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When I was a little bit younger, I had one good friend in my neighborhood. His name was Kelvin and his family were pretty good friends of mine. When we were kids we would sleep over at each others houses all the time, especially since we lived so close to each other. As we grew older, we didn’t spend the night anymore. I mean I was 18 now and it seemed past the age for it but we both wanted to. While I believe Kelvin just wanted to spend the night so we could play video games until late or make general mischief, I had other reasons.

You see, Kelvin had a sister named Rachana, who I had a crush on. When I was over at his house, I would always check her out and we would exchange a few jokes and teases between each other. She was the same age as my sister, making her two years older than me. She, like Kelvin, was Indian, or more specifically, Gujarit. She was a very petite girl with long dark black hair, cute small perky tits, and tight little ass. She had light brown eyes, a button nose, and freckles, which aren’t very common among Indians, but it made her look very cute.

Anyways, it was no secret I liked Rachana. Kelvin knew it, even though I never explicitly told his so. But I didn’t want to spend the night at his house because I desired see Rachana more, but because I desire to see more of Rachana. Kelvin used to tell me how he would sometimes spy on his sister. Since the fans in their bathrooms didn’t work, their father made them shower with the doors cracked open so moisture wouldn’t collect on the ceiling. Anyways, that isn’t important. What was important was that it allowed Kelvin to spy on his sister showering. He would describe her body to me, which made me horny, but I wanted to see it. He told me if I spent the night sometime, there was a good chance I could see.

I finally got my chance one time. For the first time in years I was going to spend the night at Kelvin’s house during the summer. Yet it was doomed from the start. His grandparents were staying with them, and they never would leave the house. Whenever Rachana would go to the shower, we would try to sneak a peak, but his grandma was always around, cleaning the hallway or watching tv. In the end, while I had a few close calls, I never got to see Rachana naked during the time I spent there.

It didn’t help that a few months later Kelvin told me he had spied on his sister masturbating in her room. The mere thought of this made me very horny, and I started to masturbate while dreaming about Rachana. While I never masturbated all that much in general, I did more because of these thoughts of Rachana, and soon enough, it would take me longer and longer to finally cum. I was a virgin, but I guess all this practice wouldn’t hurt since I knew I at least wouldn’t prematurely ejaculate my first time, and how badly I wanted it to be with Rachana.

It seemed I would finally get another chance at seeing Rachana naked again when my parents announced they were going on a trip for 3 weeks. While my sister and I were more than old enough to stay at home alone for that time (I was almost 19, she was 21), our neighborhood was going through a rough patch, and so they explicitly told us we had to stay with other people. I figured I could just spend the time with Kelvin, but there was a hiccup. Although I could stay at their place for around 2 weeks, Kelvin, his dad and Rachana were suppose to go up to Canada for something, so I would have to spend the night at someone else’ house for a few days. My sister on the other hand could go house hopping, so she wouldn’t be hanging around Kelvin and Rachana’s house with me. To make things better, Kelvin’s grandparents were back in India for a few months, so pendik escort no more of his grandma ruining my chances.

When I went over to Kelvin’s house, I learned the plan had changed. Rachana was no longer going with Kevin to Canada, but instead staying at home with her mom. There was some big argument over it, so I didn’t ask why, but Rachana seemed very happy about not going. I also learned that I would have to spend 2 days at Kelvin’s house even after he was gone before I would go to my other friend’s house for the remainder of my parent’s trip. I was none to happy about the whole 2 day thing, but I didn’t mind much in the end, as you will undoubtedly see.

It actually happened on the second day. It was very early in the morning and Kevin shook me awake. He told me his sister was in the shower, and probably would be finishing up soon. We quickly but quietly ran to the bathroom, and peaked threw the crack in the door. It was rather small, maybe only 3 inches wide but it was good enough for me to see the entire bathroom. Soon enough, Rachana finished and stepped out of the shower. I was finally gonna see her naked, and it didn’t disappoint. As I stood their gasping for air, there she was in all her glory. The first thing I noticed was her boobs looked bigger than I thought, with her nipples being very pointy and were brown with slight pinkish tips. I couldn’t really see her pussy, as her pubic hair was all wet and sticking to her body, covering her. Eventually she dried herself completely, and I was shocked that she had such a thick bush. I could see the folds of her vagina threw the hair, so it wasn’t like an afro between her legs, but it didn’t look like she shaved that often. But it did make me very hot and that night, while Kelvin slept, I jacked off to the mere thought of it all.

A few days later, I was able to see her again, this time without Kelvin even knowing. While I watched her dry herself this time though, I stroked my rock hard cock, but nearly jumped out of my skin when it seemed she had caught me, but she was just opening the door slightly more to let the steam out. Even so, it gave me quiet a fright and I didn’t attempt to see her the next day as I was afraid I was pushing my luck now.

One time, when Kelvin wasn’t around, I was sitting in his room watching TV when Rachana came in. She would do this from time to time, mostly to make small talk and then leave shortly. But this time she hung around a bit more than usual. I began to suspect she wanted to tell me something, when she finally made her move. She was rather blunt and asked if I had ever spied on her in the shower. Now, I knew I was caught, but I played that I had no idea what she was talking about. Yet I am a horrible liar, and I stuttered my answer. She then smiled at me, nearly winking, saying that it was okay if I did, and that next time, she’d leave the door cracked open a little bit wider next time. She then left as quietly as she came.

I didn’t dare tell Kelvin about this, but the next time I heard the shower go off, I asked Kelvin if I could go watch Rachana. He told me it was okay, and that he’d make us breakfast while I did my deed. Barely able to contain my excitement, I rushed to see Rachana, and just as she said, the door was noticeably open more than usual. I then watched her as she dried herself off and got dressed in the bathroom. I kept looking at her face to see if she was watching me too, but she never glanced at me, just looked at herself in mirror even though I was obviously right there outside the door.

Anyways, Kelvin and his dad finally left for Canada, and I figured I would just spend the next two days playing video games and getting maltepe escort glimpses of Rachana’s nude body whenever I could get a chance. Little did I know, that I would be seeing and doing much more.

It was around 8 in the morning, and Rachana came running into the room. She crawled up next to me and asked if I wanted to see some really big jugs. I figured she was just going to show me some picture on the internet, but I agreed anyways. To my surprise, she took my hand and we walked down the hall, past her room and into her parents bedroom. I could then hear the noise of a shower, and Rachana motioned me to look. I looked threw the crack of the master bedroom bathroom door, and noticed Rachana’s mom’s silhouette behind the glass door of the shower. Now Rachana’s mom was a very average looking lady who was a little bit fat. She had fairly big breasts, and although they slightly sagged, when she finally stepped out of the shower, I saw how spectacular they were in the flesh. Also, like her daughter, she apparently kept her pubic hair a la natural.

About an hour later, Rachana ran into the room I was in again. Her mom finally had left for work and Rachana seemed very horny. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t either, and the box of condoms in her hand took me over the edge. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, and nearly pinched myself to see if this was all real.

Rachana took my hand and guided me into her room. I was so nervous, I muttered that this was gonna be my first time. I then asked if she had done this before, to which she just laughed. Then then quickly stripped, and I did the same. We then began to kiss, which I had done before, so I didn’t embarrass myself. Yet my eyes kept wandering down to her chest, and although I fondled her perky little titties while we kissed passionately, I really wanted to wrap my lips around them. I think she knew what I was thinking, and when I began to kiss her neck and the top of her chest, she just told me to go for it. I then wrapped my tongue around her right nipple, and sucked as if I was trying to get milk out of it. I must have spent like 5 minutes on that nipple alone before I gave the left one the attention it deserved.

I then began to eye something farther down, and made my way to her vagina. We then lay on her bed in a near 69 position, with my face a mere few inches from her pussy. I parted the hair and pussy lips to see the inside of the folds. She was very wet, and the lips of her pussy were wrinkly and brown on the outside, and slightly pink on the inside. Her clit was also very erect now, and it looked starved for a touch. While I never had gone down on a girl, I figured I did a good job as my touch made her body quiver every time I made my tongue go around it in a counterclockwise motion. After a while, I began to feel my penis get filled with blood and harden. Rachana didn’t give me much warning, and began to suck me. We then stood in the true 69 position, orally pleasing each other. Her sucking skills though were just too excellent, and I couldn’t keep tonguing her genitals any longer without having to go up for big breathes of air.

I felt I was about to blow, and I let Rachana know. But my warning didn’t seem to effect her, as she was now deep throating my dick, and I was amazed she could even breathe. I then began to shoot load after load into her mouth. A small squirt, then a big one, then a small one, then another big one, and with every ejaculation, I could see her swallowing one load after another. When I was finished, I looked at her, giving her a stare about now only how amazed I was, but how impressed I was as well.

Rachana then gave me the eye, and I knew kartal escort exactly what was coming next. I picked out one of the condoms from the box, tore open the packaging and put the condom on. I then inched towards Rachana, as she laid there on the bed like a calm angel. I then approached her from above, whispered for her to help guide me in, and with her hand as my guide, slowly entered her. At first, I couldn’t get all the way in, but as I thrust a few times, I got deeper and deeper until I filled her all the way to the hilt. I looked down, and it almost seemed surreal. My member was buried deep in the darkness of her bush and inside of this girl I had lusted for so long.

Her public hair almost tickled me as I moved rhythmically up and down. Her hips were moving as well, and it seemed like almost as if we were truly one, with every one of my thrust coinciding with her own thrust. It was a beautiful push and pull between us, and we were both loving it. I continued to fondle her breast as I fucked her, sometimes licking her nipples and sometimes kissing her raspberry lips. She had one hand caressing the small of my back, with the other hand down by her waste. She used two of her fingers to slightly spread her pussy lips and her middle finger to rub her clit ever so slightly.

I knew all those times I masturbated had to count for something, since I think we had been having sex for nearly 25 minutes and I was no where near cumming. Rachana on the other hand seemed to be cumming every 5 minutes, with her chest thrusting forward ever so often. She then began to hold me tighter and tighter, her nipples pressing against my abs. She didn’t even let me pull out of her any bit, instead shaking her butt and hips with me inside her. She was grinding me now and after 10 more minutes, I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. It all came so suddenly, and I began to cum while inside her. I must have kept shooting into the condom for nearly 3 minutes, as every time I though I was done ejaculating, I would just cum more and more. I then relaxed my hold on Rachana, and she knew what had just happened.

I pulled out of her, my whole body red and flush, and my penis almost aching because it was so sensitive. Rachana was sweaty like me, and her face was noticeably red as well. We exchanged a few naughty glances and slight laughs and I pulled the condom off. I was still very close to her, and accidentally spilled some cum on her, with some of it getting on her bush. She laughed it off, and brushed the whiteness out of her black pubic hair.

For the rest of the day, Rachana and I spent more time inside each other than out. We tried every position we could think of. We fucked super slowly and then we fucked machine fast. We had sex in her parents room and in Kelvin’s room. We had sex on the couch and on the counter. We even had sex on the toilet and on the carpet in the hallway. She showed off her flexibility and creativity while I showed off my endurance. I honestly don’t remember how many times we did it, but that box of condoms had almost 10 condoms in it to begin with and there was only one left when we were all done.

That evening her mom came back from work, and we both acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened between Rachana and I. Yet we couldn’t stop looking at each other, and I could only imagine what her mom was thinking as we kept snickering and glancing at each other from across the dinner table.

That night, Rachana came into Kelvin’s room while I was getting ready for bed. She whispered to me something about whether she should shave her pubic hair or not. I told her not to, as I kind of liked it. She smiled, and gave me a little flash of her pubes before leaving the room. I slept like a baby that night, only then realizing how exhausted I was after the days activities. I knew I had one day left at Kelvin’s house, and I could only imagine what could happen.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32