My Teacher Ch. 03

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After those two initial days of fucking, my introduction to the world of sex, we settled into a comfortable routine. Three days a week I’d go over to her house for my normal science and math tutoring and then…. Either I was motivated or I was getting smarted for the tutoring seemed to take less and less time and we had more and more time to fuck. She’d tutor me for an hour at most, then we’d be in her bed or on the floor or wherever banging out brains out.

She seemed to know her husband’s schedule pretty well. I never saw him the entire time I was at her place. There were plenty of pictures of him about and always her wedding rings, and lots of other evidence of him (clothes, shoes, other very obvious evidence he did exist). Mrs. Tavorski was insatiable as far as I could tell. She said she liked having young lovers because they were the only ones who could keep up with her. We could fuck three times an afternoon and she still wanted more.

More than once I was completely spent from cumming three or more times and she was still ready for another go. I watched her mister herself to organism more times than I could remember. It was fascinating to watch. Her fingers would busily teaser her lips and mons and finally her clit before her whole body shook with her climax. Sometimes she even squirted a bit of her juices on the bed, that’s what fascinated me the most: how a woman could squirt almost like a man.

Once when I was too tired to go again and she wanted more, she rolled over to the side of the bed and opened up a drawer on her nightstand. Out she pulled the first vibrator I’d ever seen that wasn’t in a porn movie. “Time for you to learn how to use this,” she told me, handing over the royal purple silicon shaft.

“I don’t know how to use this,” I stupidly said.

“Which is why you need to learn how now,” she said, leaning back on the pillows and spreading her legs.

She showed me how to turn it on and move it around her cunt, teasing her clit and then thrusting it in and out of her pussy until she was satisfied.

Give a boy a new toy to play with and he’ll be endlessly fascinated until something new comes along. I started asserting myself, sometimes using the vibe at the start of sex instead of at the end, just to see the difference in a pussy that had already been fucked. I made her get on her hands and knees while a used it on her from behind, just to see if she could stay up while she climaxed. She could.

Sometimes she got out a smaller vibe and she used that in addition to the big eight incher that I drove around her groin. We would play games, seeing who could find just the right spot or speed of thrusts that would make her cum the fastest or hardest. She didn’t just cum from playing with her clit, she could cum if I could find her g-spot or any one of a number of intriguing ways.

One time I had her on her hands and knees, ass in the air, the purple vibe working in and out of her tunnel, when she told me, “Put it in my ass.”


“Put it in my ass!” she looked over her shoulder at me, then noticed I had the big vibe. “No, wait a second.” She scrambled across the bed and yanked open her drawer of toys. Out came the little vibe and a bottle of lube. “Put the lube on my ass first, then put in the vibe.”

She was panting and obviously ready to cum, but I could tell she didn’t want to just yet. More than anything—cumming hard, cumming more times than she could count, balancing sex with me and her husband—she loved to see how long she could keep herself from cumming.

By now I had learned to play along. I squirted a good dose of lube on her tiny pale brown bunghole, then used the small, hard vibe to spread it around a bit, pushing it in her just enough to make it easy for her to take.

“Quit fooling around, put it in me!” I obeyed her command and slipped the small shaft into her anus. She groaned as it went in. “Turn it on and fuck me,” she then ordered when it was all the way in. I learned later on that the small vibe was specially designed for assplay, it had a flared base so it wouldn’t go all the way in, but would fit snugly inside her rectum, held in place by her sphincter. I rotated the small dial on the vibe’s base and set her ass to shaking slightly from the pleasure. “Get your cock in me!” she begged.

I obliged. The vibrations from the toy in her ass reached my shaft as I was inside her. It took me no time at all to cum. I don’t know if she wanted to last much longer, but me splashing inside her cunt was all she needed to finish

“Oh,” she moaned when I collapsed on top of her. “That was wonderful, but you need to turn it off now.”

“Right,” I agreed, rolling off to the side and found the small dial on the base of the vibrator. I twisted it to off, but left it in her ass.

She sighed and stretched out. “You’re a tease,” she told me. “My husband always pulls it out right away. Sometimes it’s nice to just have it stay there for a while.”

This made my body pendik escort stiffen and I moved slightly away from her. She laughed lightly. “You don’t like it when I talk about having sex with my husband, do you?” she asked, reaching out and gently fondling my cock. Sometimes she did that just to prove she had control over me, sometimes it was to harden me so we could fuck again. I was never sure which.

“No, it makes me nervous.”

“Don’t worry; you’re at least as good a lover as he is, maybe even a little better, besides, variety is what I crave.”

This was the first hint that I had that perhaps I wasn’t the only other person she was having sex with beyond her husband. When she found the time between school, me, her husband and everything else was beyond me.

“How can you do this to him?” I asked her. “Don’t you feel like it’s wrong.”

She scoffed at me. “I’m not doing anything to him. We are,” she said, stressing our dual involvement. “Besides, I’m sure when he’s off on his business trips he’s out balling every young thing he can talk into his hotel room.”

This gave me pause. It never occurred to me that her husband might be sleeping around on her. Maybe that’s why she did it to him.

After laying next to each other in silence for a few minutes, she reached around to her ass and slipped the small vibe out of her body. “We’ll have to get one of these for you,” she said, carefully wiping it off with a towel she kept at the side of the bed. She was always prepared for the two of us. I knew that after I left she cleaned up everything: clothes, sheets, toys, everything. She must have done a lot of laundry every evening after my tutoring.

“Uh-uh. No way. You’re not sticking anything up my ass!”

She looked back at me, a slightly angry look on her face, then held up her finger. “This has been up your ass more than once, and I seem to remember you enjoying it quite a bit. Don’t tell me what we are and aren’t doing!”

It was amazing how she could so easily slip into angry teacher mode and how I so easily kowtowed to it.

“If that’s what you want…” I started to apologize obsequiously.

“No! That’s not what I want! That’s what my husband wants, he loves to be pegged.” She grinned at me. “Not that I mind doing it to him. Its something every married couple should enjoy, but I want to do other things with you.”

She never really said what other things, but I was on a ride that I couldn’t get off. Not yet.

The one thing that really bothered me about sex with Mrs. Tavorski—besides the fact she was twice my age, my teacher and married—was that she always wore a bra or t-shirt or top of some other kind to keep her breasts hidden. It was strange to say the least. Sometimes the material was so thin or sheer I could plainly see her nipples and areola. She wouldn’t mind if I casually touched her breasts during sex, but if I ever tried to remove her bra and expose her to me fully nude, she would immediately stop whatever we were doing. It was infuriation.

“Why can’t I see your tits?” I asked her one time when she was straddling me again, moving slowly back and forth, enjoying my cock in her cunt. I had run my hands up her side and had attempted to pull down the cups of the corset that was hugging her body before she slapped my hands away.

“Because they are for my husband,” she told me. “I have to save something for him.”

“I’ve had your ass and your pussy, I should be able to have it all,” I complained, but not too much as I was too busy thrusting my hips upward to meet her carefully groomed cunt.

“Maybe you will, but not today.”

And so her tops always stayed on, but she continued to give me access to everything below the waist.

Mrs. Tavorski was very cool in school. She never let on, not even a hint, that we were fucking, which was probably a good thing because she would have lost her job at the very least. I probably spent too much time ogling her in class and when I happened to see in the halls, but then I started noticing that a lot of the other boys in class stared at her as well.

It didn’t take me very long to find out that, probably like almost every other high school in America, there was a list of “Most Admired” teachers. This wasn’t a listing sponsored by the student council to give away an award at graduation, this was a list of the teachers posted on one those social networking websites. It was mostly a tasteful and wasn’t overly sexual, so the school administrators chose to ignore it, but there was Mrs. Tavorski on top, as usual. The standings were updated on a weekly basis, so she wasn’t always first, but always in the top three. I did my best to keep her on top with my weekly votes. (And to be fair there was a list of male teachers as well, but I didn’t bother keeping up with that score.)

So with Mrs. Tavorski on the top of hot teachers it was easy to sideways discuss with other guys her various attributes rus escort and our speculations as to how she would be in bed. I always played very coy, never even hinting that she and I were fucking like wild rabbits in heat. Their speculations were all completely wrong. Most of them imagined her as completely submissive allowing them to do whatever they wanted to her, mostly their fantasies were endless blowjobs ending with facials and pearl necklaces.

They were completely wrong. She liked to give blowjobs, but she much preferred to swallow, or to have her lover cum in her cunt. I asked, so a couple of times she allowed me to cum on her body, but never her face. Visually, it was exciting, but the sensations of cumming inside of her were much better than any childish fantasy.

If I had a real girlfriend I would have received presents. That would have been nice. I once tried to give her a very nice camisole set of lingerie, but she refused. Said she couldn’t have lingerie lying about the house that her husband hadn’t given her. I was so disappointed. Completely crushed. After I spent an hour begging, she finally relented and modeled the lingerie for me, even wore the top when we fucked that night, but she made me bring it home with me. I kept it in the bottom of my dresser drawer the rest of the year.

I did get presents, of a sort. But not the kind you would get from your typical high school girlfriend.

She was waiting for me in bed one night. It was close to Christmas and I was getting worried about if I should buy her a present or not (this led to the disastrous camisole episode). By this time we had given up even pretending that I was being tutored in anything other than sex. Oh, we did my homework and made sure I knew the class material, but if I was all caught up on work, she would bring me right to bed. “I have a present for you,” she announced that night.

My cock immediately stiffened. That’s all she needed to do to make me ready. I was that easy. “What?” I asked eagerly.

She tilted her head to the side and looked at me expectantly. “You know what you have to do. Take off your clothes first.”

I did so and she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. She was wearing the tiniest g-string that barely covered her carefully shaved pubic matched with a perfect sheer bra. I assume she left these on while I was blindfolded, but who’s to know the truth. Her grabbing my cock wasn’t unexpected, but the suddenly squeezing around the base of my shaft and my balls was. I yanked off the blindfold to see what she had done to me.

“What’s that?” I practically screamed. A bright red band was wrapped around my cock and other was circling my tentacles. They were linked together and the outside edges sported a series of nubs and ridges unlike the sides that pressed into my skin which was completely smooth. It wasn’t exactly painful but it was surprising.

“It’s a cock ring. It’ll keep you harder and longer. I like that in a man.”

“It hurts,” I complained, reaching for the rings. I tried to pull them off, but only managed to snap the one around my shaft like a rubber band. That really hurt. I couldn’t imagine what that would have felt like if I had tried removing the one around my tentacles first. I let out a shout of pain.

“Fuck me first, and then we can take them off.” She slipped off her tiny, unnecessary panties and pulled me by the cock to her bed. She was right. I was hard and it did keep me from cumming as quickly as usual. She said that the nubs and ridges felt good rubbing into her clit..

Cumming with the rings on was like cumming again for the first time. The rings were fairly wide and I thought that was just for the little projections for her pleasure. I discovered that it was to keep my balls away from my cock when I actually came. That made my organism that much more powerful. It also made it that much more painful. I was nearly crying by the time I was done pumping my cum into her. She held me in her arms, rocking my slightly until my cock relaxed enough to where she could stretch it out and take it off.

“Wasn’t that good?” she asked me, a wise and knowing look in her eye.

I looked up into her eyes. “It hurt,” I whined to her, wiping away the tears that had formed at the corners of my eyes

“But you still came,” she pointed out to me. “It was probably the best one you’ve ever had.”

I had to admit that was true. It might have been painful, but it was the best I ever had. “Okay, it was good, great even, but you should have warned me it was going to hurt that much.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips. “That would have spoiled the surprise.”

I started to get up off her warm body. “I need to get it off now,” I announced to her.

“No, stay!” she insisted, wrapping her legs around mine and circling my back with her arms. “I want you to stay inside of me.” Even though she was almost twice my age and a woman, she was surprisingly strong. I wasn’t sancaktepe escort able to easily escape her grasp.

“I’m not going to stay hard very long,” I told her.

“That’s what you think,” she chuckled in my ear. Then she began chewing and kissing my earlobe. That always drove me crazy, it still does. It wasn’t long that I was at least semi-hard again. She rolled us over and supported herself on her knees as she started rolling her hips back and forth. It felt good, especially when she ground her pelvis down. I didn’t realize it as the time, but that wasn’t for my benefit; she was rubbing her clit against the nubs on the rings. I liked how she felt, already full of my cum, while I was fucking her again. She was almost too wet, but what did I know and care?

Watching her cum again her hold body shaking above me as I watched was just enough to make me follow suit with her. This time it wasn’t as painful, but it was just as powerful.

“See,” she panted when she was done. “I knew you had more in you. You always do.” Her body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat which mixed well with the juices of our lovemaking. For all her passion and age, I always forgot how Mrs. Tavorski was almost a tiny slip of a woman. I was easily fifty pounds heavier than her and at least six inches taller.

With a groan of effort and some discomfort, she lifted her body off mine and staggered to the bathroom. I lay on the bed, exhausted by my double quick organisms, watching as my cock slowly lost its stiffness, but never completely abated.

Mrs. Tavorski sauntered back into the bedroom, refreshed from her time cleaning up. She had removed her top and had replaced it with a sheer, short robe that hid nothing but made it seemed like it was doing something. It didn’t notice the towel and small bucket she was carrying until she set them down on the floor next to the bed.

“Now lie still,” she told me, reaching for my cock. “If you move around while I’m doing this, it’ll really hurt.”

I nodded and leaned back. With deft fingers she spread open the stretchy material and slipped it off my cock, then from around my balls. There were a couple of sharp pulls as a few pubic hairs got caught in the rings, but it was otherwise perfect. “Thanks,” I said. The resulting flow of blood back to my genitals was a relief; there hadn’t been any pain while I was resting, but the pressure was gone. I started to get up, but she hadn’t released me yet.

“Don’t move,” she told me. “I’m not done yet.” She laid the warm, wet towel across my goodies and started cleaning up our leavings.

“You’re good at that,” I commented to her. The towel and cleaning were something that had never occurred to me to do before. I suppose only women thought about cleaning up after sex. I closed my eyes and relaxed until I heard the foaming spritz of the shaving cream can. “What are you doing?” I demanded, trying to get away from her, but she still had my manhood well in hand. I practically screamed this.

There was a mass of shaving cream now covering me and I was nervous about the razor she was wielding in her free hand.

“Shaving you,” she told me. “You’re going to be wearing those rings a lot more in the future and they’re easier to get on and off without all this hair,” she explained.

“Maybe I don’t want you to shave me!”

Her glare was right out of the classroom. “You don’t have a choice,” she told me. “Now you can either fight me and risk losing more than just a little bit of hair, or you can let me be in charge and realize that I’m right.” She squeezed her hand a little tighter; she was right, I didn’t have any choice. I was already subservient to her—something I admitted to myself that I enjoyed—so this was just another step in our complex relationship.

“Okay,” I finally relented and stopped pulling away. Not that I was pulling all that hard.

I couldn’t bear to watch as she proceeded to move all my pubic hair. Or almost all of it. She started with the base of the shaft. That was easy and painless. Then she moved on to my sack and was surprisingly delicate. I had to hold my entire body rigid during the work but this turned out to be a good thing. So great was my fear that my goodies shriveled up almost to nothing which apparently made it easier for Mrs. Tavorski to maneuver the razor around. This was good. I started to enjoy the sensations the shaving was sending to my cock and I started to get hard again.

“Don’t get too excited,” she told me. “I’m not nearly done yet.” She then proceeded to dump a good amount of shaving cream on my pubic hair right above my cock.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“We already went over this,” she said absently as she set to work. I didn’t want to be bald like a baby or like a porn star even, but I had little say in the matter. After she was done I steeled myself and looked down. Most of my pubes had been removed, but she had left a nice triangle pointing upwards right above my cock. It wasn’t nearly as radical as I supposed, but it was something that I did enjoy later on.

“You’ll need to keep it shaved on a daily basis,” she informed me when she was done and cleaning off the last of the cream with the towel. “Otherwise it’ll start to itch. And I’ll know if you haven’t been doing a good job.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32