My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 03

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I sat at the picnic table Monday morning and tried to read the paper while waiting for Shelly. My thoughts drifted back to Sunday and I started getting an erection as I anticipated wrapping my lips around her hard nipples and drinking the delicious milk from her luscious tits. I also knew that she was horny as hell and could only think of the wildcat waiting to be unleashed when I slid my hard cock into her long dick-starved pussy.

About a 1/2 hour later I heard Mike leaving and I expected Shelly at any moment, but my morning coffee was affecting me and I figured I’d better go pee before she arrived. I hurried to the bathroom but in my erect state it took longer than normal for me to drain myself.

Expecting to see her when I went back outside I was surprised when there wasn’t any sign of her. I sat down to wait when I noticed a small pinkish pile of what looked like clothing lying on the patio. Having a pretty good idea of what I was going to find I could feel both my dick and my heart start to beat harder as I walked toward the pile.

When I squatted down to inspect the bundle I found a flowery robe folded on top of a collection of women’s lingerie. It was a matching set of panties, a bra and a nightgown, all transparent and trimmed with tiny little flowers. I could smell Shelly’s aroma as I picked out the panties and lightly ran my fingers through them. My curiosity about her being ready for sex was confirmed when I noticed a small wet spot in the crotch.

I rested on my haunches as I fondled Shelly’s panties, the head of my now fully hard dick sticking out of the leg of my shorts, and glanced around looking for my naked neighbor. I gave the crotch a quick sniff, a reminder of how she smelled yet a tease to myself as how she might taste, since up to then the only part of me I had actually had inside of her was my fingers.

Standing up, still holding her panties, I took a quick look around the yard, remembering how much she enjoyed it and called for her. “Shelly? Shelly? Where are you?”

“Over here, Tom, by the waterfall.”

Shading my eyes I looked over and saw her bent over the flower bed, her ass jutting out so invitingly and her unbridled breasts hanging down and swaying as she moved among the flowers. She straightened up and started walking towards me and I could only stand there drinking in the beauty of her naked form.

“Looks like you found my gift. Do you like how I smell?” I could see a kind of wicked grin on her face as she got closer. “When I was waiting for Mike to leave I started getting horny thinking about your cock and couldn’t help but finger myself after he left. I hope you don’t mind me wasting an orgasm on myself, but I’ve got plenty left for you.”

Somewhat embarrassed that she has seen me sniffing her panties, I really didn’t know how to respond so I just stood there silently as she strolled up to me. My dick was trying to rise behind the leg of my shorts and about half of my bare shaft was sticking out at a 45º angle. Her eyes were directed at my crotch and when she was in front of me she reached down, wrapping her fingers around the exposed portion sticking out of the leg of my shorts.

“I thought you were at a loss for words, kinda like a kid getting caught jacking off by his Mom, but I guess you’re letting this do your talking, huh.”

Slowly squeezing and massaging my dick with her right hand, she pressed her body against the front of mine. She pulled my head down about six inches in front of her face as she rotated her upper body, her hardened nipples poking through my T-shirt.

“If you like the smell of my pussy so much, why don’t you get it fresh?”

She placed her hands on my shoulders and exerted pressure, like she was trying to force me to my knees. It was obvious that she wanted me to stick my face in her crotch so she didn’t really need to force me too much.

I looked her in the eyes then stuck out my tongue and swiped it across her lips. “You got something down here any fresher?” and cupped my hand over her furry snatch. She spread her legs to allow me access and when I stroked a finger up her slit I wasn’t at all surprised to find her wet.

“Mmmm'” she cooed. “looks like you’re finding out, huh.”

I let her force me down but controlled the rate of my descent. I pecked little kisses around her mouth and continued downward, lightly kissing and licking her neck and top of her Escort Bayan chest to her breasts. I hefted them in my hands and directed her nipples to my mouth to suckle her and drink in her Mother’s Milk. She cradled my head in her hands and pulled me to her bosom as I swallowed a few spurts of her ambrosia, and only reluctantly released her hold as I resumed my oral journey to her love nest.

Kissing the underside of her tits I licked along the crease where they joined her chest then trailed my tongue over her pregnant belly and nipped at her outwardly puckered navel. I could smell the scent emanating from her womanhood as my head coursed over the bottom of her belly and neared the juncture of her legs.

Kneeling on the lawn my head was directly in front of her pussy and I reached my hands between her thighs to separate them wide enough for my face. With her thighs opened and her labia separated, the pink inner walls of her mound were just visible through the dark forest of her pubic hair and glistened with the wetness seeping from inside of her. My senses were overwhelmed by her fragrance as I buried my face in her cunt to taste her.

Clenching my hands on the soft globes of her ass cheeks I licked up and down her slit and lapped her juice. Shelly grabbed my head and forced it against her mound as I flicked my tongue over clit and nipped the distended nub, and moaned and humped her hips on my face when I stretched my tongue as deeply as I could to fuck it at her hole.

I thought she was enjoying me eating her as much as I was until she unexpectedly pulled my head out of her crotch, moved her hands underneath my armpits and pulled me erect. When I was on my feet she stuck her hands down the front of my shorts and took my dick in her hands.

“Oh, Tom,” she moaned and kissed me. She pulled on my shaft as we exchanged a passionate kiss. “I love you eating my pussy but I came over here to get fucked. I want your cock in my cunt, not your tongue. Get your clothes off and fuck me!”

I wanted to slide my hard shaft up her as much as she wanted it and stepped back to undress. Shelly watched me as I removed my clothes, her gaze fixed on my crotch and, when my prick popped up from being released by my shorts, wrapped her hands around the shaft.

“Yesss,” she hissed, “this is what I want.” She wrapped her free arm around my neck and pulled me against her as she slowly began to jack me. I moved toward her and grabbed her butt cheeks to pull her on to me but she wouldn’t have it.

“No, Tom, not here,” she whispered in my ear as she licked my face. “Take me to bed.”

We released our holds on each other and I led her by the hand to my bedroom. When we got inside Shelly released my hand, walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Spreading her legs wide she reached one hand between them and stroked herself, rubbing her other hand in circles over her belly.

“Come on, Tom, I can’t wait.” She laid on her back with her legs raised and spread and moved her hands to open herself to me. “Bring that big hard cock over her and stick it in me.”

My dick pulsed and bobbed as I moved toward her, moments away from fulfilling my lustful dreams of the past weekend. I could see the dark opening of her love tunnel centered in her pinkness and beckoning to me as I stood in front of her. Leaning forward I extended my left arm to the bed to support myself and guided my dick towards her wet opening with my right hand.

Inserting the tip of my shaft I guided it up and down just inside her pink folds until I felt my glans nestled at the entrance of her fuck hole. Shelly had grabbed her legs and pulled them out and backwards and was hunching her hips as she felt my dick slide along the inside of her outer labia.

“Now, Tom, now. Stick that dick up my cunt. Fuck me.”

I didn’t heed her urging as I slowly slid myself inside and penetrated her. “Oh, Shelly,” I almost whimpered, “oh yeah.”

It had been so long since I had sex that I just rested with my dick imbedded in her for a couple of seconds, relishing the sensation of having my flesh surrounded by a wet, warm pussy. Even though she was pregnant and I knew that she and Mike had fucked often, her pussy felt snug as it gripped at my shaft. Shit, I thought, why had I denied myself the pleasure of fucking for so long.

“Nngh,” she humped at me. “Nngh…nngh…Oh yeah, Tom. Feed me Bayan Escort your dick. It feels so good having you inside of me.”

I extended my now free right arm to her other side so I was braced on both arms as I thrust in and out of her, sometimes pulling back until I was almost all the way out, then ramming myself forward and giving my hips a slight cork screw motion. I looked down between my arms as we gyrated together, reveling in the feeling of her sopping wetness and the slick coating it was leaving on my shaft.

As much as I enjoyed the slow strokes as they reawakened the feelings of having a woman’s cunt clenching at my cock as her wet folds slid over the sensitive flesh of my dick, I soon found myself increasing the speed of our copulation. Shelly responded, timing her hunches to my thrusts, and we had a quick rhythm established.

“Oh yeah…Uh huh…Uh huh,” she cried. “That’s it. More cock. I want more cock.”

“Me too, Shelly, me too. Fuck my dick, ride my meat you horny little cunt.”

I grabbed her hips and thrust my pole into her as hard and far as I could. I wished I would have had more dick to give her, for her pleasure as much as my own, but I was already feeding her everything I had.

“That’s right, Tom, I am a horny little cunt. Shut up and fuck me. Cram that prick up my dick-starved pussy you bastard! I want it all!” She wrapped her legs around my hips, locking her ankles on my ass, and tightened her leg muscles to pull me in.

We were grinding ourselves together with abandon, each wanting more of the others’ sex. Shelly had lubricated rapidly and it soon felt as if I was fucking a wet sponge as my cock slipped and slurped in and out of her wet fuck hole. Her head was lolling from side to side and she had begun to squeeze her tits, causing droplets of milk to ooze from her nipples.

It was erotic and arousing and I wanted it. It wanted her warm mammary milk in my mouth. I had become hooked from suckling her on Sunday and just had to have more. I withdrew from her pussy and stood up, causing her to moan a complaint and ask me why I stopped.

“I want you on top of me Shelly. I want to be able to stuff my pole as far as possible up the hot hole of yours. But even more I want you to feed me your milk while we fuck.”

She pushed herself fully on to the bed and rolled on her side while I climbed in and laid on my back, my shaft sticking up like a stick. Shelly rolled over and straddled me on her knees, grabbing my dick and guiding it to her dripping opening then sitting herself down with an “Ummph.”

I raised my hands up towards her and we held hands with our fingers intertwined while she balanced herself atop me. As she started fucking up and down on me it actually felt as if more of my dick was able to get into her in this position.

“Oh yeah, Tom,” she rasped. I thrust up as hard as I could as she bounced on my dick, the walls of her fuck tunnel tightening and relaxing as they clenched at my invading cock. Shelly suddenly slowed her riding, slowly sliding down on me until our pelvis were joined, gyrating her groin in a few circles, then slowing raising herself until only my glans remained inside of her.

“How about a long slow fuck, huh?” she smiled at me. “As much as I love having you up my cunt, I don’t want you to cum too soon you bad motherfucker.”

“Whatever you want, baby,” I grinned back. “As long as you give me what I want.”

“Oh,” she reached up to warp her hands around her tits and began milking them. “Does little Tommy want some milk from Mommy’s titties,” she baby-talked at me. She let my hands go and braced herself on my shoulders, leaning forward and swaying her breasts over my face. Her nipples were swollen and leaking, her areolas a deep red and broken out so they were covered by tiny bumps.

Her bulging pregnant belly resting on my stomach prevented her from bending fully forward to lower her tits to me, but by raising my head I was able to bring my mouth up to suck her nipple inside. I suckled eagerly and was quickly rewarded with squirts of her motherly liquid but it was a definite strain on my neck and difficult to maintain contact. But I wanted more, God, how I wanted more.

I rose up to push her back slightly, then grabbed the pillows and placed them behind me like a wedge. Bingo, just what I needed. When I laid back and pulled her to me again my head Escort was raised enough so that her tits were flush in my face, her wet nipples exactly at mouth level. I wasted no time in sucking the nubs back into my mouth, nipping and sucking on them as they began releasing their sweet flow.

It was obvious Shelly liked it as she exhaled a long drawn out “Ahh” as I suckled her. She paused our mating for a moment, then started riding me again with a renewed vigor.

“Oh God, Tom, I love this,” she cried out. “Suck me, honey. Come on, suck my milk filled tits and fuck my pregnant pussy.”

I didn’t, hell I couldn’t, disappoint her. The milk flowing into my mouth as my dick glided in and out of her wet hole had me more aroused than I could remember. I had my hands clasping her ass cheeks as we fucked, and she was milking her breasts as I suckled her. I was alternating my sucking, spending a minute or so on each nipple, and when I moved my head to switch between her teats the spray from the nipple I released squirted on my face and head, rolling down my cheeks and soaking the pillow.

I don’t think I had ever before had the feelings I was experiencing at that moment. My whole body was sensitive to the touch. My cock had expanded and throbbed to the point I felt as if it would burst as I felt her grasping muscles on the pulsing veins, and my mouth and face were awash in the sweet warm juice from her lactating breasts.

“Feed me Shelly,” my voice was almost a squeak. “Feed me please and fuck me.”

“Ungh huh,” was about all she responded, “ungh huh.”

I felt her release her breasts and pull my face hard against her tits, forcing her nipple into my mouth as far as she could. “Ohhh, drain my tits, Tom. Drink ’em dry.”

If I could have I would have fed on her forever, but I felt myself getting ready to explode in an orgasm and pushed her backwards. I wanted her groin meshed against mine and my dick straight up inside her when I shot off so that I could release my load as far up into her baby filled womb as possible.

“I’m gonna cum, Shelly. I’m gonna cum, honey.”

“Me too, Tom,” she panted. “Fuck me hard! Stuff me. Cram your meat up my pussy.”

I bent my legs at the knees and formed a kind of back rest that she could lean against as we rutted to our climax. I reached my hands up again and we held on to each other as we pounded together.

“Aiieee,” she screamed and squeezed my hands tightly as she pounded down one final time and lost herself in her orgasm.

I let out a shouted “Shit” as I felt my balls constrict and the cum blast out of my cock. My orgasm was so powerful I felt myself shuddering and shaking as my jism spurted from my dick.

I have no idea how many loads I spurted into her, but each one seemed to intensify my feelings as Shelly also shuddered through her own climax, her cunt holding my shaft tight and still inside of her sheath as her muscles rippled and milked me.

She released a flood that mixed with my own, and our combined fluids leaked from the sides of her cunt as our sexes pulsed in time and unleashed their juices.

It probably didn’t last more than a minute when we peaked, but that had to be the most intense minute of my entire life. We still had our hands clenched together while we rode our pleasure wave, and maintained the contact as the thrills passed through our bodies before slowly subsiding.

When I started to regain control of my senses I looked up at her just as she was opening her own eyes. I straightened my legs as she sat upright and rolled off of me. I stuck my right arm out on the bed and when she was off of me curled it to roll her on her left side and pulled her against me. I turned my head towards her and we just looked into each others eyes.

“Wow,” she smiled at me after a moment. “You sure do know how to show a girl a good time.”

“Me?” I exclaimed in mock astonishment. “I was just about ready to call 911 for myself.”

We laughed at our little joke and I bent my head to give her a slow loving kiss. I laid in silence with her for a while as we gazed into each others eyes, then hugged and just laid still.

She had her head resting against the right side of my face when I felt her stir.


“Mmm?” I turned my head to look at her.

She propped her head against her bent arm and looked at me in what seemed to be a serious manner, then brook into a grin.

“Don’t you dare make any morning plans for the next month or so, cause you’re all mine until…” and she patted her belly.

“You got it babe,” I smiled. “Or maybe I should say, you’re gonna get it.”

And get it she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32