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“I want to video you playing with your new toy I got you,” my girlfriend said.

She had just purchased my very first adult toy just for me. It was supposed to imitate a porn star’s ass with a heart shaped heavy real feel rubber. The opening was just a tiny little hole but it had ass cheeks and even real texture around the opening like a real bum. My girlfriend is kinky like this and likes to film me and her having sex or just me masturbating while she directs the action. I find it pretty hot as well and like to watch her reactions and take her direction as she films.

“Where do you want me?” I asked holding the new toy in my hand.

It was heavier than I thought it was going to be. Licking my finger I probed the toys hole feeling it stretch and hold tight to my finger. I had a feeling it was going to work really well.

“Just set it on the bed and stand in front of it first. Here’s some lube.”

She was already on the bed with the small HD video camera, naked. I was already erect and standing at the side of the bed. She began recording when I squirted the lube into the toy and added some onto my head and shaft.

“That’s it work that lube around your cock, sweetie. Get it all good and hard,” she said, directing as usual.

The sensation of the cold lube on my hot cock was exciting and my cock throbbed and oozed it’s only lubrication. The toy was ready, I was ready and Jen moved closer to watch me insert it for a close up shot.

“K, stick it in there, nice and slow.”

I obeyed bending my cock down and placing it at the toys entrance. It was so tight I slipped out and over the cheeks the first time and Jen giggled as I almost hit the camera lens with the head of my cock. Moving the toy toward me a little more I pressed down with my hand and pushed my cock in. The toy was tight pinching my head like a real ass. I was amazed at how good it felt. The cold lube heated quickly from my warm dick.

“Stay just like that. That’s really awesome looking with just your head in.”

I froze not pushing anymore in allowing her to move the camera around to get a different angle of my eight inch cock with the head stuck in a toy. She got close ups, and wide angles of my entire body squatting down before telling me I could shove the rest in. She moved back on the bed, right in front of me as I slowly pushed the rest of my dick into the toy. You could see my shaft moving through from the top and spreading the rubber as each inch disappeared bursa escort inside. The sensation curled my toes. It was incredibly good for a piece of rubber.

“How’s it feel?” Jen asked.

“Surprisingly good, I mean really good. Damn how much was this thing.”

“Pretty expensive, it’s supposed to be a good one though.”

“Well it is.”

“Is it better than me?” she asked.

“No, nothing’s better than your sweet ass,” I said, meaning it.

“Good answer. Now fuck that thing,” she said.

I smiled and pulled my cock back out to the head and slid it back into the toy. It made a strange slurping noise as my cock went in and out but it felt amazing. I was already turned on, since Jen had sucked me only a few minutes ago almost to the point of climax before she stopped and introduced the toy to me. Needless to say I was already getting close to orgasm from the new experience and the exquisite sensations covering my cock. The designer’s should be complimented.

“Fuck this thing is really good, I’m already close again.” I said.

“Already? It hasn’t been three minutes yet!” Jen blurted.

“Well, you almost had me cumming earlier so what do you expect?”

“I expect you to control it; I want at least five minutes of video before you cum.”

“Alright, I’ll try.”

Jen was used to getting what she wanted especially when it came to her filming sex. It was almost like she became a different person behind the camera and expected results. She wasn’t happy when she didn’t get what she wanted and sometime deleted scenes before I got to watch them if I did something wrong, like cum too soon. On this occasion I really wanted to see myself fucking this toy so I focused on keeping my load in while she moved around and recorded different viewpoints again as I slowly fucked the toy.

“That’s it baby, fuck that new toy, slide you fat cock deep and fast,” Jen encouraged.

It didn’t help me not cum, instead her sexy voice rooting me on made it worse.

“Fuck I’m so wet watching you fuck that thing, it’s so hot watching your legs and butt clench and your wide shaft spread the toy open. You’re such a stud.”

Shit! I didn’t know how I was going to continue like she wanted me too and not cum. If I slowed down she would only tell me to go faster and that would make me cum for sure. It hadn’t been five minutes yet so I had to do something before I came. The only thing that came to mind was to pull out too far and flip out bursa escort bayan of the toy. I did just that and let my cock smack my tummy. It was rock hard and covered in the lube foam when it hit.

“Oh wow, that was cool, I’m glad I got that on film. Now put it back in and keep going,” she said.

I purposely pinched my head before forcing it back into the tight toy, giving me a little more time before the inevitable happened.

“That’s it, babe, long hard thrust; pound that thing like you mean it. You’re balls are so tight, wow. You really like this thing and want to cum I can tell.”

My legs were shaking squatting down like I was and on the verge of climax. I think five minutes were up from the clock on the nightstand but she hadn’t given me permission to cum yet. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out. It just felt so good. The funny sound continued and I could feel the toy suction onto my cock as I pulled out each time, grabbing my shaft and milking me. My balls began to ache for release but still Jen didn’t tell me to cum.

“Babe, I’m going to blow any second here?” I said.

“Okay, hold on, I want to do something first.”

She fell on her back with the toy right between her legs with them spread wide. Reaching forward she picked up the toy and placed it on her pubic mound with my cock still in it. I had to rise up a bit with the added height but it helped the stress on my legs for the better.

“Okay, now take turns fucking me and then the toy,” she said, “And you’ll have to video now,” she finished, handing me the camera.

I took it in my hand and pointed it down to film my cock coming out of the toy. Then with one hand I slid it into Jen’s very wet pussy under the toy and pounded deep.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me hard, Jeff!” she screamed.

The different sensation of her hot pussy compared to the toy was huge, but it did nothing to relieve my pending eruption. I gave her a few hard thrusts before I had to pull out. Not wanting to cum yet I squeezed my head again and missed the toy on purpose a few times before finally getting it in and thrusting forward with it on her tummy. It stuck really well there and didn’t move on her shaved mound. Jen was pinching her nipples which I got on camera for my benefit. I love to watch her play with her round fake breasts so I made sure I got a few seconds of it before turning the camera back on my cock.

“Fuck my ass! Just like the toy,” Jen said.

I didn’t escort bursa need to be asked twice and quickly pulled out of the toy and moved my cock low to her bum. My cock was well lubed from the toy and her pussy and she was more than ready for me. Her ass is amazing. I don’t care how much research and design goes into toys, the real woman’s ass can’t be duplicated. Hot tight bliss wrapped round my head and shaft as I slowly entered Jen’s body. She moaned with pleasure and grabbed the toy pressing it down hard on her clitoris. Five, six, now seven inches entered her hot bowels. I was in heaven, and getting it all on film in HD. The visual of my cock in her ass with her wide open and wet pussy above was spectacular. Then the added toy with Jen rubbing it hard on her clit capped off the scene.

I pulled back out, letting the sensation surge through my cock and all over my body. I never get used to fucking Jen’s ass. It’s just that good. Slowly I thrust in and out a few times, but that was all I could manage before I was ready to squirt. From the feel of it, it was going to be a huge eruption.

“Babe, I’m going to cum,” I said.

“Hand me the camera quick,” she said wanting to get a shot of me cumming on her from her point of view.

I quickly handed it to her. She aimed it and prepared for my money shot.

“Any time. Cum all over me, baby.”

I pulled out, grabbing my cock and stroking it over the toy, holding tight until the cum was impossible to stop. My cock erupted in a huge spray of juice that went in several directions, but mostly all over Jen’s tits and stomach. She screamed and hollered as it rained down on her, filming it all. Another burst shot forth equal or more than the first, reaching her neck this time and forcing her to move the camera before it got splattered.

“Damn, Jeff, you’re really cumming.”

I couldn’t speak because more and more was spurting out in a spectacular orgasm I haven’t had in a long time. By the time it stopped, Jen was painted better than I’d ever seen her. She was stunned and didn’t even speak. I reached forward and took the camera. I had to get her on film with all that spunk on her body. It looked like five guys had cum on her but it was all from me. Amazing what a little excitement can do for a guy. After filming the mess I turned off the camera and tossed it on the bed.

“That was awesome, babe. I love my new toy,” I said.

“Fuck, I guess. That was the most cum I’ve ever seen. We should totally post that on the internet.”

“Really, you think this is finally the one you want to post?”

“I know it is. This is by far our best work to date. Let’s clean up and get it posted. I can’t wait to read the comments.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32