My Neighbor Husband is a Jerk

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The following story contains foot fetish, creampie eating, face sitting and pegging if those are not your things please look for a different story.

As always i would love to read your suggestions ,comments and messages.


After a rough year in which my wife of 20 years have divorced me, and I have been struggling to find an apartment to rent, things have finally started to calm down for me.

I managed to find an apartment with a surprising low rent, that allowed me to pay my required alimony to my wife and I felt that my life are finally getting back on track.

It was Monday morning about a week since I moved in into my new apartment when suddenly I heard a knock on my door, “Just a minute,” I shouted to the door as I quickly put on the first shirt and pants I could find.

“Hi, I am Susan, you must be our new neighbor,” the women said as she extended her arm.

“Hi, nice to meet you I am Mike, please come in,” I said as I moved to side to allow her to enter.

“Thank you,” She said as she started following me into the living room.

“Please sit down,” I said and continued “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Cold water will be great,” She said as she sat on the couch.

As I got back from the kitchen, I stopped for a second to look at her, She was around 40 years old, dark hair, great body which was showing through the training outfit she was wearing, and great legs which ended in her sneaker shoes.

I have a huge foot fetish, especially for girls wearing sneaker shoes, unfortunately i could never do anything with this fetish as I was too embarrassed to tell my (ex) wife about it.

My cock immediately got hard when I noticed her shoes, and I did my best to hide it as I sat across from her.

“On which apt. do you live?” I asked as I tried to get my mind of her shoes.

“My husband and I are living on the 6th floor, and to be honest… that is why I stopped at your place,” She said.

“It is?” I asked, not knowing what she meant by that.

“Yes, see I just got back from my daily jogging, and the elevator Escort Bayan broke down… by the time I got to your floor my feet were killing me and there was no way I could have walked up another 3 floors.”

Hearing that she was just jogging I immediately started picturing how sweaty her feet probably are and my cock got even harder, “So why aren’t you taking your shoes off?” I asked trying to hide my excitement from the whole situation.

“I am too tired to do that,” she said as she lay her head back, hearing that it only took me a second to say “let me help you with that,” as i jumped from my seat and leaned in front of her.

I started untying her left shoe, which is a surprisingly hard task to do with shivering hands, when I finally managed to take her shoe off I looked up hoping to see that she is not looking so that i could take a quick sniff of it, only to find her looking directly at my eyes with a smile on her face.

I reluctantly put her shoe down, and continued to her right shoe, as I put it down I noticed the many sweaty spots on her white socks.

My hands where shivering hard as I lift her feet to the sofa and sat next to them,

“Is that better?” I asked.

“A little,” She replied with a smile on her face.

“Guess your husband will give you a long foot massage when you come home,” I said while laying my hand “accidentally” on her foot.

“I wish,” she said as her smile turned into a serious look, “all he cares about is his needs” she continued with an angry voice.

“I… I am sorry… I didn’t want to upset you,” I said.

“Its ok, its not like you could have known that,” she replied.

“I can massage them for you,” I suddenly heard myself saying.

“Really? but they are all sweaty,”

“YES,” I said almost shouting as I took both of her feet and placed them on my lap.

I started rubbing the toes on her left foot with both hands, as she laid back and enjoyed herself, I really wanted to catch the scent of her foot so from time to time I pretended that my nose is itchy and I took my hand Bayan Escort off her foot and put it to my nose.

“I guess you are suffering from the smell,” she suddenly said while looking into my eyes.

“What smell?,” I asked pretending to not know what she is talking about.

“Well, you keep on bringing your hand to your nose, so either you are trying to block the smell, or you are trying hard to smell my feet without me noticing,” she said with a grin on her face, “so which one is it?”

“I… its not…” I started stuttering

“Come on out with it, if my feet stink just say it,” she said with an annoyed voice

“No they are not…”

“So… what is it then?” she persisted

“Its… its… the other option,” I whispered with embarrassment.

“Which is…?” she looked me straight into the eyes.

“I… I want to smell them,” I finally said

A big smile spread across her face, and it felt like it has been an hour until she finally said “So what are you waiting for?”

I thought I was in heaven as I grabbed her feet and started bringing them to my face only to hear her shout “what the hell are you doing?”

“I … you said I could,” I tried to complete the sentence.

“Yes, I did, but you have to do it right,” she said.

“Do it right?”

“Yes, get on your knees in front of me!” her voice turned into commanding voice.

I got up from the sofa and was about to kneel before her, only to have her stop me.

“What do we have here?” she asked while pointing at my hard cock with her foot, I was about to respond but she immediately said, “take it out, i want to see it.”

I took off my pants and boxers and stood in front of her, a big blob of precum dropped from my cock to the floor as she put her foot next to my cock.

“Oh, look at that tiny thing, its barely the size of my toe,” she said and bursted out laughing.

I was so humiliated but also turned on by her, as she continued, “see, this is why man like my husband, you know ones with real cock, gets to fuck women while people like Escort you get off from smelling women feet, now get on your knees!”

I did as instructed and knelt before her, she took her feet up and brought them inches from my face.

“Now, where do you want me to put those?” she asked while looking at me

“On… on my face.”

“You know… that if I do that you will become my foot slave, and you will have to do whatever I tell you to do.”

“I know,” I almost shouted

“Fine,” she said as she brought both of her feet into my waiting face.

I inhaled deeply as she rubbed her feet all over my face, the smell of her feet was so intense that I almost came in my pants.

I stuck out my tongue to taste them, and she immediately took her feet off my face,

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“I just wanted to taste them…”

“I don’t remember hearing you ask for permission!” she said with a very annoyed voice.

“May I please taste your feet?” I asked with a pleading voice.

“Yes you may,” she said as she returned her feet to my waiting face.

I took her toes into my mouth and sucked hard, trying to get as much sweat out of her socks as possible.

“That’s a good slave,” she moaned silently while saying it.

“May I please take your socks off? I really want to taste your feet,” I said while looking into your eyes.

“Yes,” I heard her say.

I took her socks off both of her feet, and she shoved them back into my mouth,

“Make sure you lick between my toes,” she commanded, and i gladly complied, sucking each toe into my mouth and licking it all over.

As I did I suddenly noticed that she spread her legs and she started rubbing her clit through her pants, this made me go crazy and I sucked hard on her toes.

Suddenly I felt as she pulled her feet out of my mouth, stood up and said, “Fuck, your tongue made me so horny, I gotta get fucked., see you when I see you,” she said and left my apartment.

I stood up still shocked from what just happen, only to find out that she left her sneakers in my house, I immediately took one of them and went to the bathroom, took it into my nose and smelled hard while rubbing my cock, it only took me about 5 seconds until I came hard spraying my cum all over the sink.

To be continued in part 2

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