My Mother in Law

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I have been married for 20 years and faithful until the weekend of the 4th of July that went to visit my In-Laws. We had gone up to the lake house they own for a weekend visit, when it happened. I did not feel like going with the rest of the family boating and swimming, and my mother in law doesn’t like to go boating, complaining its too hot etc… So we stayed and watched a movie when she decided to go take a shower. A short time later I heard a loud Thump! And she cried out to me to help her.

I ran upstairs to her bathroom

“What had happened?”

“I slipped in the shower and hurt my hip and ankle, could you help me to my bed?”

Well, she is a nurse so I knew she could self diagnose herself. As I entered.

“Could you pass me my robe?”

She isn’t what I would call sexy by any means, really small tits, and looks like a pear in her lower body. It was from having a hysterectomy years earlier, a real big ass and gut. So as I passed her robe to her, she shyly covered up while I looked away.

I had her lean on me to her bedroom and had my hand under her little tit, when she slipped onto me causing my hand to grasp her tit firmly. I may be mistaken but I swear I felt her nipple get hard in the short time I had it in my palm. I begged forgiveness and she replied,

“It happens, don’t worry about it. I have done it myself in my career as a nurse.”

She asked me to get her a warm rag to put on her ankle. Her hip was hurting so I asked if there was anything I could do to help her out of her pain. She told me that it would help to massage it and I started to massage her hip. She was relaxing and as she shifted onto her other side a bit her robe opened up some, showing me her leg almost to her crotch. I asked her if I she wanted me to massage her ankle, hoping that just maybe I could see her pussy if I was careful. She said that would be nice. So I moved down towards her feet and started to rub her ankle and up her leg to her hip and back.

As she relaxed more her legs opened up showing me exactly what I had hoped for. She had the hairiest cunt I’ve ever seen. And her clit had to be at least 1 ½”s long and thick as a thimble. Needless to say I was getting a hard on. I continued to rub her leg then went to her other leg and foot.

She just moaned “It has been awhile since anyone had given me a massage of any kind it is sweet of you to do this for me.”

As I got up towards her crotch area I noticed that she had started to open her legs more and seemed to move her cunt towards my hand as it got close to her pussy. I noticed her pussy lips had started to get puffy and that she had droplets of moisture forming on its outer lips. She kept her eyes closed and moaned again when I got close to her hairy pussy. So I decided the worst that could happen if I touched it was say I was sorry again then stop.

So I made my move, as my hand got towards her pussy again I slid my finger against her pussy and she just lay back moaning.

“That feels so good.”

So I did it again and noticed she pushed against my finger that time and moved bursa escort her hips outward. Well it would take a fool not to know what that movement meant. And I may be stupid but I am not a fool!

I then rubbed my finger along her pussy lips from top to bottom, she smiled opened her eyes with a pleading look in them.

“Please don’t stop, That feels so good and it has been so long since my husband has touched me!”

Well, how could I refuse a damsel in such distress? I inserted my finger in her cunt and began to finger fuck her. By now my cock had been hard for a while and I was in great discomfort being at the angle I was in. So as I continued to finger fuck my mother in laws hot wet cunt, with the other hand I unzipped my jeans and removed my hard cock! When she opened her eyes again and saw it out and throbbing,

“May I touch it?”

“Yes please do!” was all I could muster.

I then moved my cock towards her head and I was then face first at her pussy. She started out jacking me off slowly.

“Have you ever done that for any of your patients?”

She blushed and said “Yes, but only a couple of times when the patient couldn’t do it himself due to his condition!”


She told me 3 men, “One was a young man that had been in a motorcycle accident and had broken both his wrists. Another was a man my age at the time that always had an erection when I gave him his bath, and the third was a black man with what was the largest cock I have ever seen.”

“Was jacking him off was all you did?”

“No, I sucked him off also, I just HAD too!”

Well that made me hotter than hell thinking of my sweet mother in law masturbating patients at her work, and sucking a huge black cock. I then began to eat that hairy pussy like I would never eat another one the rest of my life. I opened her hairy pussy up and licked the outer lips, nibbling on them. Then licked her from her asshole to her clit, She gasped and said no one had ever eaten her before! And certainly no one had ever licked her rectum.

So I licked it again and she almost crushed my face in her asshole trying to push me deeper inside it with my tongue. Then began to fuck my face and pull my mouth to her cunt nearly suffocating me between her large thighs. I sucked on that huge fucking clit like a small cock and I started biting her inside legs and pussy. (I know her daughter likes it rough, and found out soon that it is a mother like daughter thing) and suddenly felt her gush the sweetest nectar flooding my face and hair.

I’ve never had a woman squirt liquid when they came and was very pleased with myself at her doing so. She then asked me to make love to her.

I was thinking, “I have to be crazy!”

Here I am eating my Mother in Laws pussy, and can see our family swimming off the boat and she’s asking me to fuck her. Well, call me crazy then, because fuck her I did. She opened her legs and grabbed my hard cock and rubbed it all over her cunt, moaning how good it felt. I stuck the head of my cock inside her then pulled it out then did it bursa escort again. She had a look of fear in her eyes that I wouldn’t complete our act of betrayal to our family.

“Do I repulse you?”

I laughed and said “No Way, I’m gonna fuck your brains out!”

Then slammed my cock all the way inside her making her scream out in ecstasy! I would have never guessed she would be as wild as she was in bed.

“Fuck Me You Mother Fucker, FUCK ME!!!”

I had never heard her ever say anything vulgar in the 20 years I’ve known her. And to hear her telling me to FUCK HER like that made me begin to really slam my hard cock to her. I told her to play with her huge clit while I fucked her so She did and started cumming like there was no tomorrow. I called her a whore for fucking her baby daughter’s husband.

“Yes, I am a whore, please fuck your whore mother in law’s pussy, Make me cum, PLEASE!!”

I twisted her little tits in my fingers making her squirm and cry out,

“Do you want me to stop it?”

“No you mother fucker, HURT ME, I deserve to be hurt for what I’m doing!”

So I pinched her nipples making her cry out again,

“You fucking whore from now on when I wanted it, I will to fuck you, anywhere anytime!”

“Yes, anything you want, Please fuck me harder!”

She started cumming over and over, I thought she was going to pass out from hyperventilating. I never would’ve thought she could move her ass around like she did, being as large as she was, but she damn sure did. She almost bucked me off her, fucking me so hard!

As her climaxes slowed, I still had not cum.

“Now, be a good cocksucker and suck my cock.”

She rolled off the bed, got on her knees. (It seemed that her hip and ankle were much better now!) And immediately began to suck my hard cock. I watched her head bouncing up and down and continued to call her names, I wanted to embarrass and degrade her knowing that what she had done was wrong and that only a nasty ass cocksucking whore would do something like that to her baby daughters husband.

“Now, fingerfuck your cunt for me while I face fuck your mouth bitch.”

She did and started cumming again. I informed her I didn’t say to cum.

“Please forgive me, I won’t do it again.”

And then swallowed my cock whole. I felt her nose on my pubic hair, and then felt her tongue snake out and lick my balls, I started cumming in her mouth holding her face down pumping load after load of my hot cum into her throat!

I then told her to get up and get some Vaseline because I was going to fuck her in her asshole! She started to argue with me.

“Regardless of who you think you are, I hold all the cards now and you will do as I instructed you.”

She wasn’t exactly thrilled with the thought of me fucking her ass, but did as she was told. I then had her lay on the bed on her belly with her knees on the floor. I loved to see her fat ass quivering awaiting what I had in store for it. I then told her to spread the Vaseline on her asshole, and she balked at bursa eskort my command. I slapped her ass hard enough to get her attention, leaving a nice red handprint across it. She seemed to not want any more treatment like that so did as I told her. I then had her fingerfuck her ass to prepare it for my cock. She was soon moaning and moving her ass around fucking her finger.

I slid up and shoved my cock in her face.

“Now suck my cock.”

She engulfed it without hesitation. I was soon hard again, and told her to get ready for my anal assault on her. As I got behind her I pushed my cock head against her asshole, I told her to make it go inside her and push against me to get it in. As she hesitated I again slapped her ass, harder this time. She actually moaned at her discipline. I asked if she wanted more of the same for her bad behavior. She meekly said

“Yes Sir”

I knew this bitch was mine now. I shoved my cock into her asshole with her giving a grunt saying.

“NO take it out it hurts and please stop.”

“Shut the fuck up whore, or I’ll give you more than you ever thought you could take!”

Well she could take a lot I found out as I spanked her ass while I fucked her asshole without mercy. I grabbed her by the hair roughly and told her she was now mine, and would do what I demanded when I demanded it. That from now on I owned her fat ass and to be thankful I could get hard enough to fuck her. That from now on when we are alone together her only words to me would be

“Yes Master, and Thank You Master!”

She said “OK.”

I slapped her on her big ass then said,

“Bitch, I’m not a OK!”

She then looked at the ground and said, “Yes Master”

Not knowing the full implications of her decision at that moment. I then told her to fuck me with her fat ass and make me cum. She was humping against me like the cock starved whore she was, grunting all the while I called her the most disgusting things I could think of and slapping her fat ass, only making her hotter when I did. When I came in her tight asshole and pulled it out, I grabbed by the hair and made her suck my cock and balls clean of her assholes smell. I got up called her a fat filthy fucking Cocksucker, dressed and went downstairs just as our family pulled up to the boat dock.

My wife asked me if I had gotten bored sitting there with her mom all afternoon.

“No, She kept me busy around here!”

And smiled at her mother as she squirmed trying to find a comfortable position to sit on her sore ass.

Later as my Mother in law and I were back downstairs and alone for a moment, I grabbed her by her nipple and pinched her little titty hard, and I informed my mother in law. “I mean what I said about anytime, anywhere.”

And she smiled saying,

“Yes Master!” I couldn’t wait for everyone to fall asleep that night

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32