My First Time

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We had been officially dating for almost two months, but we’d known each other for four years. We had been good friends. In fact, when we met, he was engaged to someone else and became more like my big brother, a figure I desperately needed in my life away at college having just lost my father who meant the world to me. He had married, then his wife left him and he moved away. I had gotten a letter from him out of the blue almost two years later and our friendship picked up where we’d left off. After only a month he expressed interest in dating me, but I turned him down. I truly saw him like a big brother and I couldn’t stomach the idea of a romantic relationship with him. He backed off and we continued to write and talk on the phone for several months. Slowly, and I didn’t even notice it happening, I fell in love with him. Six months later he asked again to date me and this time I said yes.

He lived 400 miles away, so I only got to see him one weekend a month when he would drive down. My sister and brother-in-law would put him up at their house. I was living with my mother. So, when he offered to give me a job, I jumped at the chance. He was working residential construction drywalling a new house. He drove down and picked me up, and we stayed with the guy who was his business partner. He put out a futon mattress for us in the living room. Being galant, I was given the mattress and he slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. It got very cold that night, the guy had left the window open. I just had a tee shirt and shorts for pajamas. I crawled over to my boyfriend’s duffel bag and dug out his hoodie. I put that on and wound myself up in the sheet, but I was still very cold. So I scooted over to him, hoping I would get some heat from being near him. Being a former Marine, you don’t sneak up on him, not that I was trying. But as I moved next to him he startled awake and asked if I was okay. I told him I was cold. He unzipped his sleeping bag and used it more like a blanket, and pulled me into his arms. I warmed up quite nice and was able to go back to sleep.

Well, having slept in his arms once, I liked it, so the next night I snuggled up to him again. This time he wasn’t all that sleepy. He started kissing me. He was a great kisser. His lips caressed mine, teased them open and then would lick them and suck my tongue. Bakırköy escort But then, he rolled over a little to where he was almost on top of me. He deepened the kiss and ran his hand up and down my arm, then up and down my thigh and hip. He nudged his knee between mine and pressed against my other thigh. I gasped, but he covered my mouth with his. Next thing I knew, his hand had slipped under my shirt and was cupping my breast. He kneaded it gently and teased the nipple with his thumb. I started breathing heavily as I started to tighten between my legs. His lips moved from my lips to my ear where he nipped at the lobe. He placed kisses up and down my throat while he kneaded my breast more firmly. His knee slipped up to nestle between my legs. He lifted off me a little and pulled up my shirt to expose my breasts. I gasped and tried to twist away, but he quickly bent his head down and took my nipple between his lips and began to suckle. It was like fireworks going off in my head. I groaned and arched toward him. He rubbed his knee firmly between my legs, making me wet. I ran my hands up and down his arms and across his back. I loved feeling his taut muscles under my palms. He lifted his head and moved his lips to my ear.

“Touch me.”

I was a bit confused, because I was touching him, so I ran my hands over his chest and arms and back a little harder, kneading his shoulders. Then he took one of my hands and started moving it down his chest and down his stomach and lower still…. and I squeaked and pulled my hand away, scared. I buried my face in his chest. His mouth came back to my ear.

“Have you ever been with a man before?”

I shook my head no. He pulled me close and just laid there for a few moments.

“Turn over, honey.”

I rolled over on my stomach and he pulled my tee shirt off. He lay there beside me gently running his hands over my back, kneading my shoulders. His hands moved gently, slowly, rhytmically over my back. Slowly he maneuvered over me.

“Prop yourself up on your elbows.”

I did, and both his hands slid under me and moved up to cup both breasts. He nestled himself against my butt at the juncture of my legs. His lips came down and began nipping at my neck and shoulder, his breath caressing over my skin. He rubbed his palms against Bakırköy escort bayan my nipples and kneaded my breasts. Then he started moving against me. I started breathing heavy again.

“You feel so good, honey. I love touching you. I want to make it good for you.” His breath tickled my ear.

“It does feel good. But, I’m scared.” I told him.

“There is nothing to be scared of. Trust me.”

He buried his face in my neck and grinded himself against me, pinching my nipples. Suddenly the fluttering between my legs began to tighten and throb. He rubbed harder, kissing my neck and suddenly I began convulsing.

“Oh my god!” I hissed and buried my head into the pillow. His hands were on my arms and my back.

“Was it good?” he whispered.

I couldn’t speak. He rolled me over and began kissing me again, his hands sliding down my side to my shorts. Somehow he pulled them off. Then I felt a rush of cool air as he rolled onto his side and slid off his sweat pants. He was back on me and I gasped to feel his firm, hot rod against my thigh. His lips covered mine again and his hand went back to my breast. He teased me gently with both tongue and fingers until I was arching against him again. His lips trailed down my throat and latched on to a nipple. He pinched and twisted and teased it with his lips, then lapped it with his tongue. His hand was molding the other and he was rubbing himself against my thigh. Suddenly he was on top of me, claiming my lips again and sliding between my legs. I panicked for a moment, and pushed against him, but he nipped at my lip and drove himself deep inside me. For a moment we just laid there, me adjusting to the feeling of him pulsing inside. Then he began moving, and I couldn’t help but moan deep in my throat and say oh god, oh god. He lifted up to look at me and then started pounding me, my breasts jumping up and down.

“I love seeing your breasts dance in the moonlight.”

I arched up to meet his hips and started moving my hips to match his. I was growing tight between my legs again, clamping down on his rigid length. I felt like I would go mad from the suspense. Then he laid back down on me and drove harder, deeper until I saw stars and it felt like i exploded inside. Inside I was convulsing on him and I felt escort Bakırköy him shudder and warmth empty into me. He rolled us onto our sides, facing each other and he ran his lips down my temple and my cheek, then kissed me on the lips.

“How was that?”

“Wow.” was all I could say. I nestled against his chest and we were both alseep in no time.

Early in the morning I woke up, for a moment stunned I was naked and in bed with a naked man. But the events of the night before came flooding back and I nestled up against his back, pressing my breasts against him. I ran my hand slowly down his side, along his hip and down his muscular leg. I had never been so close to a man and felt so comfortable. Out of curiosity I let my hand slip around to the front, between his legs. I cupped the limp tool, then ran my fingers over it. It began to stiffen. I then clamped my hand around it and held it as it grew. He started awake and turned to look at me. I began running my hand up and down his length. He moaned.

“This is a nice way to wake up.” He pulled me down so he could kiss me and cup my breast. I continued to pump him up and down until he got slick. He pushed the covers away.

“Sit on me.” he said huskily. I sat up and stradled him, and he put his hands on my hips and guided me onto him and pulled me down. I felt him fill me up all at once. He began to move slowly, and with his hands guided me to move my hips until I was sliding up and down on his pole. His hands then slid around to cup my breasts. His calloused thumbs teased over my nipples. It got me tight very quickly. When I would thrust down, taking him deep inside me he would moan and arch up to meet me. Then I would pull away, almost completely exposing him except for the tip and ride up and down just on that, making him stiffen and grab my breasts.

“Ride me, ride me hard.”

His hands were on my hips again, urgently pushing me up and down. I started moving faster, my breasts jumping and swaying. His hands were on my breasts again, his palms against them lightly so he could enjoy the sensation of them bouncing and swaying against him, and in turn it teased my nipples. I kept pumping on him, harder, faster, growing tighter and tighter inside, my nipples tingling. Then it was like something snapped inside and I started convulsing on his shaft. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down and held me down on him as he arched up and reached further inside me. Suddenly he was throbbing inside and let out a gutteral moan. I collapsed onto his chest, legs splayed, him still inside.

“Good morning, sunshine,” he whispered in my ear.

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