My First Orgasm with a Man

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This is a true story. One night after a few drinks my husband asked me about the first time I had an orgasm while having sex. Since this happened during a one night stand I was a little embarrassed to tell him everything so I only gave him a few of the details. The following day he told me how much it turned him on and asked me to write him a story telling him everything that happened that evening.

It was the summer after my sophomore year at Virginia Tech. I was visiting my college roommate Lisa in at her mom’s house Falls Church Virginia. The only difference about this weekend was that Lisa’s mom was out of town so we would have her house to ourselves. Like many weekends before, we decided to go dancing in Georgetown.

We went to one of our favorite bars first, but it was very crowded and full of Marines who had already had too much to drink. We left and went across the street to a place that had a more “yuppie” atmosphere.

Once we settled in at the bar with our second drink that night, a couple of really cute guys approached us. Their names were Paul and Mark, they had been friends since college, but had just graduated the year before. Lisa and I fell right into a routine we had, where we pretended to be older and wiser than we were. We pretended to be lawyers who worked downtown and lived together in Falls Church. We flirted and fibbed and enjoyed the chemistry we shared with Paul and Mark. They bought us a couple more drinks and we talked and danced. I was really attracted to Paul and it felt like we had known each other a lifetime. He held me close when we danced, my heart raced, and when he kissed me I felt like I wanted to be completely consumed Pendik Escort by him. I couldn’t seem to get close enough to him.

After a couple of hours, it was getting more crowded on the dance floor and we’d long since lost our seats at the bar. We decided that we would go out and get some fresh air. It was still early enough that the liquor store at the end of the block was still open. Mark suggested that we go in and get some wine coolers to drink out by water. Lisa and I followed them in our car to some place on the Potomac that I never knew existed. We got out and watched the airplanes coming in for a landing at National Airport, while we drank some more.

It was dark outside and even though Paul and I weren’t too far away from Mark and Lisa, it was like we were in our own little world. Lying in the grass with Paul’s body close to mine made me so hot. His hands explored my body so hungrily and his kisses made me feel like I would explode. When his tongue wasn’t exploring mine, we were talking and joking around. I came clean about the fact that I was not even 20 yet and definitely not an attorney. He was not surprised and once on the subject of my true age and inexperience, somehow I mentioned that I had been with other men, but I had never had an orgasm. Being a cocky and self-assured playboy, he saw this as a challenge and said that he could change that. Although I had no intention of letting things go that far, I found myself losing control and enjoying every minute with him so when Lisa suggested that we all go back to her house, I agreed.

Once again Lisa and I hopped in one car and the boys in the other, but this time they followed Kurtköy Escort us. We headed over the bridge out of Georgetown and onto I66 headed to Falls Church. The drive didn’t take long but I started to get very nervous, knowing what was going to happen once we got to Lisa’s moms house. Once we were there, we sat in the kitchen and ate some leftover macaroni and cheese and cookies. We were starved from all of the dancing and kissing!

It was awkward sitting there in the harsh kitchen light after most of our time spent together thus far had been in a dark bar and then out under the stars. My shyness abated once Paul began kissing my neck and whispering in my ear that he could help me with my “little problem”. He whispered that he knew just where and how to touch me for a guaranteed orgasm. I giggled but couldn’t deny the chills I felt up my spine as his kisses traveled down from behind my ear lobe, down my neck and over my shoulder. Lisa and Mark were completely absorbed in each other and I don’t think either of them noticed when I grabbed Paul’s hand and led him upstairs.

What I really needed was a cold shower but instead I led Paul into a steaming hot shower. I rubbed the soap over his chest and between his legs slowly while he returned my caresses. After he washed my hair and we grabbed towels we barely made it back to the bedroom. Paul sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me down on to his lap. He rubbed me between my legs while kissing my breast until I was as swollen and wet as I had been an hour before. In one quick motion he flipped me under him and pushed himself inside me. As I lay on my back as he rhythmically pushed harder and Ümraniye Escort faster with each motion. I felt the pressure building inside me and just when I felt like I couldn’t take it, he reached down and stroked me while he continued to move in and out. I just exploded, it was a quick release, and something I had felt coming before, but never finished. As the feeling began to subside I began to feel him pulsing as he released inside me. Paul was pretty pleased with himself; he knew he had lived up to his promise.

Paul left for a minute and returned with a glass of water to share. Once our thirsts were quenched, we began kissing again, and this time he pulled me on top of him. He placed himself at my opening and I began to lower myself onto him. This time I felt like I was in control until he quickly raised his hips pushing himself deep inside me. I quickly began to raise and lower myself as he raised and lowered his hips. This time we came together both quicker and stronger than the first time. I rolled off of and we both collapsed in exhaustion.

As the sun was coming up, I awoke to him coming up from behind me. He entered me while I lay on my side, but this time we went slow and enjoyed our bodies moving as one. We seemed to fit perfectly together and we were in no hurry. Once we finished he held me close and him and we slept, for a few more hours.

Mark and Paul left in the late morning, while Lisa and I slept a few hours more. I was completely exhausted and completely satisfied, reliving the night in my dreams. I never saw Paul again but I dreamed of him often.

Since this story my husband has told me that the thought of me being with another man really turned him on and he would now like have another experience like the one in this story. I do not think I could really go through with it, but I must admit that the idea of it is intriguing. If it ever does happen I will be sure write you another story.

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