My Loving Step Mother Ch. 06

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It was fun settling in to the new, still loving, but now very sexual relationship with my step mother. As weeks past we explored on another more and more. My step mother, Terri, leaned of my love of her panties and pantyhose, and how it got me off to see her pussy through her tight pants and shorts. I had learned that Terri likes sex to be a little rough sometimes, and that she likes to be spanked and pinched. And I came to realize how much I loved doing these things to her.

I was very young, somewhat immature, and very inexperienced when Terri and I began our new relationship. I wanted to make sure that I was pleasing her so I started doing some research. I watched a lot of videos, read sex manuals, studied the Kama Sutra, and found friends I could talk to about my situation and my step mother’s needs.

While reading I came across some material that covered submissiveness. This was not something I was familiar with, but as I read I began to think that Terri was either openly, or inwardly submissive. I decided that this was worth exploring further.

Terri had spent much of the afternoon in the sun, but I was studying for a summer college program so although I was as tempted as always, I left her to her tanning and just peeked at her through the window. In the late afternoon as she came back inside she hadn’t bothered to put her bikini top on. She strutted her little bubble but, wrapped in a tight and tiny bikini bottom, right through the family room and in to the kitchen. She knew that she had my attention, and that I was staring at her ass as she opened the fridge and bent over to grab a water bottle from the bottom shelf. Before she reached for the water she slid her index fingers into the leg openings of her bikini and pulled the sweaty material out of the crack of her ass. My cock began to grow immediately.

Terri took her water, looked over her shoulder and winked, and told me she was going to take a nice long shower. She may as well have taken a lipstick and written Fuck Me all over herself. My step mother is such a tease, but unlike my 18 year old girl friends, Terri never failed to put out.

I let Terri have a few minutes to get good and comfy in the shower before I walked in on her. At first I just watched. My step mother is so gorgeous; I was in awe for a few minutes as she touched herself. She massaged her breasts long past simply washing, and then she leaned her back against the wall of the shower and let both hands wander to her pussy. I was quietly enjoying the show as my step mother masturbated. With one hand she rubbed her clit, and with the other she began fingering herself. Terri didn’t open her eyes, but I know that she knew I was watching. She was masturbating as much for me as for herself.

Terri was now using both hands on her cunt, opening herself wide with her fingers. My eyes were glued to her as I had not seen her do this before. She was giving me a naughty anatomy lesson, and I was a good student. I could see her swollen and erect clitoris, her pee hole, and her puffy labia, all displayed for my pleasure. When Terri turned around and reached back with both hands to pry her ass cheeks open I almost came in my shorts. Her back was arched inward and her ass jutted out, and she had a very firm grip on her lily white cheeks. The pure white of her ass, and her ass crack were an amazing contrast to the rest of her tanned body. The way she had her ass pushed back I could see her long pussy lips hanging down, and the puckered slit of her asshole looked like it was aching for my tongue.

I had taken all the teasing I could stand. I quickly stripped naked and looked down at my cock. It was so hard that the swollen head looked angry and the skin on the head of my cock was so taut that it shined. As I opened the shower door my step mother played as if surprised and embarrassed. She made an attempt to cover herself, although there was no part of her body I had not laid my eyes, and tongue, on. I gently pushed her up against the shower wall, and standing behind her I began fondling her body. My erection was pressing against her ass and sliding across bursa anal yapan escort her hips. We were not speaking as my hands massaged her back and shoulders. I made the decision that this was a perfect time to see just how submissive my step mother might be.

With Terri still pressed against the shower wall, I wrapped one arm around her, my hand finding her tits, and with my finger I began pinching a nipple. My other hand slid up her back, between her shoulders and up her neck. I now had a full handful of my step mother’s hair and as I pulled her head back I spoke into her ear, “get on your knees.”

Terri was caught off guard and tried to look back at my face as she said, “What?”

I released my grip of her boob and slapped my hand hard onto her wet bare ass cheek. The sound was surprisingly loud due to the confinement of the shower, and the wetness of her skin. I had spanked her much harder than I had planned, but it felt so good.

“Owwww” Terri said, but she didn’t kneel, so I slapped her ass again.

Pulling her head back by her hair again, “I told you to get on your knees,” I whispered directly into her ear. This time I didn’t give her any time to respond before slapping her ass again.

“Baby,” she whimpered, still standing. This earned her several more slaps to her perfect ass.

After a dozen very hard spanks Terri’s ass cheek was bright red, and at this point I became more forceful. Dragging her down by pulling her hair I spoke much louder, “I told you to get on your knees, and I meant it.” Terri dropped to her knees and quickly turned to face me. My cock was now pointing directly at her face. I reach out and now held my step mother by a handful of hair on top of her head. “Open your mouth,” I commanded. Terri just stared up at me with the sexiest pout on her face, like she couldn’t believe I was treating her this way. But, I had come this far, and I was going to go all the way.

“I said open your mouth mom.” My step mother’s almost playful defiant pout quickly turned to shock as my open hand slapped across her face. Her cheek now stinging, Terri complied, looking up and opening her mouth wide as I raised my hand to deliver another slap. Instead of slapping her again I pulled her head forward, pushing my cock all the way into her throat.

I fucked Terri’s throat for several minutes, and I even held my open hand up a few times, threatening to slap her again. I found that this encouraged Terri to become very excited about sucking my cock. At one point I did slap her face again, while my cock was still in her mouth, “don’t forget my balls,” I said. Terri quickly adjusted herself so she could suck my balls before returning to my shaft.

I could feel my balls tightening and I really wanted to fuck Terri’s throat hard. I stepped forward slightly, causing her to grab my ass to keep from falling over. She was now having a hard time balancing herself and ended up just sitting on her butt as I fucked her mouth. She had lost all pretense of control. Her legs were straight out, and her arms were now limp at her sides. As I bucked forward, thrusting into her mouth, the back of Terri’s head had banged a few times into the shower wall. By the time I came, with the head of my cock wedged into her throat, I was holding her by both sides of her head, my step mother’s head was firmly pressed against the shower wall as she surrendered to accepting my semen. She really didn’t need to swallow because my cum had spurted right down her throat. I could hear her gurgling a little, but she never gagged. She had completely submitted to being used for my pleasure.

As I released Terri’s head and stepped back, my cock slipped from her mouth. Terri sat there on her ass, body limp, mouth still wide open, and she was looking up at me expressionless. If I had still been hard I could have put my cock right back into her mouth and she would have accepted it without question. I sat down in the shower with her, and as soon as I did, she laid her head on my shoulder and began kissing my neck and face. We sat bursa eskort there in the spray of the shower kissing for a few minutes before I stood back up. I had learned something new about my step mother, and I knew it would bring me much pleasure. I opened the shower door and looked down at Terri and said, “I’ll see you at dinner, and I want you in a dress and looking perfect.” I knew I had her when she bit her lower lip.

I decided to go out for a couple of hours and not come back until dinner time. I came home right as Terri was putting dinner on the table. She didn’t hear me come in so I walked up and embraced her from behind. She was not at all startled as she melted into my arms. I was gentle and tender as I kissed her neck, enjoying her scent as I caressed her hips and belly.

I stepped back to enjoy the sight of this beautiful woman. She was wearing a soft pink and white dress that really showed of her tan and her ample cleavage, and her 3 inch strappy sandals gave her thighs a perfect curve. The dress was snug across her belly and ass and accentuated her curvy hips. Her hair was perfect, as was her make-up. I noticed that Terri had gone a little heavier than normal with her mascara and eyeliner which she knew turned me on. As I turned her to kiss her mouth her hand slid down to my crotch and she gripped my cock through my jeans as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I had one hand on the back of her head and the other gripping her ample ass as we kissed for a few moments.

“Dinner’s ready baby” she said as she sat at the table.

As I sat across from her all I could think about was having her for dinner. We ate and chatted about the week past, and the week ahead. There was nothing sexual in our chat; it was a quite average mother son conversation, other that the fact that as I looked at her I knew I was completely in love.

As we finished eating Terri removed all the dishes from the table as our conversation continued. When the entire table was cleared she called from the kitchen, “are you ready for dessert?”

I hadn’t seen any dessert, but I said, “sure” with a smile.

Terri walked back into the dining room and bent over and kissed me on the cheek. She then hiked her dress up just enough that she could step over me, straddling my lap. The bending over and resting her elbows on the table, Terri looked back at me, wiggling her ass in my face she said, “I’m your dessert baby, eat mommy up.”

I was already licking my lips as I enjoyed her with my eyes and hands. I laid my head on Terri’s ass, loving the feel of the soft fabric on my face and inhaling deeply to catch the scent of the perfume that my step mother sprays into her panties just for me. Massaging her gently all over before sliding my hands up her thighs and slowly pushing her dress further up her hips.

As her dress finally came up over her bubble butt she heard me gasp. Terri was wearing a pair of sheer white open crotch panties that I had never seen. I just stared in lust before saying simply, “oh mom.”

“Do mommy’s panties make you happy baby?”

“Oh yes mommy” I replied as my mouth came down and my tongue licked the crack of her ass.

For the next several minutes I ate my step mother’s ass. I licked up and down her ass crack, kissed and nibbled her sweet cheeks, and I spread her open with my hands and kissed, licked, sucked, and tongue fucked her butthole.

After her anal tongue bath, Terri stood and turned around. She sat on my lap, straddling just one of my legs. Terri wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my face to her cleavage as she started rocking her hips. She was masturbating on me, rubbing her cunt on my leg as I kissed be breasts. I could hear her breathing getting deeper as she became more enthusiastic with her cunt rubbing. She finally let out a long loud moan, gripping my neck tightly and holding me to her chest as she came.

Terri’s orgasm was long and intense, her body shuddering uncontrollably for over a minute. I enjoyed ever second. When she regained control she lowered her face to mine and bursa escort kızlar we kissed, and we kissed, and we kissed some more. I could feel her wetness on my leg, and my cock throbbed.

As my gorgeous step mother stood, she looked down at the leg she had been masturbating against. The entire thigh area of my pant leg was soaked. Terri coyly bit her lit looking up at me as if embarrassed that she had made a mess. But then she ran her finger across the wet stain she had left and brought the finger to her lips. I gasped at the sexy site and then she did the same for me, wetting her finger on my jeans, and then sliding her finger across my lips, and into my mouth.

My cock ached to be inside my step mother, and she knew it. Without a word I stood and stripped naked. Sitting back on my chair, my cock stood swollen at attention. Terri, with her pink dress still hiked up over her hips, reached for my pole, lining it up on her cunt she sat straight down, impaling herself, and letting out a loud guttural moan. I love when she moans like this, she sounds like a whore, and it makes me want to fuck her like a whore.

After only a few minutes of bouncing up and down on my cock, Terri stood and pulled her dress off, over her head. Then after straightening her hair so she looked perfect, she bent over and deep throated my cock. She kept my cock wedged into her throat until she gagged several times then withdrew. My cock was dripping in saliva as she stood in front of me wearing just a white satin bra and her sheer white crotchless panties.

We had not spoken since before she had cum on my leg. I just stared in wanton lust as Terri stood looking at me like a hungry slut. My cock glistened, wet with saliva as she inched forward, ready to impale herself again. I reached up and slid her bra straps off of her shoulders then roughly pulled her big tits from the cups. As I did this, Terri moved forward, reached behind her ass, and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She rubbed my swollen head across her dripping cunt a few times and then, lining me up with her anus, she sat and took me up her butthole.

With her head thrown back and her mouth as wide as she could open it, Terri cried out, as if in pain. The heat of her asshole sent waves of pleasure through my body. Reaching around and up to her shoulders, I gripped and pulled down as hard as I could on Terri’s body, I wanted every millimeter of my cock up her butt. As her body grew used to the invader in her bowels, Terri’s cries became gasps, and gasps became moans of pleasure.

As we settled into our anal lovemaking, I began to suckle my step mother’s nipples. The pleasure I was feeling is indescribable. I could feel the tight ring of Terri’s anus gripping and milking the base of my cock, and I wished that milk would flow from her nipples. Terri wasn’t bouncing on my pole, nor was I thrusting up her bottom. I was simple in her, completely engulfed in her ass, feeling her anal muscles gripping me over and over.

Cupping one breast and bringing her nipple to my lips, Terri looked me in the eyes and said, “let mommy feed you baby.”

My eyes rolled back in my head as I suckled, my step mother feeding me one breast, then the other, all the while my throbbing cock up her ass. Because there was no humping, this please went on for quite a while, I am sure my hard cock had been buried in her asshole for at least 15 minutes as she fed me her breasts. But now I could feel a twinge in my balls, and the throbbing of my cock was intensifying. I reached down and got a firm grip on both of Terri’s ass cheeks and lifted. She rose slowly, causing her moaning to again become gasping as I lowered and lifted again. Each time I lifted her, sliding my pole out of her butt, I would pull her back down a little harder. Gasps became screams and cries as I buttfucked her harder and harder.

I could feel my cock needed to explode, I continued sucking Terri’s nipples, more forcefully now. I turned my head to the side so her big tits would fall across my face, and a sucked and bit hard into the soft flesh of the underside of her breasts causing her to cry out in pain. I could feel the warm rush of orgasm coming over my body and I had the sudden urge to taste my step mother’s mouth. I held her head with both hands as we kissed at the moment my cock erupted in her bowels. I could feel her pushing her ass down onto me, wanting my cum as deep in her bottom as her tongue was in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32