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All characters within are fictitious and aged 18+. All content is consensual.

I really enjoyed writing this one and I do hope that you, the reader, can enjoy it too.

My Escape to the Chateau


I was sitting in my car fuming, the argument I had recently had with my father was still playing in my mind and I just wanted to scream out but chose not to as I didn’t want to make a scene. I looked at the aged piece of paper in my hand again, wiping a tear from my eye as I read what was written on it again and committed it to memory. The trouble this paper had caused between myself and my father. He was livid and flew into a rage when I questioned him about it but he seemed torn by it at the same time. Anyway, I had to get out of the house, so I dug out my hiking backpack and roughly packed clothes and the essentials into it and made sure I had my passport with me too just in case. I had written a note to my father explaining that I needed to get away and I would call him when I was ready but I didn’t say where I was going because I knew he would try and stop me from going.

I had thrown my bag into the Mini, fired up the old girl and floored it down the drive as I just wanted to get away. I felt bad because it was just the two of us, or so I had initially thought but I discovered the piece of paper which had a French address on it and a name. My mother had died when I was very young, not having any memories of her myself and she was never spoken about in our house. My father would simply change the subject whenever I had questioned him about her, over time I learned to keep those questions to myself and answer them with my imagination. Maybe the person named could answer my questions, that is if they were still at the address but even if that were the case, I needed to get away and a bit of travelling might do my relationship with my father some good.

I wound down the window to let some air in, I had no air conditioning in the car and it was stuffy inside and hot. The journey through the tunnel wouldn’t take long though so I would be fine once we alighted on the other side and I would be on French soil. It felt as though I had been driving for days, making a few stops along the way for petrol, food and the toilet and not to mention giving Mouse a rest too. Mouse is the car by the way, she was my paternal grandfather’s pride and joy, a red mini cooper with sliding windows and the ignition on the floor. I took great care of her, just as much as he did when he was still alive but he had bequeathed it to me in his will as I had always helped him clean her as a child.

I eventually arrived in the Dordogne region, making my way to the town of Ribérac which is where the address was located. It was a pleasant drive as it was very picturesque, the air smelled wonderful and clean, the warmth of the sun shining through into the car. I was hot and sweaty and could definitely use a shower but I felt horny at the same time. I had a thing about being sweaty, not so much the feeling hot aspect but more the feeling of being dirty. In truth it turned me on, as I drove I had my hand between my legs as I gently rubbed my clitoris through my panties, they were soaked and I could even feel the moisture seeping in between my bum cheeks. I had to cut my playing short as I wanted to ask a local for directions, pulling over to the pavement, I called out to a gentleman that was sitting outside his house with a carafe of wine. In my best french, I said hello and handed him the paper to read. He looked at me and then gave me instructions in his best english. Between us both I think we understood each other and he smiled as I drove off in search of my destination.

As instructed, I turned down a narrow lane that was lined with trees and had an imposing gate that was open. It had huge wrought iron gates that looked like they had seen better days. It appeared to be an estate of some sort, the road was uneven and I was being tossed around a little as I searched for the best route to avoid the shallow potholes as my suspension was lower than your average car and I did not want to cause any damage to Mouse. Then I saw it as I rounded the last trees and my mouth must have hit the floor. Before me stood this stunning old chateau that was not grandiose by all means but still modest. It was well looked after and still had an old world charm to it, part of it was thatched and other parts were covered in creeping ivy.

“Oh wow!” I said to myself, turning my music down as I slowly pulled Mouse up, gravel crunching as I came to a stop at what I assumed was the front door. Turning the ignition off whilst looking around, no sign of life to be seen as I slowly got out of the car and stretched with my arms to the sky on tiptoes. My body ached, driving for so long and I could smell my body odour and felt the dampness under my arms and even in my panties. I desperately needed a long hot shower, not that I minded being all sweaty as it really turned me on and the smell too but not so much if it was too funky. My mind flashed back to being in the changing yalova escort rooms in University and the women’s changing room at the gym, many a time I had masturbated in the cubicle at the mixed aromas. I guess you could say I am weird and iI would probably agree with you, all I know is that I have always been fascinated with human smells from a young age.

Walking to the front door and pulling on the handle of a chain, bells rang from within and I waited for someone to come and greet me but after several minutes, no one had come so I decided to explore the grounds around the chateau hoping to find someone. The grounds were well kept, stunning lawns and well tended flower beds that were alive with vibrant colours, yellow standing out the most and I smiled at that because it was my favourite colour. The air was sweet, masking my own scent as I continued on my quest.

“I wonder if there is anyone here at all?” I commented to myself followed by a heavy sigh, tiredness was beginning to take its toll and feeling resigned to the fact that there was no one here, I made my way back to Mouse and decided that I would head back into town to find somewhere to stop the night and would try again the next day.

Arriving at the Mini, I rested a hand on the roof and was reaching down to open the door when I heard a woman’s voice coming from behind me.

“Salut, puis-je vous aider?” the woman enquired in french, my basic knowledge of the language knew that she was asking if she could help me.

Turning around, I was about to respond when she dropped the basket of cut flowers that she had been carrying and her hands shot up to her mouth. Even at a distance I could see her trembling, her eyes wide with tears starting to form at the corners, she mumbled something which I struggled to understand but I imagined she was cursing the gods or something. The woman I saw before me appeared to be in her late 50’s or early 60’s, she was wearing a white blouse and a floral skirt that accentuated her shapely figure. She had a scarf around her neck and was wearing sandals. Her hair was a dark blonde shade with a small amount of grey, her skin looked smooth and well tanned but not leathery like you often see. She looked familiar to me, I knew her face but I had no idea from where or when I had seen her.

“Chloe? Is that you?” Her accent was fairly strong but her English was good, her eyes were searching over me as she took a step in my direction.

“Yes, do I know you? Have we met before because you look familiar but I cannot be sure, I found this note…” I was talking fast, partially because I was so nervous in front of her but also because I knew who she was but couldn’t say.

“Chloe, do you know who I am?” her voice was weak, trembling and her cheeks were streaked with tears. “I am your grandmother, your mother’s mother and the last time I saw you, you were just 4 years old.”

I stood there in silence, in shock at the revelation. As far as I knew, it was just my father and I in our family but apparently that was untrue. My heart was racing and I could feel the hot tears start to well up in my eyes eventually running down my cheeks as I stood there now shaking. Looking at her again, she too had tears in her eyes and had opened her arms wide and took a step towards me.

“But?…How?” I began to speak but couldn’t formulate a sentence, my eyes were burning and breathing was erratic. I thought I was having a panic attack.

“Shhhhh, it is ok sweet child.” she said as she closed the distance and wrapped her arms around me and pulled my body into hers. “It is ok, your Mamie is here now! Let it out.” She kissed my forehead and pulled me in tighter.

We stood there together embraced for some time, I cried a lot as my world suddenly changed around me. So many questions popped into my mind and I truly hoped that there would be answers for them here with my Mamie, GrandMother. Feeling her warmth, her touch was intoxicating, not nearly as much as her natural scent though, being as weird as I am I could tell she wasn’t wearing any perfume or deodorant but there was a faint smell of soap. Shifting my head so it was closer to her arm, I caught a stronger whiff of her body and bit my lip as I inhaled deeply, feeling that familiar twinge in my pussy. Suddenly feeling guilty for having this reaction, I moved my hands to her waist and hugged her and pulled away looking at her face.

“I’m sorry!” I said half whispering.

She looked into my eyes, gave me a kiss on both cheeks and then a final one on my lips and then smiled at me.

“Come on, let’s get you inside. You must be hungry, thirsty and tired from your travels!” she said lovingly, her accent was lovely.

She led me towards the front door, her arm was around my shoulders as we stepped inside and entered the hallway. It was like stepping back in time, there were too many things to list but I was awestruck. I was led into the kitchen, it was large and had a huge fireplace that was more of a feature these days. She sat me down at the table and proceeded to gather items from cupboards yalova escort bayan and the adjoining pantry, there was a baguette, ham and cheese, cornichons and mustards. Next came sparkling water, a bottle of red wine and orange juice. All of a sudden I really felt hungry, my mouth was watering at the feast laid out before my eyes, but I was more interested in studying her as she moved gracefully around the kitchen.

She was a good looking woman, full figured and had curves in the right places and average height in my opinion, slightly taller than I was. Her breasts were fairly large and looked firm because they didn’t move much as she moved about, she wasn’t wearing a bra by the looks of it. She caught me staring at her.

“Help yourself my dear, don’t wait for me!” she smiled at me as she walked past again, she retrieved a corkscrew from a drawer and waved it at me as she approached. “Wine?”

“Is it ok if I just have some sparkling water please?”

“But of course, you can have anything you want! Maybe later then?” she added

“Yes, that will be nice.” I replied as I went about making a sandwich for myself, sensing that I was being watched.

“So tell me, where are you staying? What are your plans?” she asked sternly.

“I have nowhere at the moment and no plans yet!” I replied, feeling both embarrassed and ashamed at my poor planning.

“Ok good, you will stay here of course and we can make plans together no?” she smiled. “How does that sound?”

Smiling at her as I bit a chunk out of the baguette, I wanted to respond but having a full mouth, I didn’t want to be rude.

“Does your Father know where you are?”

“No I did not say where I was going, we had a fight because I found this piece of paper.” removing it from my bra, I handed it over to her. She took it and opened it up and frowned before looking up and smiling at me again.

“Ok, you need to phone him and tell him where you are just so he knows you are safe.” she took hold of my hand and squeezed it firmly. “He is going to be very angry but do not worry, I will take care of him.” She reassured me. I nodded.

“Why…” I started to ask her a question.

“Not now Chloe, I will explain all in due course but first we need to clean up here and then get you cleaned up too, perhaps you have a lie down and relax?”

“Sounds good to me, I just need to go get my things from the car first. I will also call dad!” I smiled at her and gave her a hug, again she pulled me in tightly to her body before releasing me from her warm embrace.

The phone call to my father was far from pleasant, he absolutely lost his shit with me when I told him where I was. I was unable to get a word in for most of the call, never have I heard him flare up like that and I really wanted to just hang up on him but could never bring myself to do that to him. Next thing I was aware of was that Mamie had joined me and she took the phone from me and spoke to him, it wasn’t a conversation but more a case of her putting him in his place.

“Patrick, don’t be an asshole! She is upset and you are not helping matters, shouting at your child like this…. She will stay for as long as she wants! No, don’t say a word! Give her some days to calm down, she will call you when SHE is ready to talk… OK? Good!” Her voice was stern and full of authority. She had hung up on him and kept hold of my phone.

“Do you need this? Can you be apart from it for at least a few days?” holding my phone up waving it in my face, she had a smile on her face but I could tell she was serious.

“No, I do not need it! It might be nice to be unreachable for a while. You can keep it.” I replied.

She put her arm around me and I followed suit and put mine around her waist. I gave her a squeeze on her hip and gently rubbed it and she pulled me closer and kissed me on the head. We then went back into the house and she showed me to the room where I would be staying. I actually had a choice of bedrooms, after indicating where her room was I opted for one close to hers because it was a new environment and I didn’t want to be too far away. As I set my bag down, I glanced around the room and admired its authentic charm. The bed was comfy enough considering it was old and was a four poster. She returned with several towels and a robe and placed them on the bed and told me that the bathroom was just across the hall.

“Give the water a little time to come through and it will get nice and hot, leave your clothes in a pile by the door in the hallway and I will take them down and clean them for you.” She approached me and put her hands on either side of my face. “I am so happy you are here, we have a lot to catch up on and I know you have questions but please be patient, you will get the answers in time.” she kissed me on the forehead and then looked me in the eyes, was there a hesitation to kiss me on my lips? I wondered but instead she smiled at me and turned to leave the room. I watched her as she left, biting my lip as I was unable to take my eyes off her bum and how it moved as she walked.

As escort yalova instructed, I dropped the clothes I had been wearing since leaving England and yes, they were pretty rank and I felt embarrassed that I had let myself get in this state despite having a thing for the odours of the body. There was no lock on the bathroom door, which I thought was unusual but then again some people go by the rule of closed door means occupied and open is vacant. Sitting down on the toilet, I began to urinate and realised that I had been holding it in for some time now. Starting off slowly it soon became a torrent, I couldn’t resist pushing my fingers into the stream as it slowed down and began rubbing my clitoris. With eyes closed, my thoughts drifted to my grandmother and her physique, her breasts hidden behind her blouse and her shapely bottom. I tried to imagine what her nipples looked like and what they would feel like to touch, the same for her bottom and just her fully naked in general. I knew it was wrong to think of her in this way, she is my Mamie and it is not the right thing to do. However, I had just met her again for the first time as my younger self didn’t recognise her and she was a stranger to me, I would have to learn to be her granddaughter again.

It didn’t take me long to cum, I had been horny most of the day so it was inevitable that I would have masturbated but I hadn’t bargained on my grandmother being the catalyst to a great climax. Feeling conflicted, I stepped under the water of the shower and just stood there for a while feeling the day being washed away. All of a sudden I began to cry, crouching down and sitting down with the shower beating down on me, I hugged my knees and rocked back and forth as my emotions took control of me.

After finishing up in the bathroom, I made my way back to my bedroom as I dried myself with a towel. Feeling extremely tired by this point, I just put on the robe and curled up on the bed with tears in my eyes still and gradually fell asleep.


I had woken up later than I had expected as I glanced at the time on my watch, it was just before midday which meant that I must have had about 14 hours sleep because it must have been around 10pm that I climbed into bed. Sitting up, glancing around the room to see the sun’s rays penetrating through the netted curtains and casted a golden across the room. I could smell freshly baked bread and viennoiserie, cinnamon was profound and I could also smell the coffee and that made me smile.

Reaching my hands towards the ceiling as I let out a big yawn as I stretched my upper body, still sat upright I began to move to the edge of the bed so that I could stand up and as I did so my robe opened up and had dropped off one of my shoulders.

“Good Morn……Good afternoon my dear girl! How did you sleep? Surely you must be…” she had been talking as she walked into the room, suddenly stopping mid sentence and was now staring at me.

“Good morning Mamie, I think I slept well. Are you ok? ” I looked at her searchingly, looking behind myself as well and then back at her.

She continued to walk towards me, her eyes fixed upon me as she neared my body to then reach out her hands and took hold of my robe.

“Such a welcoming sight indeed, perhaps we should cover you up a little and you can come join me for breakfast or brunch as you say in England!” She was smiling at me and I could see vibrance in her eyes.

“Oh shit, I am so sorry!” so embarrassed, feeling my cheeks flush and feeling unable to look at her.

“It is quite alright, I could easily get used to that view everyday!” she teased. “Come! Let’s get you some coffee.” smiling as she left the bedroom.

Getting out of bed feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, I decided to ditch the robe as I put on a loose fitting oversized Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt that belonged to my father. Leaving the bedroom and making my way down to the kitchen, my nose guided me all the way to my destination and as I entered I saw Mamie pouring the coffee from a stove top espresso.

“Take a seat my girl and help yourself to the pastries, here is some coffee.” She set the mug down in front of me and bent down to give me a kiss on both cheeks. “Sleep ok?”

I had put my arms around her waist and gave her a hug, she lingered next to me rubbing my back as she leant into me. I found this a little odd but welcomed it nonetheless, it was so nice to have this level of connection and it had been something that had been missing for so long, ever since my mother had passed. I felt happy in the moment though, life with dad was ok but felt rather cold in comparison to what I was feeling right now. Reluctantly, I relaxed my grip on her body and she went about pottering in the kitchen as I ate my breakfast and drank coffee all the while watching her.

She was wearing a white vest and pink shorts that fit her well and accentuated her bottom and her legs, biting my bottom lip as that familiar feeling built up in my body. I didn’t really have any issue with feeling this way because she was an attractive woman, albeit my grandmother but that specific bond was not there but I knew that it would eventually grow into a strong one because I just felt extremely connected with her despite not even spending 24 hours with her.

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