My Mom with Loose Asshole

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Hi friends, I always had a good relationship with my mom and always thought she was pretty but never felt anything sexual towards her, and I don’t think her towards me.

She hadn’t seen me naked since I got 21 years old, and I hadn’t seen her naked for quite some time.

One night when I was about 2020,20, I came home from a friend’s house down the street and had to pee badly. I went straight to the bathroom and pushed open the door that was not completely shut.

My mom was sitting in the bathtub with her arms above her head and some sort of mask on her face. I caught and at her breasts as I said I was sorry and backed out.

She told me if I have to go back to check in and take a good look since she couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t believe how nice her medium size breasts looked and how big her nipples were.

By this time, I had taken my penis out and was urinating pretty forcefully, as my bladder was beyond full. The bathtub was behind me, so I was trying to look while keeping the stream in the toilet.

She kind of laughed and said, “I must have had to go.”

By the time I was done, I was starting to get an erection and Taksim Escort took one last look before exiting. Suddenly I noticed mom’s breasts and nipples in everything she wore, and I would get turned on by them.

So several months after seeing her in the tub, I was in our garage with a porn magazine laid out on the pool table stroking my cock when suddenly my mom was standing there as surprised as me, staring straight at my dick.

I started to mumble something and so did she, but neither of us really said anything, and she walked out. I was so embarrassed and thankful she didn’t mention it when I finally went into the house.

About a week goes by without incident and I had forgotten about her catching me, though I would still check out her boobs.

Then one day I came home from football practice, and she commented on how much muscle I had gained and how good I looked. I took a shower and when I got out; she was coming down the hallway and kind of bumped me like a football player. I chased after her and she laughed and ran towards her bedroom.

I wasn’t even thinking about Ümraniye Escort the fact that I only had a towel wrapped around my waist when we began wrestling on the bed.

The next thing I realized as I had her hands pinned above her head was that my towel was barely covering my bit and I could feel her skin against mine as her sundress had come up past her stomach.

I pretended not to notice and continued the struggle with both of us laughing.

Then it happened. I was fully erect, and the head of my cock was probing the opening of her pussy. The laughing slowly turned into her saying what are you doing, but in a defeated and accepting tone.

I was now definitely penetrating her, but only the head of my cock and just a little more. We both stopped and sat silent for a second, wondering how we got to that point.

I almost got up and oddly enough, I didn’t want to offend her and make her think I wasn’t liking it, but was worried she was going to freak out.

The next thing that happened was her pushing her hips upward causing me to enter her deeper, and she pulled my head down and said “never say a word to anyone.”

As soon as I agree she said now “fuck me fuck me fuck me hard!!!”

She put one hand on my ass and her other rubbed her clit. I fucked her so hard the headboard was banging the wall and the pictures hanging above were starting to fall.

It didn’t take long, and I said, “I was going to cum.”

I started spurting into her the whole time, her saying don’t stop. I could hear and feel my cum getting pushed out when she started cumming.

“fuck me, me, fuck me, fuck my pussy,” she would say.

She must have cum for at least a couple of minutes and wanted me to stay with her after. She had her eyes closed and was slowly grinding on me.

Then her eyes opened, and she said, “get up.”

And she came on her knees and started giving a hard blowjob and made my cock erect again.

Now she bent and asked me to put in her asshole.

It was not her first time anal.

I put it in her ass, but it was easy to like her pussy. There was a kind of looseness in her ass.

I asked her about this loosened ass she replied “I like anal sex, so I always prefer it, your father fuck it on a daily behalf.”

I was banging her, and she was enjoying it.

After this anal session, she cleaned my cock.

From now on, our lives changed and whenever we were alone, we strip and roam naked and always fulfill our new fantasies.

Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32