My Girlfriend Christine

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Big Tits

I knew my girlfriend since high school and she was as prim and proper as any traditional Chinese family trained girl would be. That meant bad luck for me as for quite a while I had to satisfy myself by simply holding hands and have my arm around her. Then we moved on to some light kissing and eventually some heavy kissing and some light petting. However one time when we were celebrating, just the two of us, having reached our drinking age with some beer, I noticed something different with her. She seemed flushed and all excited.

I believe at this point a brief introduction is at hand. My name is Michael and my girlfriend’s name is Christine. Christine is about 4’10”, weighs 40kg and has a nice pair of 38B boobs with two extremely sensitive nipples to top them off. She has light brown hair, with streaks of highlight on it, that go below her shoulder. She’s recently curled them slightly at the bottom and put on a pair of blue contact lenses. She has definitely succeeded in looking like those Japanese “kawaii” girls you see on magazines.

Back to her being flushed and excited. As we drank the petting and kissing became wetter and heavier. Usually she keeps her clothes on but this time she seems to disregard her t-shirt riding high and exposing almost her bra. We took a break and she told me that she felt very hot and restricted and whether I could help her take her t-shirt off.

Of course I’d be more than willing. She was wearing a short, flair skirt that was about 12 inches long and usually one would be treated to a sight of her perfectly rounded pair of bums and the variety of colored t-backs that she wore. She complained that g-strings Bostancı Escort weren’t as comfortable.

In her bra, skirt and undies, I already made a breakthrough that granted me access to most of her skin. And I took the opportunity to touch her all over. It was then I felt a wet patch on her white panties. So I continued my efforts on her inner thighs and she had her eyes closed, lying on my bed and her legs gradually spreading apart.

The heat I felt emanating from her pussy was intense.

As I kept on pleasuring her inner thighs, I fondled and kissed her top half. She was totally flushed now and had kept on taking a swig of the beer every now and then. We have downed 10 cans between the both of us and we haven’t had much experience in drinking before this. Also I suspect that she would have drank more than I. So I rode my luck tried to take off her bra which surprisingly she let me.

So for the first time I had full access to her tits and I had every intent to suck on her nipples until she begged me to stop. So I toyed with them, licked them, sucked them and the wet patch on her panties and progressed to the point where she totally soaked her panties.

Having had my fill of her tits, I tried to go south. Kissing and stroking as I go along and she started moaning. I again tested the water by tugging on her skirt and she asked me to take them off for her. After the skirt was gone she asked me to take off her panties as well. How could I not obliged?!

Finally she was naked before my very eyes and I was hungry for more. After she took another swig I immediately dive down south and attempted my Anadolu Yakası Escort first tasting of her sweet nectar. I suppose my first attempt wasn’t all that bad as I had her moaning even louder, her hands on the back of my head pushing my hard onto her pussy and she was leaking more and more juice.

After a while of pure tongue ecstasy, I decided to test the waters again and while licking and sucking on her clit I started to finger her a little. Starting by stroking the outside of her slit and feel the juices collecting on my finger and dripping all the way to my hands. I kept going on until I made sure she was totally at ease and then I started to insert my finger a little bit.

Christine’s moaning now and become loud and with bated breath. I knew she was getting really high from the alcohol and my administration. So I started to insert more of my finger into her and she came for the first time. Being traditional Chinese folks masturbation for girls are pretty rare cases so being her first orgasm she came pretty hard and lasted quite a while.

By the time it ended, my bed sheet was totally soaked with her free flowing of juices. She was totally flushed and breathing as though she had just finished a marathon.

After having the opportunity to pleasure her I thought that was the end of business but her hunger was more than I anticipated. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her now! It wasn’t a beg or a plea or a sexy flirt. She practically growled out, “I want you to fuck me now!”

Knowing that she came from such a background her words stunned me but I immediately gathered back my senses and Pendik Escort stripped myself naked. Needless to say my 8 inches have already gotten ready in the foreplay and merely waiting to be included in the action.

Being out first time I slid myself in slowly into her and boy was she wet! I would never forget the feeling of being inside her for the first time. Her pussy was so incredibly tight! And not to mention it was so hot in there. For a second I feared that my cock was going to be cooked inside there. Her juices continued to flow providing lubrication.

After I managed to slid in all the way and checked that she was not in pain. I started to pick up speed and build up a rhythm. By now she was really moaning out loud. Luckily no one was at home or else I was quite sure anyone and everyone could hear her.

I was still being cautious and maintaining a slow rhythm but it seemed to frustrate her as her burning pussy needed a pounding.

“Fuck me harder!” was all she said and I took the cue. Immediately I picked up pace and pounded her as hard as I could and she moaned louder and louder. After fifteen minutes of giving all I can give I was close to cumming and realizing that I wasn’t having and protection I pulled out right before I ejaculated.

Before I pulled out I gave her two more hard thrusts and that was all she could take as she came hard on me as I pulled my dick out as quick as possible and sprayed my cum all over her. Some hit her stomach, some hit her pair of mounds. After that I collapsed beside her as we both sucked in air.

Five minutes later we gathered our breath as she played with the cum on her. Spreading it even all over her body making it glistering under the evening light shining through my window. What a sight! She climbed on me and kissed me hard.

After that first time she became another person when it came to sex and there were many more adventures to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32