My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 06

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Chapter Six

The deep guttural growl of the Harley echoed down the leafy suburban street as Jarrod lazily glided across the asphalt. Great estates and manicured gardens flanked him as he rumbled down towards Hamish ‘Hammer’ Franitio; Olivia’s fathers, home. He rounded the corner and there it was — the Concrete Palace, with large iron gates, fountains, statues and plenty of expensive cars.

He slowly rode up to the gates and pulled up at the intercom. He lifted his devil visor of his old hell rider helmet and pushed the button looking up towards the gate camera. The gate swung open and he rode through and pulled up at the stairs up to the ornate entrance and hoped off. He tucked his helmet in the storage bag, giving his WWII helmet he brought for Ellie and reassuring tap. She used to love riding with him he remembered with a smile.

“PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR NOW!!!” a man roared and guards poured from the entrance of the manor, quickly encircling him with guns in hand.

“What?! I think there has been some sort of..” Jarrod responded looking bewildered.

“Shut the fuck up, put your hands up and get on the ground NOW!” the same angry man ordered from the top of the stairs.

Jarrod was completely confused. Hammer and he had a good working relationship. He would go so far as to say they were trusted friends, or at least he had thought so. When he was sentenced to go to gaol, he had asked Hammer to look after his daughter. Hammer had always loved Ellie like she was his own and while he was known as a heartless underworld businessman, Jarrod knew that no one could protect Ellie better from his enemies while he was incarcerated than Hammer Franitio could.

“NOW! Or I take out a knee to start with!” the guard stated. Jarrod could tell he meant it.

“This is a huge mistake guys,” Jarrod said as he dropped to his knees and put his hands behind his back. Guards immediately descended on his pushing him forward and holding his arms in place as they tied his wrists. “I’m just here to pick up my daughter.”

The guards helped him to his feet and Jarrod entertained taking down this Wanker and a few of his tough mates with a few well-placed kicks, headbutts and even his teeth if needs be.

The leader approached. Jarrod could assess him better now. Ex-military for sure. He was smaller than Jarrod by a fair way but he was hardened like leather. His grey-blue eyes locked with his, all resolve. His teeth gritted.

“Well then, for the sake of your daughter, you be on your best behaviour then.”

All the fight dissolved right out of him. He couldn’t afford anything happening to Ellie.

“Now just to make sure you don’t upset the family..” The guard thrust a rag into his mouth. At least it looked clean he thought allowing himself to be led into the house.

What the hell was happening here? He needed to talk to Hammer to see what the fuck was going on. They half carried, half lead him through the elaborate front doors and Jarrod turned his attention to the right where he knew Hammer’s office was. To his surprise though, the guards went to lead him straight past and towards the stairs.

Abruptly, Hammer’s office doors slammed open and a man stumbled out falling to the floor, screaming an earthly shriek of utter pain and horror. Jarrod twisted to see in shock. The man was clutching at his groin where a massive red stain was rapidly spreading out from. Two men rushed out through Hammers doors and lifted the man to his feet, quickly walking him outside as he continued to shriek.

A young skinny man in a classic suit stepped through the doorway. It was Jimmy Fanitio — Hammer’s nephew. He wore a look of contempt as if the man was somehow insulting him by daring to bleed on the floor.

“If you’re not man enough to save your family Frankie, you’re not man enough to have a manhood. Now get him to our doctor!”

The men holding Frank dragged him screaming through the front doors and the guards holding Jarrod quickly continued to usher Jarrod upstairs but not before Jarrod caught Jimmy coldly watching him climb the steps.

“And someone clean up this fuckin mess before my Uncle sees it!”

As they approached the top of the stairs, the head guard moved up ahead. Jarrod briefly made out him out talking to a woman the top of the grand staircase, before she raced away. The head guard signalled for Jarrod to be lead off to the side and through a side door. He tried to tell the guards, once again, the guards that this was a terrible mistake but they completely ignored him.

When he was almost through the door, he noticed a young, brown curly-haired man wearing glasses wandering past. He wore a leather satchel and carried a collection of paper and books. He seemed in a hurry to leave even before he saw Jarrod and the guards. His eyes widened with fear and shock as he turned his attention away and quickly power-walked past and down the stairs.

Jarrod was hurried down a corridor and unceremoniously dumped on the king-sized bed where three guards tied his ankles together. Not taking any chance I see! Jarrod noted to himself. özbek gaziantep escort He took in the room. It large with an ensuite but didn’t look like it had been used in some time. Probably a spare room he guessed. Might as well enjoy the rest then if I have to lie here anyway.

It felt like an eternity until the door opened and a figure slid through the gap before quietly closing it behind them. He heard the ensuite door open and close and the shower start.

Could this get any weirder he thought, now some guard is having a shower while I’m right here! Is this some sort of strange torture they’re inflicting on me?!

After five minutes the shower stopped and he heard someone drying their hair. In his pocket, he felt his phone buzz again with a message. After what seemed like another agonising wait, someone open the bathroom door and walked toward him. They rounded the side of the bed and sat on the edge looking down at Jarrod as he helplessly lay there.

“Hello Jarrod” She purred.

It was Mrs Fanitio or as he always knew her from school; Nikki Nalenkos. When he was a teenager his friends had another name for her at school too — Nikki Knockers. He could not remember the number of times he ‘spanked the monkey’ while fantasising about Nikki Knockers breasts. Even as a late teenager she had disproportionately large, full tits compared to the rest of her body. Now she sat by him, in a sapphire nightgown that revealed far more of those same breasts that he had dreamed of as a youth, than he was comfortable seeing at the moment.

Nikki was even more beautiful now than she was as a young lady. She had grown into her body and exuded obvious confidence and sexuality. Her dark hair framed her almond eyes perfectly and cascaded down her shoulders and drew his eyes to the top of her cleavage once again. Her lips were full and red, perfectly complimenting her flawless olive skin. She gave him a mischievous smirk and he knew he was in trouble.

“My husband is VERY angry at you. Well not you specifically but with your gang. It seems they betrayed him and my nephew is in hospital now because of them…because of you!” she finished the last word popping him in the chest with her index finger.

“I don’t think he wants to kill you but he said he needed to calm down before speaking to you just in case he did something, well, something rash.”

Jarrod tried to respond but Mrs Fanitio placed a finger to his lips, “Sshhh. That’s not why I’m here though. Do you have your phone on you?”

Jarrod nodded and looked down at his left pocket.

“Do you mind?” Nikki asked softly, reaching forward into his pocket. Jarrod watch as her nightgown parted revealing her wondrous breasts. They were just as he remembered them: so firm, soft and round. Even he nipples were still light a pink. He had dreamed of cupping them in his hands and tasting them in his mouth for what seemed like an eternity and all that desire flooded back to him in a second ogling down her top.

Nikki fished around in his leather pants for his phone but stopped when her hand brushed his semi-erect member. He felt her run a finger gently along with him.

Nikki fished out his phone. “Ellie wants to know if she can stay the night and under the circumstances, I think it’s a smart idea don’t you!?” Jarrod nodded and Nikki placed the phone against his thumb then spent the next minute typing in a reply.

“I said you’ll pick her up tomorrow morning. Let’s hope that’s true.”

Ellie slipped the phone back into his pocket again, leaning forward slowly and taking her time repositioning the phone. Jarrod couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts and he was sure she didn’t mind his attention.

“You know Jarrod. I remember you when you were a teen and in school” she said in barely a whisper, catching his eyes but making no move to lean back or cover herself up. His eyes keep flickering down her top involuntarily as she spoke.

“I remember when I used to shower and change after netball and you would watch.” Jarrod’s eyes widened. He had never thought she had seen him.

“I was always the slowest to get into the showers and last to change” He felt her fingers absentmindedly slide up and down his hardening member as she reminisced. He was completely powerless to do anything but listen.

“I remember I would use extra soap to wash with and then stand by the mirror all alone to dry myself and put on my makeup,” Jarrod remembered well and he almost felt he was there again.

“I don’t know how long you had been watching me before I noticed but when I saw you hiding and playing with yourself, I almost screamed and went to the principal. But I became curious then I found myself enjoying the attention.”

Jarrod felt her take her hand out of his pocket and she began to slowly unbutton his pants and unzip his pants.

“Then I saw you. You were cute. You must have been fifteen at most, tall but all skin and bones but your cock! It was huge by comparison.”

Nikki slipped her hand into his pants under the gaziantep özbek escort elastic of his underpants. Jarrod was sweating now. He could feel himself beginning to panic. What if someone walked in right now? What if Hammer did?!

“Did you know Jarrod that I began to deliberately hang back? Deliberately stay behind so you could watch me.”

Jarrod felt her search in his pants and then released an involuntary and muffled gasp when her hand closed around his shaft.

“Ah, there it is. You know I always hoped you would come out from behind the lockers. I would have taken you in my hand like this!” Jarrod felt her tug him gently and then he sprang free. Jarrod saw Nikki’s eyes widen. She began to stroke him slowly.

“When you first started coming here, all I wanted was to see if you still had that big cock. To see if it had grown as much as the rest of you had. I can see it definitely had” Nikki stopped stroking and lifted herself off the bed. Jarrod was surprised to find he was disappointed. She disappeared into the bathroom and then came back out with her phone. She sat back down and began to stroke him again. He was hard again as he powerlessly watched her take a photo.

“I’m building up quite the collection tonight”

Nikki placed the photo down and moved closer to his penis. She slowly kissed the head, and then licked it. He groaned again. She pushed the tip of his member between her lips and swirled her tongue around the head. Her hand continued to push up and down the lower half of him, as she pushed more of him into her mouth. Her head began to rock back and forth. Jarrod felt the incredible sensation of the soft warmth of the interior of her mouth surrounding him. He couldn’t help himself, he began to thrust up between her beautiful lips.

“Mmmm! You like this don’t you. Not scared I might tell my husband? Or you might get caught?” she teased after pulling off his cock for a moment. Jarrod’s eyes widened at the thought which made her smile evilly. She reached for her phone again and then held it up and took a photo of her first licking and then engulfing his great shaft. Then she sat back up.

“All those years ago, if you had come to me in the change rooms, I would have let you touch these too”

Nikki pulled off her robe revealing her incredible body and, most importantly, those legendary breasts. It was a dream and nightmare in one. His eyes flickered back to the door and then back to Nikki who had begun to tease him by playing with her breasts, squeezing them, licking them.

“Do you want to taste them?” Jarrod nodded his head enthusiastically. “If I take out that gag you need to be quite ok.” He nodded again. Nikki quickly removed the gag. Jarrod moved his mouth around to generate some saliva in his dry mouth and then before he had time to register the movement, Nikki’s wonderful orbs were being pressed onto his face and into his open mouth.

Jarrod licked and sucked her nipple, loving the feel of her flawless skin and the softness of her breasts. He was in heaven. He remembered the amount of times he had desperately wanted to feel these breasts as a boy. Standing there, stroking himself to these tits. Dreaming of touching them, licking them, eating them.

“That’s a good boy! She had straddled him and he could feel her wetness against his chest. He continued to nibble and suck until she pulled herself away and slid herself down his body.

Jarrod watched intently, a myriad of emotions.

“Don’t look so worried. I won’t fuck you…but I still haven’t finished with you yet”

Nikki straddled his cock and proceeded to grind her saturated, spread vagina along the length of his shaft as it sat against his stomach.

“Yes. That feels good doesn’t it.” Ellie said, as much to herself as Jarrod. Jarrod watched as her lips slid over and around his cock, her juices coating him from base to tip. She continued to pleasure herself thrusting up and down him, moving her hips to ensure her clitoris was stimulated with each movement.

His shaft hardened further and, with a mind of its own, tried to lift off his stomach to find its way it’s his teenage fantasy’s glorious pussy.

“God, your cock loves my pussy as much as my pussy loves your cock! You know Jarrod, my mum loved men. My father wasn’t enough for her. I used to judge her for that but I understand now. Now, not one will go near me. No one was brave enough to fuck the wife of Hammer Franitio! But tonight I seem to have an opportunity thrown my way. Even you may not be brave enough but, I’m sorry Jarrod, tonight, you will!”

Nikki pushed her labia lips along his shaft again and then lifted herself up. His cock rose, betraying him, eager to enter her. She gave him one more hungry look then lowered herself slowly down over the head of his bulging cock. He couldn’t contain his pleasured gasp as she slowly lowered herself down the full length of his long, thick shaft.

Jarrod and Nikki both groaned with pleasure. When she had bottomed out, she leaned forward to place both hands upon gaziantep özbek escort bayan his huge chest, lifting her ass in up to slide him half out. Jarrod’s passion took over. He couldn’t hold her but he began to thrust up into her. Nikki fell forward, pressing her wondrous breasts against his stomach and resting her head against his chest. Jarrod pounded her, decades of pent up desire unleashed.

“Mmmm…yes Jarrod…it feels amazing, so good, please don’t stop. My pussy is yours”

Jarrod fucked her hard. His hips smacked into her firm buttocks as his glistening rod slid in and out between her lips. Nikki raised her head and looked up into his eyes, her own eyes clouded with obvious pleasure. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, pushing his tongue into her welcoming mouth. Her own tongue danced around his.

Nikki kneed upright and began to lift herself up and drop down up him, practically standing in the lift, his cock almost pulling out before she fell again. Her eyes were closed and her skin flushed. He watched as her breasts rose and fell with her movement. It was agony not to be able to reach out and grasp them but he made himself content just to watch them in all their glory.

She stopped and reached around to take a video of herself and a close up of his cock piercing her lips.

“I will watch this video endlessly Jarrod. You are everything I dreamed of”

“And your everything I fantasised about for all those years!”

Nikki smiled and then lifted herself off him and ducked back into the bathroom and quickly emerged.

“My mum was half Greek, half Italian. When I was young she said I could never give up my virginity to a man unless I was to marry him, but I could still pleasure him and myself.” Nikki popped the top off a tube of lubricant and smeared it over Jarrod’s hard member. He jumped at the cold liquid and Nikki smirked.

“She said that I could put boys in my hand, in my mouth and…” Nikki turned around and reached back for Jarrod’s cock to position it below her anus, ” and in my bottom”

Jarrod watch in awe as she slowly slipped the large head of his penis into her little hole and then proceeded to push back on it until she once again bottomed out. It was so tight. He felt the pressure already making him build.

“She was a clever woman. I’ve given my own daughter the same advice.”

Nikki began to lift herself back up and then push herself down on his shaft. Her ass squeezed his cock and he couldn’t believe how good it felt. Nikki increased her pace holding onto the footboard at the end of the bed for leverage. Jarrod was entranced by the sight of his penis sliding in and out of Nikki’s pert ass while she reached under herself to play with her wet pussy lips and clit. The more she played and quicker her pace became. Soon she was rising and falling as fast as she had been with her vagina.

Jarrod felt himself building and Nikki obviously did too judging by the noises she was making. “You’re so huge Jarrod but it feels so incredible!” She was frantically playing with her clit now and her pace was slowing as she became lost in her own pleasure. Jarrod took up the slack, thrusting in and out of her tight ass as he felt himself drawing closer. Suddenly Nikki began to writhe and growl. “Yes, yes, you bastard! Fuck me harder. FUCK ME!!” Nikki’s whole body shuddered and convulsed. She fell forward as Jarrod’s pace only quickened.

“I’m going to explode soon!”

Nikki lifted herself off him, turned and began to milk him with wild abandon. His penis head was angry now and it abruptly spat out a huge stream of cum that struck her chin, then wave after wave splashed against her glorious tits. Nikki licked and sucked the last of it, taking another photo for a keepsake. She lowered herself upon him and they lay together panting for a time before she reached up and kissed him. Then she found the rag and stuffed it back into his mouth.

“Sorry,” she said, “I’ll do what I can to calm my husband down and get him to see reason for you.”

She then readjusted his clothes and went back into the bathroom to find her clothes and a bag. She smirked as he raised an eyebrow, “Best to be prepared”

Nikki walked to the door, opened it and looked left and right along the corridor. Before she ducked out she turned back and whispered.

“I’d like to do that again soon but with you untied next time”

Jarrod smiled back and nodded and Nikki slowly closed the door and left.

That was incredible. As a teenager, he had dreamed of that moment every night but had he just fucked more than Nikki? If Hammer found out, things could get very ugly…


Jarrod was roughly awoken from a deep sleep. He was surprised that he had slept at all. He had told himself he wouldn’t but after Nikki and the events of the last couple of days, he had been exhausted.

Guards had cut his ties around his ankles and dragged him to his feet. He was half asleep when they dragged him out of the room and down the stairs. The house was alit and he could see through the windows that it was night when he began to regain his senses. He was hurried down the stairs and noted that the tiles were completely cleaned and polished, without even a hint of an unsavoury red stain. Jarrod was walked through the doors to the side of the main entrance and into what he knew was Hamish ‘Hammer’ Franitio’s office.

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