My Mute Brother

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I had just got home to my parent’s house after another year at college. I barely got in the door when my parents said they were off for a long weekend to visit my Mom’s sister. I was supposed to babysit my nineteen year old brother Kyle. Kyle was a mute and was always withdrawn. I was one of the few people he seemed to want to be around.

After my parents left I signed Kyle that I was going to go and rest in my bedroom for awhile. What I needed to do was relieve some sexual pressure. At the end of the school year a guy I was seeing told me that he wanted to break up with me. I couldn’t get a straight answer from Ron about why. I suspected that he found another woman there at school.

I was upset about that and I went into my bedroom and closed the door. I stripped out of my clothes and got onto the bed. I spread my legs and then reached down to finger my damp pussy. That felt so much better. I slid a finger inside me and I rubbed against my pussy walls. I might have gotten lost in my activity and I must have gotten loud. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them, there stood Kyle at the doorway.

I guess I was shocked to see my brother standing there and looking at my nakedness.

“You need to leave,” I signed to Kyle.

Instead of leaving he walked right up next to my bed. I must have been excited by my younger brother watching me finger my hole. He sat down on the edge of the bed and then he reached out and touched my mound with his fingers. I think I arched my back as Kyle rubbed his fingers across my drenched slit. I wanted to make him bursa escort bayan stop but it felt too good. I let my brother touch me down below.

After a few minutes of that, Kyle stood up and began to remove his clothes. I had my eyes glued to my brother’s body. He finally pulled off his pants and underwear and I nearly gasped. Kyle’s cock was huge. His dick had to be close to eight inches in length and his cock was nearly as thick as my wrist. I never suspected my mute brother was hung like this.

Kyle climbed up on the bed with me. I signed him that we couldn’t be doing this. Kyle just slid in between my thighs. I looked down to see his large member hanging just inches from gash. Kyle slowly lowered himself and his half hard prick began to rub against my opening. I let out this long moan as my brother got me all stirred up. How did he know anything about pleasing a woman?

The fat underside of his cock was scraping against my pussy. There was only so much I could take. I reached down and took hold of his dick. I brought his mushroom to my pussy lips. Kyle knew exactly what to do. He started pushing into my hole. Either I was tight or his cock was too big. He had some difficulty pushing into my pussy. I pulled my legs back and somehow that made it easier for my brother to enter me.

Kyle soon had all eight inches of that monster inside my body. His large balls were resting against my bottom.

“Fuck Me!” I mouthed to my brother.

Kyle drove his cock in and out of my tight passage. I can tell you I never experienced a gorukle escort cock that size before. Maybe Kyle was wild for sex. He was plunging into me and stirring that fat prick around against my walls. If only my brother could have heard me. I was practically screaming for him to fuck me hard. I brought my legs around Kyle’s back and I held on as my brother gave me the fucking of a lifetime.

My brother seemed to know exactly how to turn me on. Maybe he didn’t have to know. That enormous rod had me half crazy. We went at it for what seemed like a good hour. I could tell that my brother’s body was beginning to tense up. I was on birth control but maybe it wasn’t a good idea for my brother to cum in me. There was no sense trying to make him understand.

Kyle flooded my belly with his warm seed. I clamped down tight onto his cock and I started to milk him of all his brotherly seed. It just seemed like Kyle shot one stream after another into my greedy hole. I didn’t want him to stop. I needed every drop of his cream inside my tummy. Kyle must have gone a good fifteen minutes before he was finally empty.

My brother finally slowed down and he rested his spent cock inside me. We were both breathing heavily. Kyle did pull out of me. I made him get off my body and I somehow managed to walk to the bathroom. I attempted to push out most of my brother’s love cum. When I came back to my bed Kyle was on his back.

“I love you Nicole,” he signed to me.

I kissed my brother on the mouth. I broke away and lowered my face to bursa merkez escort bayan his prick. I lifted his member up and I wrapped my lips around it. My brother’s face lit up as I bobbed my head up and down his cock. Some globs of cum shot into my mouth. I couldn’t take but a few inches down my throat. A few minutes of that and Kyle was hard again. I couldn’t waste all that hard cock.

I climbed up over my brother. I took his hard rod in my hand and I lowered myself onto his staff. It was much easier to take his prick this time around. I worked my pussy muscles all around my brother’s now hard cock. Kyle reached out with his hands and felt my nipples with his fingers. I felt a shiver going through my body as Kyle rubbed my hard nips. My brother raised up to feed me his long dick. I sunk down to meet his thrusts.

All I can say is that my mute brother was a wild animal in bed. He got me so worked up that I had one orgasm after another. I didn’t think it possible but Kyle did shoot more cum into my pussy. It wasn’t like the first time around but he did have more seed to give me. When we finished this second time, I collapsed on Kyle’s chest.

“This has to be our secret,” I signed to my brother.

He nodded his head like he understood what I was telling him. That was a long weekend I spent with Kyle. I lost count how many times he fucked me and how many loads of his cream that flooded my belly. My parents did get back home and Kyle and I had to get back to a normal routine for a day or so. After my Mom and Dad went back to work, my brother and I went back to having sex together.

The summer break is soon over and I will be going back to school. I don’t know how either of us is going to manage without fucking each other. I told Kyle I will try to get back home as often as I can. I know I can’t be without my brother’s giant cock for very long.

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