My Gym Bunny Sister Pt. 02

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I woke up in almost the same position I fell asleep in with my hand cupping Emma’s breast and her fit bum against my groin.

I felt so ashamed of what I did last night with my own sister. Emma started to wake, her bum pushed against me and started to grind against my crotch which I noticed was hard with morning wood.

She put her hand down her top on top of mine and pressed my hand on to her breasts. I could feel her soft tits filling her satin bra. My cock started growing and digging into her perfect bum.

She let out a few moans and I started really groping her breasts. All of a sudden she stopped and took my hand off and got out of bed. My cock still hard and her breasts now visible due to my excited groping.

She went to my shower and locked the door. She was in there about 30 minutes and then went straight to her room.

I went to the kitchen and made us some shakes for breakfast. She came down in some skinny blue jeans and a white sheer top. I could see the detail on her white bra it was that see through.

She Beylikdüzü Anal Escort thanked me for the shake and told me she was going out for a few hours of shopping alone.

I was disappointed because she looked fit to fuck and every guy in town would be looking at her with little being left to the imagination.

She walked out the door with her car keys in her hand and didn’t come back for 5 hours. I was walking around horny and frustrated for the whole time. I could have watched a little porn or even wanked over the memory of last night but I decided to save myself.

The front door was open and Emma just let herself in with about 10 bags of shopping from lots of shops like ASDA and Primark and a few from some classy places.

She said hello to me and told me she’d come back down in a few minutes after she put her stuff away.

I must admit I was excited by the whole thing. I didn’t know what to expect but I was intrigued.

I was watching TV when Emma walked in wearing an actual nurse Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort outfit. Not the kinky kind you get from Ann Summers but a real nurse outfit with the little watch and everything.

It hugged her curves perfectly and was obviously meant to be worn with trousers but tonight it showed me her sexy legs. She was wearing red lip stick which she didn’t have on when she left. Her breasts were only about a C cup but the outfit was a little small on her which made it obvious her tits were falling out of her bra underneath.

My eyes mentally fucking her hadn’t notice her sit down next to me. She whispered in my ear “Do you like?”

I reached into my shorts and took out my erection.

“I take that as a yes” she giggled sexily.

“Want to know how I got hold of a real uniform?”

“I met a doctor while I was taking a break from shopping in Costa. He lived right in town and took me back to his place. He was not great looking but I thought I could get a little something out of him Beylikdüzü Elit Escort like a doctors coat maybe and one of them heartbeat things?”

“But I got better.”

She was stroking my erection. I knew I was not going to last long at all!

“I took his small little prick in my mouth for about 10 minutes.”

“He pulled my hands to my breasts and got me to press them together around his shaft he started to thrust. I couldn’t believe I was giving him a tit wank.

“My hips started to meet his hand which was fingering me at the same time as he continued to fuck my tits.”

“The shock of his cum hitting my neck and chest was a relief.”

“He stopped with his fingers and sat me up. His cum now dripping down my chest and onto my bra. The cum stains are still there you know” She said with a smile still stroking my hard cock.

“I asked him after I got dressed again I asked him what his wife was doing right now.”

“He told me she was at work at the hospital as she was a nurse. That’s when I told him I wanted a uniform to take or I would tell his wife.”

“And the rest is history… And it looks like you have cum all over my hand” She laughed.

I was so hot from the idea that she had been touched by another man and his cum was still on her. I was annoyed that I didn’t last with her looking so sexy, but the night was still very young!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32