My Sister Got Blacked

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This story is purely fictional and if it depicts someone’s actual events it’s all coincidental. It’s a fantasy of mine and even though it will never be realized it doesn’t hurt to dream.

My name is Kevin Williams and I am 20 years of age. I live in a small town in rural western Ohio and I am about to enter my sophomore year at a small college in Michigan. My parents are very comfortable financially so my schooling is paid.

I work at a sporting goods store in the local mall, which is right up my alley since I played football and baseball in high school but not well enough to earn a scholarship. My job gives me spending money throughout the college year. I am 5’9″ tall and weigh a fit 170 pounds.

I have a younger sister who is 18 years of age and who is drop dead gorgeous. She’s 5’10” tall and weighs 150 pounds. Her legs are perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen, if I must say so myself. She just graduated from high school where she got straight A’s and was the star basketball player on a district championship winning team.

Karen was able to land a very nice job with a law firm where she’s the secretary and with her pleasant voice answers all calls that come in. She is very friendly with people and perhaps her charm is what led to her troublesome time she was experiencing when she called me one Saturday afternoon. Even though she is taller than me I am still her protective ‘big’ brother.

I was sitting at home watching a baseball game when the phone rang. It was Karen and her voice told me she was unhappy about something. I asked her what was wrong and she replied by asking if I could come at once and pick her up from work. She said she was asked to work that Saturday for a special assignment and she said okay. She also asked if I could come right away because she wanted to come home and get away from ‘them’. Without asking who ‘them’ is I quickly drove to her place of employment to pick her up.

When I arrived she was standing at the main entrance and when she saw me she quickly came to my car and got in. I then asked her who ‘them’ is and she told me there are two young black men who also work there and they have been making sexy and rude comments to her. I asked her why she doesn’t tell her supervisor and she said the one man, Bruce Jenkins, IS her supervisor.

“Oh, that sort of makes it troublesome,” I said, “but who is the other guy?”

“His name is Brian Johnson. He also works here and the two of them are best friends.”

“Brian Johnson?,” I asked. “Do you know if he’s the same Brian Johnson who was an all-state wrestler? I remember him from seeing him destroy our guy at our match with his school.”

“Yes, he’s the same guy,” she replied.

“Okay, let’s go get your car and go home,” I said to my trembling sister.

She directed me to the parking garage where her car was parked. As we drove up behind her car and as she was about to get out, both back doors to my Chevy Impala opened and the same two black men hopped in. Before we could drive away Bruce displayed a small hand gun and had it pointed directly Kurtköy Escort at Karen.

“If you just do exactly what we tell you no one will get hurt,” said Bruce.

“What do you want? If it’s money you want I can’t give you much. But please don’t hurt us, especially Karen,” I said to the two men.

Brian then said in a very calm voice, “What did Bruce just say? If you do as we tell you you won’t get hurt.”

I was able to see him in my rear view mirror and sure enough he was the same person who clobbered our best wrestler in high school. As I remember Brian was about 6’2″ and weighed about 200 pounds. He also was extremely handsome and had the body of an adonis, sleek and muscular but not too hefty. He obviously worked out a lot.

Bruce then spoke and said, “We are going to Brian’s house where he has his basement set up with training equipment, including a wrestling mat. If you are able to beat Brian in a match we will let both of you go and never bother you again.”

“What if I don’t beat him?” I asked.

“If Brian wins, and I expect he will, I get to have sex with your beautiful sister. And you will have forced gay sex with him on his terms. Of course there’s no sense arguing because it looks as if this situation is under our control anyway.”

What a predicament to be in! I didn’t think there was any chance for me to beat this well built, finely tuned man. But I had to go through with it anyway. As for the gay sex, I was not gay and I had no plans to become gay.

Brian’s house was about a 10 mile drive to a very nice neighborhood in the town not far from where we lived. Brian owned his home so we would be all alone with him and Bruce there. We pulled around the back of the house and Brian remotely opened the garage door and I drove in and parked.

Bruce got out first and kept the gun on Karen as they led us through a door at garage level to a well lit, well furnished exercise room. Sure enough there was a wrestling mat about 10 feet by 10 feet in the one corner of the room.

Brian chimed in, “I have been waiting for this for a long time. I enjoy dominating white boys and I am going to love this!”

He disappeared in a small room to change and when he came back out I simply gawked at him. Brian also was a champion swimmer who shaved regularly. His hairless body was chocolate brown and sleek. His torso had no fat on it and his legs, well… his legs were like a sculptured statue as he was clad in short shorts almost as brief as my short underwear.

He was anxious to get the match going so he told me to strip down to my underwear to be more comfortable.

Bruce, in the meantime, was sitting on a couch right next to Karen and I could see his hand was on her bare knee. Karen looked quite uncomfortable and just sat there hoping I could win so they could leave. She looked as though she was about to cry, which gave me more incentive to win this wrestling match.

Brian and I faced each other on the mat and when Bruce said GO we grabbed each other’s arms. Wow! Did he have strong arms! I could Maltepe Escort see he was just toying with me and let me hold his arms for a while, perhaps just to show me what I was dealing with. He then backed off and playfully slapped his arms to show off some more as his toned muscles rippled.

I then looked at his face and was amazed at how handsome he was. I also glanced at his crotch and could see that his cock was coming to life and in a flaccid state it looked to be about 7″.

Brian then said to me, “Look all you want because before too long you’re not only going to see it but you’re also going to suck it. And I love cumming in white boys’ mouths.”

“I am NOT gay,” I angrily replied.

“Not yet but once you taste this fine specimen you will be.” It was starting to piss me off, how confident and arrogant he was.

Brian came at me very quickly and before I knew what hit me he had me on my back and was straddling my chest. I could hardly move with his 200 pound frame sitting on top of me. Just as I was about to use my arms to try to throw him off he forcefully and easily pushed my arms above my head and moved up on my chest and pinned my arms. Now I couldn’t move at all other than kicked my feet or shake my head back and forth.

While moving my head my face came in contact with his legs. Wow! I couldn’t remember any girlfriend’s legs being that smooth! Brian knew he had me in a hold that I was unable to get out of and he was enjoying his position on top of me.

He then reached down with one finger and gently rubbed his dick and said, “You are going to really like this thing.” I told him again that I am not gay and he smilingly stated, “Soon you will be.”

My body then began to fail me as my 5″ dick began to twitch. I thought to myself that I cannot let Brian see me get hard but there was little I could do about it. The way he had my arms pinned above my head stopped me from getting any push to try to get him off me. I tried very hard but he just sat there on top of me, hands on his thighs while looking down at me and smiling.

“Try harder. Surely you’re stronger than you show,” he said.

Finally, exhausted, I gave up and just lay there on the floor with his legs tightly against my face. I was completely tamed by that handsome black man and we both knew it. Brian then asked me if I was ready to admit that I was gay. I at first said no but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere until Brian let me up.

“Please, Brian, what must I do for you to let me up?”

“Just admit that you’re gay and that you want my lovely dick in your mouth.”

“No,” I said, “I won’t do that.”

He replied, “Then just lie there the way you are. I have all weekend until I have to go back to work. Do you think you can hold out that long?”

And after saying that to me he pulled out that gorgeous manhood and rubbed it in my face. I was so humiliated and there was nothing I could do. He also bent down and kissed me very softly on the lips and for the first time I felt my dick start to respond.

At that time I was Tuzla Escort able to sneak a peek at my sister who was being fondled by Bruce. However, this time it didn’t seem like she was minding it at all as she and Bruce were passionately kissing on that sofa and he had his hand up under her dress and was obviously making her feel good.

It wasn’t hard to see why Karen was giving in to her boss. He was quite handsome himself, sporting a 5’11” frame and weighing about 190 pounds. He had short curly hair and light skin, unlike the chocolate body Brian had. When Bruce smiled small dimples appeared on his cheeks, making him even more handsome. I came to help Karen but it now seemed as though she was very happy how it turned out and that she was quite comfortable with him.

Damn. I did not like the position I was in, being totally unable to stop this man from doing as he pleased with me, but I did like the feel of his soft, smooth, brown legs against my face. Of course, I didn’t want to tell him that even though he probably figured it out by now.

Brian continued rubbing his lovely manhood against my face. He then touched the tip of it with his finger to gather pre-cum, which he teasingly rubbed on my lips and cheeks. For the first time in my life I tasted another man’s juices and to my surprise it was delicious.

Karen had come over and sat on her knees above my head and told me to try it, I might like it. I told her that I’m not gay and she asked if I ever tried it. She then put her two hands against the sides of my face and pushed her fingers sharply into my cheeks to force open my mouth.

Brian didn’t miss that opportunity and quickly but gently slid his dick into my mouth. Slowly and methodically he slid in and out. To my surprise it felt wonderful as the texture and smoothness was unlike anything I had ever felt. Brian continued to fuck my face and I was getting turned on by this man having complete control over me.

A few minutes later he came in my mouth, with some of the semen oozing out and down my chin. It was kind of salty but sweet and I didn’t have much problem swallowing what I could.

Karen also scooped up some of it and tasted it, too, and voiced her pleasure over it.

“That tastes pretty good but not as tasty as Bruce’s,” she said. I knew then that she had become her boss’s bitch.

Brian continued to sit on me, holding me in place, and asked me how I liked my first gay experience.

I replied by saying, “It was very nice. I really love your legs, all THREE of them, and the next time I eat a salad I would like to use your cum as a dressing. Could you please untie me and let me up? I’m not going ANY where!”

Six months later Karen became Mrs. Bruce Jenkins and one year later she gave birth to the cutest little light skinned black baby you ever saw. She is now a stay-at-home mom and is very happy being married to her former supervisor.

In less than one month I moved in with Brian. He was right about what he said on that special Saturday after I picked up Karen when he told me I would become gay and that I would be his slave.

All I can say to that is, “Yes, Master.”

I no longer work or go to college because I am owned by Brian Johnson and couldn’t be happier. So not only did I get blacked but also my sister who I tried to save from harm.

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