My Sister and My Daughter Ch. 08

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I awoke the next morning, feeling surprisingly relaxed. I had warm and pleasant dreams about Marisa; the two of us laughing, smiling, running around, playing tag, building snowmen together… All in all a wonderful experience. I yawned and stretched, preparing to greet the day. I moved carefully, expecting to feel pain in my testicles as I rolled to the edge of the bed, but to my surprise it was nowhere near as bad as I anticipated.

I kissed my sister good morning and we had a shower as we prepared for the day. I was a little sad that I couldn’t say good morning to my daughter, as she was away at band camp and wasn’t permitted electronics, but in a way it was sweet. It made my heart long for her more. In a lot of ways it seemed that modern society was totally neurotic; instantaneous contact with anyone you like always at your fingertips. There was not the same opportunity to pine, to miss, to wonder. The feeling was like something from the days of old, where a letter traveling several weeks might separate lovers. It made me wonder if Marisa was longing for me in the same way. The sensation was delectable.

Another divine thought occurred to me – Karen and I were home, free to express and celebrate our sexuality together as we wished, in private, without fear of discovery. I knew, thanks to my devious sister, that Marisa masturbated thinking of me. Would she attempt that at camp? In a room filled with beds all containing other girls on all sides of her? Would she bring herself to climax quietly, motionlessly, thinking of me?

My dick was getting hard.

Karen noticed. She smirked. Then proceeded to tease me. Oh well, there would be no release for me. Until tonight, for good or for ill.

I thought of Marisa back in her bed last night – was she suffering the same way? Was she too shy to please herself? Lying there, yearning, needing, throbbing… Dying to touch herself, to caress her tingling labia and clitoris, to tease herself, pleasure herself, and bring herself to orgasm, thrusting and grinding against her fingers, sighing softly in lust – but unable to? Was she, like me, denied pleasure and release?

Oh, fuck, now my dick was like steel. Rigid and bobbing in the air. My nuts were starting to tighten uncomfortably – Ok, enough of this. I would see Marisa tomorrow night.

…And she was having that damned sleepover!! Oh hell, the J girls, Julie and Jamie, would be over. A flash of indignant anger swept through me. Partly out of jealousy – I wanted Marisa all to myself. And also partly because they had fed Marisa that Valium. Well, maybe they hadn’t fed it to her, but they gave her access to it.

I put the whole thing out of my mind as best I could and got on with my day.

Work was nowhere near as uncomfortable as yesterday. My nuts were still a bit sore, but every time I thought of the ridiculous lengths I had gone through yesterday to obtain relief (without jacking off) I felt a flash of embarrassment and shame. Thank god no one had seen!

Each time my eyes brushed past the picture of Marisa on my desk, I felt a pang of longing, or a surge in my loins, or both. She was so beautiful! And her smile was dazzling! She was truly the apple of my eye. I couldn’t wait to get her alone, hold her in my arms, kiss her soft lips, dance my tongue down her neck, between her breasts… Whew! Hard to concentrate on work. At a couple of points I was tempted to put the picture into my desk drawer so I could concentrate, but no way. She was my joy, my inspiration. There was no way I was going to try to symbolically put her out of my mind like that.

I worked, phoned, scanned, emailed and scribbled my way through the day. I was in good shape. One more day of this and I would be ahead of the game enough for a four-day weekend at the lake with my sister and my daughter. Heaven.

I finished up, closed up, and headed down to the parkade, feeling good. Then a cold sweat hit me. I had promised Karen that she could domme me tonight. And she had told me straight up that she was going to be rough on me. Then I thought about why. I had lost the bet that Karen could get Marisa’s mouth around my dick. Hell, for that I’d let her domme me for a week straight! I was getting off light.

I drove home, Karen and I greeted each other with a kiss and some groping, and we had dinner out.

It was fairly rare, even now that Marisa was eighteen, that we had a full evening and night to ourselves, so we decided to make a bit of a date out of it.

Dinner was lovely, and Karen and I felt very free and flirty. It definitely seemed like some of the excitement I was developing with Marisa was spilling over into our relationship as well. Everything was wonderful. We refrained from drinking any wine, because we both wanted to be sober for what was to follow, but we both felt buzzed nonetheless.

When we arrived home, there was plenty of kissing, and squeezing, and pawing, and in general bawdy, lusty behaviour. We both wanted each other terribly badly. But games were in store, so escort bayan bursa I resisted the urge to throw her down to the kitchen floor and fuck her senseless.

We dragged the rubber pad out of storage, put some towels down on top of it, and I assembled the X-frame and attached it to the anchor points which were part of the book case frame. We’d had some time and thought put into this arrangement.

I took a pee to make sure my bladder was empty, as I was sure I wouldn’t be free for some time once locked in.

I shed my clothes, and stepped into the X-frame as Karen locked the wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as the belts to hold my chest and hips in place. My heart was beating fast and my cock was at full attention.

Karen laughed as she secured the last lock. “Now I’ve got you right where I want you, Big Brother!” she cackled. I grinned back in spite of my fear. She looked me deep in the eyes and grasped my cock, stroking it rapidly. “This is what I want,” she breathed huskily. “It’s right in there. That load. I’ve been dying for it for the last two days. And now it’s gonna be mine. All mine. You can’t do a thing about it. You’re totally at my mercy, helpless to do anything. Except give me your load. And you will. You will.”

I moaned as she jerked me. Was she going to just go for my load right now? I gasped and twisted, and she kept up her pace. She stroked her hand up and down the shaft of my penis, up and down, up and down, as I writhed and struggled for breath, her eyes locked into mine.

I felt my load start to rise. My spine was tingling, my balls contracting and throbbing. Karen grinned and stroked even faster, yanking hard on my dick. I was moaning helplessly in her grasp, getting closer to orgasm, closer, closer…

Then she stopped dead. Releasing my throbbing prick with a laugh, she turned and left me, thrusting and groaning in lust and frustration.

“Not yet, Bro,” she teased. “I want to get dressed first. Then I want to play with you for a bit. And then,” she paused, coming in so close I could feel her breath on my neck, “I’m going to Suck. You. Dry.”

I was panting as my heart pounded in my chest. I had no words. I just stood there, shackled and helpless with my engorged erection throbbing straight out, as my sister turned and strode upstairs, her ass swaying sensuously and deliberately with each step.

I was so turned on I couldn’t think. That was probably for the best, because whenever I did, I kept trying to conjure up scenarios of what might be in store for me. No, better to just go with it. I was powerless to influence the situation at this point anyway.

I hung there and waited. My pulse rate was accelerated and my dick was hard as steel. I couldn’t wait to blow my load.

Long minutes past as I stood shackled to the X-frame awaiting my little sister’s mistreatments. I hoped she would let me cum first, then get up to whatever deviltry she assuredly had in store for me.

My penis was bobbing at half-mast when Karen descended the stairs again. Instantly, my dick roared to full attention when I beheld her visage. She had on black stiletto heels, thigh-high stockings with a garter belt, black lace panties and a black corset that was comprised of lace and faux-leather. She had bright red lipstick on, and her eyes were heavily made up. She looked wickedly divine and wore a facial expression to match.

Oh god! What was I in for?! She ambled towards me wearing a smirk, her hips swaying in exaggerated fashion with each stride.

She reached down and tickled the underside of my penis and chuckled as I shuddered. She lightly ran her finger up and down, gently tracing the bottom of my rigid, throbbing member and grinning at my reaction. A big glob of precum was glistening at the tip of my helmet. My sister flashed me a wicked smile, and knelt down and kissed the tip of my penis.

She looked up at me, her face a mask of dominance, lust, mischief, menace… my cock, already pounding in arousal, surged even harder with desperate need. She withdrew her lips from my dick slowly and deliberately, and a thin streamer of my precum joined us still as she drew back. It broke and swung down, streaking her lower lip and chin in a glistening, thin, clear line.

She then, ever so slowly, bent forward again to kiss the head of my prick. She made contact with my helmet, placing tender, loving kisses directly on the tip. Then she kissed more deeply, sucking gently, taking the precum I had produced into her mouth. She looked up at me again, the flame of possessed lust in her eyes. Slowly, carefully, deliberately, she ran her tongue along her glistening, parted lips, then closed and swallowed.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “That was soooo delicious, Big Brother… you can’t imagine how badly I want to eat up every drop of cum you’ve got built up in those balls for me… speaking of which, how are they doing?” She giggled at her query.

“They’re actually doing ok…” I replied. “There was some… discomfort… bursa sinirsiz eskort but I think I’m over it now. Now they just feel full. Real full. Like I need to blow a load. Like, urgently,” I added, chuckling a bit.

“Hmmm, is that so?” Karen asked, bending down further, between my legs, and twisting her neck. She gaped her mouth, and making contact with my dangling testicles, began sucking them gently. I groaned.

She increased the vacuum, and as my groan began to rise in intensity and distress, she drew them both into her mouth. Then she sucked harder, and harder… pushing her tongue into each sensitive orb, back and forth, as I began straining against my bonds.

She let her head hang down slightly, putting more weight on my scrotum and spermatic cords. She sucked harder, still prodding my trapped gonads with her tongue. I called out in increasing anguish, shaking my head and writhing in my restraints. She kept sucking harder and harder!

My eyes started bugging out of my head as I cried out. “Oh god!! Please! Sis! Aah! Sis! Fuck, it hurts! You’re hurting me! Aah! Fuck! Please, Sis!!”

She let my nuts pop wetly out of her mouth with a laugh. The relief combined with the pain as I gasped and strained. “Oh, I’m hurting you? Perish the thought, Big Brother! Here you are, full to the brim and overflowing with cum, locked helpless and spread-eagled on an X-frame, and I would dare think of hurting you?”

She laughed again freely as she rose before me and I panted, feeling the alarm and pressure in my balls slowly ebb.

“Oh, fuck, you are full of cum, aren’t you!” she laughed, as her gaze travelled south briefly. “Oooh, look at all that yummy percum! Mmm, I have to get all of that… so delicious… it was so yummy… I’m going to tease you until you’re balls are about ready to pop!!”

She then dove down to engulf my tip, slurping gently, then licked it all over. I shivered in pleasure and lust. She swallowed, licking her lips again as she knelt in front of me, my erection surging and bobbing, pointed directly at her beautiful face.

“So is my Big Brother horny?” she cajoled me. “Does he want to blow his wad? And is he horny from thinking about his own daughter? Why, I’ll bet he is!!”

She rose again, and bent forward to begin softly kissing my neck. I desperately wanted her to keep touching my dick, but dared not ask anything of her. I just prayed that she would be lenient with me, not teasing me too badly before she allowed me to cum.

Her tongue encircled my ear and I felt her hot breath. “Horny bastard,” she whispered into my ear. “Hard and throbbing, thinking about your own daughter! Marisa! Your little girl! Your sweet little baby, and your dick is just dying to fuck her, isn’t it!”

I just moaned as she chuckled, taking a step back to regard me with her hands on her hips. She grinned like the cat that swallowed the canary. God, she was driving me crazy!! My dick was almost hurting, it was so fucking hard, bobbing and pounding with my pulse!

Her right hand travelled between her legs and began caressing her panty-covered mound. “Mmm, you look so good like that. Totally at my mercy. You know what, Big Brother? I think for being so horny for Marisa, you should hang there all tied up like that and watch your little sister as she makes herself cum, don’t you think so?”

I just moaned in desperate helplessness.

She looked directly into my eyes, pulled her panties aside with her left hand, and began fondling the folds of her pussy with her right.

She flexed her hips slightly and moaned in pleasure. I stared transfixed and immobilized, utterly captivated by the sight of my beautiful, sexy little sister unashamedly masturbating, dressed like a Dominatrix or a slut, staring directly into my soul.

She bowed her knees slightly, parting her thighs as she stroked her pussy lips. “Watch me, Big Brother,” she hissed sexily, “Watch your little sister as she diddles her clit and cums right in front of you…”

This was torture!! Delicious, erotic torture… She closed her eyes and began rubbing more vigourously, moaning softly as she did so. I was going mad with desire, forced to watch, but unable to touch…

She shuddered in pleasure. Her lips were pursed, her cheeks flushed. She gently bit her lower lip and rotated hips slowly as she ground her vulva with her fingers. Her lips curled into a hint of a snarl and she gyrated her whole body slowly and sensuously. She didn’t often masturbate strictly for my viewing pleasure, but regardless I couldn’t remember a time when she’d looked more inviting and irresistible. I didn’t know what was pounding harder, my heart or my dick.

The pace of her fingers between the folds of her pussy increased. She began flexing her hips rhythmically, grinding and gently swaying on her stilettos as she moaned in pleasure.

“Ooh!” she cooed. “Ooooh, I’m so close… Ooh, watch me… Watch me, Big Brother… Watch… I’m gonna cum… escort bayan Oh, I’m gonna cum!! Oh!! Oh!! OHHHH!!”

She bucked her hips, shivering and twitching in the throes of her orgasm, moaning out loudly in passion and release.

She stumbled slightly with a laugh, and her eyes opened. I stared slack-jawed. “Mmmm, did you like that, Big Brother? Ha ha, I know you did… Look at your dick. Yeah, I bet it wants to cum too, it’s been a while. Well, soon. I can’t wait much longer for that load…”

She sauntered up to me and placed her fingers beneath my nose. Her scent was strong in my nostrils. I wasn’t sure I could be any more wild with lust. “Open,” she commanded me. “Suck.”

I did so and slurped her juices off of her finger. I was buzzing with frustrated arousal. I would have done anything, absolutely anything she commanded at this point. I was putty in her hands.

“Good boy,” she praised me. “Ok, this poor dick here needs some attention. He’s been standing like a good soldier for so long…” she chuckled. Then she leaned forward and gave it a lick, a long, slow lick from the underside all the way up to the tip. I moaned.

She encircled the shaft with her hand and slowly began pumping. My cock was positively pounding with feral need. I couldn’t even speak. All I could do was thrust my hips forward, desperately praying for my little sister to give me pleasure, relief. I was mad for it.

She stroked me up and down, slowly and deliberately, placing long, loving kisses on my helmet and shaft as she did so. She made sure I was never starting that climb towards orgasm, just teasing, teasing… keeping me at the outer limits of arousal, utterly subject to her whims.

She kisses her way down to my testicles, placing those same, long, loving kisses all over my balls. “Hey, there, little guys!” she giggled. “Are you making lots and lots of sperm for me? Why, I sure hope so! Your owner lost a bet, so it’s almost time to drain you two into my mouth! Are you ready? I hope you are! I haven’t had a mouthful of yummy jizz to eat up for a couple of days now!”

She stood and laughed, facing me. “Ok, Bro, I’m going to tease you a little bit more. But for this part, I’m going to blind-fold you. I have something very, very particular in mind for you today.” She reached behind me and obtained a cloth, wrapping it around my eyes and securing it in place. “You’re going to love it,” she whispered to me. “Or maybe you won’t? Either way, I sure will…”

I heard the sound of her heels, and some motion… She walked away, then returned. There were sounds of scraping or something, and wheels, like a cart of some kind. Hoo boy, I was sure I was in for it now. What it was, I wasn’t sure though. Again I just tried to concentrate on the moment and not speculate as to what Karen had up her sleeve.

I jumped as I felt her fingers tickle my balls. She giggled. I gasped as a piece of cloth dragged lightly across the sensitive head of my prick. My sister leaned in and began kissing my neck. “Do you know what that was?” she breathed right into my ear. “It was a little something I grabbed just for play today…” I tried to do anything but think – just feel, just experience… best not to try to figure things out…

“I want to turn you on hotter than you ever have been,” Karen continued. “I put my fingers underneath your nose because I want you to have my scent. The scent of my cunt. Your little sister’s hot, juicing cunt. Ok, smell, Big Brother.” She placed her fingers once again underneath my nose. The tangy, sharp aroma of her arousal filled my nostrils. “Take a big whiff. That’s right. Got the scent of my cunt? Good boy. Now, here’s something else. Can you guess what it is?”

She held a piece of cloth to my nose. I inhaled. Instantly my eyes opened wide as could be and my dick threatened to spew right there! “That’s right, Big Brother! Those are Marisa’s panties! Can you smell her? You dirty fuck. You like stealing her panties from the hamper, huh? Well, two can play that game! C’mon! Breathe deep! Do you recognize her scent?” I did!! I had only beheld her aroma once, but I swore I could recognize it! It was my little girl!!

Her fingers gently danced along the shaft of my raging rod. I moaned in helpless, overpowering lust. “Oh, you do, don’t you! Mmhmm, that’s Marisa! That’s the scent of your daughter’s cunt. Keep breathing deep! Do you remember why you’re locked up like this? That’s right! Because I found a way to get her mouth around your dick! Ha ha, that’s right! Do you remember her sneaking her way into our bedroom? Pulling the covers back? Taking your dick into her mouth? Oh, you should have seen it! Of course, your eyes were closed, like they are right now! Ha ha! Mmmm, remember her sucking you? She brought you off like a pro! Fuck, you shot so much, right into her mouth! And then it went up her nose, remember? Ha ha ha!! But then, she was such a trooper, she helped me lick up every drop! Mmm, she was so hot!”

I was panting in lust! Every time I inhaled, I swore I could smell her! Marisa! My daughter! This was driving me beyond crazy!

“Oh, and then, do you remember?” Karen went on. “She went back into her bedroom after and jilled off, thinking about you! Calling out ‘Daddy!’ as she came! Oh, fuck, that was such a fucking turn on! Do you remember?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32