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I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing. I reach over slapping at it until I finally turn it off. I groan slightly and look over seeing my best friend Amy laying beside me. I smile slowly getting up. I look around remembering where I was. It was my room back at my mom’s house. We had just got here from the university the other day, I was glad we had a break all that studying was giving me a headache. I look back at the bed and smile seeing Amy laying there. It wasn’t unusual for me to find Amy in my bed. Even at the dorms at school she’d frequently stay over at my place. And she had a key to my house so whenever we were home she let herself in.

I yawn a bit before walking to the bathroom taking a shower. I wasn’t bad looking, I’m about 5’11, 190lbs, short black hair and blue eyes and I’m in pretty good shape for the lack of exercising I do. I take a quick shower and get out getting dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and a white “Wife beater” tank top. I walk upstairs to the kitchen. The house was empty as I knew my mom had left for work a few hours earlier. I yawn slightly before starting to fix some breakfast. Amy had been my best friend since before I could remember. We grew up with each other and I used to think of her like she was my sister, but here lately those feelings has changed. She’ beautiful, she is 5’9 with long brown hair and brown eyes. She has an amazing smile that could just make you melt the instant you saw it. I proceed to fix some eggs, bacon and toast. I grab us two plates and distribute the food onto them. I set the table as I hear her coming up the steps. I smile a bit seeing her. Her hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail and her eyes were half opened. She was in her usual pajama’s. A tight tank top with no bra and a pair of shorts.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” I say as she walks over leaning against me a bit. I put my arms around her smiling a bit.

“What time is it?” She asks softly.

“It’s almost ten.” I say rubbing her back.

She just groaned. Amy hasn’t had the best luck with guys. Amy is an awesome person but the guys she attracts are only after one thing, and we all know what that is. Sex. Most guys got pissed when they found out that she wasn’t gonna fuck them, which lead to Amy losing trust in guys. Which I don’t blame her at all, it was wrong of them to just be after a piece of ass. I was probably the only guy she trusted. I haven’t had much luck with the ladies either. I thought I was destined to just attract the crazy girls who wanted me to help collect furbies or those damn beanie babies. Amy was still a virgin and she was still waiting on the right guy. I snap back to reality realizing that Amy had fell back asleep laying against me.

“Come on Aims wake up, I fixed breakfast.” I say slowly walking with her to the table. She slowly sits down at the table, still yawning a bit. I smile walking to the fridge.

“Ok, what would you like to drink?” I ask. She looked at me.

“Something with caffeine.” She says yawning again. I smile grabbing two cans of soda from the fridge and walking to the table. I open hers and put it beside her plate. She smiles.

“Thanks.” She says softly. I just smile opening my can of soda and taking a drink. “Mike…” She says looking up at me. I look up at her.

“What?” I ask.

“You forgot the forks baby.” She smiles. I laugh a bit getting up and walking over getting us one a piece.

“Sorry ’bout that.” I say handing one to her. She smiles and takes it. We both eat breakfast and when we were both finished I stand up and stretch a bit before getting the plates and putting them in the sink. Amy just sits there smiling watching me as I wash them.

“What?” I ask sticking my tongue out at her. She gives me a sexy little grin.

“I got somewhere you can put that tongue.” She says winking at me. I laugh,

“Keep on…. I might do it one day.” I say smiling. She giggles a bit.

We were both open to each other about almost everything. There really wasn’t any tension between us, we could tell each other anything.. We both flirted with each other like crazy, she would walk by sometimes and I’d either grab or gently smack her ass as she passed, getting the same reaction each time. She’d either giggle and wiggle her ass or she’d bite her lip and smile. I smile a bit finishing the dishes and putting them away.

“What do you wanna do today?” I ask as she smiled up at me.

“Well let’s go to the mall.” She said smiling. “Ok we can do that.” I say looking at her. “Good.” She smiles. “Now come on over to my place so I can shower.” She says. I nod.

“Let me get my shoes.” I say before walking downstairs.

I change into a pair of baggy blue jeans and a black tshirt. I comb my hair a bit and get my shoes on before grabbing my keys, wallet and my cell phone before walking back up. I shut the basement door and look at her.

“Ready?” I ask. She nods. “Let’s go.” I smile.

We slowly walk over to her house and get inside when her mom spots us. She smiles a little bit.

“Why hello Michael, it’s good to see you again.” Amy’s mom smiles. “Nice seeing you again too Mrs. T.” I say. She looks over at Amy. “Have you two escort ataşehir ate yet?” She asks.

“Yeah, Michael fixed breakfast.” Amy says smiling a little bit.

“Aw how sweet.” Amy’s mom says smiling. “You know you two are gonna end up getting married one day.” She says.

“Mom cut it out.” Amy says as we walk past her mom heading up to her room. Amy’s mom just smiles walking back into the living room.

We get to Amy’s room and I look around a bit. Wow, I thought to myself. It had been three months since I’d seen Amy’s room, last time, we rented some movies and just hung out watching them until early in the morning. Amy smiles getting some clothes out laying them on her chair. She gets out a bra and a pair of panties before taking her shirt off and slowly pushing her shorts down. She never wore a bra to bed so when she took her shirt off she was topless with her breasts in plain view. She turned around facing me. I smile a bit as she lifts one breast up and lets it fall before doing the same to the other one.

“Mama..” I say pretending to suck on a nipple. She giggles watching me.

“I’m gonna take a shower so just watch tv or something…..just don’t jerk off.” She laughs.

“Damn well I guess I’ll just watch Tv.” I say smiling as she walks into her bathroom and shuts the door.

I smile a bit laying down on her bed and turning on the tv. I flip through the channels a bit before turning it on some music videos. I put my hand over the edge of the bed before feeling something between the mattress and the box spring. I smile a little as curiosity takes over and I slowly pull whatever it was out. I almost burst out laughing seeing the vibrator I bought her for her birthday as a gag gift a couple years ago. I thought you said you threw it away, I think to myself. Remembering it didn’t come with batteries when I gave it to her I twist the handle a bit and it comes to life, slowly vibrating. I smile.

“Naughty naughty girl.” I say softly as I turn it off.

I put it back still smiling slightly as I looked at the tv. I laid there watching the tv for about fifteen minutes later when Amy finally emerged from the bathroom in just her bra and panties. I whistle a bit. She giggles spinning around giving me the whole view. I smile. She looked good…she looked damn good. And she knew it.

“Well I should get dressed.” She says opening her eyes and looking up at me. I nod and she gets up starting to get dressed.

I smile watching her as she got dressed. She ended up getting dressed in a blue mini skirt and a white tank top. I shake my head. Damn why did she have to be so hot? I ask myself as she sat down getting her shoes on. I smile a bit gently rubbing her back a bit. She looks at me and smiles.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing.” She says leaning against me. I smile hugging her. She snuggles against me a bit before getting a bag and putting some clothes in it. .

“Taking some clothes so I won’t have to come here and shower.” She smiles as she zips her bag up.

“Come on let’s go.” She says gently slapping my cheek. I smile and get up and we walk downstairs. We tell her mom bye and walk back to my house getting into my car. I start it up and we both get buckled in and I pull out driving towards the mall. She lays her hand between us on the seat. I smile a little gently placing my hand on top of hers. She looks over and smiles a little bit holding on to my hand. We get to the mall and I park the car. We both slowly get out and walk towards the mall.

“Where to first?” I ask holding the door for her as we walked into the mall.

“How about we go to the F.Y.E?” She asks in a deep southern voice. I laugh.

“Ok let’s go.” I say as we start walking towards it. She held onto my arm a bit as we walked to where the F.Y.E was. Only there was a problem, it wasn’t there anymore.

“Hey! where’s the F.Y.E?” She asks. I shrug seeing someone that worked in the bookstore beside where the F.Y.E was supposed to be.

“Pardon me, but can you tell me where the F.Y.E is?” I ask mocking Amy’s deep southern voice. Amy giggles a bit

“Uh…yeah its on the other wing of the mall.” The bookstore employee said. I nod.

“Thank ya.” Amy says still in her southern voice. I laugh as the guy walks away.

She smiles grabbing my hand leading me to the other side of the mall. We stop about halfway and she ducks behind me. I was a little confused, until l I looked up seeing Eric. Eric used to have a big crush on Amy, but Amy really didn’t like him. It was too late he slowly walks over.

“Oh shit.” Amy says softly.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll take care of it.” I say as he walks up.

“Hey Mike, Amy what’s up?” He asks smiling checking out Amy a little bit. Eric was borderline creepy at moments.

“Hey Eric what brings you here?” I ask.

“Not much, how are you doing Amy?” He asks smiling. I slide my arm around her. She looks up at me.

“I’m alright just hanging out with my Mikey.” She says smiling at me. I smile back.

“So are you two together now?” Eric asks looking at us. I smile and look at Amy.

“Yeah.” Amy says before wrapping her arms around my kadıköy escort neck and I lean down softly kissing her as I place my hands on her hips.

“Ok, ok I got it.” He says. We both ignore him not breaking the kiss. He finally gets mad and walks off.

We slowly break the kiss looking into each others eyes a bit. Amy didn’t move she was still standing close to me with her arms around my neck. I keep my hands on her hips. She smiles slightly bitting her lip a bit.

“You’re a good kisser.” She says softly.

“So are you.” I say rubbing her hips.

“Come on.” She smiles taking my hand once again and we walk to the F.Y.E and look around a bit.

We walk hand in hand to the F.Y.E and start browsing though the cd’s. We end up staying there for a while looking though all the cd’s. We moved on to the DVD section of the store and Amy smiles looking at me.

“See anything you like?” I ask.

“No not really,” She say looking around.

“Yeah me either.” I say still holding her hand as we walked out the exit and got into my car.

I pull out of the parking lot and we drive back to my house and pull into the driveway. We walk inside and down to my room. I sit down on the couch and Amy walks over sitting beside me putting her legs over my lap.

“What do you wanna do?” Amy asks

“I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” I ask. She smiles a little bit.

“I was thinking maybe we could just curl up…” She moves pushing me down slightly on the couch and laying on top of me. “We could just lay here and watch a movie.” She says. I smile a bit, putting my arms around her. Amy lays her head on my chest. She grabbed the remote off the table and turned on the tv. She flips through the channels a bit until finding a movie we both like. We watch the movie and after a while both of us start yawning.

“I’m tired.” She yawns.

“Ok, let’s lay down for a while.” I say slowly getting up with her in my arms.

Amy smiles laying against me with her arms around my neck. I walk to the bed and lay down laying her beside me. I smile a bit holding my arms around her. She snuggles against me and closes her eyes. I rub her back softly as she slowly starts to fall asleep. I smile a little closing my eyes slowly falling asleep as well. I wake up a few hours later hearing Amy softly moan. I open my eyes and slowly look over at her. She had her eyes closed and her head tilted back. I slowly look down her body a bit seeing her hand inside the waist of her skirt and inside her panties. I smile a bit watching her. She slowly opens her eyes and see’s me. She stops and moves her hand.

“I’m sorry.” She says softly.

“For what?” I ask softly rubbing her arm. “For doing this here.” She says.

“Don’t be sorry you can continue if you want.” I say softly. She looks at me and smiles slightly moving her hand back down. She thinks for a moment before stopping.

“Are you sure?” She asks softly.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” I say softly. She looks at me a bit obviously thinking about something. “What do you want me to help?” I ask joking. Amy looks at me and smiles a bit.

Amy gets up starting to shred her clothes. I watch her as she pulls her shirt off along with her bra. Then she takes her skirt off and ever so slowly slides her panties down. My eyes slowly move down seeing her exposed pussy for the first time ever. Amy blushes slightly.

“I forgot to shave.” She says looking at me. I think for a moment before having an idea.

“Want me to do it?” I ask. She smiles a little looking at me.

“Sure if you want.” She says as I stand up.

I take her to the bathroom and help her sit on the counter. She leans back a little watching me as I get a razor and the shaving cream. I get a wash cloth and my electric razor. Amy bites her lip a little.

“Done this before?” She asks. I shake my head.

“Nope this is my first time.” I say. Amy smiles a bit.

I run the hot water in the sink and toss the wash cloth in there letting it get warm. While its warming up I look down at her pussy and take the electric razor turning it on and moving it down gently shaving the long hairs from her pussy. She bites her lip leaning against the wall a bit.

Amy smiles watching me. Little gasps escape her lips as she feels the vibrations from the razor. I use my free hand and gently rub her thigh. I get the long hairs out of the way and put the electric razor away. She smiles as I get the washcloth and turn the water off. I ring it out getting the excess water off and fold it a bit, gently laying it on her pussy getting the hairs wet so they would get soft. She moans feeling the heat from the wash cloth. I watch her a little bit giving it a few moments to soften the hairs. After a few minutes I remove the wash cloth and fill up the sink with hot water.

“Ready?” I ask. She nods a bit.

“Yeah, maybe you should get a chair.” She says.

I nod and walk into my room getting the chair at my desk. I sit in front of her and pick up the razor. She leans back getting comfortable. I grab the shaving cream and put some in my hand before gently spreading it over Amy’s pussy. She gasps softly at the maltepe escort bayan coolness of the shaving cream. I pick up the razor and she watches me as I slowly shave a line down beside her pussy. After shaving a line I lean down gently sliding my tongue up between her pussy lips letting it rub against her clit. She softly moans, as I move my head back up and continue shaving Amy’s pussy until I get it bare. I grab the wash cloth and gently wipe Amy’s pussy off making sure I didn’t miss any hairs. I bring my hand up rubbing my fingertips over Amy’s now bare pussy. She moans softly. I grab some moisturizing lotion and gently massage it into the skin. She smiles as I get the last bit rubbed in.

“How does that feel?” I ask softly.

“Feels great.” She says softly looking into my eyes.

I smile slowly leaning down moving my tongue up between her lips letting the tip of it rub against her clit. Amy moans softly moving her hips a little bit. I stop and stand up moving the chair. I gently pick Amy up and carry her out to the bedroom and gently lay her down across the bed. She looks up at me biting her lip slightly. I lean down softly kissing her thighs and rubbing my fingertip over her clit. She moans softly as I put more pressure on her clit. Amy closes her eyes grabbing onto the sheet a little bit. I continue moving my fingertips against her clit softly, putting a little more pressure on it as I bring my lips down softly kissing her pussy lips . Amy moans lifting her hips slightly as I slowly press my tongue into her tight virginal pussy. Amy’s eyes widen a bit and her back arches as she moans loudly.

“Mike…” Amy says breathing heavy arching her back again.

“Yeah?” I ask slowly moving my tongue in and out of her tight pussy.

Amy arches her back a bit more moaning out loudly as she begins orgasming. I continue thrusting my tongue in and out slowly as Amy keeps moaning out more and more until her orgasm finally subsides. She closes her eyes breathing heavily, covered in sweat. I move up laying beside her in the bed. She turns and snuggles against me finally catching her breath.

“Shit.” Amy says softly keeping her eyes closed. I smile a little rubbing her side a bit. About 30 minutes passed and Amy was fast asleep, snuggled up against me. I slowly close my eyes falling asleep as well.

I wake up to hearing the door open. I sit up a bit leaving Amy laying there. I get dressed and gently move her laying her the right way on the bed with her head on a pillow and I bring the sheet up over her. I smile kissing her forehead before heading upstairs. My mom smiles seeing me.

“Hey.” I say seeing my mother.

“Hey honey, wow I’m surprised Amy isn’t here.” She smiles.

“She’s asleep downstairs.” I say smiling.

“I swear you two should get married.” My mom says as we walk into the kitchen. I just smile. “When do you have to go back to school?” My mother asks.

“We go back in a couple weeks. We’re probably going shopping before we head back. ” I say.

“Yeah, you two should see if they’d let you two share a room.” She says.

“Yeah it’d be alot easier, she almost always sleeps in my room anyway.” I say.

“See…you two are perfect for each other.” She smiles starting to fix dinner.

I sit down at the table and lean against the wall a bit. I just smile a bit thinking of what happened earlier with me and Amy. Hearing the basement door open I look over seeing her. She had got dressed in her skirt and shirt. She smiles a little walking over sitting on my lap.

“Sleep good?” I ask. She smiles and nods.

“Hey Amy.” My mom says seeing her.

“Oh hey, how was work?” Amy asks.

“It was alright, about the same as everyday.” My mother says.

“That’s cool.” Amy says wrapping her arms around me a bit.

“How about you two go downstairs and let me cook?” My mom asks smiling.

“Ok.” I smile. Amy hits me playfully.

“Do you need any help?” Amy asks.

“No I got it, I’m gonna call your mom, see if she wants to come over for dinner.” My mom says looking back at Amy.

“Ok cool.” Amy says getting up and pulling me up.

I smile as we walk downstairs. I shut the door behind us and once we get downstairs Amy turns around and wraps her arms around my neck. I smile and put my hands on her hips. She smiles bitting her lip some. I lean down a little and softly kiss Amy. Amy softly and slowly kisses me back. She slowly breaks the kiss and pulls me towards the bed. I let her pull me and we both lay on the bed. She smiles looking over at me. I put my hand on her stomach sliding it under her shirt. She smiles before leaning up and taking her shirt off. I smile a little realizing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I put my arm under her shoulders and gently trace my fingertip down between her breasts. She bites her lip a little bit as I bring my hand up lightly tracing around her nipple. She moves her legs against mine a bit as her nipple hardens. I smile a little doing the same to her other nipple. I move a bit leaning down gently kissing her breasts softly. I look up into her eyes. She smiles a little bit as I gently circle her nipple with my tongue. She gasps softly as she rubs the back of my head a bit. I softly kiss Amy between her breasts as my hands gently rub her sides. I move up softly kissing her chest above her breasts before softly kissing her neck. Amy closes her eyes and holds her arms around me as I softly kiss her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32