My Marvelous Maid

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This is second story in the Good NEIGHBOR HOOD SERIES

This Maid

It was seven in the evening. I had just entered my house. The pale golden hue of the setting sun dimly illuminated the interior. The mellow light was quite relaxing. I refrained from switching on the lights and slowly sipped the big tumbler of cool water which I always do on returning home, as a habit. I switched on the kettle to prepare a mug of strong coffee, that also is a habit.

I heard the outer wrought-iron gate screech on its hinges. It needs oiling but I have never done that. It is better than any door bell and its gives you enough time to be ready for the incomer. I moved the curtain from the window to look at whoever was there to disturb my cherished moments of leisure.

It was Mrs. Sharma, Neela Sharma. She lives in the corner house on the other side of street. Our street is a cul-de-sac having ten houses, five on each side of the graveled road. All the owners of the bangalows have been living here for long at least since my childhood and I will be turning 30 this year. Everybody knows everybody.

Mrs. Sharma was a widow. Her husband died two years ago. Mr. Sharma was a small officer in the district government. They had always considered themselves a notch above the others, Mrs. Sharma more so than her man. She never mingled with the rest of the women of the neighborhood. Now also she remained aloof. Nobody particularly liked her, I included, though I had paid attention to her curvy figure and had even masturbated thinking about her. She had a nice rack and fleshy big rump.

I was the only one with whom she talked sometimes that too because we had a common hobby: Gardening. She sometimes borrowed saplings of seasonal flowers from me and once or twice she asked me to buy manure for her from the nursery because she couldn’t carry it herself. Once she gave me a couple of bulbs of iris which she had saved from last season.

She won’t be staying for long. I decided. It was end of February. She must have come for some seeds or saplings.

I went to open the door. She was about to knock the door when I opened it. She was A little taken aback. I felt amused to looking at her confused expression. She was at a loss of words.

“Hello!” I said standing in the door way.

“Hello! I was just passing by.” I knew she was lying.

“Okay!” I said nonchalantly.

“I wanted to have a chat with you.” Her high and mighty self was back. I felt like I was going to be scolded for being naughty.

I was not in a chatty mood especially with a woman 20 or so years my senior. I could see a shadow of bother on her face. So I moved away to let her enter. She was again shocked to see a spic and span interior. She had never been inside the house and had not expected to see such tidy digs of a bachelor.

“I was going to make coffee for myself do you want some?” I asked her as she sat down on one of the sofa chair.

“No. I won’t take much of your time.” She said all business.

I sat down opposite her. I was much intrigued by her manner. A chat with me? What about? I waited for her to continue.

“I see you keep the house well in order.” She said at last.

“Yeah! I like it that way. I can’t tolerate clutter.”

“When do you get the time to do all this? I mean with job and all other things. You need some time for gardening and you go to gym also.”

“I manage.” I replied curtly

“Won’t it be better if you engaged a maid?” She asked

“A maid! What for? And I don’t trust them and they do a sloppy job if you don’t stand on their head. Who has time for that?” I said

“Not all maids are bad.” She said.

“Not all, but most. Do you have someone particular in mind?” I asked.

I couldn’t make a head or foot of the conversation. I didn’t know where it was leading.

“No. I was just thinking. I get bored at home. It is lonely. I thought maybe if I can get some work near home it will keep me busy.”

“You, a maid? Are you alright?” I exclaimed in surprised.

My mind was racing. Why she wanted to work as a maid for me? Who will believe it? Was it just a ploy to gain entry? What for? If it was for what was coming to my mind then I wouldn’t mind, even if she was nearly my mom’s age.

For the last six months I hadn’t had a woman. And the one I had brought home six months back was real fiasco. I didn’t have any girl friend and the main reason was I was lazy. I just couldn’t spend time and effort running after girls. So a woman next door was not a bad idea.

I lifted my eyes and looked at her ample bosom. It was well hidden under the pallu of her sari. But how much time does it take to take off a sari and blouse? I was already having a hard on. Her naked waist was slim. In fact it was looking slimmer than before. I had day dreamt about her once or twice. I couldn’t wait to maul those hefty knockers.

“I don’t want a maid. But if you feel bored you can come we can spend time together, there are a lot escort gaziantep bayanlar of things we can do. You know.” I said hinting at what I had in mind.

She knew. Her temperature rose immediately.

“Like what?” She shouted angrily. She was already fuming. “Do you think I am a floozy like other women here?”

She forgot that the ‘other women here’ also included my mother, though she was no more.

“Do I look like a puta?”She snarled. “I thought you are different but you are like all others here.” She snarled. “How many times I told my husband to shift from here but he won’t listen. “

I got up angrily and took her one shoulder in my grip.

“Listen, lady, it’s you who have come to me with your nonsense idea. I didn’t come to you, understand? You have spoilt my day, just leave at once.” I gave her a hard shove. She fell on the sofa and slid away from me and got up to go.

The sun was about to set there was hardly any light left. I caught her by the arm.

“You are an impudent snob, abusing people for no fault of theirs. Who do you think you are? A virgin fairy? You need a good hiding.”

I took her in a tight hug, pinning her arms behind her back. She tried to wriggle out but I was too strong for her. She tried to knee me and dig her heel into my foot. But she was not that fast.

“Lay your hands off me.”She growled.

“Soon sweetie, I am not going to keep you her for the rest of the day. Just a quickie to and you will be free. Come.” I said rudely and dragged her toward the bed room.

“No, No.” She resisted.

I stopped dragging.

“Please let me go.” She changed her tactics and tone quickly.

“I am not going to let you off so easily.”

She had no wind left in her. I was also coming back to my senses.

But she had to pay for her haughtiness.

“Kiss me.” I ordered her. She kept looking at me with wide eyes.

“You heard?”

She was frightened. She pecked my cheek quickly.

“How old are you? 50, I think, aren’t you? And you are behaving like a 5 year old.” I said slapping her butt hard.

“May be you have forgotten how to kiss. Okay, I will teach you how it is done.” I placed my lips on hers. She didn’t move, didn’t move an eye lid. I nibbled her lips letting my teeth dig into the soft flesh. She tasted good. Her ample bosom was stuck to my chest. I pressed it until I could feel the teats. I took my time enjoying the delicacy.

She tried to free her wrists when I broke the kiss.

“Now you kiss me. Let’s see how fast you learn things.”

She reluctantly pressed her lips to mine and kept standing there like a statue.

“Open your mouth.” I spoke into her mouth. Her eyes clenched even more tightly and she slowly, unwillingly opened her mouth and I let my tongue slip into her mouth licking her teeth and tongue.

I pushed her away freeing her from my bear hug as soon as we parted.


She didn’t move. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hands. It was totally dark now I went and switched on the light. She was weeping. I didn’t feel any pity for her. I wanted to give her some more punishment as I moved towards her she stepped back and all but fell on the sofa.

“Go, before I change my mind.” I barked.

She hurried to the door, opened it, and turned to me.

“Rapist.” She said loudly and banged the door after her.


I sat down on the nearest chair. Coffee was not an option now. She had tasted good. I had enjoyed very much especially when I had kissed her and nibbled her lips, the lower lip in particular and I was sure that when I had entered her mouth her tongue had moved to meet mine. And her rack of goodies pressed to my chest was quite pleasuring; my heart had beaten hard like a sledge hammer. I felt my cock. It was rock hard.

I got up and went to the kitchen and poured a big glass of whiskey on the rocks. I decide to cook a spicy dinner. Cooking helps me in my thought process. I sipped as a cooked and poured another glass when the table was set.

She had been always like that haughty and selfish. I should have observed restrain. But I couldn’t refuse the fact that I had enjoyed myself very much. I could have enjoyed her boobs also when the opportunity was there.

I went to bed and couldn’t sleep for a long time. I kept on jerking myself on a slow tempo so that not to ejaculate and thought about all that had transpired. In the end I went to sleep feeling much pleased.


Nothing happened for a couple of days. I thought about the event again a few of times when I was sitting idle, doing nothing. She had come for some purpose but now I will never know what it was. I did want to kiss those lips again. But there was no use thinking about that now.

On the third day, I had just entered my home when I heard the gate screech loudly I was at the window at once. She was there, closing the gate. She started stomping towards up the porch angrily. I felt uneasy. eskort bayan gaziantep She looked in a mood to create a scene. I was again at the door before she could reach it. I held it open. She stopped just short off the threshold.

“I want my bulbs.” She said loudly.

“Bulbs?” I could fathom what she was talking about, and then I broke into laughter when it dawned on me what she meant. She was impossible. Nothing could be more childish. She had given me those bulbs of irises Last year.

“Oh, you of course, won’t remember.” She said in a shrill voice and thumped the door. You will expect a toddler even to behave better.

I took her wrist and pulled her in and slammed the door shut. She automatically fell into my arms. I held her firmly and she didn’t try to break away.

“You want to create a scene?” I asked her angrily.

“I remember but those you gave me last year.” I added

“So what?”

“Nothing. The flowers bloomed and then they wilted and the plants shriveled and died. And so did your bulbs.”

“You should have saved the bulbs.”

“I did.” I tickled her under the armpits. “And now I have not two but five bulbs.” But they are mine. You want me to lend you some. How many you want two or five.”

“I want all. They are mine.” She said angrily.

“Okay but you will have to pay for them.”She looked into my eyes.

“I kiss one bulb.” I said. It was turning into an interesting game.

She tried to break away from me. I tightened my hold.

“It is useless. Stop trying. It is just waste of energy.”

I closed her mouth with mine before she could say anything. The experience was better than last time. Today she was not that averse. Her lips met mine and were playing games of their own. My arm went around her waist and her arm rose to my neck. We kissed and then we kissed again. And my hand slowly slid from her shoulder to her bosom I felt it. And she removed my hand.

“Don’t touch me.”She said panting.

“I was very gentle.”


“You want the other three bulbs or not?”

She kept quiet.

“Let’s move to the bed room.”


“Last time I let you go but today I won’t.” I said in an angry voice. She was frightened alright.

I took her ear between my thumb and finger and turned it pulling it outwards.

She yelped with pain. I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.

“You have never grown up. You such a an impudent snooty woman. You need some disciplining.” With these words I took her hair by her braid and held her face in the crook of my armpit.

She was leaning forward and her ass was jutting out. I gave a hard slap to her one ass cheek. Her scream got muffled in my armpit. Then I slapped her other ass cheek. She kept on yelling and I kept on spanking her. He stopped yelling after some time. My shirt was wet with her tears I pulled her head back by the hair and wiped her tears. I sat down and pulled her in my lap. I turned her face towards mine and she looked at me with frightened eyes and leaned forward to touch her lips to mine. I stopped her placing my fingers on her lips.

“Let’s have some straight talk first. Why have you come again? What do you want? What is your problem? And what is this maid business?”

She kept silent.

“Neela!” I said a little loudly.

My calling her by name had some effect on her.

She broke down.

“I don’t know where to go? I have nobody. I have nothing.”

“What do you mean? Aren’t you getting pension?”

“It is not enough.”

“Not enough. I don’t think you are a wastrel.”

“I am ill,” Tears were flowing down her cheeks like a rivulet. I didn’t try to stop them. “it is something to do with white cell. They say I will have to take a nine months course. It is very costly around six thousand rupee a month. “

I felt bad. She was in trouble of some sort and I was playing games with her. My mouth went dry.

“So, how much were you expecting to earn as a maid? How many houses do you expect to do?” I asked wiping her tears and lifting her chin. I pecked her lips and hugged her tightly.

“Anything would have helped but nobody wants me. You are the only one I could think of going to.” She said sobbing.

“You can stop worrying about the treatment. I will see to it.” I told her taking a quick decision.

“I can’t borrow just like that.” She mumbled.

“You conceited woman. Okay. You can start working as a maid from tomorrow. You can come in the evening and help me cook dinner and after having dinner we will see what we want to do.” I said kissing her cheek. You don’t even need to come every day. But when you come, come with a smile on your face.” I slapped her o the cheek lightly. She hid her face in my neck. I tightened my hug and she looked up.

For the first time we kissed like normal people. The burden lifted from her heart she was eager to let me munch hr juicy lips to my hearts content.

“A little spanking did bring you back gaziantep bayan eskort to your senses.” I said laughing.

“He also used to do that sometimes when I acted weird.” She admitted coyly and hid her face in my chest. I moved her away from me to look at her. She had turned all red, ear to ear.

” You enjoy it? Yes!”

She hid her face in my chest.

“Next time you misbehave I am not going to stop at that.”

She looked at me questioningly.

“I am going to lift your petticoat and peal your panties down and spank you till your ass cheeks are beet root red.”

“I won’t let things to come to that. I will behave.” She said and kissed me.

“We will see tonight in bed.”

“Please, no, not that, please. I am not a whore.”

I was not going to force her into something now that I knew her condition.

“Please ‘Sir’. Remember you are my maid from now onwards.”

“Please, Sir.” She repeated after me.

“But I don’t think I would be able to keep my hands off of these.” I said caressing her big boobs.

She lowered her eyes to the floor.

“Take this off.” I said tugging her blouse.

She looked at me pleadingly.

“I don’t tolerate disobedience. And agreed to what you said. Now it’s your turn to cooperate a bit.”

She started undoing buttons of her blouse slowly. I sat her on the center table and watched while she undid each one of them and then took off her blouse I took it from her and tugged at the strap of her bra. She moved her hand behind her back and undid the hooks. I rolled down her bra from her shoulders and took it off. Her big melons looked yummy. To my surprise the big nipples stood erect like hard pebbles and the engorged areolas were mouth watering.

I took her back in my lap.

“Rule number one, no bra when you are with me.” I told her.

The next fifteen minutes I spent playing with my new found toys while we kissed umpteen times.

But she was not yet ready to take off her sari. And I was in hurry. She was mine now. Sooner or later she will be lying under me, her womanhood full of my manhood. I took her to the kitchen.we cooked curry and made chappatis. She did most of the job. I was busy exploring and tasting her body. We ate together.

“I want to go home.”She said hesitantly. She would have stayed the night if I had insisted but I didn’t. I took her to the sofa in the drawing room and helped her with the bra and blouse.

“Wait! I said when we were at the door. “Let me bring you the bulbs.” I said laughing.

“I am Sorry.” She said leaning into me.


“I am Sorry, Sir.”

“That is better.” We had come out to the front gate.

I stopped her before she could open it and kissed her standing there in the well-lit street. It was late nobody was about. I taught her how to open the gate without making a noise.


Things started happening faster than I had expected. Next evening she was at my heels as I came home. She knocked the door even before I could take off my tie. She must have been watching my house from her window. I opened the door and she quickly slipped inside. I closed the door. She took off her sandals. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and lifted her chin. She looked into my eyes with innocent wide big eyes.

‘I am not late.” She asked.

“No.” I said and kissed her on the lips. She moved in and hugged me. She was ready to be had. But there was a lot I wanted to knoe before I took her,

“I am not wearing any bra.” She said. I could feel her big soft boobs pressed against my chest. I caressed her naked waist and started undoing the buttons of her blouse. She let me take it off and wrapped the pallu her sari around her naked torso.

“Water?” I asked her.

“Let me.” She said and made for the kitchen.

I followed her. We drank water from the same tumbler. I switched the kettle on.


“Why I am here for if you are going to do everything on your own.”She said with a pout on her face.

“Neela, I can’t sit idle and you are here to give me company.” I said pinching her nose.

She turned to take the jars of coffee and sugar from the cabinet on the wall. I embraced her from behind and slid the cloth off her shoulder with my chin. It fell on her arm and down. I rubbed her knockers. Her nipples were already hard like pebbles. Feeling them I felt relieved. She was enjoying it alright. I rolled her teats over her engorged nipples. She slipped away from me. Standing a couple of feet away from me, she started taking off her sari slowly fold by fold. Her face turned red.

I watched her mesmerized. She knew how to seduce her man. It was very erotic, my cock was twitching inside my pants begging to be released from its captivity. She folded the sari and placed it on the kitchen shelf. The petticoat underneath it reached her ankles only. She had beautiful feet.

I proffered my hand and she took it shyly. I slowly pulled her back in my arms. She turned away. My cock rubbed on her firm ass. She leaned forward to reach for the coffee mugs and the kettle. Her ass jutted out and I rubbed my cock against it. She was pretending as if she was unaware of the hard-on rubbing between her ass cheeks. but the twitch in her thighs told a different story. She poured coffee and we moved back to the living room.

I sat her on my thighs facing me and cupped her face with my hands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32