My First Time

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This is a true story about my first time, but with some things changed. I am keeping this short since it is a true story so most of the details leading up are pretty bland. When I was 18 my friend, Ryan and I were called to serve and went on a mission to Laos. When we arrived in Thailand, via Chang Rai Airport, Elder Dave, and John welcomed us and took us to the taxi waiting for us. Even though we knew what we were getting into they still took the time to explain that the village they are staying at is not Lao, but Hmong and that it is about a 2 day drive and a full day hike to the remote mountain village of 200. He explained that in the village is a makeshift church and that we’ll be staying in a one room hut elevated above the ground. Instead of going from house or hut to hut, we will help a certain household per month with field work and they will provide food and water. This will help us bond with the villagers and when we talk about God they will listen and attend service when we invite them even if they don’t believe or understand what is happening.

Ryan and I already spoke fluent Hmong since we had a large Hmong community where we are from, and even have Hmong names. Ryan’s is Peng, and mine is Moua. So being there was not much of a culture shock and communication was not hard. We stayed with Elder Dave for about a year when the village was hit with an abnormally bad monsoon. Most of the hut not elevated were damaged. So we had a few Mormon families stay with us for about a week. Once the season was over, we helped a lot of the families staying with us rebuild their huts. When most of them were done, Elder Dave and John’s service ended and they decided to go home. It seems that no one else wanted to do their service here at the village so when ours was done we were supposed to take whoever we converted to a larger village down the mountain where there is a larger local Mormon population.

When Elder Dave and John left we had 1 family left staying with us. A family of 8, mom, dad, 3 sons, a daughter, and 2 daughter in-law. The 2nd son, Tou şişli escort and his wife were married a few days after we arrived and Ryan was asked to sit at the table representing the family friend. In the Hmong wedding there are multiple types of roles besides the best man and bridesmaid. I encourage you guys to look it up. When the hut was done, Tou and Mai wanted to move out and live on their own. So they decided to stay with us a few nights while we got their hut made.

The first night nothing happened, but on the second night I woke up to a faint moaning across the room, I knew that Tou and Mai was having sex from the sounds of things. In the dark I notice that Ryan was jerking off next to me. I instantly got hard and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. It had been so long since I jerked off that I instantly cummed. I am not sure how but Ryan lasted until Tou was done fucking Mai and he got up right when they stopped and walked up and turn on the lantern. I was in the dark corner but I can see that Tou and Mai were both shocked looking at Ryan, and Ryans cock was making a noticeable tent. Ryan just looked at the couple and walked to the edge of the jungle and I can see from his shadow that he was jerking off.

On the third night I stayed up and noticed that Ryan was up too. We waited and after a while we heard light moaning again. Then all of a sudden I saw a figure standing up and moving around. Then I noticed It had a nice pair of breasts and knew it was Mai. She started to ride Tou harder and faster such that I could clearly see her and that’s when Ryan stood up, walked closer, and just started jerking off. Mai looked over in our direction and started grinding even faster. I am not sure why but I was pretty nervous so I just pretended to sleep while jerking off under the blanket. After a few minutes I could hear Tou grunting and when he was done, he was breathing pretty hard.

Then something unexpected happened. Mai got off and started to crawl over to us and I can hear Tou mumble. She crawled right up to Ryan and started giving him a blow job. It was at this time I cummed really hard, and Ryan did not even last a second. He cummed into Mai’s mouth, and Mai just rested her head on Ryan’s lap as he sat down. Ryans must have gotten pretty hard again because before I knew it Ryan was laying down a few feet from me while Mai was riding him. From this close I could see her clearly. She had really smooth skin, her nipple was small and pointy and she was not shaved. She rode Ryan harder than Tou. Instead of grinding she was moving up and down making small slapping sound, Ryan then stood up with her crossing her leg around him to keep her self from slipping and stared to fuck her standing up. She must have cummed 3 to 4 times since she hugged Ryan really tight a few times while grunting a little. When Ryan cummed this time he did a couple of deep thrust, and they both laid down and Tou came over and started fucking her missionary style. Then Mai turned and started to crawl towards me mid fuck. She took the blanket off and started to give me a blow job,I was paralyzed and I did not know what to do since I was a virgin, and Tou caught up and start fucking her doggy style.

By this time I already cummed 3 times but I got hard again and when I cum I could see that it squirted and got across her face. It did not take long, but as Tou cummed inside of her I got hard and she started to ride me. I could feel her tight pussy as I entered her with it getting looser the deeper as I went in, while the tight grip moved closer to the base of my cock, feeling her pubic hair touch mine. I have never been that hard before, I was like a metal rod and my penis head was so swollen I felt it spreading her pussy everything she moved up close to the tip. Every time her pussy caress the cock head, my cock twitched a little.

It wasn’t until the slapping sounds got louder that I snapped and became more conscious of my surroundings. Suddenly I was worried that someone might hear and I started to go limp, but she made a circular move with her hip that stimulated the tip of my cock, sending a shock of ecstasy throughout my body that I squirted inside of her, curling my toes as my body seized up.

Mai then bent down and started kissing me and sticking her tongue in my mouth. It was one of the greatest sensations I have ever and my cock got hard again instantly. She then got up and started riding me up and down again and started the load slapping sound again. That’s when I noticed that Ryan and Tou were standing behind her, jerking and I realized something. I was bigger than them both. Tou and Ryan were about the same size at about 6 inches, while I measured myself closer to 6.8 inches and I definitely have a bigger head than them. This explained why she was mostly grinding them and she was full on fucking me since I had more to work with. She then started to cum and her pussy became a vice grip, Mai then started doing the circular motion again with her hip while she had the vice grip on me and I started to thrust harder and deeper. I arched my hips and started air pumping her up and down as I thrust into her when I cummed.

I then laid down exhausted while she laid on top of me. Ryan cummed afterwards and went to sleep next to me. Tou for some reason did not come was still pretty hard. He just looked at Mai but she just lay on top of me so he just went back to his mat alone. I then turned Mai over so we could sleep on our side and she slept between me and Ryan for most of the night. When I woke up later that night she was already back with Tou.

The next morning was a bit awkward, but we had breakfast and helped finish their hut and then they moved out later that day. We never had an experience like that ever again. Sometimes Ryan and I would wake up and jerk off together but nothing would ever beat that experience. After our service was done we helped some of the Hmong that converted to Mormonism to the larger village and Ryan and I came home. As Ryan and I grew up we became less involved with the church but are still good friends and are both happily married and still talk about that night whenever we are alone. I always wonder how many people had sex while they were on their mission since I rarely heard anyone talk about sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32