My First Night with My Master

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The plane was descending into Pittsburgh. I tried to sleep during the flight so I could be rested when I arrived but I was excited to see him, and nervous. So many times we had written about a visit where I would be submissive to him. I had not seen him in a long time and I missed him, I wanted him, but I was afraid at the same time. He kept hinting that he could be very cruel and I had no idea to what level. In establishing this master and slave component of our relationship, subject to switch in roles, and the level of trust required, he even made sure that no matter what happened, he wanted assurance that I would not hate him. The question asked so long ago meant that the relationship had such value to him and to me that we were ready to take the relationship to this realm, yet also terrified me in that I was not sure what he was capable of doing to me with total control of my mind and body.

I had consulted with a friend who has been in a satisfying Master/Slave relationship for years and I saved part of an e-mail exchange with her from long ago, that this is an honor and privilege to those who give it and those who receive it. I knew that the moment I saw him he was the Master and I was his slave, and giving him that level of control and trust meant without question, and it could last the duration of the few days I was visiting or maybe only for a night or two. We had discussed various kinks we wanted to explore but there was the most mutually exclusive erotic and terrifying feelings – how much pain and humiliation could I take, and just how much did he plan to inflict, and when. He also knew my insecurities and weaknesses so I was conflicted if I was terrified more of physical pain or emotional pain.

The plane landed and as I was walking to baggage claim I was overwhelmed by missing him and yet not sure how to react when I saw him. I waited for my luggage and I felt arms wrap around me from behind. I began to smile but realized he was burying his face under my hair and he had bitten the back of my neck, and hard. It was startling – should I even say hello? My bag arrived and I grabbed it and he took it from me (always a gentleman). I looked at him and gave him a nervous smile. He smiled back and he appeared genuinely happy to see me and asked about the flight and began talking about how he liked living in a new city. The mind control was already starting. I was participating in a conversation verbally but my mind was in overdrive. Was this a real conversation or part of a plan to lure me into a false sense of security? The drive to his apartment did not take too long and I was talking with him and taking in a place I had never been, far away from home.

The sexual anticipation was building. Every time I had seen him there was always such a need to fuck as soon as we reached where he was living. It was always too long between visits, the first fuck intense and fast, and time to get used to seeing each other in person again. He had worked all day and I arrived late. I thought maybe he would be tired tonight and I started to relax and focus on the first fuck, and hoping there would be a second before we fell asleep that night. This was Friday night and he could sleep in and do whatever he planned the next day.

He had already eaten dinner by the time I arrived and I was not hungry. Everything would be fine tonight and we would fuck, talk, laugh, fuck, and he would fall asleep. I knew if nothing else, he always slept well when I was there. I knew I could get him to relax and drift away as we would hold each other all night. He never once treated me any differently than before and no mention of my being his slave. He was in person as I always knew him in person.

We entered his apartment and no sooner was my luggage put down on the floor when he scooped me up and took me into his bedroom and laid me on the bed. We began kissing passionately and I can only say it felt more like we made love endlessly, and it was wonderful. It had been so long and it was utter ecstasy when he finally finally plunged his long thick cock inside of me. Slowly in and out, then hard and fast, then slow again. Every movement he made inside of me, every Tipobet place he touched me was alive. Every nerve ending ignited as I came and the filling warm sensation as he came deep inside of me.

He stayed inside until he softened and his cock slid out, my arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as we both were sweating and panting and spent. He rolled over and laid on his back and pulled me toward him so we could hold each other. I was gently stroking his forearm, and we never spoke, just too satisfied and happy to express with words. I was more relaxed than I had been in a very long time. I kept stroking his forearm slowly until I heard him begin to quietly snore. I knew he was exhausted, and so was I. Tonight would be a night of rest and who knew what tomorrow would bring.

I laid with him for a very long time before I carefully slid out of bed and dressed and went outside to smoke. It was a warm humid evening and I was truly happy – I was with him, in a new place, and it was warm and wonderful. I went back into the apartment and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and undressed. I opened the bathroom door and was startled as he was standing right at the doorway. He had a very angry look and told me I did not ask permission to leave the bed or go outside. I should have known better – he planned this all along. Now I was scared, terrified in a way I had never been before. I have seen him when we role played rape and the look in his eyes then still haunts and excites me. But this look was much much worse.

I clearly disobeyed and felt stupid as I had agreed to this, but I rationalized that he was asleep and thought the roles had not begun. I knew better – I was his slave the minute the plane landed. How was I going to redeem myself to him? How could I prove that I would do anything he wished. I dropped to my knees and kissed his bare feet and licked them. He told me it was too little too late and to stay on my knees. He came back with a leather dog collar and told me to look at him. He put the collar around my neck and made it tight. He told me I would wear that collar until he told me I could take it off. He left again and came back with a dog leash. He clicked it onto the collar and ordered me onto my hands and knees. He jerked the leash and made me follow him, crawling on all fours. He walked me naked through every square inch of the apartment. When I was on carpeting he would jerk harder and walk faster and I could feel rug burns on my knees.

Finally we ended up back in the bedroom and he ordered me onto the bed. He put the handle of the leash on the metal bed post. The entire bed was a metal frame. He ordered me to roll over onto my back and he pulled out four leather straps and chains. He put the straps on my wrists behind my back, yanking them up as he put each one on. I knew he could easily break my wrists if he wanted to but I was too terrified to say anything, even to ask that he not break any bones. He attached a chain between the two leather wrist straps, then put straps on my ankles and a chain between them. There was enough slack so my legs could be spread apart, but there was barely any slack between my wrists. He told me I was so pathetic and stupid that I could not even get through the first few hours without fucking up. I was a stupid cunt and he rolled me onto my side, shoving his cock into my face and saying I would have to take that cock whenever he said, I could not cum unless he said I could, and I would not move unless he said I could. I was not to ask permission for anything and if I made any noise at all the pain would be worse. Then the humiliation – he said a younger cunt would have been better as they know how to behave. I should be grateful that I was allowed to be there. I knew it was true and I could feel the tears welling up but could not let them out. Physical pain would have been better than the mental pain. But I had to do whatever I could to prove to him I would submit to him. I wanted and needed him that badly. I also could not tell him I wanted him to hurt me – my pussy was drenched.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up so I was on my knees on the bed. He yanked my Tipobet Giriş hair back until I though my neck would snap. He put his face onto my neck and began to kiss it, then suck it, then bite it. I started to moan with pleasure and he told me to shut up. Then he stood straight up and yanked my head forward and shoved his cock into my face. I instinctively opened my mouth and his cock was hard as a rock. I wanted it in my mouth so bad I almost started to drool. He held my hair with a fist and held his cock with his other hand and would move it around my open lips and start to slip it into my mouth, then pull back. He said he should get someone better to suck his cock but I would have to do. Then he shoved his cock into my mouth and used his free hand to grab more of my hair. He was grabbing my hair so tight and forcing my face forward and he was thrusting his cock into my mouth. He kept plunging it in harder and faster and I felt the tears running down my face, sniffing to keep my nose from running, gagging as his cock went deep into my throat, the tightness of the collar, difficulty breathing, and yet my pussy juices were dripping down my leg.

I knew he did not cum easily from having his cock sucked and it had not been that long since he came from fucking me. He caught me looking at the clock by his bed and grabbed my hair harder and said I would not look again and he would stop when he felt like it. My jaw was sore, my lips were getting raw, and when he finally pulled back I snuck a glance and he had been fucking my face for half an hour.

He walked over to the dresser and pulled out a gag and a blindfold. He said he told me not to look at the clock and yet I did it again. I thought for sure he did not see me sneak the second glance. How fucking stupid that I would disobey even the smallest of orders. He put the blindfold on me and the gag, then I heard him snap a picture of me, still on my knees. He told me to lay down on the bed, he would be back in a while and to rest a bit, and turned out the lights. I could not see anything as I tried to angle myself onto the bed – blindfolded, gagged, leashed to the bed, with ankles and wrists cuffed and chained. What was he going to do with that picture and what was he going to do next. I did as I was told, but I did not rest. I was scared and yet more horny than I had ever been in my life.

No idea how much time had passed – an eternity? I knew it was very late but I heard a knock at the door. I could hear another voice and it was clearly male. Then the door to the bedroom opened and I could at least tell that the light was turned on. He told me to get back on my knees. I heard this other man ask if I was the cunt he was going to use. He told him to do whatever he wanted with me. I could hear this man unzipping his pants and he pulled down the gag and forced his cock into my mouth. I did not resist, even though my jaw was sore. I opened my mouth and this man grabbed my hair and began fucking my face. Then he stopped and said he was going to cum too fast. I think he began undressing and confirmed with my master that he could do whatever he wanted, and my master told him he could.

I have no idea who this man was but I do not think my Master knew him either. Oh God, I realized what he must have done to get someone over so shortly. He had to have used the pic and placed a CL ad! How else could he get someone over so quickly and who knew who this man was? He kept calling me a cunt and he shoved me onto my stomach. He said he wanted my ass but I wanted to save my ass for my Master! If he fucked it then it would be sore and raw, but I could not speak with the gag, and I could not make a noise. All I could tell was he at least put lube on and a condom. He began fucking my ass hard and it was getting sore already. He came fast and rolled me onto my side and slid his cock under my nose and told me to smell my ass. He told me his cock stank and he should have just stayed home.

I could hear him dressing and the light went out and the door to the bedroom shut again. Laying there, I began to feel the tears coming as my ass hurt, my shoulders hurt from being cuffed behind Tipobet Güncel Giriş my back, and being fucked by someone I never even saw. Plus I had to lay there and wait and I had no idea how long, and I had to use the bathroom. I could not ask as the gag had been put back in my mouth and Master was too far away.

He finally came back into the bedroom and flipped on the light. He told me I was a good whore for fucking a stranger but I was not done proving myself. He began smacking my ass, over and over, and asking if I could be trusted to take the gag off. I shook my head yes. He began smacking my ass and asked if I was going to do anything else without asking first. I shook my head no. He grabbed my arms and said that if I disobeyed in any way I would suffer, or he would put me on a plane and send me home. He told me again that he should have picked someone younger but this was my last chance to prove myself to him. He removed the gag and I asked if I could have permission to use the bathroom. He told me no, not until he was done with me.

He then rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my ass up. He plunged his cock into my ass hard. It burned so badly and was so sore from the other guy. I almost cried out in pain but I caught myself and held it in. He was fucking my ass so hard and he was grabbing my arms and digging his nails into them. I could not see anything but I knew they were bruising and I knew my ass was bruising. He fucked harder and harder and faster and faster, and he reached under me and pinched my nipples so hard I thought I would scream. I knew he was going to cum and as he got closer he grabbed my tits so hard and was squeezing them so hard and pinching not just my nipples but every part of my tits that he could. Then with one hand he grabbed my neck just below the collar and was choking me. I was struggling to get air and I could feel myself starting to black out when he finally came and let go.

He pulled out and I could feel his sweat dripping on my back. My body ached in so many places and my ass was so raw and sore, my bladder ready to explode, but my pussy was dripping wet. He pulled off the blind fold and he uncuffed my wrists and legs. My shoulders were in agony from being cuffed. I looked at my arms and there were bruises forming and blood from his nails. He took the leash off the bedpost and told me to stand up. My legs were shaking badly and my bladder so full I could not stand up straight. He walked me into the bathroom and told me to lay down in the tub. I asked if I could use the toilet first and he said no. I laid down in the tub and I could not help it – my bladder let loose and I pissed all over myself in the tub. Then he stood over me and grabbed his cock and began pissing on my face and body. Searing pain was all over every place that had been bitten, pinched, grabbed, or had blood.

When he finished he told me to cum. I began touching my clit and with just the slightest touch I came hard, throbbing, and came again. He stood and looked at me and smiled. He took the leash off and washed it in the sink then cleaned his cock. He told me to shower and come to bed. I turned on the shower and stood up, my whole body shaking, I was crying as the water hit my body, and hoping he could not hear me cry. Once I was clean I toweled off and sat on top of the toilet. I looked in the mirror and could see bruising on my neck below the collar. My tits were covered in bruises, as my arms were and I turned around and my ass was still red from where he was spanking and smacking me. I looked like a battered woman wearing a dog collar.

I wiped the tears away, and composed myself and walked into the bedroom. He was laying on the bed and he opened his arms and smiled at me. I climbed into bed into his arms and I could not help myself – I began to cry. He gently caressed my hair and then held me in his arms. He told me I had taken more than he thought I could and I had proven myself his slave. I cried harder as after all – that was what I really wanted. I wanted to please him and prove myself worthy of him. He told me to sleep well as tomorrow I would have a special reward. He was going to let me fuck as many men as I wanted, and I could choose them, and he would watch and play. I looked at him and smiled and we kissed and we slept until late the next morning. I woke when he was sliding his cock into my pussy. I smiled and moaned in delight. The best way to wake up and start a day with my Master.

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