My Son’s Exes Pt. 04: Tokahantus

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I recall the first time I saw her. My son was doing some yard work at my old place to help me out and he brought along a time shifted vision. She was dressed like something out of the late 60s early 70s, a time when I started High School. She had long, straight brown hair that was held in place with a small braided headband and fell to her mid back. She was wearing a simple scoop top, tie dyed shirt with a tanned suede vest and matching suede pants tied at the side with just a small gap of about an inch from bottom to hip. On her feet were a pair of flip flops that she slipped off as soon as she came in the yard.

“Hi!” she said with a smile as she came over to me and my son headed for the lawn mower, “I’m Deb, but everyone calls me Tokahantus, you know, because I toke so much.” and she laughed as I shook the proffered hand. She smiled at the handshake as well and simply extricated her hand so she could hug me. She smelled of patchouli and jasmine along with a hint of pot.

She and my son wandered off at the end of that day as she was trying very hard to get home to Portland before the next day for her no longer a teenager birthday party. She walked through my fantasies for several months before she faded from such an immediate memory. But I still remembered her now and then, a time shifted beauty from a time of which I had fond memories.

It was three summers later when I drove my other son to a festival in Eastern Washington near the Oregon border, where he was going to perform. I needed some things for a project of my own and brought my ukulele along with my wallet, cell phone and virtually nothing else other than product. The festival was a week long and I had taken the week off work. I really couldn’t sleep on the ground any more, getting old does have its drawbacks, so I picked up a little nothing room in the nearby town. On Saturday afternoon, I thought I would run to town and take a nap, pick up a few things and come back for some BBQ and music. As I drove out of the festival grounds though, there was Tokahantus, dressed almost exactly as I remembered her, walking out and hitching as I came down the road. I pulled over and she came to the window.

“Deb, right? Er, Tokahantus,” I said as she got there. She bent forward and the white shirt she was wearing fell open to show her braless breasts in all their young glory.

“Yes, I remember your face…” she said and tried to place me.

“It’s Eric,” I said, “Patrick’s dad.”

“Oh hey, good to see you,” she said and hopped in the truck, “I hope you don’t mind, I need to get a couple things at the store and so I was hitching in. Are you going to town?”

Well, the road pretty much went to town and beyond with only a couple ranches this side. She buckled up, pushing the vest out of the way and the seat belt wedged between her tits pulled the tee shirt tight enough to make it almost see through which was quite the distraction.

“Uh, yes,” I said, “I was heading to my hotel, then the store for some meat for the BBQ tonight.”

“You have a hotel?” she asked, “That’s cool, must be nice to sleep on an actual bed.”

“It is, I can’t handle the ground any more,” I said, “I screwed up my back in the 80s and don’t have the luxury any more.”

“That’s a bummer,” she said and placed her hand on my arm, “Don’t get me wrong, I love camping out at festivals, but I’ve been camping out for two months now, since the weather changed. I am ready for a bed.”

Without thinking I just blurted out the first thing that came into my mind, “Well, you are welcome to sleep with me, I don’t need that whole king sized bed to myself.”

“Really! Oh my god, that’s awesome!” she exclaimed and unbuckled in order to squeeze me and kiss my cheek. “Mmm, I love your beard. Not too long, not too short, very sexy.” then she searched for and found the center seat belt in my truck and tucked into my arm for the rest of the trip.

We pulled in to Rain Dog Inn, my little slice of heaven for the week, and I opened the door to the room. She dashed in to check everything out and I moved a little slower. When her attention was elsewhere, I adjusted myself. You would be surprised what being held by a 20 something year old gorgeous hippy would do for a fiftyish old man.

“So, what were you getting, Eric?” she asked.

“I was planning on getting about an hour of sleep,” I responded.

“Okay, sweet, you really don’t mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I said, “the bed is plenty big enough.”

“Awesome,” she said before starting to remove her clothes. Now I sleep in my underwear and frankly, as she undressed, they got tighter. Her breasts were a large C cup with small areolas and nipples, both standing on end, and she was wearing no underpants either. It was warm in the room, so she folded back the covers and laid down on the bed, on her side, with one leg demurely covering her pussy. She had her head propped on her hand and her breasts only sagged maybe escort antep an inch. But I was feeling like it was a now or never moment, so I dropped my underwear as well and laid down with my 7 inch cock on full display.

“Wow, that’s a decent cock. Are you going to use that fucker on me or do I have to steal some?” she asked.

I rolled on my left side to face her and said, “No, baby, you don’t have to steal it.” I pulled her to me and leaned half on top of her to kiss her soundly. Her left leg draped over my hip as I cupped her left breast and invaded her mouth with my tongue. “I’ve wanted to do this from the first moment we met last year.”

“I’ve never been with a man your age before,” she said, “but you have me so excited I am ready for you now.”

“Well, baby, you will have to wait because I am going to taste you right now,” I said then kissed my way across her neck and to her tits. She was obviously sensitive there as well, so I ran my hand over her inner thigh while I licked an sucked her tits.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she moaned when I clamped down on her nipple and flicked it with my tongue. “slide your hand up further.”

I kissed my way downward instead and paused at her belly button then moved to her inner thigh. She was unshaven completely and had quite the bush of light brown pubic hair. I pushed my hand against her pussy and she arched her back at the contact. She was ripe and ready, juices oozing out of her lovely lips. I lapped some up and was pleasantly surprised by the taste, so clean and fresh. With no showers on the festival grounds, that meant she wasn’t hooked up with anyone either. I spent some time licking her distended lips and the juices that had trickled down to her little bud of an anus. She arched and bucked beneath me with my motions until I reached her clit. I peeled back the hood and took her clit between my lips and started to beat it with my tongue. Her hips raised and she held them there as I drove her higher and higher.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, that is so good. Keep doing that. Fuck, I’m going to cum and you haven’t stuck it in me yet. Shit, make me cum lover. Fuck this little girl with that tongue then that fat cock!”

It didn’t take long and she began to twitch her hips up against me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and spread her lips apart then stuck my tongue out as far as I could and began to sand paper her clit with my tongue. Only my shoulders protected me as she came and tried to squeeze her legs together. Her wail was loud and cycled up in volume as I did not relent. I think she had one big one followed by two small ones, though it could have been three. As she relaxed and went limp on the bed, I pushed her legs apart and poised myself at her entrance. Her eyes went wide as I positioned myself and her head nodded in answer to my silent question. I pushed against her opening and felt only a little resistance so I pushed myself into her in one thrust. It was good I was holding her up because her legs lost it. I laid her down and stretched her legs up and apart then started pounding her hard. She was hot, wet and tight and I was ready. But I had to make sure she got there as well, so when I started to get too close. I stopped, buried to the hilt in her soft pussy.

“Hold still baby,” I said, “I am not ready to cum yet, I want more.”

“Oh, you feel so good inside me,” she said, “you’re splitting me apart and it feels like Nirvana. Use me how you want, fuck me, suck me, slap me, love me, I don’t care as long as that dick gets inside me often, I’ll do what you ask.”

“Baby, what I ask is access when I want it, where I want it.” I said. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock. She squeezed as I pummeled her deeply, every thrust pushing on her cervix.

“Good, it feels like you are in my stomach you’re so deep,” she said as I leaned forward and attached my mouth to hers. She moaned and continued to buck beneath me. I pushed her hands up above her head and ran my fingers up the insides and then back down to her unshaven armpit. I scratched my way down to her breast while I continued to assault her mouth with my lips and tongue and teeth. We spoke at the same time when I broke the kiss.

“I’m gonna cum in you baby,” I cried.

“I’m cumming, Eric!” she exclaimed with a moan and we both twitched into our orgasms locking our lips together again as I stroked until I couldn’t move without sensory overload.

“Unnnnnngh,” I said through deep gulps of air, “Fucking A! … you are hot as hell, baby.”

“Mmm, I love it when you call me baby,” she said with not so deep a gulp for air, “It makes me feel possessed. Are you possessing me, Eric.”

“For as long as you stick around, baby.”

We kissed and caressed for the next half hour until I finally fell asleep. I woke up with her still in my arms. She was snoozing lightly and I took the opportunity to really look her over. She was about 5’8″ tall escort araban and shaped like a goddess. Her skin was bronzed to an even all over tan with no blemishes in sight. Her legs were shaped well, strong and sexy with a light covering of her nearly blond body hair on her unshaven calves. As I mentioned, she had a light colored bush as well, and healthy looking pussy lips. She had flared hips and I really wanted to peruse her ass, my favorite feature on a woman, but I didn’t want to wake her just yet. Her tummy was flat with just a tiny bit of a pooch and a tiny bit of hair that pointed at her belly button. Her waist was narrow just a bit less than her hips. As I moved my gaze upward, I rested my hand lightly on her tummy. Her breasts were firm though not in the static fake breast kind of way, instead they were in the blush of youth with a little sag, but naturally. They were of a good size too, C cups with half dollar sized areolas and thick nipples. Her arms were stretched up above her head in her repose and her armpits were also unshaven, but the hair was light both in coverage and in color. Her neck was slender and long and her long hair covered one side, so I lifted my hand and moved it aside as I took in her face. She had full shapely lips in an average sized mouth and white teeth, a small nose and her beautiful blue eyes were looking at me as I reached them.

“Do you see something you want?” she asked.

“I want it all, baby,” I replied as I caressed her cheek then kissed her and rolled atop her sexy body. “Do you need the bathroom or anything?”

“No, I’m good,” she said as she adjusted to take me in her right away.

“Hold on, we’ll get to that,” I said avoiding entry, “I want to play with you a bit first.”

I kissed her again, my erect cock resting on her abdomen. Her legs had come up and wrapped around me. I reached up and pinched her nipple with my right hand and squeezed and played with her tits. I found them to be every bit as nice to hold as they are to look at and they were sensitive as well. She arched and squirmed beneath me as I played with her tits.

When I broke the kiss she said with a gasp in her voice, “I’ve never had a lover that did anything other than just fuck me as quick and hard as he could.”

I lightly kissed her lips and said nothing. I slid my hips to my left and kissed her neck, careful not to leave marks but still stimulate her further. She began to moan as her legs relaxed and I teased her ear then licked my way to that little hollow in the center of her neck.

“By the Goddess,” she said, “that feels so sexy.”

I continued to use my lips and tongue as I lavished the area between her neck and the tops of her breasts with my attention. I reached my right hand down to the outside of her thighs and began to stroke her skin, occasionally dragging my ultra short nails over the area near her knee. I cupped her ass and squeezed it as well then slid my hand up to the top of her thigh and down to her knee. I pushed her leg out until it relaxed on the bed and dragged my nails up the inside of her thigh. I reached her tits then and continued to rub her inner thigh while I struggled to stimulate her luscious globes of pleasure.

She shuddered beneath me, just a little tremor before saying, “Oh, that’s new. I just had a little orgasm and you aren’t even touching my sex. I feel like ever nerve is lit up and your cock on my thigh feels like a strong piece of warm wood against my skin.”

I continued my journey downward until I reached her belly button. Now I was back between her legs and both hands were stroking her thighs. I reached the junction of her legs and abdomen and rubbed my thumbs along the joint then squeezed them toward one another pushing the nearby flesh into a pressure on her entire vagina.

“Oh wow,” she moaned, “Don’t stop. It feels so good. Never felt like this…’

Her words cut off as my thumbs released her flesh and rolled over the top of it instead, rubbing through her bush and lightly over her mons. My mouth was kissing her bush now and then I was beside her pussy kissing the joining of her legs. I knelt up and pulled her left leg straight up and began to kiss her toes and feet while I pressed my cock against her thigh. My hands continued to wander across her skin, stimulating her nerve endings. She was squirming on the bed now and I could see the juices from her pussy running down her ass cheeks. I captured some of it on my right fingers and made a show of tasting it.

“Mmm, baby,” I said, “You taste so good, inside and out,” I gathered a bit more of her juices and brought my fingers to her lips. She paused but then opened her lips and I pushed my fingers into her mouth. She groaned as I stiffened them and let her suck them like they were a cock. I pulled her up and kissed her again before starting on her other leg.

“I don’t know if I can hold back, Eric,” she said, “You are getting me so excited. gaziantep arap escort bayan I have never felt this before.”

“Don’t hold back, baby,” I said, “If you need to cum, you let it loose. I would love to taste your fresh cum.”

She continued to moan, groan and added little yips here and there as I nipped her skin. When I reached the join of her legs, I could smell the sweet aroma of her excitement. Her labia were glistening with the moisture of her pussy and engorged. I cupped her ass in my hands and lifted it to my mouth. She planted her feet to help hold her pelvis up, but I knew that wouldn’t last. So after enjoying her ass for a few moments, I wrapped my arms around her legs and licked her labia. She tried to buck but had no leverage to push down because I was holding her so high.

“Fuuuck!!” she cried loudly as she began to cum. I licked and stabbed with my tongue. She eventually calmed and a bit of thicker whitish fluid leaked from her excited pussy. I lapped it up like the sweet nectar I considered it and attacked her pussy with my tongue and mouth.

She found the secret for bucking by pushing against my arms and relaxing her legs in an attempt to increase sensation. I stopped.

“Just relax, baby,” I said, “It will feel so much better if you do.”

She tried but some things are involuntary. But now the motion was much diminished and I could do what I do so well. So I set her ass on the bed and pushed her legs up and apart, holding them in place with my hands until she got the idea and held them herself. I had been avoiding her clit but it was crying out for attention as it was fully distended now and peeking out of its hood. I carefully pushed the hood out of the way with my left hand and licked down to her anus and back up her pussy. When I got to the top, I opened my mouth and gently released the warm air across her clit. I repeated this several times then began to blow on her clit. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips a little. I traversed her gorgeous engorged pussy again and spent a little time tonguing her anus. She tasted pretty clean, she takes very good care of herself. I pressed three fingers into her pussy and then pulled out my ring finger and inserted into her ass. She cried out wordlessly and ratcheted up in excitement. That’s when I attacked her clit. Not gently or easily, I slammed my tongue down onto the little nubbin and sucked and licked it while I began to saw my fingers in and out of her hot young pussy.

She screamed in pleasure and lifted herself as much as she could to my mouth. I stopped for a moment and said, “Cum for me, baby. Show me you like it. I want to taste you and experience your sweet young pussy cumming for me.” Then I dove back onto her pussy and attacked it vigorously. By now I was pretty excited as well. I get my kicks when my partner is enjoying the moment. The more she enjoys it, the more excited I become.

It didn’t take long and she cried out again and began to cum. She had a little squirt but not much as she wasn’t ready to relax quite enough for that yet. But she commented as she came.

“Goddess yes!” she cried out, “never… cum… like… this… before… need… cock… fuck me… oh baby… fuck me now!”

I had gotten most of the squirt in my mouth and I wanted to share the sweet taste. So, I rose up and slid forward until I was poised on the edge of her pussy. I removed my fingers and shoved my cock into her. She cried out again as I bottomed out deep inside her young body. I leaned down and took her mouth, sharing the juices from her pussy which coated my lips, face and beard. I had saved a little in my mouth as well, which I allowed to slide between our lips and into her mouth.

She moaned into my mouth and relaxed her legs to wrap them around me and grabbed me with her arms to mash me against her. Her tits were like twin pillows of pleasure beneath me and I could feel her hard, erect nipple as they rubbed against my chest. She was close again and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, I rarely did at this level of excitement. So, I angled my hips and shoved a pillow under her ass then drove in and out against her G spot. I also hit her cervix with each stroke and stimulated the nerves there as well. Though it never feels as long as I want it to, I was nearly there.

I broke the kiss and told her, “I am almost there, baby. I know you have another one in you. I want you to cum with me. I am going to dump my seed deep into your pussy and you are going to clamp down on my ginormous member as you pussy lets loose with all you’ve got.” My words were having the result I wanted, her eyes widened and their bright blue color seemed to deepen, “Yes, you feel it. My cock loves your pussy, baby. Show me how your pussy loves my cock. Cum with… cum with me…” I was holding back, but not for long. The passion was getting to me and I felt my cock engorge even more as I fucked her, “Cum with me, baby. Cum with me, NOW!!”

I splurged inside her then, great huge gobs of cum as is the usual for me when my excitement is high. As the first one hit her cervix, her orgasm began as well and I think she had two or maybe three as I pumped my seed inside her. Even when there was none left, my orgasm continued for five or six strokes even as my cum leaked out of her and coated her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32