stop her ministrations. To my surprise and immense pleasure, she didn’t stop but actually increased the speed of her bobbing head, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth as fast as she could. My hands went to either side of her head, this time my fingers entangling in her hair as I began to fuck her face and she let me, taking her hand from my cock and letting me slide the full seven and a half inch length into her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me to her over and over again until with one last hard thrust I erupted.

Hot cum shot from my cock and I could feel it as Ellen swallowed the first of the load. Throughout it all, her tongue kept up its flicking motion, which kept hitting a very pleasurable spot on the underside of my cock and I think something about it opened a floodgate in me. I kept cumming and cumming, but after ten or twelve ejaculations she managed to swallow it all. She move her head back a bit so that she was no longer deep throating me, but kept sucking softly, making me tremble.

I slipped my cock from her mouth, still hard and dropped to my knees. I then kissed her, as deeply as she had kissed me minutes earlier. It seemed to be the only right thing to do. I think I tasted myself as our tongues danced together, but I didn’t care. Ellen had just given me the best orgasm of my life and I could only hope the one I had given her was even half as good.

After a few minutes we broke off our kiss, and just pressed our foreheads together, noses lightly touching, eyes open but both of us feeling dazed. “That was incredible,” I whispered. “You are incredible.”

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