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Very few truly unbelievable things have happened in my life. This is one of them.

So this happened on a regular weekday. Must have been a Wednesday or a Tuesday.

My only child, Jessica, and I were sitting on the couch, in my living room. We weren’t talking, just watching TV, feeling disinterested in anything and everything. She wasn’t doing enough housework, she wasn’t cleaning up her messes, I was running short of my patience with her.

She was in her usual bitchy attitude. Ever since she was a teenager she rejected me, refusing to tell me about her personal life, trying to disengage. She wanted nothing to do with me, and, to be honest, it hurt. Even though I was the parent, and I was supposed to be the one supporting her, rather than the other way around… it hurt. Especially when she graduated high school and then immediately ran a thousand miles away, and didn’t answer my calls. That town didn’t work out for her, and she came running back home to me, with no money left. That was six weeks ago.

Jessica, by the way, is very young, only 18 years old. She’s always been very good looking. She doesn’t have a classic hourglass movie figure but she’s very lovely nonetheless. She was a volleyball player in high school, and she is very striking, 5 foot 10 and athletically built. She has surprisingly large breasts, which she hides underneath loose hoodies. Her hips, thighs, and butt are quite remarkable, years of training have made her very shapely, which is something I’ve noticed whenever she wears yoga pants, like she is right now.

She had just shaved her legs, they glistened in the living room lighting. She always did have nice skin… creamy with just a hint of caramel. I may not be a looker, or a good dad for that matter, but at least I didn’t mess her up in the genetics department. She usually wears her straight, light brown hair in a cute ponytail, but tonight it was down, and she had been fiddling with it absentmindedly.

“There’s nothing good on” she said. I glanced over at her. Her face was full of resignation and boredom. “Why don’t you have any good channels? This is all sports and garbage.”

“Kiddo, you are welcome to pay the cost of an upgraded cable subscription. Once you can afford one.” I responded, and pointed at the cable box. “This alone costs me a hundred dollars a month. One thousand two hundred dollars a year, every year, and I’ve had it for coming up on ten years now, so that’s-“

“I get it! I get it, sheesh.” Jessica turned away from me. “It’s not my fault the economy has gone to shit. It was your fucking generation that let that happen, by the way.”

“The economy doesn’t matter. You could work at any restaurant, any department store. They aren’t closed when the economy is bad. You do have those skills remember? You have held down a job before.”

“They aren’t hiring me Dad. I’ve tried. Believe me I’ve tried. But for some reason they don’t want me! So the only thing left for me is the fucking RideShare app. And when you average out the pay and the cost of gas, you get seven measly dollars an hour, dad! Seven! A house costs fucking five hundred thousand dollars. This shit is completely fucking impossible. The world has gone to shit.”

I sighed. She had a point. But at the same time, she was counting herself out, and not looking for opportunities right in front of her.

“You could work at Arrow. You could work at SuperBurger.”

“And earn what? Thirteen dollars an hour instead of seven? Wow, such an enormous upgrade. You earn ten times that for sitting on your ass in an office.”

It was true. After many many years working at construction companies, I had finally landed illegal bahis an executive role, and was making over 200 big ones a year. I could afford to support her, I just didn’t see a reason to keep doing that while she contributed absolutely nothing. She had only been at the house for six weeks, but we were already getting tense and tired of each other.

“Well, maybe I don’t know how things work now. How are your friends supporting themselves?

Jessica paused to think. “Um, well, three of my girlfriends are in college, one is working for work, and one is…” She trailed off.

“And one is, doing what?” I asked.

“Well, the other girls say she has gotten into sugaring. And she posts on Facegram all the nice outfits she’s been able to buy. I’m sort of jealous to be honest.”

This was an awkward development, I thought. I asked, “Wait, what is sugaring, sweetie? This is a new term for me.” I feigned ignorance to see how much she knew.

Jessica sat up, and fidgeted with her hair. “Um, well, apparently it’s when you have a sugar daddy. And the girl is called a sugar baby. So, basically the baby sells time alone, to her daddy, and they do, you know, naughty stuff, and she gets paid.”

Her phrasing stood out to me. I asked “So, who’s the daddy?”

Jessica gestured with her hands as if I was missing the point. “Her daddy? What kind of question is that? Like, it’s her dad. Her father. Duh.”

I leaned forward and put my elbows on my knees, to conceal my shock. “So you’re saying you’re interested in that sort of thing?”

Jessica leaned back and crossed her arms. “Well, I kind of wish I could do it with someone else, but this is what everyone is doing, this is how it works… Tons of girls are doing it, to help pay for college and stuff. And besides, it can’t be that awful.”

“Okay. So, hypothetically. Just to think about it. If you become my sugar baby, I’d pay you well for your time.”

Jessica stared at the TV and flipped channels, pretending to not be interested. “Like, how well?”

I braced myself. “I would pay you sixty dollars an hour.” I threw a silly grin on in case she looked over in shock. But she didn’t look over, she kept gazing at the TV.

There was a dead silence in the room. I was terrified. If my daughter knew anything about how much money prostitutes and sugar babies make, she would reject this. Prostitutes don’t charge by the hour, they charge by the session, and it’s often as much as two hundred dollars for a 30 minute session. And sugar babies often demand their sugar daddies pay their entire college tuition. My daughter was going to get a miniscule fraction of that.

On the one hand, I was going to be paying my own daughter less than a used-up street whore. On the other hand, I had just offered to pay her several times what she was earning as a RideShare contract worker. Jessica paused for a second, and stopped switching channels, to think. She bit her lip.

“That would be okay, I guess.” She resumed flipping channels. The tension was as thick as molasses.

I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She had no idea how little I was offering. “Okay, I’d be alright with that too.” I said softly.

Again, dead quiet in the room.

“Honey, if you’re serious about this, what kind of time frame would you be looking at to start, you know, working?”

“Whenever, doesn’t matter.” She replied. She pulled out her phone and started tapping away.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I got up and I used the bathroom so I could think. I processed what I was about to do.

On the one hand, I was a lousy bastard. On the other hand, that was already true, and also, this was something that a lot of fathers dream about, and it’s just fallen illegal bahis siteleri in my lap. I wasn’t even that close to Jessica anyway at this point. Okay. My mind was made up. I walked back into the living room.

“Hey, honey” I said. “Since there’s nothing on TV… How about starting our first session, now?”

“Sure, why not?” She looked nervous.

I started the stopwatch on my phone. “Let’s go to my room then” I stammered. I took her by the hand, and helped her get up off the couch. Then I put my hand around her waist as I walked her to my bedroom. It was a very cute, slender waist… I could feel her wide hips and the top of her bubbly butt. I looked at her with an obscene hunger I had never felt for her before. My cock became as hard as it’s ever been; I had a hard time walking.

We made it to my room. Once we were in, I turned the lights off… I didn’t want either of us ruining this by getting self-conscious.

There we were, in the dark, with me holding her by her waist. I shut the door, then, I placed my other arm around her, and I gently pressed myself into hers from behind. I smelled the scent of her hair, and her neck… I just stood there for a minute, breathing her in, adjusting to the dark, my desire soaring higher and higher.

I walked us forward onto my bed. Then I picked her up forcefully and placed her onto the bed face-down. My boner was beginning to feel restrained in my pants. I tore all my clothing off.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I was paying her, so I could do what I wanted. And what I wanted was…

I pulled her short shorts and panties down, jumped on top of her, pulled her ass up into the air, and just like that my cock was against the opening of her pussy. I could feel her liquids gushing.

“Oh, my, godddddd” she mumbled.

I slowly and carefully pushed at her entrance. I swear, the tip did not want to slip inside.

“Daddy, I think it might be too big…” she said. I couldn’t think, much less listen.

I kept pushing forward. Her pussy lips expanded, bit by bit, until my head was half in, then three quarters in,

“Go slow” she moaned into her pillow.

Then… the last bit..

I was inside of her. She gasped. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. Her scent and her moaning entranced me.

I groped around her body with my hands, and felt that she was holding her big ass up and spreading her pussy for me. My precious daughter, face down, ass up. I was balls deep in my baby girl. She whimpered as I grabbed her ass.

I tried to thrust in and out, but I was so turned on, before I knew it, I was coming, I was shooting my load into my daughter’s raw pussy. Rope after rope of my cum sprayed deep inside her fertile cunt.

“Oh my god Dad! I’m not on birth control!” She said.

I paused to breathe, and I remained frozen inside of her. Twenty seconds later I was ready again. I didn’t bother to change positions, I just pressed her abdomen down and pulled her ass up, and kept going.

This time I could go faster. I went as deep as I could, then slowly pulled all the way, out, then slowly went all the way in, and again. She was beginning to shake.

I sped up, until I was approaching a normal frequency, then, the feeling came over me again, and I came uncontrollably inside my girl. “Oh my god, oh my god” she said softly.

I had to recover. I leaned down on top of her while still inside her. I could feel the fabric of her shirt on my chest. She had never taken it off. With my face close to hers, I whispered to her “Do you like how Daddy’s dick feels?”

“Yes…” She was shuddering, barely able to talk, and thoroughly embarrassed.

My hard-on was back. This time I pushed her into a prone position. I jackhammered canlı bahis siteleri into her as fast as I could, pushing my whole body into hers. Slap! Slap! Slap! My hips forcefully hit her butt cheeks, and the impact rippled through her whole body.

I held my head close to hers, to kiss her, and she turned away.

“I’m cumming,” she mumbled. Her whole body shook, and her pussy tightened like a vice.

I came, all over again, buckets of my love juice, so deep inside her. It was pouring out of her like a waterfall.

I collapsed onto her. My daughter was completely full of my own cum.

Slowly I caught my breath again.

I rolled over onto my back, and looked into her face. I could make out her eyes in the ambient light through the window if I was close enough.

“Was that okay for you?” I asked. I reached out to touch her face. We were inches away from each other. She didn’t say anything.

She closed her eyes and leaned into the pillow. “Mhm”, she hummed. “It was nice… your dick is so big though.” She was in the afterglow of pleasure, but she was also still shocked.

After the sudden exertion, I was thirsty. “Do you want some water honey?” I asked.

“Sure” she whispered.

I got up and walked through my house butt naked. The light of my hallway was blinding at first, uncomfortable for my eyes after they had adjusted to the darkness. There I was, walking through my house, my daughter’s pussy juice dripping down my cock. I grabbed a towel and a couple of glasses of water.

I glanced at my phone and wallet which I had kept on the couch.

It said: 19:36

I couldn’t believe it. It had been only 20 minutes. Was I going to follow through on my plan?

I walked back into my bedroom, leaving the light off, but letting the light come in from the hallway. I placed the towel between my daughter’s legs and mopped up the giant pool of cum on the sheets. I handed her the glass of water. Then I opened my wallet, and handed her a fresh 20 dollar bill.

“Sixty dollars an hour, and we used twenty minutes, so, a third of an hour. Twenty dollars.” I bent down and nuzzled her on the cheek. I never used to do that.

Nervous about how she would react, I sat down next to her.

“Wait” she said. “Are you done already? I want more. Please, let’s do some more.”

I chose my words carefully. I touched her shoulder as I spoke. “Jessica, I’m older than I used to be. And besides, I want to pace myself so we can have more fun tomorrow. This was my first time with you, so I orgasmed almost immediately. Next time you’ll earn a lot more.”

She sat up. She looked at the twenty dollar bill. The money she used to make over three hours of stressful driving, she had just made in 20 minutes. Not bad.

“Okay. Thank you, Daddy. That was fun.” she smiled, and took the money. I left her to clean up.

A few showers later, we were back on the living room couch, with our clothes on, watching TV again.

I was in complete disbelief. Everything had gone perfectly. My daughter would be so underpaid, and I was earning so much- she might as well have been a sex slave. And because of her airhead nature, and the amount of pleasure I was inflicting on her… she was willing to accept the deal, even if she wasn’t completely happy with the pay.

There she was, back at the opposite end of the couch. That felt wrong. I moved over to her, and sat down right next to her, and put my arm around her waist and butt.

She pushed my hand away. “No way you greedy old man, you can only have that if you’re gonna pay me for it. Go back to your spot.” She pointed to the other end of the couch. I moved back, disappointed, not wanting to spend money on just sitting together. I could tell she was enjoying telling me off.

“And by the way, you’ll be the one paying for Plan B, you horndog.”

That was the bitchy daughter I knew. I laughed pretty hard. I hadn’t heard something that funny in a long time.

To be continued…

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