My First Love

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The first time I saw him I had been sixteen years old. His name was TJ Webster. He had light brown hair and beautiful green eyes and was very fit. I had just moved in next door to him. He was at least five years older then me and had a girlfriend but it didn’t stop me from crushing on him. He became close friends with my older brother Terry and would visit at our house a lot. As three years passed by my crush for TJ grew and grew. I told only my best friend Jenny about my crush, she thought I was nuts to want to be with such an older guy. It was my nineteenth birthday and my friends had a surprise party, the biggest surprise was when I realized TJ was there.

“Hi Tara,” TJ said I could only smile“ Here I got you this,” He handed me a bouquet of fresh picked flowers. My heart melted even more.

“TJ there beautiful,”

“ I’m glad you like them,”

After a few hours of chatting with friends and sneaking glances at TJ, I decided to go talk with him. We talked for hours on end about anything and everything at the end of the night he kissed me. It was the sweetest most wonderful kiss I ever had. Weeks turned into months and we spent most of our time together.One year had past and onee night in particular I’ll never forget ever.


It was a Saturday night and he had made plans to take me out.

“ You look beautiful tonight Tara,”

“ Thank you,” I still felt shy when he complimented me

He walked me to his new apartment, he didn’t live next door to my parents anymore. When we entered the room my heart leaped in my throat. The whole room was filled with candles.

“TJ,” I sighed with delight “It’s amazing”

“ There’s more to come,” He helped me take off my jacket not Gaziantep Escort Numaraları taking his eyes off mine. He pulled me close to him and kissed me softly. When are tongues touched tingles went up and down my whole body.

“Tara I love you,” he whispered I had been dreaming of those words forever.

“I love you too TJ,”

He took my hand and led me into the bedroom it was the most incredible thing I ever saw rose pedals were spread all over the room. He led me to the bathroom where a bath had been drawn with rose pedals floating in the water and candles spread all over the bedroom and bathroom.

“Tonight is your night my love and I am going to show you just how much I adore you,” I was going to say something but he put his finger on my lips and smiled. He then started to pull my shirt off of me slowly. He then kissed my shoulder. TJ then helped me out of my skirt and nylons and then unfastened my bra. He kissed me again on the lips this time with more passion. He then encouraged me to get into the bathtub. Which I did he bent down and let me get comfortable with him. He washed me. This was something I can’t put into words at how he made me feel. It was so amazing and so sensual that it was almost orgasmic. He then helped me out of the bathtub and dried me off. I was so relaxed.

“Your so beautiful Tara, I love you so much,” With only the towel wrapped around me he took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

“I love you to TJ, so much this is so amazing,”

“The night is not over yet darling,” He then pulled me towards him and kissed me with so much passion it overwhelmed me, but in a good way. He started to undress himself with some of my help. When he was completely naked he pulled my towel off of me, I sighed with a need that I wasn’t sure I understood. He picked me up and gently put me onto the bed. He then took his hand and messaged me all over my body. He then started to kiss me starting on my lips and then my cheeks, nose, chin, neck , his tongue also touching my skin as he kissed. He went lower still to my breast, my nipples waited patiently for his kisses and when his kisses finally came, I moaned loudly. I never felt so good in my life. He then continued on his kissing quest on my stomach, thighs and even my feet, which made giggle because it tickled. He smiled at me and then moved upwards, he then stopped at my pussy, he looked at me and I smiled at him. I moaned as his hands rubbed my legs and thighs. His finger then slowly touched the outside of my pussy, I moaned with pleasure my backside moved upwards wanting more. He then started to play with my clit with his fingers. I continued to moan. My pussy was wet. I was anticipating his next move and then his tongue finally touched my clit and a feeling of tingles went through me.

“Mmmmm…yes…” I moaned softly. His tongue teased me, his tongue then started to go faster as my moans got louder. All of a sudden a rush of warmth and unbelievable feelings of tingles hit me.

“Mmmmm…oh yes baby..” I moaned, he didn’t stop right away and another orgasm hit me. I couldn’t believe the feelings I felt. He then came up towards me, he smiled, I smiled back.

“Mmmmm, that was nice baby,”

“Uh..huh,” he said with a big smile he then started to caress my breasts and kisses me.

“Tara, I’ve loved you for so long, I’m so glad you are here with me tonight,” he whispered.

“What do you mean you loved me for so long,” I whispered back

“I liked you since the day I met you all those years ago my love, but I waited only because of our age difference. When you turned eighteen I wanted to let you know how I felt but you were seeing someone and then on your nineteenth birthday I had my chance, I had no idea you would be interested in dating me,”

“Oh TJ, I wanted you all along also, you were the only guy I thought about,”

At that he kissed me. His passion in his kiss filled me with anticipation of what was going to happen. I was going to make love for the first time with the one person I loved most in the world. He then pushed himself and slowly put his penis inside of me. I let out a small cry, it hurt a lot at first but then he put me at ease with his kisses and touch. The feelings I felt were unbelievable. He started pumping in and out of me slowly. My hands felt his body and my eyes didn’t leave his. I was so in love with him and felt so wonderful. After a few moments his groans got louder and he started to go a bit faster, his lips touched mine and then went to my breasts, I could feel another orgasm going to come again.

“TJ, I moaned in his ear,” He groaned louder and knew he was about to cum also and with another long and hard thrust, I felt him cum inside of me. The warmth hit me and an amazing feeling yet again made sensations I didn’t understand I shook with a spasm of pleasure. He pulled me close to him, we talked about what we wanted our futures to hold and fell asleep in each others arms.

We are still together today, two years has past since that night and now we will be married. TJ still to this day will show me just how special I am by recreating that night every anniversary and sometimes just because, I knew all those years ago the moment I laid eyes on him that we were mean to be and he has proved it everyday.

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