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See Part 1 to understand how I woke up with a cock cage on me.

The first four days with the tube surrounding my dick were weird. I always had to sit when I went to the bathroom. There were a few occasions when my mind drifted off to sex and I felt the blood move toward my groin. But the sensation quickly passed.

The oddest side effect of the “chastity experiment”, as I called it, was how productive I was. I worked at a company with about forty employees where women outnumbered men three to one. My boss was an attractive woman in her early fifties. She was a good boss – firm but kind.

At work on Monday and Tuesday, I was focused and cranked off three reports, caught up on all my reading, and planned out two big projects. I stopped ogling some of the patrons who came into our business. My boss made a comment that she liked my work ethic.

Even at home, I felt more productive, finishing a couple of small projects and doing a bunch of cleaning. I spent no time online, much less looking at any porn. I was more attentive to Kate’s needs and concerns. I listened to her with more focus than I can remember.

Sunday and Tuesday, my wife insisted I go down on her. I licked until she had very strong orgasms. I was actually proud of myself. I was more attentive and seemed to be getting better at cunnilingus.

Wednesday night was another turning point in my relationship. Although I liked sleeping with my wife again, I was looking forward to being released from my cock cage. Kate caught me coming out of the shower after cleaning up part of the garage. She started to giggle when she saw my cock all locked up.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You cock looks so cute and small, but also kind of handsome. Hold on a second,” and she ran out of the room. She returned a moment later with her phone. Before I could cover up, she took a few pictures of me. She laughed more and said, “I should text these to Janet.”

“No!” I yelled, “this is supposed to stay private.” Kate looked at me funnily. “Please, honey, I would die of shame and embarrassment.”

“Shame and embarrassment, huh?” She snickered, “Well maybe I can arrange for something worse than sending pictures to my best friend.”

“Worse? What can be worse?”

“You know how you always wanted to go down to that nude beach south of Springfield? Well, maybe will go this weekend. You can parade around in your cock cage,” my wife said in glee. “I’d tell everyone you were being punished for jerking off too much.”

Even though I should have been repulsed and upset over what she said, somehow, I found it turned me on. Maybe I really was a submissive. Why would I let my wife put me in a cock cage? Why would I not try to bust out right away? Why was I being turned on by being teased with being humiliated in public? Blood started to engorge my dick and it twitched upwards.

Of course, my wife saw it immediately. She smiled wickedly, “This is actually turning you on, isn’t it?” I didn’t answer but merely looked at the ground. “You like the idea of public humiliation. I never knew you were such a kinky boy,” she said with a snicker. “Maybe I should parade you out other places. Doesn’t our town have one of those nude bike rides in a few months? Or maybe I should make you go work out at the gym and take a shower and sauna. They have those gang showers, right?”

My dick continued to try ankara yeni escort to get hard. All this sex talk made me excited. I turned on but surprised at my reaction to Kate’s tauntings.

“This is fun teasing you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about sex over the last few days. Normally, I don’t, but putting you in that chastity cage has given me a lot to ponder. I was talking things over with Janet at lunch, and she said that I seem to be into domination. I’d never thought about it, but I think she is right. I like being in control. Maybe that’s what I needed all along was to be in control of you, instead of vice-versa.”

“You think I was in control of you?” I asked.

“Sort of. We had sex when you wanted, the way you wanted. Maybe I would have liked sex more if I was in charge of the how and when.”

I complained, “But I always gave you the options.”

She replied, “It never felt that way.” There was a long silence afterward.

My wife shook her head as if to clear it. Her attention returned to my encased dick. “What else can I do to tease you? I know, let me get on some lingerie for you.” She went to her dresser and pulled out a few items. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back,” and she dashed in the bathroom.

Two minutes later, Kate reappeared wearing a see-through push-up bra, and some frilly underwear. My wife’s tits were big and my favorite part of her body. But this bra made them look awesome and even bigger.

“I don’t know why I don’t wear these more often. They are actually pretty comfy and make me feel sexy. Maybe I’ll wear them to work tomorrow.”

“But, hon,” I complained, “I don’t want others to see you like this.”

“What do mean?” my wife asked. “In all those fantasies you told me about, I am always going around half-nude in public.”

“Those were just fantasies.”

“I thought you’d like to make your fantasies come true,” Kate said with a big grin.

She walked over to me and gave me a big, sloppy kiss. My wife gently grabbed my penis and balls. She caressed them and gave them a little tug. I was in agony. I wanted to get hard, but the tube encasing my cock made that impossible.

My wife whispered in my ear, “All this sex talk has made me horny.”

Kate took me by the hand and guided me to our bed. She took off her underwear and lay down on the bed. She was on her back with her feet still on the floor; she spread her legs wide.

“Eat me,” she commanded. I got down on my knees and did as I was ordered. I licked and used my fingers until she exploded on my face.

After a moment of calm, my wife sat up and smiled at me. “I like it when you used your fingers. You are getting better, but you still have a long way to go.”

With those words, she walked back in the bathroom. After brushing her teeth, she came out wearing her normal pajamas. Kate climbed in bed and grabbed her book. I put on my sleeping clothes and crawled into bed too. My dick had gone down, but my mind was still racing about the implications about my excitement over humiliation.

The next morning, after taking her shower, my wife pranced around in lingerie from the previous night. She kept muttering, “What should I wear? What should I wear?” Eventually, she picked out a rather sheer blouse and some curve-hugging pants.

“Honey, you can’t yenimahalle escort dress like that? Aren’t you teaching today? Don’t you have office hours?” My wife was an adjunct professor in math at a STEM college near to us. Young men made up 75% of the student body.

“Don’t worry, hon,” she replied. “No one will notice some middle-aged woman. Those young, firm coeds get all the attention.”

All day, I could not take my mind off how my wife dressed to work; my thoughts returned again and again to her, and her big tits. And the tight pants and sheer top. Yes, it had been a fantasy to have my wife dress that way, but that was a fantasy.

Upon returning home, Kate told me that she was surprised at all the attention she got. “My classes seemed to hang on every word. I think I am going to try to an experiment. I think I’ll wear something like this again on tomorrow and give a pop quiz at the end of the class. I want to see if my students were distracted or more focused.”

All I could do was groan. It was as though the cock cage was my kryptonite. I knew that wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop me from thinking it was true. For years I had begged my wife to dress sexy when we went out. Now she was doing it without me. I felt so helpless, but again, so turned on. What was wrong with me? Was I really into this cock cage? Was I really into being humiliated? I didn’t know.

The next morning, my wife put on a skimpier top than the day; it had a plunging neckline and was made of very thin material. Underneath, she wore a push-up bra that really emphasized her “valley of interest”. She added a mid-thigh skirt to the outfit.

I desperately wanted to get hard, but the tube kept me down. I was dejected and went to work, where I put in a productive day.

I got home before my wife. Kate walked in a little later than normal. “Sorry, but I was swamped at work. I must have had twenty-five people come in for office hours today. It was uncanny.”

“Maybe it was because of the way you dressed. All guys, right?”

“Mostly guys, but some women,” she explained. “You might be right about my outfit. I did catch some of the boys sneaking looks at me. Now that I think of it, some of the girls too.”

“How did the test go? All of the students too distracted by the hot teacher to get good grades?” I asked.

“Just the opposite. I’ve never seen higher quiz scores.”

This made me sink in my seat a little. Hesitantly I asked, “Did you like dressing like this?”

“Actually, yeah, I did. It makes me feel kind of naughty. Almost drunk in a certain way.” Kate smiled and walked to me. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in for a big kiss. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her. I squeezed up against her and grabbed her butt. She responded favorably to my moves.

“I’m super horny,” she said as she guided me to our bedroom.

“Me too.”

“Too bad you have to stay locked up until Sunday night.”

I was confused, asthat was two days longer than we agreed upon. “What do mean, Sunday? Friday night is what you said.”

“I’ve decided to extend it until Sunday night. You’ll survive.”

I didn’t know if I could. “But honey, please. I’ll be a good boy. Let’s have fun right now.”

“We can still have fun,” my wife said. “Well, okay, I can still have fun. You need to go down on me now!”

I yozgat escort suddenly felt optimistic. I figured that in the throes of passion she would let me out of my cage. Thus, I started in earnest on her. I pleased her like I knew she craved, using my fingers and my tongue. I swear she came quicker than she ever had.

As she lay back in a post-orgasmic glow, I asked, “How about me?” By now I was naked and my cock was straining to get out.

“Come here,” she said. I slid up to her, and she grabbed my encased cock. “I really like how you look in this.” Rubbing it, she said, “You really can’t feel this?”

“I can feel a little but not really.”

Kate sat up and pulled my caged cock to her tits. Then she brought it up to her mouth. She started licking me. I couldn’t feel a thing. It was maddening. Next, she engulfed my entire caged cock into her mouth. Normally I am too big for her to get in much. She moved my cock in and out of her mouth. Again, I felt nothing.

Letting go of me, she started to laugh. “Oh, poor honey. Jerking off too much and now being punished. You can please me, but you can’t get pleasure yourself! Haha! I kinda like that.” With that, our sexual encounter ended. It was a tough night to get to sleep.

Saturday and Sunday, I did a lot of work around the house—everything from cleaning the bathrooms to fixing the lawn mower. My wife took it easy. We had a couple of good discussions about life and feelings.

She continued to wear sexy clothes around the house. Twice on Saturday, she said she was horny and demanded I give her orgasms. I did.

Kate went shopping on Sunday afternoon. When she got home, she said she had something to show me. In her hands were three bags from different clothing shops. “I bought some new outfits for work. Want to see?”

I did and I got the fashion show of my life. My wife had bought more than a dozen new sexy bras and lingerie tops. She also bought several thong-link panties and many see-through tops. My dick was straining to get out, and Kate knew it.

“All these clothes have got me horny again. Go down on me now,” my wife commanded.

I did as I was told. I was learning to like licking my wife’s pussy. I always believed it was a tit for tat thing—I’d go down on her and she’d go down on me. I figured that sex that night would be epic. My mind was fixated on it. I felt something drip on my leg. It was pre-cum from my locked-up cock. I was later to learn that these were called “chastity tears”.

Afterward, Kate said to me tenderly, “This week has been great. I love all the attention you have given me and how much work you have done around the house. Has it been really so bad being locked up all week?”

I lied so as not to have an argument, “No, it hasn’t been so bad. I have been very focused at work.”

“I’m happy to hear that. However, I am not certain your problem has been solved. After talking it over with Janet while I was shopping today, I’ve decided to really try to cure you of your problem. I think I am going to keep you locked up for three whole months.”

“What!?? You can’t do this. I love you. This is mean.”

“No, you were being mean by jerking off too much. I am trying to help you. This is an easy cure.”

I know I could have found the key. I know I could have busted the cock cage. But somehow, I felt very guilty about masturbating all the time. I really wanted to stop it. And I was coming to grips with being submissive with a taste for humiliation. All that led me to say, “I guess you’re right. But you promise, only three months.”

My wife said, “I promise—only three more months in your cock cage. Only three more months from today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32