My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Ch. 05

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All characters are over 18.


-PREVIOUSLY: Jessica discovered that she was pregnant with Mason’s child, but lied to Oliver and said that it was his. Oliver wants Jessica to get an abortion, but she wants to keep it. It’s becoming more and more clear to Jessica that Oliver will never be able to satisfy her again.-

Telling Oliver that I was pregnant suddenly made everything real. I looked down at my stomach, rubbing it affectionately. I wondered when I’d start to show. For now, my stomach was still completely flat. My train of thought was interrupted when my cell phone rang. It was my modeling agency. I picked up.


“Is this Jessica Lance?”

“Yes. How can I help you?”

“This is Nina, from New Models. I’m just checking in to make sure you’re still on for the swimwear campaign three months from now.”

Silence on my end of the line. Three months from now…what does three months pregnant even look like? Had I ruined the biggest opportunity of my modeling career by fucking Anneka’s boyfriend? It seemed like karma in action.

“Hello? Jessica? Are you there?”

I cleared my throat. “Uh, yeah. Yes, I’m still on for the job.”

“Fantastic! I’ll see you then. Have a nice day!”

Nina hung up. I groaned into my pillow in frustration. I was still lying naked on my bed. Inserting a probing finger into my vagina revealed that Oliver’s little load was still inside me. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together, playing with the sticky stuff. I felt like a total slut. Fingered in a restaraunt! Fucked infront of a gas station! Eaten out in the locker room! Pregnant with my best friend’s boyfriend! I might as well have tattooed “whore” on my forehead. I disgusted myself.

Needing to vent to somebody, I sent a text to Anneka. I couldn’t tell her about Mason, of course, but I could vent about the pregnancy, at least.

‘Hey A, need to talk. Meet me at the park.

Anneka’s response came quickly.

She wrote: ‘K. Be there soon.’

I was waiting on a bench in Pearlberry Park when my best friend arrived. For once in her life, she wasn’t in her cheer uniform. Instead, she wore a tank top, a too-short red tennis skirt, and Nike tennis shoes. She looked cute, and the red in her skirt brought out the red in her hair.

“What’s up?” She asked, sitting down next to me. I took a deep breath.

“Okay, don’t freak out, but I think I’m pregnant.”

Anneka’s eyebrows shot up. “What?! I thought you and Oliver always used condoms?!”

I wanted to tell her that it wasn’t Oliver’s kid, but I couldn’t. It would break her heart to know that her boyfriend cheated on her, plus she’d probably never forgive me for fucking Trabzon Escort him. So I told her the same lie I told Oliver.

“Condoms break, sometimes, Anneka.” I told her.

“Hey! Don’t patronize me! I know that condoms can break. I just…didn’t ever think it would happen to you.”

“Have you ever had a condom break on you?”

The redhead smiled, as though recalling a fond memory. “Well, when Mason and I first started dating, I wasn’t on birth control yet. So, I bought the biggest condoms in the store. They fit him fine, that wasn’t the problem. It was just, when he came in me, it was SO MUCH that it literally broke through the condom. It was insane,” She laughed.

I was shocked. She’d never told me that story before. “So…did you get pregnant?” I asked, on the edge of my seat. Anneka and I always told eachother everything, so I was surprised that she hadn’t told me about this.

“I probably would have,” she explained. “If I hadn’t taken one of those ‘the morning after’ pills that they sell at CVS.”

I looked up at her, horny from my unsatisfying experience with Oliver, and with Anneka talking about sex with Mason. I crossed my legs to stifle the wetness in my pussy. I could still feel my boyfriend’s cum inside me.

“Anyway…have you decided what you’re gonna do?” She asked, a worried look on her face. “Have you told your parents yet? Does Oliver know?”

“I don’t know…my whole life I’ve been taught that abortions are wrong, but having a kid at 18 could totally throw my whole life off track. I told oliver this morning…he wants me to kill it ASAP. And as for my parents…they have no idea…they’re gonna freak when they find out.”

Anneka furrowed her brow. “Maybe your parents don’t have to find out. I mean, you’re 18 now, so it’s legal for you to move out.”

Whoa. Move out? That sounded really drastic. Besides, where would I go? I didn’t plan on spending the next nine months shifting from motel to motel as my belly inflated.

“No way. I have nowhere else to stay.” I replied seriously. “I’d rather have my parents kill me than live on the streets.”

“You could move in with me!” She exclaimed, grabbing my shoulders excitedly so that I was facing her. “It would be so much fun! We could go baby clothes shopping, and brainstorm baby names! Plus, we could…help each other out whenever our boyfriends are unavailable.”

Right…what had happened in the locker room. I’d pushed the memory of my first lesbian sex experience out of my mind.

“Woah, woah. Slow down. I’m not even 100% sure that I want to keep it. And I’m not moving out.” I said, shaking my shoulders free of her hands. She looked disappointed, Trabzon Escort Bayan but retained her cheerful air.

“Well, just…keep it in the back of your mind. You probably have a couple months before you start showing, so your parents don’t have to find out just yet.”

I decided that there was no harm in just thinking about it. I thanked Anneka for talking to me and drove back home. I took a warm bath and painted my nails. The routine of it calmed me down. I put on my pajamas and tucked myself into bed, flipping through channels on the TV until deciding on a cheesy Soap Opera. I masturbated to thoughts of Mason releasing so much cum it broke his condom. After my third orgasm, I drifted off to sleep.

I was huge. It looked like I had swallowed a fully inflated beach ball. I was wearing a silk robe and soft slippers. I was in an extravagant bedroom that looked like it had been plucked from a billionaire’s mansion.

I felt a tall muscular man press his body up against my back, startling me. I felt the man’s enormous erection against my ass. I whipped my head around, finding Mason shirtless in pajama pants. “You really shouldn’t scare a pregnant lady like that!” I scolded him.

He reached out a hand and felt my belly through my robe. “You’re so close…” He said in a sultry voice. “The doctor said that you should be due sometime in the next week.” Mason explained. I grinned at him.

“You’re gonna make such a great daddy.”

“You’re gonna make such a great mommy.” He returned my compliment, then took me into a kiss. There it was again, the electric charge between us. A match made in heaven. He held both sides of my face, deepening the kiss.

I pulled back. The pressure of him against me was hurting my sore, swollen breasts. Mason had to help me onto my knees, since my back was sore from carrying around the child in my uterus.

I untied his pajama pants, releasing his 13 inch cock. It was thick, and veiny, with a large head. I kissed the tip, my tongue drawing circles around his urethra. I took the head into my mouth, humming softly so that the vibrations from my mouth would pleasure him. I removed the head, then, starting from the bottom, licked his entire length, leaving a trail of saliva.

I untied my silk robe and slipped it off my shoulders, leaving me completely naked. My stomach protruded greatly from my body, but I didn’t mind. I had stopped worrying about preserving my swimwear model physique a long time ago.

“Your tits have grown so much.” Mason observed. “I like them.” He told me.

I pushed my two swollen breasts together, then sat up so that the bottom of them was at the tip of his cock. I sat back Escort Trabzon down again, his length sliding between my boobs.

“That feels so nice…” He moaned as I sat back up and down again. I grinned, even though I was starting to grow tired. Fatigue seemed to be a symptom of my pregnancy. Mason must have noticed, because he held out his hand to help me up, my breasts releasing his dick. I moved over to the plush canopy bed in the room and layed down. The bed was soft and comfortable on my naked body.

I pushed my boobs back together, a little bit of milk squirting out of my nipples as I did so. Mason adjusted himself into a position that allowed him to thrust freely into my cleavage. In and out he pumped, grunting quietly. I happily served him, accepting each thrust like a gift.

After several minutes, he began to speed up, and I knew he was close. I released my boobs, letting them fall back into their natural position. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, bobbing up and down on it as quickly as I could while Mason thrusted in time with me. His grunts became louder.

“Jess, I’m cumming!” He exclaimed, moving his hand down to his cock so that he was jerking himself off into my mouth while I sucked on his tip. With a final groan, I felt the first shot of cum released down my throat. I gagged and pulled my mouth off his cock. I hadn’t expected the flow to have been so strong.

He continued to stroke his cock, string after string of cum leaving his urethra. The sticky white substance landed on my face, in my hair, and on my tits. The flow seemed to go on forever. Anneka hadn’t been kidding about him cumming a lot. His baby juice covered the entire front of my body from my crotch up. I had to wipe away the white covering my eyes before I could open them.

I looked up at him and licked the cum off my lips. It was salty sweet, and tasted divine. I used my hands to massage my semen covered breasts, as though I was rubbing in lotion. I did the same on my gigantic belly. Not wanting to waste the precious stuff, I scraped as much jizz off my belly as I could, scooping it into my hands. I drank from my hands as though they were a bowl, then licked my fingers.

“Good girl…” Mason praised, tucking a wet strand of my hair behind my ear. I was proud of what a good job I had done pleasing him. I lived for his praise.

I woke up nauseous and disoriented. I had to leap out of bed and run to the bathroom to keep from soiling my comforter. I vomited into the toilet, coughing up remnants of last night’s dinner. Gross. And to think, just a few minutes ago, I had been happy as could be, covered in Mason’s cum. It may have been just a dream, but it symbolized so much more. It made me realize that THAT was the future I wanted, with Mason. I didn’t want to have some back alley coat hanger abortion, then continue my life as though nothing happened! I wanted to keep the baby. I was sure of it.

I had to tell Mason.


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