My Sister and Her Friends Pt. 02

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Normal disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that’s not your thing, then you should stop reading now. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

Author’s Note: This is part two of a story series. It is written assuming the reader has read the first installment. To fully understand the backstory and get all the references, please read part one first.


Heather had just sashayed out of the bedroom. I laid there, still wondering what was happening to me. I had just had sex with my sister. Her friends were coming over soon, and she thought they’d like the view as I lay naked in my bed? I laid there for what seemed like hours before dragging my self out of bed. I had to face this at some point, might as well get it over with.

I threw on a pair of boxers and ambled out into the kitchen. Heather was there at the stove, scrambling some eggs, her short little nightgown just covering that tight round ass. I knew she had nothing on underneath. I came up behind her and put my arms around her shoulders. She leaned back and kissed my cheek.

“There you are. Your breakfast is almost ready.” She stated, as if I had placed and order at a diner.

“Thanks. Good morning to you too. ” I was at a loss for words. I peeked into the den. “So, is anyone else …” my voice trailed off.

“No. Lisa and Mandy should be here soon,” she said as she plated some eggs and sausage. “Juice?”

“Sure, thanks.” I sat down at the kitchen table. She joined me momentarily, and I took a couple of bites.

We ate in silence for a few minutes. I kept thinking about what we had done. My mind was racing. My head was swimming. I was racked with guilt. I felt nauseous. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wondered how hot Hell was going to be?

“Sis, do we need to talk?” I finally plucked up the courage to ask.

Heather smiled at me reassuringly. “Eventually. But I promise, there’s nothing for you to worry about.” She sounded very sure of herself. I managed a nod. She was acting normal, happy even. She took a bite of eggs and smiled at me. Her voice was confident, strong. Eventually? What the heck does that mean? Tonight? Tomorrow? Next week? Or not until ten years from now? I closed my eyes and put my head in my hands. That didn’t help.

I got up and took my plate to the sink. I headed off to the bathroom, thinking a nice hot shower would help me get a grip on myself. The battle in my brain did not subside. The one side was saying that she had come on to me. Mandy had come on to me. Lisa had come on to me. I never led them on. They were old enough to make their own decisions. And they had wanted to do the things we did together. Would they want to do them again?

But what if they didn’t really know what they were doing? They weren’t much older than the kids I taught. I was the older one, I was supposed to look out for them. Just like I had after graduation. I didn’t let some of my jerk friends hook up and take advantage of them. Now here I was, the exact same type of jerk! This was my sister, the other two as good as sisters. Even if they didn’t think it was wrong, it was, and I had a responsibility to them to stop. I had failed. I stepped out of the shower as upset and emotionally spent as when I started. I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped into the bedroom. There sitting side by side by side on my bed were Heather, Lisa and Mandy. Heather was still only wearing the nightgown from earlier. Lisa and Mandy were dressed normally. I looked from face to face to face, thoroughly confused.

Lisa broke the silence. “So, stud, how was it?” Mandy giggled. I managed a weak grin as I fumbled through my dresser for some shorts. “No, you aren’t getting off that easily buddy,” she pressed on. “How was it?”

All three were looking at me quizzically. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and exhaled. “I mean… the… but really… I’m so very confused right now” I blurted out. I walked out into the den. I could hear whispers behind me. I stopped by the couch and pulled on my shorts, tossing the towel aside and plopping down in my recliner. I closed my eyes. I heard footsteps. I looked up and I saw Mandy sitting on the couch looking at me.

“Chase, hon, listen to me. I can tell you’re conflicted. You’ve got to know that none of this is your fault. Please don’t feel bad about anything. We sure don’t. You didn’t do anything to any of us that we didn’t want to happen.” She said softly. Her tone was reassuring in a way.

“But how… and why?” I stammered.

“Chase, let us explain.” Heather was behind me. She circled the chair and plopped herself in my lap. Lisa sat beside Mandy on the couch.

And she began. They had been 12-years old and a slumber party with a group of about 7 or so other girls. They were up all night doing their nails and talking about cute boys and kissing them. They all went around the room naming what boy they wanted to kiss, for most of Alanya Esmer Escort them the first real kiss had yet to happen. I was about 16 at the time, and in my final year of trying to play baseball in high school. I was just an average ballplayer. Right before our parents dropped the three of them off at this party, they had been at one of my baseball games, cheering me on. When it came around to her, Mandy said she panicked, couldn’t think of anyone else, and blurted out “Heather’s brother Chase.” A round of ‘ooohs’ and giggles followed. So, from then on, the running thing in their group was that Mandy had a crush on me. One random day shortly afterwards, I told her she looked pretty, and she said her heart skipped a beat. That crush lasted quite a while, at least until Mandy had her first date and first (terrible) kiss. I of course, had no recollection of any of this.

A couple of years later, right before I graduated, I finally had gotten a car. Lisa’s parents were out of town and she was going to be staying with us for the weekend. Lisa fell and sprained her foot badly playing basketball after school. She didn’t think she could walk to our place, so she called Heather, who cried to mom and dad, who made me go play taxi driver. I had to drive to the school, pick Lisa (and Mandy, of course) up, and bring them back to our house. I remember being annoyed that I had to pause my Madden game to go run my sister’s friends around town. But I went. Lisa was sitting on the curb crying when I arrived. I scooped her up and carried her to the car “like a bride over a threshold,” she emphasized. Apparently, she thought I smelled nice as she put her hand on my chest. She was drawn in by how easily I scooped her up and carried her across the parking lot to my car. She liked the way my arms felt holding her. I set her in the backseat of my car and smiled at her. Me? I remembered having to go pick her up and that she was hurt and crying, but nothing else from that day stood out to me.

A few years later, I was almost 21, and a couple of friends and I were going to go tubing down the river a few hours away. Somehow, Heather had gotten wind of my plans and thought it sounded like fun. I remember dad convincing me to let them follow us out and tag along. And by convinced, I mean he gave me a couple hundred bucks for gas and ‘whatnot’ for the trip. I managed to procure a couple cases of ‘whatnot’ and gave the three of them a six-pack to share. I figured, what the hell, we would be on the river for some four to six hours, a couple of beers each wasn’t going to do them any harm, and it would keep them occupied and out of my hair.

I had just started dating a girl named Robin, a sultry red-head, and hadn’t yet ‘sealed the deal’ so to speak. I recalled spending the entire trip trying to get in her pants. When we hit the bottom of the bend, I did carry the girls’ tubes up the hill for them, and the girls all recalled how the wet swim shorts I wore clung tight to my torso as we made our way out of the water. “It looked huge!” Heather whispered in my ear. I don’t remember having an erection, but, having spent most of the trip kissing, making out with & feeling up Robin, I can’t deny having one either. (If I remember right, I finally sealed the deal with Robin a few weeks later. However, just after I turned 21, we broke up.)

So now, by this time, they all thought I was cute, strong, and had some sex appeal. And I had no clue to any of it. I may not have paid attention. I may not have noticed, but apparently, they had. All three admitted to fantasizing about me on more than one occasion. They recounted watching me from Heather’s bedroom window as I mowed the yard in the summers, shirtless and sweating. And then, after my prom night, Heather kept a picture of me in my tuxedo stowed away in her dresser. She cut off my date for the night, Victoria, the snobby-but-hot cheerleader.

I remember coming home so disappointed that night. I had asked her to prom on a dare and was shocked when she said yes. All dolled up, she was gorgeous, but I got nary a kiss from her that night. I came home from my prom just after 12:30 am, having dropped her off at her house at midnight. While the rest of my friends were out drinking and partying in hotel rooms, I was beating off to computer porn. Down the hall, Heather was masturbating too. I never knew.

As they recounted their memories, speaking slowly, and in low, sensuous tones, the girls exchanged knowing glances between one another. I started to relax. They had been noticing me for years just as I had been noticing them these past months. But I was the one who acted on those thoughts. I still blamed myself. Well, it turns out the three of them had tried to act on those feelings back then, but dopey me never ever got the hint. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

They tried small, subtle things, they said. Rolling the waistbands of their skirts up to make them shorter and show off more leg when they were hanging around in the living room watching TV with our family, all the while Alanya Eve Gelen Escort hoping I’d notice. Then, they would be leaning down to point something out to me, hoping I would glance down their shirts. Heather said she would leave her bedroom and bathroom doors open slightly and always made it a point to announce to me when she was getting a shower at night. Stupid me took those announcements as a warning that our shared bathroom would be occupied and to steer clear. I never dreamt she was hoping I would peek in at her young, nubile body.

I heard tales of them trying to get glances at me naked when they could, even scheming a crazy plan to put a camera on a pole and go outside, lift the pole to the bathroom window, hoping to get a picture of my naked dick coming out of the shower. I learned that when they would lay out in our backyard during summers, they made sure to always have their bikini tops untied, theoretically to tan their entire backs, but encouraging me to see some side boob if I would just look. Blind me never even looked down once. They went as far as to stage a play-fight in the pool at Lisa’s house where our families held a joint cookout every spring. They arranged to ‘accidentally’ pull Mandy’s top down when they thought I would be looking. No one saw but Lisa’s elderly Aunt Martha, who motioned to Mandy to cover herself up right away.

Throughout all of this they would each have boyfriends from time to time, some serious, some not so much. There were times where there would be nothing for me to have paid attention to. They all had first kisses and sexual encounters without me. They talked to each other extensively about things their boyfriends liked and didn’t like. They practiced hand jobs and sucking dick with cucumbers and to my utter surprise, had all kissed and caressed each other’s bodies numerous times over the years. I heard tales of group masturbation sessions where my name was prominently featured. They had helped Lisa have her first orgasm together while whispering my name. If one girl was dating, the other two used me in their sexual fantasies. As they got older, the sexual explorations got bolder. Touching became kissing. Rubbing became fingering. Kissing became licking. They taught each other how to lick pussy and shaved down there for the first time, together.

I felt myself start to blush. Their voices were speaking soft and breathy after a while. The girls all had a bit of color in their cheeks also. Heather was nuzzling my neck off and on when Lisa and Mandy spoke. Her taut little ass squirming in my lap was having a pronounced effect on my cock. He was pulsing and expanding rapidly. Eventually I found my voice. “Wow. Just… wow. You three are just… Wow.”

Everyone laughed and the tension in the room relaxed. Things were going to be ok it seemed. I turned to Heather. “So, the fact I was your brother, did that ever bother you at all?” I was genuinely curious. Because it was still bothering me some. I needed to know If I was the only one with that hang-up.

She took a deep breath, “well, kind of. At first anyway. I mean you weren’t a guy, you were my brother. But the more Mandy and Lisa started to point things out about you, the less and less it bothered me. If I commented on some guy on TV or something, they’d remark how his eyes reminded them of yours, or maybe it was a voice or a laugh or a smile, and it seemed, well, harmless enough to have a little crush on you. Then we’d see you playing ball in those tight pants, or in the pool shirtless, or whatever. And you being my brother just made these feelings I had just a little naughtier, which in turn made the pleasure I gave myself fantasizing about you just a little more intense. It was a little kinky, a little dirty, and… I liked it a lot.” Heather’s voice trailed off at the end, saying the last phrase in a whisper.

“And hearing her get turned on by the thought of you was a turn on for us too. We had out own little crushes, but we have always thought of each other as sisters, and by proxy, you were our brother too. Her dirty little secret became ours. And that made the thought of it all that much sexier.” Lisa said in her alluring voice. Heather put her hand on my chest.

Mandy winked at me and spoke next. “The funny thing is, we really didn’t plan on anything happening. The first time we came here before we went out dancing, we were honestly not planning on messing with you yet. Lisa was in the shower and your sister noticed one of you dress shirts in the clothes hamper. She stripped down to nothing and put it on. You should have seen her Chase, she looked so hot and sexy in it.” Mandy winked at me. “We took some pictures of each other doing sexy poses while wearing just that shirt. Then you knocked on the door. Heather poked her head out, and Lisa came out of the bathroom at just the right time. Heather guessed you saw her streak by and somehow, we started brainstorming. We were at your place. In your bedroom. And we could be as naked as we wanted to be. Should we do anything? Leave the door open? Would you Alanya Evi Olan Escort look? Could we walk out to the kitchen topless? Try and tease you a little? Just talking about it got me so turned on I couldn’t stand it. I laid down on your bed and rubbed my clit until I came, all the while wearing nothing but your dress shirt. It felt so sexy, so good, and so naughty.” Lisa rubbed up her friend’s thigh as Mandy finished talking.

“You have no idea how hard it was to keep her quiet either.” Lisa piped up next. Mandy blushed at my gaze. “Though, it was kind of cool to be the first one of us you saw naked, even if it was just a little bit and by accident.”

“After I was done,” Mandy continued, pointing at Lisa, “big mouth over here dared Heather to stand there in her thong and let you see her getting dressed, just to see if we could get a reaction from you. When I opened the door, I could tell by your eyes you noticed. But you played it cool, mister. You never said a word or flinched at all.” Mandy continued, touching her nipple absent-mindedly now.

I thought back about that evening, remembering every detail. Lisa’s naked butt flashing by the doorway. Then Heather’s ass in that black thong. I had no idea they were wearing my shirt but, how could I? I looked around the room again. Lisa was openly rubbing herself over her shorts. Mandy was sitting with her legs spread a lot more than they had been earlier, touching her tits. And Heather was still snuggled to my chest, wiggling her naked ass on my hard cock every so often. You could sense the sex in the air. I wanted them to keep talking. Heather did next.

“When we came back in, we weren’t as drunk as it seemed. Well, at least I wasn’t anyway, I think Lisa may have been. But we really did have our bags here and my car parked outside. And then you answered the door in just your boxers. Whoa buddy!” She kissed me on the cheek. “I tried not to let it show, but after all the dancing and flirting, that just about pushed me over the edge.” She took my hand and brought it to her mound.

“Lisa zonked out right away. I thought Mandy was asleep too, but I was pretty worked up and laid here in the chair needing to get off badly. I thought about you, shirtless, sleeping just behind that door. In the same bed Mandy had gotten herself off in just hours before. She was lying there with her panties showing. I wondered if you had noticed. My pussy was so wet and so sensitive. I put my hand in my panties, touched my clit, and came really, really, quickly. I felt so dirty and loved every sensation.” Wow. Heather’s words were so very erotic. My dick was throbbing and as hard as it could be. I wanted to pull it out and… well, I wasn’t sure exactly what, but I figured something good could happen. But a little voice in my head told me wait, that things might just get better. Hearing them talk, each story getting dirtier and sexier was really working me up. I rubbed her swollen pussy lips lightly, teasing her as their words teased me.

“I think Mandy and I woke up at about the same time.” Lisa spoke up now. “Heather was asleep still, and Mandy said she needed to pee. I dared her to go into your room naked. She pulled her blouse off quickly but chickened out at the last minute. As she headed to your room, I got curious and something told me to follow her and peek in at you. I was standing at the bedroom door with it cracked open as she came out of the bathroom. You were lying there, nearly naked, with your dick standing straight up in the air. It looked like it was trying to rip its way through your shorts. Mandy and I made eye contact and I hinted to your bed. She got all shy for a second, so I did what I had to do. I outright dared her to jerk you off.” As she said those last few words, Lisa rubbed her nipple firmly. I could feel the heat from Heather’s pussy on my lap. Mandy had her hands in her lap as well and I could hear in her voice she was as turned on as the rest of us as she spoke up.

“I was so nervous and horny all at once. As you’ve heard, I’ve jacked off quite a few guys, but doing that with you asleep was so different. My hands were shaking all over and I swore I was going to leave a giant puddle on your bed where I was sitting, my pussy was so soaking wet.” She clenched her thighs lightly, putting a little pressure on her clit. “I moved as gently as I could, opening the fly of your boxers, easing your cock out of the hole. It was so hard already. I licked my palms and got to work.”

She paused and smiled at me. “I really do like giving hand jobs. I like the sense of power it gives me over a guy. But you were still asleep, and starting to move and moan a little. Knowing that Lisa was watching, knowing Heather could walk in any minute just turned me on more and more. Eventually, I saw you open your eyes. I tried to give you the flirtiest, sexiest smile I could, so you didn’t freak out on me. The closer you got to cumming, the more your cock throbbed in my hand. I really loved that. I saw you kind of checking me out and smiled at you again. And then you came. Oh my! You nearly hit your own chin that first shot. I slowed my hand to a stop. There was so much cum everywhere. I had to catch my breath, I was so excited. I licked most of you off my fingers. I was so turned on doing that, I wanted to fuck you right there and then. I went to wash the rest of my hands clean, then had another kinky thought.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32