My New Daddy Ch. 04

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I got out of the shower Saturday morning, my cock hard as a rock in its cage. I loved how it bobbled on my crotch like a piece of jewelry. That was all my cock was now – a decoration. My asspussy was my real sex organ and I hoped it would get a hard workout today.

I dried my cage and put my butt plug back into my freshly washed ass. It slipped in easily this time and felt so good in my smooth hole. I turned and admired it in the mirror. Maybe one day Daddy would get me one of those jeweled butt plugs I saw some porn stars wearing.

I’d realized the night before that neither Daddy nor Boss had any contact info for me. I was going to make sure I remedied that today. I took a couple of pictures of my naked body with my phone and tried to make them sexy. I hoped to send them to Daddy and Boss later. I pulled on my tightest jeans and a light red, skin tight tank top and admired my body in the mirror and shot a few more pics. Wasn’t that what sluts like me were supposed to do? Show off for men? I licked my lips as I caressed my ass, then I turned to admire my cage bulge. I loved having my cock held captive like that as a reminder of how useless it was. I loved being horny and being unable to stroke my dick. It made me ache all over. I was so anxious and filled with lust that I would have fucked a fire hydrant if it would fit in my holes! I realized this was the desired effect and I smiled at how much lust was overtaking all my other thoughts and feelings. All I could think about was cock. That was as it should be for a slut like me. Was that right? Was I really becoming the whore I so craved to be? I hoped so.

I ran to my room and put on my sneakers without any socks then I ran out to the garage. My sister’s bike was gone! I wondered why she’d taken it, but no problem. I still had my own. I climbed on, pressing my butt plug against the hard seat. I moaned softly as I pedaled off to Daddy’s house.

When I rode up, I saw Daddy mowing the yard in nothing but a pair of cutoffs and some work boots. He was sweaty, with a few stray grass clippings on his hairy legs. I imagined what his meaty balls might taste like all coated in man sweat as I waved at him. He smiled and waved back and motioned for me to come over. I dropped my bike in the driveway and pranced over to see Daddy. Much to my surprise, he kissed me deeply, burying his hot tongue in my mouth as he fondled my ass. I was so embarrassed to be taken out there in the open but it made me oh so horny. He smiled and cupped my bulge with his large hand.

“Good girl. You’re wearing your cage,” he shouted over the lawn mower engine. “Come here and suck my nipple.”

I looked around to see who was watching and Daddy grabbed my face. “What are you looking at, slut? I said suck,” he shouted. I did as I was told, licking the sweat off Daddy’s right nipple. He grabbed his growing cock through his shorts and then said, “That’s better. Now get inside. I’ll be in shortly.”

I pushed my bike around back and went into the cool, air conditioned kitchen. Boss was there cooking something that smelled delicious.

“Hello, Lauren,” he said, looking me up and down like the piece of meat I was. “You look good enough to fuck.” He laughed, knowing full well that fucking was my only purpose in life.

“Yes sir, Boss. I hope so.” I smiled back.

Sam approached me and frowned. “Still, I think you can do better. Go into the bathroom,” he said as he pointed to the half bath just off the kitchen. “There’s a vanity in there that’s fully equipped with makeup. Girl yourself up for me. Make your face pretty enough to make a straight man horny.”

“Yes sir,” I said, unsure of how I would achieve my assigned goal. I’d played around with that garish Halloween makeup, but I knew nothing about making myself truly pretty. It was exciting but Boss saw my hesitation.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll have one of my girls come by later and give you some pointers. For now, we just want to see how you’ll do on your own. Now, get to it. Close the door and don’t come out until you’re ready to show off for us. Oh, I almost forgot. There’s an outfit in there for you to put on as well. Dress up and be ready to model for us when you come out. Take your time. There’s no hurry.”

“Yes sir, Boss,” I said with a slutty smile. I could hardly wait to see what kind of outfit they’d picked out for me.

I walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. It was larger than most half baths I’d seen. There was a vanity on one side and a sink on the other, with mirrors above each giving the occupant a good view of themselves front and back. I sat in the little white chair Pendik Grup Escort at the vanity and looked at the items on the counter. There was a large array of name brand makeup. I pulled out the drawer and found even more options. I was afraid to even begin. I had no idea what I was doing.

I pulled out my phone and looked up basic makeup tips. I didn’t find much except for conservative looks. I wanted slutty, porn star makeup, so I searched porn makeup and hit the jackpot. I even found some pictures of female porn stars with and without their makeup. That showed me just how much was possible, but for now I was going to focus on the basics.

I took my time and did my face. I was pretty happy with how I looked. More like a slutty teenager than a slutty hooker, at least in my mind. I’d gone slightly punk with heavy dark eye makeup and bright red lips. I’d even followed a lip liner tutorial! My mouth looked like a juicy, wet cunt perfect for fucking. I sure hoped the real men thought so too.

I started to go out to the kitchen when I realized I’d forgotten all about the outfit. I looked around and there on the back of the door hung a garment bag. I was so excited when I unzipped it. Inside was an entire outfit intended to make me into a slutty schoolgirl. Ooooo.

I stripped naked and pulled the little white thong panties over my cock cage. I yanked the thong up my butt. You could still see my plug sticking out and that made me smile. Next, I stepped into the tiny pink plaid skirt and used the little black belt to cinch it tight around my waist. I loved how my ass looked hanging out of that very short pleated skirt.

Next up was a white bikini top. I liked that it didn’t have breast forms, but rather covered my flat chest nicely. Then I pulled on the skin tight pink tank top that had some sort of school logo on it. It read “Slut Academy” and had silhouettes of naked women in the shield logo. So hot. Was I now a member of this slut academy? I sure hoped so! I had no idea what the classes would be but I was pretty sure the professors would stuff me full of cock every day.

Last but not least was a pair of black stripper heels made to look like Mary Janes. I was afraid they wouldn’t fit. They were a little bit tight on my feet but I managed to make them work. When I finally stood before the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had become a nasty little schoolgirl stripper slut ready to be used hard. I still wasn’t completely sure I wanted to look so much like a real girl but I had to admit that it made me oh so horny to be dressed that way. I’d never crossdressed before, but I was pretty sure I liked it.

I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. Daddy and Boss, turned to ogle me. They were finishing their breakfast and they both smiled broadly at me.

Daddy stood up, now wearing a wifebeater in addition to his cutoffs. “Come over here, Lauren. You’re going to be my brunch guest, and you are the main entree. You’re to service Sam and me any way we tell you to. Do you understand?”

I nodded immediately. I looked at the two beefy, hairy men licking their lips as they finished their coffee and felt like the luckiest slut in the world. I stumbled in the stripper heels, and Daddy caught me and and cupped my ass under my skirt. He whispered in my ear, “You look delicious. Nice job on your makeup. Not that it’ll stay nice.” He laughed.

I licked my lips. Two big cocks. Two big loads, maybe more. I was breathing hard already.

Daddy continued, “If you pass this final test, I’m going to consider giving you a real job at my company. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, without even knowing what Ted did for a living.

“Good gurl,” said Daddy as he rearranged his stiffening cock in his pants. “If you do well, there’ll be other rewards for you as well.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I smiled, taking notice of my reflection in the large picture window behind the table. I was doing this! I was becoming the whore of my dreams!

“Any questions?”

I thought about it but nothing came to mind. I shook my head.

“Alright. Give me your phone. I’m going to take pictures of the party so you can see them later. We’ll also upload a few of them to our site.”

He said “our site.” Did that mean that Daddy and Boss ran a web site? A PORN site? Oh my god. If that was true they could make my porn star dreams a reality! I was going to work these men into a sexual frenzy no matter what it took to get them off!

I handed Daddy my phone and bit my lip. I walked over to Boss and he grasped my face with his hand, squeezing my rouge-covered Pendik Manken Escort cheeks. I loved feeling his powerful fingers on me. I opened my mouth and he slid one thumb inside. I sucked it like a little cock, caressing it with my tongue as I moaned.

“Oh, you are a fucking slut, aren’t you?” he asked.

I sucked harder and moaned, “mmmm-hmmmm.”

He pulled his thumb out of my mouth and slapped me. Not too hard, but hard enough for me to feel the sting. It made my clittycock jump in its cage.

“Such a delicious little girl we have here, Ted,” said Sam. “But I think she’ll look better with her whore makeup running down her pretty face when we’re done with her.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” said Daddy as he snapped pic after pic of me in my new slut attire.

“Up on the table, little girl,” said Boss. “Dance for us and show us your hot slut body.”

I clambered up on the table, making sure my ass was exposed to both men. Daddy got in close and pulled my buttplug out so he could take a few pictures of my sissy pussy in that thong as I struggled to stand on the table in my stripper shoes. Boss turned on some music and told me to dance like a whore, so I tried to, but I was afraid I might fall off the table.

“He said, DANCE!” said Daddy. He reached up and spanked my ass hard. It brought tears to my eyes and I began swaying more, rubbing my hands all over my body as I moaned. I sucked my fingers and looked Boss in the eye. I was hoping I’d get to feel his fat dick in my asscunt soon.

Daddy rubbed the hardon that was throbbing in his jeans. “Lose the outfit, sweetie,” he said. “Slowly. Make me want to fuck you.”

I smiled and licked my lips, a bit of drool running down my chin and onto my chest. I peeled off the Slut Academy t-shirt and pinched my nipples through the bikini top so they’d stand up for the men to see. I then sucked my thumb and bent over to expose my ass and I reached back to spread my cheeks. I slapped my ass and slowly peeled off my panties. When they were down around my ankles, I stood with my legs apart and stretched them as I bobbled my caged clittycock under the skirt. I was sooooo horny and from the looks of my audience, so were they.

Daddy was the first to approach the table. He came up behind me and buried his scruffy face in my ass. He forced his hard tongue inside me and I squealed like a little girl. Oh god it felt soooo gooood. I loved it when these men ate my asscunt. It helped me to focus on it instead of my clittycock.

“Get on all fours,” said Boss, and you know I always try to please my boss. I got on all fours and as Daddy continued to suck and tongue-fuck my ass, Boss pulled out his cock and laid it right on the table for . Time for breakfast!

I looked up at him and smiled, then I leaned over and licked his hard meat up and down until it was shiny with my spit. I lifted it just enough to suck it deep inside my mouth. Boss’ cock throbbed in my throat and he slapped my face again as he moaned. He looked over at Daddy and said, “Let’s flip her over.” I loved that he called me a “her”. I was beginning to understand that that was what I really wanted. I didn’t need other sissies. I needed manly men to want me. I wanted straight men to want me!

Daddy removed his tongue from my hole and he and Boss flipped me onto my back like I was a ragdoll. Boss pulled me to the edge of the table d let my head fall back while Daddy continued to slurp my cunt. Boss fed me every inch of his beautiful dick and his balls slapped my nose and eyes with every face-fucking stroke. He began pounding my face and my drool and tears ran together with my makeup. I finally looked like a real sub slut whore and I was so proud. I loved gagging on that dick.

Boss moaned and pulled out of my slut mouth. “Jesus Christ, babygurl, you sure got a talented mouthcunt.”

I slurped up my spit and lay there panting for breath. He leaned over and kissed me hard and deep, sucking my tongue into his mouth. He only broke the kiss when Daddy said, “Let’s trade holes.”

Boss moved to my spit covered asshole while Daddy stripped off everything but his boots. I was eyeing Daddy’s hard cock when Boss impaled me on his throbbing fuckrod. I screamed and arched my back as Boss grabbed my hips and forced his meat balls deep inside my pussy. I looked down but all I could see was my caged clitty bouncing over Boss’ hairy crotch. God I loved being fucked hard. I loved being pried open and forced to take his cock.

Daddy held my face and spat in my mouth. I moaned and fucking drank that spit like it was champagne! Oh my god, I loved Pendik Masöz Escort being nasty. Daddy smiled and stroked his cock as he lowered his balls into my mouth. I sucked them, feeling every vein and bump with my tongue as he moaned over me. Then he straddled my head and held my face up to his sweaty asshole. I gobbled that salty, hairy pucker and heard him growl as he jerked his cock over my chin. Then he backed up, pushed my head down, and fed me his meat. It was so salty and musky smelling, I started dripping precum. I could feel it running down my balls and lubing my cunt for Boss.

The men fucked me from both ends and I nearly passed out from the sheer pleasure of it all. I was like a dirty masturbation toy between the two of them, here only to make them cum and soak up their loads.

I could feel Daddy’s cock getting harder. in my throat He groaned deeply and Boss said, “Hold up. Don’t cum yet. Let’s see if we can DP this whore.”

I knew that women could be double penetrated, but since I only had one hole between my legs, I wondered what Boss meant. I was soon to find out. Daddy said, Let’s do it,” and the next thing I knew, Boss had lifted me off the table. I straddled him, kissing him deeply as Daddy laid down on the floor. Boss put me on top of Daddy and helped get Daddy’s cock inside me. I fucked Daddy in a squatting position until Boss pushed me back to lay on Daddy’s chest. Without warning, Boss pressed his big Boss cock into the same hole that Daddy was using! They were both going to fuck my asscunt at the same time!

We were all so sweaty and covered with spit that it didn’t take a lot of force to get my hole to open up. Boss’ cock slid inside against Daddy’s and they began banging my cunt like one massively thick fuckrod. Holy fuck! It hurt and felt good at the same time. I was screaming in lust as the men made me double fuck them on the tile floor. I was a sweaty mess no longer able to hold my head up. I laid back on Daddy’s chest as I got the fucking of a lifetime.

When they were finally ready to cum, Daddy said, “Let’s breed this little bitch.” Boss nodded and moaned. Daddy started cumming first. As his cock swelled and squirted deep in my ass, Boss felt the slippery cum on his own cock and it drove him over the edge. Both cocks were alternating filling me with hot, juicy jizz. When both men had drained their balls, Boss fell on top of me his sweat running down onto my chest.

He got up and pulled his big dick out of me as Daddy rolled me off of him and onto the floor. The men stood over me, both dicks dripping with our bodily fluids. Boss said, “You work’s not done, slut.”

I looked up and Daddy said, “Clean us, Lauren. Use only your mouth. No hands.”

I smiled and took Daddy’s cock into my mouth. It tasted so good and felt so different. It was still semi-rigid, but it was more velvety. I loved it so much, especially when it was coated in my asscum and Boss’ hot jizz.

I alternated between the two cocks and made sure they were perfectly clean before moving on to both men’s balls. I then cleaned their taints and assholes for them, before moving on to their legs and bellies. i wanted to lick them both head to toe but Boss stopped me.

“Good girl,” he said. “That’s enough.”

Daddy picked up my phone and snapped more pics of me wrecked and proud. I had no idea how long we’d been fucking and I didn’t care. I just wanted to serve these cocks every single day, forever.

Daddy slapped my ass to bring me back to the present, then he leaned over and kissed me hard. He held me by the hair on the back of my head and kissed me as hard as I’d ever been kissed, pushing my little tongue around inside my mouth as he sucked on my mouthpussy. When he released me, I gasped and he took a pic, then he bent me over the table and took some more. He made me hold my wrecked hole open and he snapped some pics of my gape. He held the phone up to show me my red, open, cum-filled ass. I was so proud. I’d taken not one but two big cocks at the same time, and I’d made both men cum.

“Now, squat for me and force our loads out onto the floor, Lauren,” said Daddy.

I did as I was told and the hot, white cum drooled out of my open cunt. It puddled on the floor and Daddy said, “Now, lick it all up.”

I bent over and attacked those delicious loads like a Hoover vacuum, licking and slurping them off the tile floor. While I did so, Boss went behind me and bent over to lick the leftover cum out of my ass. I moaned loudly and Daddy admonished me to keep cleaning. I ate all that hot cum and ass juice and used the last of it to moisten my slut lips. Yummy.

Boss lifted me to my feet and I nearly fell over. “This slut needs some rest,” said Daddy as he and Boss held me up. Daddy lifted me in his arms and carried me upstairs. He put me in his bed and laid down next to me. I fell asleep in his arms wondering what could possibly cum next

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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