My Photogenic Mom Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this work contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, consensually non-consensual (CNC), or non-consensual sex or scenarios.


Michael could not believe his luck, a beautiful spring day like this and he got out of school early because the air conditioning system broke. On the other side of the coin, his closest friends were on the ball team, so the coach held them at school for extra practice. He realized that the championships were getting close but that sure messed up the day.

He was thinking about his new car while driving home. His dad had gotten it for him for his eighteenth birthday. His friends thought that his new Camaro was the greatest. It was great having a rich old man at times like that. He did not get along with his dad, so Harold tried to buy him.

Michael could not stand the way that his dad treated his mom, and that was the basis for their problems. Today would have been a great day to cruise around and check out the girls in town with his buddies, but that would have to wait until later now. As he pulled into the driveway, he wondered what his mom, Susan, would be doing, or if she was even home. He hoped that she would be out by the pool. He had to admit that he had the best looking mother of any one he knew.

His buddies all said that she was a fine looking woman, and he knew that they were all jealous of him, even though they knew better than to say anything that he would hear. He just wished that she was not so uptight all the time, always having to be so prim and proper.

He had to laugh just thinking of the first time she wore a two piece swimsuit in their pool. She looked fantastic with her firm breasts and tight ass in that suit. She sat with a towel around her most of the evening even though Michael and his dad were the only ones there.

As he walked in the door he yelled “mom, are you home?” He received no answer.

Michael walked through the house to the back doors and looked out at the pool but she was not there either. Great, I wonder which of her committees she is at today.

I cannot believe I am going to have the whole afternoon free and no-one is around. At times like this Michael really missed Linda, his sister was two years older than him and was a freshman in college. This was the first time in his life that she was not there to talk to and to do things with. They had been really close their whole life, best friends and able to talk about anything. They still talked on the phone every week but it just wasn’t the same. She was supposed to be home in two weeks and he couldn’t wait.

Michael walked down the stairs to his darkroom in the basement. He had always been fascinated by photography. As he got older, he with his moms help had talked his dad into buying him more cameras and better equipment until he got his own darkroom to work in.

I am just not in the mood to be cooped up today. Maybe I will just go out and take some pictures. I still need to take the pictures of the new church that mom promised Reverend Thompson that I would do, and maybe Mrs. Thompson will be there.

Michael had always thought that a great looking woman like Kathy Thompson was wasted with him, he probably had no idea what to do with a woman that looked like that. Michael really was not happy that his mother had committed his services doing these pictures, but he wanted to keep her happy he really did love her, and she always acted as a buffer between him and his dad.

The older Michael got it seemed the more problems kızıl gaziantep escort he and his dad had getting along. Getting his camera bag out and checking inside for film and his cameras, he could not help thinking about what it would be like to have his mother modeling nude for him. He smiled thinking about what mom would say if if she knew about some of his fantasies.

Michael just stood there smiling; he had come a long way. He had had quite a bit of experience with the girls in school, yet he wished he could feel the thrill of seeing his mom’s great body for the first time. Since he had gotten older, he also understood the reason for some of the frustration she had been feeling that day.

His dad, Harold, was seldom home, due to his business and when he was home there always seemed to be a lot of tension in the air. Michael had heard several arguments through the years. He had even heard his mom accuse Harold of spending more time with other women than he did with her. Michael never could understand that, if he had a woman with a body like that waiting at home, he could see no reason to go anywhere else.

Michael became aware that he had gotten one hell of a hard on. As he unzipped his fly and started pulling on his cock, he thought of Susan again. He knew it was wrong, but he would love to be able to slam his cock into her tight burning hot pussy. Pounding his swollen cock into her wet throbbing cunt until she begged for him to stop, watching those huge tits bounce every time he hit bottom.

The thought of her beautiful pussy and tits was more than he could stand and he exploded all over his darkroom floor. If Harold was not interested in her any more, Michael knew he sure was. He also knew that there would never be a chance to live out the fantasies that he had. This one was one of the mildest of the things that he had dreamed of doing with Susan because she was such a prude.

He had heard Harold complain during one of the many arguments that she would not even undress in front of him with the lights on, how was he supposed to stay interested in her. Michael thought that his dad really did not try very hard to change things at home either. He thought that Harold would have left his mother years ago if it would not have been for losing half of everything that he owned. He knew that Susan would never leave his dad and Harold took full advantage of the situation.

Michael knew that he should get a move on, or he would never get the pictures done today so he gathered up the rest of the gear and carried it out to the car.

Michael pulled up in front of the church and parked by the curb. If everything went well, he could be finished taking the pictures in half an hour and then go home and develop them and still have the whole evening free.

Harold was out of town for two weeks and spring break started on Monday. One more day of school and he would be free for a week. His mom made no great demands on his time other than she liked them to have dinner together in the evening, so he would have time to do anything he desired.

The front door to the church was locked but he knew the side door was always open. Michael walked around to the side door and went into the church. He went downstairs and started photographing the classrooms and young people’s area, when he finished that he went back upstairs and took pictures of the main floor.

Looking around he looked at the choir loft and thought about what a great shot gaziantep kızıl escort bayan of the pulpit he could get from up there. Michael set up his tripod and was fastening the camera to it when Reverend Thompson and his mother came into the church and went into the office behind the pulpit. Michael knew that his mother went to Reverend Thompson for marriage counseling, and that his father had refused to go with her, but he did not know that she would be here today.

He put a telephoto lens on the camera and from this angle he could see into the office easily. In fact with this new lens, it was almost like being in the room with them. He could see his mother crying while she was talking, and Reverend Thompson got up and got a box of tissues from the bookshelf for his mother.

Reverend Thompson walked around his desk and handed the tissues to Susan. He then started patting Susan’s shoulder and talking to her. What surprised Michael was that he could see Reverend Thompson starting to rub his crotch at the same time he was talking to his mom. Michael knew that Susan could not see what Reverend Thompson was doing because he was standing partially behind her.

This infuriated Michael, but it also tweaked his curiosity, so he continued to watch what was going on. He also made sure that he got some good pictures in case something happened, as is said a picture is worth a thousand words. While he was watching, he saw Susan stand and turn to face the Reverend. The Reverend took his hand and held his mother’s chin while he was talking to her. Michael could see that his mother was still very upset but seemed to be calming down some.

Michael could not believe what he was seeing now. The Reverend had moved his hand from Susan’s chin to her neck which he started stroking. Susan seemed surprised by this but did not move away. Michael was fascinated by the scene that was unfolding in front of him.

He could not believe what Reverend Thompson seemed to be doing, even though he knew that Reverend Thompson influenced his mother greatly, as he did most of his church members. Michael realized that he had taken the last picture on the roll of film and dug in his pocket for another roll. Finding it he loaded the camera as fast as he could and aimed the lens at the office again.

Looking through the viewfinder he focused the lens just in time to see Reverend Smith cup his mother’s fabulous breast in his hand and gently squeeze it. Michael could see the startled look on his mother’s face, but he could not make himself move from the viewfinder. Reverend Thompson continued talking to Susan as he massaged her breast and Michael could see a new look come into Susan’s eyes.

While Michael watched frozen to the viewfinder, Reverend Thompson unbuttoned Susan’s blouse and dropped it to the floor. He then reached behind her and unhooked her bra freeing those huge, luscious tits. Bending slowly, he took the large nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it. Susan had begun to hold the back of his head and moved his head from one distended nipple to the other. Susan all the while was licking her lips and tilting her head back lost in her own world.

Michael had continued snapping pictures, unable to believe the scene unfolding in front of him. He could see his mother pushing Reverend Thompson to his knees in front of her and saw him slide her skirt up over her fantastic ass. He pulled her panties down and put his face in her pussy.

Susan was gaziantep kızıl escort like a zombie now, pulling Reverend Thompsons face tighter and tighter in her pussy. Michael could see the same looks in her face that he saw six years ago as she came and locked the reverends face to her cunt. Michael could even see her cunt juices dripping from the reverends chin.

Michael could not believe it when he heard footsteps in the church, and he knew that neither his mother nor Reverend Thompson had heard them. Suddenly there in the doorway was Kathy Thompson. The look on her face was one of total disbelief Susan was still holding Reverend Thompsons face in her pussy and did not realize yet what was happening. Michael watched as Reverend Thompson jumped up and tried to cover Susan’s nakedness. Having shot the last of his film as Mrs. Thompson closed the office door.

Michael thought that he better get down to the office in case Mrs. Thompson lost it and tried to hurt his mother. As Michael crept up to the door, he could hear Kathy yelling at Susan. Kathy was yelling that Susan was not the first whore that Reverend Thompson had been caught with, and that if this ever came out, she would ruin Susan’s life.

Kathy told her that she was not going to have her life ruined because of some tramp like her! Susan was crying almost hysterically tried to tell her that this was an accident and that she was not a tramp, but nothing could be said to make the situation any better.

Kathy told her to get out of the church and not to see her husband again. Michael took off out the door and headed home. On the drive home Michael tried to sort out all that had just happened. He was pissed that his mom had fooled around with someone else. At least she had not fucked him or sucked his cock. He was also jealous that it had not been him eating her pussy. He had never done that to a girl, but he felt it only fitting that he would suck his mom’s pussy first if possible.

The more he thought about this, the more he figured there just might be a way to make some of his fantasies come true. There might even be a bonus in this in the person of Kathy Thompson. He had always wondered what it would be like to fuck the preacher’s wife.

Her tits were not as big as Susan’s, but they were nice shaped and seemed firm and she did have a nice ass and legs. He would have to see just how bad she wanted Reverend Thompson to keep his job and good name. Michael had just finished developing the negatives when he heard his mom come into the house. He hung them up to dry, not worried because his mom never came into the darkroom.

He went upstairs to say hi. Michael could see that she was still upset, but since he could not let on that he knew what had happened he asked her if something was wrong? Susan said that it had been a bad day, and that she and Harold had had an argument before he had left on his trip. She asked Michael not to go anywhere because she was going to start dinner.

As Michael sat watching TV, he was trying to figure out the best way to approach the situation at hand. After coming up with several different ideas, he decided to just let things progress for a while to see if he got any better ideas.

After dinner his mother said she had a headache and went to lie down for a while. This was fine because Michael was eager to get back to the darkroom. Michael could not believe how many pictures he had shot. In the last couple that he had shot Kathy Thompson was standing in the doorway, and it looked like she was just watching her husband eat out Susan’s cunt.

Michael smiled as a plan started forming in his mind. Michael spent the rest of the evening making up three copies of the pictures that he had shot. Two of the copies he put away and the negatives he put in a separate place where he knew they would not be found. All he had to do now was get through school tomorrow and the fun would begin.

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