My Sister Mandi

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,em>Author’s Notes:

Please feel free to leave your likes and dislikes about the story in the comments so I can learn what to write about in future stories.

Thanks to Generall for editing this story. He caught several mistakes, taught me a few things and gave me a few explanations I appreciate.

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


* * * * *

Dave and Judy have been together since they met in the 8th grade. They fell in love in senior high and were married soon after they graduated. They continued their love and education by going to the same college, him seeking a bachelor’s degree in criminal investigation and her seeking a bachelor’s degree in finance. Over the years, they created two love children, John and Mandi, born fourteen months apart.

Judy is working at a local financial firm as a financial consultant and Dave is a local police officer who is destined be promoted to detective in a week. Both careers are on track and they’re financially stable enough to support the family of four.

Dave and Judy are inseparable, constantly smiling, laughing, showing affection for each other and hugging each other. There’s no doubt they’re in love. They made sure their kids feel the love of a happy family atmosphere, despite their Dad being a police officer. He faces people nearly every day who lie to him to avoid arrest and he deals with it, not allowing his family to be affected by his work.

* * * * *

A week before John’s high school graduation ceremony, Dave and his partner were on patrol when a call comes over the radio of an armed robbery in progress at a local bank. The call was not directed to them, but they agreed to respond to it. As the cruiser comes to rolling stop on a side street a block away from the bank, a bullet comes through the windshield and kills Dave instantly.

The mourning that followed was torture for the family, being a tough time in their lives, but being strong individuals, they keep it together, using the support from each other and family. As the days pass, the funeral was arranged with full police honors, to be held the day before John was to attend his graduation ceremony from high school.

The funeral was attended by many people, several of which are John and Mandi classmates, most all the police officers in the Department, and many more people they didn’t know. After the funeral, the help with all things needed around the house literally disappeared, so they were forced to return to reality.

John didn’t attend his graduation ceremony due to his period of mourning, it being obvious Mom and Mandi are struggling with the same emotions. Two weeks after the funeral, John returned to the school to pick up his diploma and the school included a scholarship, being the son of a deceased police officer.

Mandi and Mom took the death pretty hard. So did John, for a long time, but they are survivors. They will get through this.

* * * * *

It’s two years later and John has pretty much come to terms with the loss of his Dad, but still, every once in a while, he makes his presence known to him. Even after two years, Mom and his sister are still dealing with his death. Their Dad was 38 when he died and today, Mom is 40 years young.

Resulting from the unexpected death of their police officer Dad, the mortgage on the house was paid off and the family was left with plenty of money from a huge life insurance policy. Mom also works so they’re in good shape financially. Also resulting from the death, the family hugs each other more often, are more affectionate with each other, and closer to each other.

John turned 20 three months ago. He’s slender and strong for his 6′-1″ frame, works out regularly and he’s a confident person, focused on his future. Mom thinks he’s handsome and has told him many times. His sister only agrees with Mom, but never said it to his face. She’s kept her true feelings for her brother inside for several years.

Mandi is 19 and works part time at the local library, just to pass the time. She hasn’t figured out what she wants to be in life and struggles with it often. She’s slender and attractive for her 5’8″ frame by anyone’s standard, but hasn’t gone on dates with the opposite sex. She also wears loose clothing to hide her slender curves and attractive figure. She’s smart, but also naive about certain things.

Both graduated from high with excellent grades, but John decided against going to college. Instead, he’s going to a trade school, learning to be an electronics technician, starting those classes about a month after his father’s death. He’s learning a lot and is proud of his choice. His classes begin again in a month so he’s spending the off time designing basic circuits to perform specific tasks, which he calls his projects, just for the fun of it, to challenge what he has already learned.

* * * * *

One morning, John is laying on his bed reading the spec sheet on a part he’s designing into his latest project, which is a flashing circuit that makes lights alternate İstanbul Escort like you see at railroad crossings, just to see if he can do it.

He’s nearly done reading when Mandi comes into his room. She seems different this time and they talk a bit before she gets her usual affection. She cuddles against him, lays peacefully as they talk while he cradles her in his arms and snugs herself to him.

“Do you ever think about Dad?” she asks.

“Sure, many times. Once in a while, he just pops into my head to say hello so I know he’s watching over us.”

“I have those same feelings, but I still miss him.”

“Me too,” he adds.

“What plans do you have for your future?” Mandi wonders.

“My current plan is to finish trade school, pass it with flying colors and find a job close by to help Mom support the house and pay bills. If the company I work for will help pay for college, I would like to get a bachelors degree in electrical technology.”

“Can’t you use your scholarship for your degree?”

“I used that for my trade school training, so no. What are you going to do?”

She cuddles into him with her head on his chest.

“I have no idea what I want to do. My mind goes blank every time I think about my future.”

“Can I help?”

“Would you?”

“Sure. Is there something you really like doing? Something you enjoy so much you don’t want to stop doing it once you get started?” he asks.

“Can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I’d to think about that for a while. Thanks.”

Then she demands her loving from him. Again, he feels her nakedness under her pj’s and makes a mental note how good she feels in his arms.

“Nite,” she says as she gets up and returns to her room.

“Nite Sis.”

* * * * *

Normally, Mom goes to work early while John is still sleeping. Mandi usually gets up and joins Mom for breakfast and they chat a while before she leaves for work. Then Mandi prepares for the day ahead by taking a shower and putting on some clothes.

Today isn’t going to be normal. After Mom has gone to work, Mandy comes into John’s room and lays on his bed, waking him up. She rolls to him, drapes her arm over his body and gets in a comfy position. She’s still wearing her pj’s and he can feel her tits push against his body.

“You okay Sis?” he asks as he gets his senses about him.

“Not sure yet.”

“What’s on your mind young lady?” he inquires.

“I would like to change things and go beyond your normal lovin’ this time.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m hoping you’re willing to take it a step further,” she answers.

“You’re being a little vague and evasive here Sis. What, exactly, are you driving at?”

“I know… This time, I want you to caress me, not just hold me.”

“I know how to do that, not a problem. Have you any special areas you want me to focus on?”

“Just a tender caressing. I hope that will make me feel really good.”

“I’m sure it will, just a guess though,” John replies.

In a surprise move, she changes her position, moving her head very close to his dick and straddles her legs on either side of his head, spreading her legs apart. Being a former cheerleader, she can spread her legs pretty wide, and John is mesmerized by the view before his eyes. Her crotch is staring at his eyes, but covered by her pj’s. Intimidating as it is, he comes to his senses shortly after.

“What, on earth, are you doing?”

“I want you to concentrate on my back to start, if you don’t mind,” she insists.

“I don’t mind, but you’re being provocative all the sudden, which isn’t your normal behavior. It’s got me wondering what’s going on in that head of yours.”

“Just do it for me and I’ll explain later. Please?”

“Okay, but I hope you don’t wait too long to explain… Hold on.”

Her crotch is less than six inches from his face so he drags his body, with his sister on top, until he’s able to lean against the headboard with several pillows stuffed in behind him. That gets his head and shoulder a little higher so he can see and do what she wants and expects.

Moving his arms to her back, he tenderly caresses her from the small of her back to her shoulders with both hands. All the time he’s doing that, she shakes her ass back and forth ever so slightly and raises and lowers it. Her eyes are closed and her soft moans are enough to get his cock’s attention as it begins its ascent to hardness.

“Lower please.”

“That will put my hands on your ass.”

“I know. I want to feel your hands there. I’m curious what it feels like.”

“You want to feel my hands where?”

“My behind.”

“Oh, you’re ass.”

“Yes, my ass then.”

“Cool. I’m curious what it feels like too. So, you’re okay with me touching your ass?” he asks, lamely.

“Yup. Go for it,” she says with her eyes still closed and a smile glued to her lips.

He’s nervous about touching his sister’s ass, but has every desire to do it, and since he has her undivided attention, Kadıköy Escort it’s time to take advantage of that request and go for it, hopefully without penalty.

As his hands roam over both ass cheeks, he notices how firm they feel to his touch. Just the feel of its shape makes his cock stir and she’s in a good position to notice his reaction as his cock grows below her face. She moans softly for him and wiggles her ass.

“That feels nice. Hang on for a second.”

She gets off him, heads to the door and disappears. While he’s waiting, he adjusts the pillows behind him and gets comfortable again. Minutes later, she returns wearing a tube top and short shorts, both made from a stretchable material, and no underwear.

She’s HOT and he notices with a smile as she approaches with his erection remaining intact. Mandi gets on him in the same position she was before with her pussy inches from his face, but now, her pussy is barely covered. His cock is pressed into her chest so he knows she can feel it as he feels her tits press against his stomach.

“Okay, proceed,” she announces.

“Sis, why the change of attire?”

“Just to make it easier for you. Is there a problem?…”

“Not really, but you’re acting very different this morning.”

“You don’t like it?” she asks.

“Actually, I kinda do.”

“Good. Rub my ass please.”

Unable to say no to her, again, he caresses her ass cheeks. Both are still firm, very nice to the touch, just like they were when she was wearing her pj’s, surprisingly enough. He caresses up and down on her cheeks while his fingers push her shorts into her crack. She only moans, not seeming to care where his fingers are. He caresses her ass several times as his hands stay on top of her shorts, which doesn’t satisfy her.

“That feels good. Move your fingers under my shorts and caress me again, several more times.”

Another shock from his baby sister. As requested, he moves his fingers and feels the softness and firmness of her cheeks. The material stretches easily as his fingers roam her cheeks. Oddly enough, his cock remains stiff beneath her, considering the predicament he puts himself in.

Getting braver by the minute, he moves his fingers into her crack and pulls her cheeks apart. He can’t see inside her crack, but he does have a vivid imagination. She’s softly moaning as his hands blindly stroke her most private area.

With excitement in his eyes, he’s slowly understanding what she wants to experience as her moans get louder.

“Can I touch your cock?” she asks.

“I guess you have that right since I’m touching your ass. Go for it.”

His shock, and his excitement, is increasing as he probes his sister’s ass. His fingers go deep into her crack and the closer he gets to her asshole, the more she wiggles her ass. Mandi lifts her upper torso and touches his cock through his boxers, admiring the bulge it creates as she drools at what’s hidden underneath.

“Wait a minute please.”

Again, she rolls off him and this time, to his shock and amazement, she takes her shorts off and gets back on him in the same position. There’s no hesitation in her action as her pussy and ass are in full view of his horny eyes. John is thinking he’s died and gone to heaven, or something fairly similar.

“Starting on my ass, go down between my legs and rub me there please.”

“What do you want me to rub?”

“My… my… va…”

“Your pussy?”


“You can call it what it is Mandi. I don’t mind.”

“I know. I’m just…”

John is staring at the female private anatomy for the first time in his life with wide open eyes. He hasn’t seen a pussy as up close and personal as he is now, and it’s overwhelming him. He places his hands on her thighs near her pussy as he stares.

Realizing his hesitation, she stops rubbing his cock, reaches between her legs and guides his fingers to her pussy as he recovers from the shock of her exposure. His fingers take over and rubs her pussy as she moans her little tonsils out. Returning her hand to his cock, the anticipation of seeing a cock for the first time is making her brain go berserk with anticipation.

His hands return to the smoothness of her ass cheeks and she closes her eyes as his touch begins to turn to lust for her nakedness. When his fingers return to her pussy, he discovers she’s wet.

As he stares at her most private part, he gets inquisitive and begins to softly touch her outer pussy lips, then moves inside to her inner lips, feeling her softness and wetness as she wiggles her ass. With one hand caressing her cheeks, the other caressing her pussy, he moves his fingers all over her lips delicately, taking in the softness of her essence, not really knowing what he’s doing, but it’s getting Mandi very horny.

The sensations she feels as his fingers caress her ass and pussy relaxes her as she lays on top of him. His tender touch and smooth caresses are also making her horny as she feels the warmth of his cock on her face spark Kartal Escort her libido. She’s training him to please her and he’s not aware what she’s doing, yet.

“Push a finger inside my… pussy please, but not too far.”

Even though the shock of her words emanates from her lips, he does what she wants, likely because he wants to make it happen, for him and for her. He searches for her entrance and finds it as she moans softly and wiggles her nicely proportioned, slender ass. He doesn’t go in very far, but it does feel soft and juicy inside. The feel of his fingers in her pussy is exciting her to the point she wants more.

“Add another finger please.”

Gaining confidence, he’s getting braver by the minute, sliding another finger inside her pussy as she moans.

“I love the feel of your fingers inside me. Move them in and out a couple times for me.”

John strokes her several times and he likes the feel of the inside of her pussy, so wet, soft and smooth, so he doesn’t stop stroking her.

“Don’t go in very far.”

“Okay Sis.”

Stroking her a several more times, he pulls his fingers out, rubs them against her skin, moving toward her crack. Not knowing any better, he rubs across her asshole and she reacts instantly, scaring the shit out of him. Quickly, he removes his hands in fright.

“What?! What did I do?”

“You touched my asshole!” she says as she gets up to look back at him.

“Sorry Sis. Am I not allowed to do that? I’m learning here so I guess I did something I shouldn’t have?”

She pauses, thinking about how his fingers felt on her asshole. It’s not a bad feeling so she backs off her sudden, initial reaction.

“Sorry John. I’m the only one to ever touch my butt hole and it scared me when you did it. You’ve done everything I’ve asked of you and I like it, so keep it up. You can explore my ass all you want.”

“Thanks, I think.”

She smirks, lays down on him, guides his hands to her ass and his fingers return to her asshole as he rubs her all the way to the end of her crack.

“That feels pretty good. You can do it again if you want to.”

“Believe me, I want to.”

He puts his fingers back inside her pussy and strokes her many more times, then pulls out, circles her clit several times, then runs his fingers across her perineum, across her asshole, as she smiles, then through the remainder of her crack.

“Damn, that feels good… But, enough fun for today though. I have to get some cleaning done before Mom gets home. Thanks Bro.”

She rolls off him and puts her bottoms back on as sadness overcomes his eyes. As she gets off him, she stares at the raging erection under his boxers, thinking next time, she’s going to own his cock. Her hopes of learning about his cock today fell off the radar, but she knows she will pay more attention to it another time so she returns to her mission of cleaning amid massive objections by her libido. She’s a patient girl and John knows it.

When she got off her brother, he notices her nipples protruding into her tube top and he smiles, knowing he’s affecting her.

“We’ll do this again, soon,” she says with a smile.

As she walks out of his room, her bouncing ass cheeks catch his attention and his focus changes from looking at her as his sister, to looking at her as a member of the opposite sex. She has a great body and from now on, he will give it all the attention his sister will allow.

He gets out of bed, takes a shower and his cock is straining for relief so he rubs one off before he gets out, dresses and heads off, chasing the sound of the vacuum cleaner. He locates his sister in the livingroom, still wearing the flimsy clothes and stops her from vacuuming the floors temporarily.

He gives her a tight, warm hug and a kiss on her forehead as she returns his affection with a smile and a tight hug, relaxing against his chest. He doesn’t grope her body as she expected he would, based on her Mom’s prediction. But still, she wonders why, but then it hits her.

“Thanks Mandi. That was educational for me. I never thought we’d do what we just did, but as far as I’m concerned, we can do it again, if you want.”

“It was educational for me as well and I do want to do it again. Tomorrow maybe?” she offers.

“Later today maybe? But, if you’re expecting me to say no, I’m going to severely disappoint you.”

She laughs.

“Funny… You didn’t do what I expected you to do just then,” she replies.

“What did you expect I would do?”

“Grope me again?” she says more a question than a statement.

“If you want me to, I’m surely willing, but my sister deserves respect even as she learns about herself,” he replies.

“Thanks Bro… I learned I like being groped by you so you have my permission to do so, just try not to overdue it please,” she explains, hesitantly.

Getting frisky, he smiles, squeezes her again and frantically runs his hands all over her ass, back and shoulders, then gives her another kiss on her forehead and lets her go.

“I just knew you were going to do that as soon as I said it,” she says laughing as he smiles and heads to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast.

The morning exercise was a good thing. Tomorrow will take him to new depths on her body, he hopes, as he watches his sister’s tits swing inside her top, under the distraction of eating. Finishing breakfast, he heads downstairs.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32