My Unusual Experience…

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Those of you who’ve read my previous story know that I am new to this and that I am having a lot of fun posting real experiences!

I’d like to share my latest, which occurred on Thursday night.

My boyfriend has been out of town for three days so I was browsing some porn on the internet over the weekend and found a really unusual yet strangely erotic video that was a real turn on.

It wasn’t in English and there were no subtitles, but in the video a girl enters an apartment and after appearing to negotiate something, she begins to take her top off and lay down on the couch. There seems to be a female interpreter telling her what the male interviewer is saying as she lays back on the couch. She places headphones in her ears, selects a playlist and closes her eyes while the male proceeds to masturbate over her until he explodes all over her face and chest. The female interpreter helps her clean up with a towel and she gets dressed, looking not too impressed, and leaves…so strange that I found this exciting but after masturbating to it three times in a row and then giving it some serious thought, I decided I wanted to try something similar.

I decided to post an ad on Craigslist, my ad read:

‘I am a 26 year old, attached, large chested, blonde looking to live out a newly discovered fantasy. Basically, I am looking for someone to come over, I will lay down and you can masturbate over my face. I will close my eyes, and be listening to music to deprive my senses so that all I feel is your cum raining down on me. I won’t be touching you, but if it helps you get off, you can touch my breasts while you masturbate. D&D free is essential, big loads preferred and you must be okay with a friend of mine filming it.’

Surprisingly my inbox Escort Bayan was swamped with all kinds of replies within minutes. I quickly weeded out the creepy ones and settled on a polite guy who said he was 35. He said he had never done anything like that but had just gotten through a divorce and was looking for an exciting, no strings attached encounter. We chatted via text a little bit and then I invited him over for the following night.

I don’t often get too vocal about my sexual exploits with my friends, I’m not sure they would understand. I do have one friend I confide everything in though. Kristen is much like me;) Very sexual, very experimental and very worried about our other friends labeling us sluts or something like that. Anyways, I asked if she would be interested in filming for me. I don’t think she understood why I thought that would be such an erotic experience but she laughed and said she would love to film.

We spent the afternoon having some wine and getting ready, I put my hair back and had on a really low cut black shirt and a jean skirt on. Around 6:30 my new friend, who wished to remain nameless, but we’ll call Alex for the sake of this story, knocked at the door. I became instantly excited and Kristen ran over to the door and swung it open, smiling.

She and I look quite different, so I think he may have been a little surprised since I had texted him photos of myself. Kristen is about six inches shorter than me, dark hair and eyes, really cute and great boobs but much smaller than mine.

“Lisa?” he asked.

“Nope!” Kristen said, “But come in, she’s all ready for you.” she said with a laugh.

I came up to the door behind her.

“Hi.” I smiled as I extended my hand and shook his. He was Bayan Escort really good looking and right away I thought I would keep him on standby for a time when I wanted more than just being masturbated over.

He seemed a little nervous at first, especially when Kristen had already got the video camera out and started filming. He sort of smiled nervously and I just asked him if he was ready to get started.

“Sure,” he smiled, half turned on already.

I took him by the hand and led him in to the living room and I just quickly reviewed the rules of the evening with him.

“So I will lie here, and I’m going to just close my eyes, listen to some music while you do whatever you want over top of me okay?”

“Okay,” he agreed. I had already noticed him taking glimpses of my cleavage since he got in the door. “And, um..” he glanced at them again.

I laughed, “Yes you can play with my breasts if you like. Would that help?”

He chuckled, “Oh yes, I think so. You have great tits.”

I smiled and lay back on the couch, getting comfortable. I could see Kristen, positioning herself in the chair across the living room, camera in hand. I put the headphones in my ears and selected a playlist.

“I’m all ready!” I said.

Alex sort of looked at me and then at Kristen who nodded her head, egging him on. He undid his jeans and removed a really nice looking hard cock. I immediately wanted to grab it and stroke it for him but I resisted and instead closed my eyes and let him get started. After about a minute I could feel a hand slide under my top and into my bra, massaging my breasts. I felt him pull the sleeves lower on my top until he could pull the low-cut neckline below my tits and push the bra down, leaving Escort them on display. He massaged one and then the other and I could feel the vibration of him hitting the couch while he increased pace stroking himself over my face. I could even smell his cock and pre-cum as he worked it what must have been less than an inch from my face.

From this point on, I’ll have to describe what happened from watching the video later on, lol.

Anyways, I watched the video many many times afterwards. I love watching him stroke that big cock right over my face, at several points, he almost actually touched my face with his big member and he really did love massaging over my large tits. It only took less than two songs on my playlist and Alex shuddered and let out his orgasm. I felt a splash of cum across my forehead and cheeks followed by several more splatters coating my unflinching face. I stayed as still as possible, like the girl in the video did, making sure Kristen got every last sexy detail of it on camera for me later.

After Alex had finished completely he backed away and Kristen set the camera down and came in to clean me up. I assumed she would bring a towel over, but, not to be outdone by her only other slutty friend, Kristen started licking the cum off my cheeks. I felt her tongue slide all over my face, cleaning Alex’s cum from me and finally she licked it from my lips and we kissed really hard. I could taste his cum mixed with her saliva and my pussy just soaked my panties. We made out for a minute or two, letting Alex watch and then finally broke our kiss and I opened my eyes. We both smiled, I tucked my tits back into my shirt, we laughed and walked Alex to the door.

I still think he was a little perplexed, maybe he expected to chat or something but we thanked him and told him good night.

Kristen and I spent the night making out, drinking wine and getting really wound up watching that video over and over. She has been teasing me all week about what a slut I am 😛 She is worse, lol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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