My First Night With Cindy

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As with all my posts, this story is true. The names have been changed to protect the participants (and I always seem to be one of the guilty parties). This is the story of the first night I spent with Candy. It was the start to a 2 year long distance relationship that ended primarily because of the 1800 miles that separated us and the need each of us had to be sexually satisfied on a regular basis.

Adjusting the Way Back machine to the mid 1980’s in a place called Winnipeg, I was in my early 30’s, recently divorced, 6′, 140 lbs, running my own small company. I did some freelance work for a company out of Ottawa that audio recorded meetings and conferences so the participants could take home copies to study. It also allowed participants who missed certain sessions due to other activities to get to pretend that they ware actually there. This particular event had some international heavy hitters attending and the organizers hired a PR person to handle the press. The first morning of the conference I was setting up my equipment, checking the feeds from all the conference rooms and setting up the duplication equipment when I look up as this gorgeous raven barrels down the hall. Standing 5’6″ & 130 lbs with long legs, shoulder length red/black hair and beautiful breasts that I guessed to be 36C or so. After confirming that I was allowed to record the speakers, then realizing that I could monitor every room in the center, she decided that she could hang out in my booth and determine when each speaker was finishing. This way she did not have to run from room to room trying to second guess when someone might finish up. During the first 2 days we hit it off well.

She was fluent in French, loved to travel, was very well read and had a dry and caustic sense of humor, everything I looked for in a woman and more. She was always well dressed in business style dresses, blouses and jackets that did not hide her attributes but also did not flaunt them either. On the third day I happened to mention that a new French film was opening that night & as I was going to see it anyway would she like to accompany me. She had not had an evening out that was not work related and readily agreed. We made arrangements to meet at her hotel @ 6 P.M. that night to grab some dinner then go to the show.

I arrived at the hotel at 5 minutes to, waited until 6 than called her room. She sounded rushed and asked me to wait 20 more minutes then come up to her room. Being the polite gentleman that I am I did what I was asked and 25 minutes later I was knocking on her door. The door was unlocked and a second later I heard her call me to come in. Entering she was not in sight but called out from the bathroom that she was still running a bit behind. She suggested I mix us a drink and she will be right with me. Taking the drinks I walked towards the bathroom and asked her where she wanted hers. Walking out, hair dryer in one hand her other reaching for the glass. Walking up close I could smell her perfume and the scent of conditioner in her hair.

She was wearing a long red dress that was low cut and revealed the lace top of a bright red bra. Taking her glass she leaned up and kissed me. I responded with a long deep kiss, running my tongue around hers and Uşak Escort deep in her mouth. She had the softest lips, flavored with strawberry lipstick, and her mouth devoured my tongue. Putting my drink on the desk, I took her’s from her as well as the hair dryer, wrapped my arms around her and continued to kiss her deeply drinking in her aroma. It was like that first time kiss, the one that curls your toes and sets your heart racing. Running my hands up and down her back they eventually wandered to her ass and as I grabbed each of her cheeks, caressing and needing them she started to moan. I do not know how long we were kissing, it could have been a couple of minutes or more than 10, we seemed to have lost track of time as we enjoyed the pleasure we seemed to be giving each other.

Breaking the kiss she looked up into my eyes and simply said “I want to suck your cock”, dropped to her knees, undid my belt and zipper, let my pants drop to the floor and released my now raging 7+” cock from it’s confines. Staring at it as it danced in front of her eyes I looked down as she simply said WOW and wrapped those soft lips around the big purple head and plunged my entire shaft down her throat as her nose smacked into my stomach. Now I have gotten many blow jobs in my life but up until that evening I had never had someone with such passion, intensity and skill suck on my cock. Holding my ass with one hand she propelled me into her as she rammed my cock deep in her mouth her other hand played with and squeezed my balls.

It had been a few months since I had had sex and the sensations were almost too great to control. I tried to slow her down but she was not to be interfered with. Not wanting to seem ungrateful I reached down and started sliding my hands down her chest to massage her tits. Slipping my hands under her bra I was pleased to caress her smooth breasts and nipples that were sticking out almost an inch. They seemed to beg to be squeezed and tweaked so I did, sending even more moans to come from around my cock. The more I played with her nipples the faster as deeper (if it was even possible) she sucked on my cock. It did not take long, probably less that 10 minutes before I felt the cum building up in my balls and I started to ram her mouth and moan that I was cuming. She squeezed my balls even tighter, seeming to push my cum out from the base and into her waiting mouth. As I came she locked her lips around the head of my cock and sucked and swallowed all I had. I seemed to cum for ages but it was probably only 30 seconds or so, sending what felt like gallons of cream down her throat. After I finished cuming and she stopped swallowing, not spilling a drop, she leaned back on heels, looked up at me and said “You came in my mouth!”

Looking down I simply said that given the attention she had applied to my cock I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did. Smiling I took her by the hands, lifted her to her feet and planted a great deep kiss on her lips, running my tongue inside her mouth. Moving her towards the bed, still playing with her nipples and ass I smiled at her and “Now it’s my turn”. Starting at the top I unbuttoned her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there in matching red lace bra Uşak Escort Bayan and panties, the panties had a very wet spot in front. Reaching around her back I undid her bra, letting those beautiful globes swing free as her nipples stuck straight out. Gently pushing her back onto the bed I ran my hands up her chest, playing with her nipples and rubbing her breasts as I started to kiss the inside of her legs, running my tongue up to the edge of her panties.

I could smell her musk and see the glistening moisture on her thighs from her excitement. She started to thrash around and I decided it was time to get to work. As I rubbed my lips over her pussy I slipped my hands down to her waist removing her panties and revealing a smooth hairless pussy. Nothing turns me on more that a naked crotch and after removing her undies I started to lick the outside of her lips. Working first the left lip, then the right I licked, sucked and nibbled each in turn. As I played with her lips the juices started to flow even faster. Not wanting to make a mess I started to lick her clean, letting my tongue slide up her pussy from her ass to her clit. Pushing deep inside her cunt I let my tongue probe every inch I could reach.

As I worked her pussy she wrapped her legs around my head, pushing me deeper inside her. She started to moan and even more of her delectable nectar made it’s way from deep inside her to my waiting mouth I moved my tongue to her clit with was sticking up like a little cock itself. Sucking it into my mouth I used my teeth to nibble on it, rubbing it from side to side. Placing 2 fingers inside her cunt I moved up and down until I reached her G spot, combining the movements of my fingers with the nibbling of my teeth on her clit. Looking up she had both her hands rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, pulling them out almost 3 inches as she cried for me to make her cum. Not wanting to disappoint I slid my mouth down her pussy and started to run my tongue up and down from inside her cunt to her clit while my fingers moved in and out as deep as they could go. Her juices were now flowing like Niagra Falls, coating my face, hands and arm, running down the crack to her ass, collecting in that little bud of her back door and drenching a widening spot on the bed.

She was having orgasm after orgasm until the big one came, screaming and thrashing as her body tensed then pulsed and contracted around my hand and tongue. Sucking all her juices and lapping up all I could find she continued to twitch as streams of nectar drained out of her. Grabbing my head she gently guided my head up to her face where she started to kiss me, sucking her juices from all over my face. Watching the smile on her face I asked if she was sill upset with me cuming in her mouth. Not saying anything she simply reached down and started to rub my rock hard cock again as I played with her tit. Getting our drinks she laid on her back and started to play with her pussy and tits again.

Walking back it became clear that I was ready to go again, my cock was sticking straight out and hard as a rock. Rolling on her side she slipped her mouth around it and ran her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. Slipping my drink under Escort Uşak her breast I dipped her nipple in the glass, bent down and started to suck the alcohol from her tit. Not to be undone she took her glass and tried to stick my ram rod in it. Settling for speed she pored a small mount on my member and licked it off, letting her tongue run all over my balls catching the drops that had escaped. Taking our glasses away I laid down beside her and we continued to play with each other. As she played with my cock, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft I caressed her breast and kneeded her ass. Running a finger down her crack from the back I played with her little rear hole and slid it into her pussy over and over again.

She was getting wetter and wetter, finally rolling on top of me and rubbing her pussy lips up and down on my cock. Raising herself up on her hands she placed her cunt over my cock and dropped down on top of me, taking my entire shaft in one move. I was in heaven feeling all 7+” sliding in and out of her tight wet hot pussy, feeling the head hitting the bottom of her vagina as she shivered with pleasure. Pulling her face to me we started to kiss as passionately as we had at the beginning of the evening. My hands returned to play with her ass cheeks as she moved up and down on my cock, juices running out of her in rivers. I started to play with her ass hole, running circles around the outside and the more I played with it the more aroused she became. Sliding my finger into the back of her pussy as my cock moved in and out it was coated in juices in an instant. Moving back to her rear door I started to move in and out and in time with my cock.

Keeping my hand in one place she pushed back, letting my finger slip inside her ass. Moving around slowly her sphincter opened up and let my entire finger slip inside. Rubbing her ass I could feel my cock slide in and out of her pussy through the thin membrane separating them. As I rubbed the inside of her ass in time to her moving my cock in and out of her pussy we hit a speed that started her juices to literally gush from her. Faster and faster we moved until I could feel her start to clench her pussy muscles and cum in another intense orgasm. This pushed me over the edge and I started to cum again shooting streams of my seed deep into her pussy as I matched my cock strokes with my finger in her ass. She collapsed on top of me, I removed my finger from her ass and eventually my cock slipped from her pussy, letting more of her juices mixed with my cum drain out of her all over me. We were both so drained, contented and satisfied that we just laid there in each others arms. Looking over at the clock I realized that is was after 1 A.M. and we had missed not only dinner but the movie.

Asking her if she was hungry she responded that she was but not for food, Indicating that she could do with another cum sandwich if I was up for it. I did not think I could make it to work the next morning and suggested a rain check until the next night. She recognized the value of getting some sleep and agreed that we should continue the next day after work. Getting dressed I tucked her into bed, kissed her deeply again and let myself out of her room. Driving home I could smell her on me, that sweet smell of great sex. I wondered how I could keep that sent on me all day but knew that I would need to shower before going back to work. We continued to see each other for the time she was in town and had many more adventures but they are for other stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32