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My research at the library showed absolutely no trace of Reliable. There were plenty of companies called Reliable—boilers, plumbers, concrete, locksmiths and so on, but nothing in title or mortgage insurance. I went to the office, checked on my staff and returned to Jonathan Nash’s agency. I spent the rest of the morning calling Nash’s former clients and verifying what Mrs. Carlson had told me another dozen times. I broke for lunch then had another idea. A short walk later I entered our local CVS where I bought a cheap cell phone and 1,000 minutes good for the next month. I was able to activate the phone in less than fifteen minutes. My first call was to the New York State Dormitory Authority. I was transferred around several times until I reached someone with authority. He assured me that everything with the projects was up to the bid specifications. I swear—the State of New York hires idiots. I ended the call and went back to work.

I finished the Nash project the following day. There were forty-seven houses involved in the scam. Shirley Miller and Wayne Gibbons had stolen $470,000 in bogus insurance premiums and had denied Jonathan Nash three percent of that total in agency commissions—a bit over $14,000. I spent all of Friday morning explaining the scam to a pair of county detectives. Shirley and Wayne were arrested that afternoon. Then I explained something to Jonathan Nash.

“You have forty-seven clients who think they have mortgage life insurance. They paid representatives of your firm $10,000 each for it.”

“Yeah…so what?”

“If this ever went to court the negative publicity would destroy you even if you won the case which I doubt. You need to contact each buyer, explain the situation, and offer to pay from your own pocket. One way to look at it—the whole amount would be a business expense and one-hundred percent deductible. You’d be John Wayne in a white hat.” He thought about it for a few minutes then took my list and told his receptionist to get busy.

Now I had to deal with Simon Alcott. My decision was made while I rode the elevator up to my office. I phoned Jennie and told her my plan. She agreed immediately. I typed a brief memo to Robert explaining that I needed some time off. I hadn’t taken any vacation time in the past eighteen months and soon those vacation days would expire. Additionally, the stress of the new job and the loss of Ted had taken a toll. I was between big projects, the only one being the audit of Alcott’s firm and that could wait a week. Once Robert had approved I left early to pick up Jennie. Instead of driving west through New York City we went east toward Port Jefferson for the ferry to Bridgeport, Connecticut. From there it was only a two hour drive to Albany. I was a bit concerned about having Heidi on the ship, but she was fine, even entertaining several children. We stopped at a moderately priced motel near the university around ten that evening.

The three of us strolled around the university campus the following day. The construction crews were busy even though it was Saturday. We turned around in a hurry when we saw Simon Alcott in conversation with several of his supervisors.

We decided to enter the School of Accounting building so we told Heidi to sit and stay beneath a tree outside. I wrapped her leash around a tree limb, but that was more for show than anything else. Heidi would stay until we returned.

Once in the building I looked for one of my professors, knowing how much time he spent on the job. Sure enough he was in his office grading papers. Looking up, he called my name, “Mr. Healey!”

“Hello, professor, how are you?”

“Old, that’s what I am. And who is this charming creature?”

“Oh, sorry—this is my wife, Jennie.”

“Come along, dear. You are much too good for this boy. You deserve a real man—distinguished, worldly….”

“Full of shit?” Jennie queried. Professor Henderson laughed. “She is obviously too good for you, Tim. So tell me what brings you back to Albany? Last time I heard you were working somewhere down by New York City.”

“I’m still there,” I replied, handing him a business card.

“I’m impressed. So, what can I do for you?” I explained what I found while reviewing the Alcorp invoices. Then I told him what had happened when I phoned the dormitory authority.

“I’m not at all surprised, Tim. These people are bureaucrats. All they care about is keeping their jobs. I have a friend who’s an assistant district attorney. Why don’t you come to dinner tonight?”

“Umm, we have our dog, sir. I wouldn’t want to leave her in the motel room.”

“Then I guess you’d better bring her with you. I’ll phone Paul’s wife Sheila and invite them, too. But, first, I need to phone my wife.” He gave us directions and we were out the door a few minutes later. We left the building just in time to see a couple of students trying unsuccessfully to steal Heidi. She bolted from them, running to Jennie’s side.

“Bad move, guys—this is a trained guard dog. One word from either of us and she’ll take your arm off at the elbow.”

“We thought she was a stray…honest.”

“Right…a stray…with a leash tied to a limb. Now I suggest you scram before I turn her loose.”

“Ah, you’re just bullshitting.”

“Heidi…alert!” Heidi jumped to her feet, teeth bared. I never saw three guys move so quickly. They were gone in seconds. “Heidi…back.” She returned to heel as we continued our stroll.

We hadn’t brought any fancy clothes so we dressed in the best we had for dinner with the Hendersons. I used my car’s GPS to find the professor’s house. Not knowing what to expect we fed Heidi and walked her first, buying several bottles of wine en route. She accompanied Jennie at heel into the house carefully checking everyone out to protect her mistress. Professor Henderson insisted that we call him Roy and his wife Helen. Then he introduced his friend Paul Harris and his wife Sheila. We ate dinner first—a delicious prime rib—before getting down to business.

I returned to the car taking Heidi with me in case she had to do her business—she didn’t. Back in the house we gathered around the table where I laid out the emails and installed the disc onto my computer. Paul carefully reviewed each document before commenting. “This could be something, Tim…or it could be nothing. Any idea how much steel is involved in these dormitories?” I just gave him a look that said, “Duh!”

I opened Excel and brought up a spreadsheet that I’d made of the invoices. Sorting on “Osaka Steel” I was able to separate out the pertinent data. Then I added them instantly using the Sigma Auto Sum feature. I had the answer in less than thirty seconds. “I’m not sure if I have all the invoices for Osaka, or if they’re the only supplier involved, but the ones I have come to $5,437,628.”

“Hmmm…and ten percent would come to more than $540,000. I think this will bear looking into. You know you’ll get a percentage of the total recovered.”

“No thanks—I want my part to be strictly anonymous. I have a feeling I might lose my job for this.”


“I’ll tell you why, Paul. Jennie and I met Simon Alcott at a dinner for my firm and some of the bigger clients. He seemed to be taken with Jennie, but I dismissed it as being overly polite. However, he went to our home and coerced Jennie into having sex with him by threatening to make up some story to have me fired. I found out and practically killed him, but not before I had suffered terribly. As bad as it was for me it must have been ten times worse for Jennie. It took us months to repair our relationship. I’d prefer to see him dead, but prison or disgrace will do.”

“I don’t blame you. I’d probably kill anyone who tried that with Sheila. Okay, we’ll keep your identity a secret so don’t let on when we come into your office for the financial records.” We agreed and it was a deal. We left the following morning for Bar Harbor, Maine. We stayed there for three days then drove south to Boston for another three before returning home to Long Island.

Jennie had been off the pill for just over a month so we were extremely hopeful. We made love every morning and every night. It was wonderful as always even though Jennie couldn’t surprise me with some zany outfit or idea and even though it was strictly missionary. We were home on Saturday afternoon so we had some time to relax before work on Monday morning, however you already know all about Jennie’s idea of relaxation. We spent almost the entire time in bed making love except for those times when we put Heidi out or when we ate so we’d have the energy to make love again.


The next month flew by as I finished the audit of Alcott’s company which not surprisingly was perfect. I was almost ready to release the documents back to Alcott when Claire answered my phone. A few seconds later she buzzed me on the intercom. “Tim, Mr. Reinhardt needs you up in his office immediately.” I was out the door, a pad in my hand, less than a minute later. Rather than wait for the elevator I took the stairs two at a time. His secretary told me to go right in.
There were two men seated at the table with Robert. They stood when I approached; one was Paul Harris. They introduced themselves as assistant district attorneys from Albany. Paul and I acted as though we were total strangers. “Sit down, Tim—these gentlemen have a search warrant for all of Alcorp’s records. You have his stuff down in your office, don’t you?”

I acted confused. “May I ask why?”

“I don’t suppose there’s any reason why not,” Paul responded. “We’re investigating fraud in the construction of the new dorms at the SUNY Albany campus. We think there might be other construction projects involved, too.”

“I was just about to send them back to their office in Manhattan so they’re just about ready to go. May I see the search warrant so I know what’s included?” Paul’s partner—Herman Werner—handed the document to me. It was simple; they had the legal right to seize any and all documents pertaining to Alcorp, Inc. financial records and communications. “Okay, I’ll give you everything I have. Do you want a copy of my audit report, too?” They did. I excused myself to go downstairs and get everything ready.

I trotted into my office telling Claire there were some law enforcement officials here to pick up everything we had on Alcorp. “I’m not surprised, Tim. That Alcott is a slimy bastard.”

Gee…I’d never said a word and she knew him even better than I did. She went through our files and copied all of our communications. I was only halfway into gathering the files when Paul walked in, closing the door behind him. “Damn, Tim…if you only knew what a firestorm you’ve unleashed up in the capital. We’ve had an engineering firm check all the steel—I-beams, sheet steel—everything, even the rebar. It’s all ten percent short in thickness meaning that it’s all ten percent weaker than specified. We’ve just begun checking his other projects and the DA is sure we’ll find the same situation in some, if not all, of the others. The Governor’s livid and the Attorney General is prepping a mammoth lawsuit. Alcott is done. It’s just a matter of time.”

“I guess that’ll teach him not to mess with my wife.” He smiled and then joined me in a long hearty laugh. I directed the men from the transport company to all the boxes of Alcorp records and then to our communications and reports. They were done half an hour later. I shook hands with Paul and Herman and went back to work. Jennie had a special surprise for me when I got home that evening.

I called out once I had dropped my briefcase onto the carpet. Intrigued that Heidi hadn’t come running to greet me I began a search before finding her with Jennie in the kitchen. I began laughing as soon as I saw them. Heidi held a box of Saran Wrap in her teeth; it was empty, but my crazy wife was completely wrapped up from neck to toe.

“And how exactly am I supposed to get you out of that?”

“I was hoping with your mouth.”

Still laughing I leaned in for a kiss. Jennie was helpless to resist, not that she ever would. “I have an idea…an even better one.” First, I pulled the box from Heidi’s mouth. “How long has she been holding that?”

“Too long; thank you, Tim.”

I petted Heidi as I removed the box from her jaws then moved to one of the cabinets for a pair of scissors. Very carefully I began to cut away the wrap around each of her breasts. “Was this Escort Ankara what you had in mind?” I licked and sucked on each nipple.

“Not quite,” she replied, “but that’ll do for a start. Ohhhh…yesss, Tim!” Next I cut the tape between her legs then up and around her pussy. It was there that I licked next. “You’re getting closer to what I had in mind. Oh God, Tim!” Unfortunately, I stopped then. I was in a mischievous mood and I had Jennie right where I wanted her. The scissors next cut a circle around her asshole. “What? Tim, what are you doing?”

I moved Jennie over the kitchen table, lying her face down. “Now, be a good girl and lie still. I’ll be right back.” A second later I was out the door, Heidi following me closely. She chased me all the way to my night table and all the way back as if we were playing some game. “Okay…I’m back. You know…I just realized we never did have that discussion about anal.” Jennie’s eyes grew as big as saucers as I continued. “Now I have you right where I need you.”

“You wouldn’t!! Oh! Tim!!” I dribbled some lube on her asshole and rubbed it in with my fingers.

“You’ll be happy to know I’m as hard as a rock and I’m unusually big, too. It must be the anticipation of getting in there—a place I’ve always wanted. There…I think that’s enough. Just relax.”

I pushed forward and slowly edged forward before pressing with force…right into the place I’ve always wanted—Jennie’s hot tight pussy. My finger just rubbed her anus lightly.

“You…you bastard,” she laughed. “I was all ready for it. I even wanted it.”

“Well, did I lie?”

“No,” she was laughing now and she couldn’t stop. “You did say it was the place you’ve always wanted and I know that’s true.”

“Yes, darling…I’ve always wanted your pussy. I will always want your pussy.”

“Ummm, shut up and do me, will you please? I love you, Tim.”

“I know, Jennie…almost as much as I love you.” My hands found her hips for leverage as I pressed my cock deep into her, my heavy naked balls slapping against her abdomen as my pace quickened. The excitement of our situation accelerated our readiness. I could tell from the tiny tremors in her body that her orgasm was near. All our kidding and teasing had me right at the brink, too, so I reached around her leg to pinch her clit. She screamed in her ecstasy and, when she did, I followed by flooding her cunt with my cream. I would have enjoyed lying on my wife’s soft back, but the damned Saran Wrap made me sweat. I could only imagine what it was doing to her; I grabbed the scissors, ran the blade up her back and sliced the plastic from her body. Turning her around I swooped her into my arms and carried her to the shower. There I threw my clothes into a pile and joined my wonderful Jennie under the hot spray.

“You’ll never guess who was in the office this afternoon.”


“Paul…Paul Harris, the DA from Albany. He told me that all hell’s breaking out up there with Alcott’s projects. All the steel in the dormitories is below spec so he is pretty sure there will be criminal charges and massive lawsuits, too. He told me that it’s over for that scumbag.”

“Good…he has it coming. Paul didn’t say anything about knowing you, did he?”

“No. I was called to Robert’s office and he was there with another DA, a Mr. Werner. Robert introduced us and they showed me a search warrant for all our records dealing with his company. Later Paul came into my office and closed the door to tell me everything that’s happened. I’ll bet it will hit the news media soon. How was your day?”

“Good…better than good.” She gave me what we called back in high school a big shit-eating grin.


“Were you late?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but that changed when she told me, “I was…I am…three days late. I know it’s not enough to be sure, but…” I kissed and held her like never before. Jennie was as regular as the seasons—as the rise and fall of the tides. I was overwhelmed with love for my wife.

I turned off the water and helped her out, drying her luscious body from head to toe before helping her to the bed. “Stop, Tim! I’m not going to break. We don’t even know for sure that I’m pregnant. Even if I fell I wouldn’t lose the baby at this stage.” I gave her a look of amazement. “I’ve been spending a lot of time online, between taking care of the house and having Heidi nipping at my feet.” She laughed as she leaned down to rub Heidi’s neck. Then, moving like lightning, she grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her. “Now Tim, promise me you won’t be smothering if I’m pregnant.”

Grinning sheepishly, I agreed. “But only if you promise not to take any chances. If there’s heavy lifting….”

“I’ll wait until you’re home. If you think I can stand your weight on top of me I’d really like to fuck again and then we will definitely talk about anal…after you’ve called for dinner.” Jennie moved under me and reached for my manhood. We both knew how a mere touch from her would harden me in an instant. She slid under me once I lifted my leg and she guided me to her slit. Damn! She was wet again. I had no idea why I would be surprised. Nor was I surprised when she wrapped those long legs around me and pulled me into her. I’d say that we fucked like kids, but we did that every day. Making love today, however, was a true expression of our love for each other. Having just cum about an hour earlier I knew this one would last a while.

We moved together slowly, savoring the sensations we were giving each other for more than thirty minutes when I had a thought. Mid-stroke I asked, “Pizza again or Chinese?”

“I don’t care just as long as you don’t stop. If you only knew what you do to me…you’d never let me out of bed.”

I had to laugh. I never wanted to let her out of bed now. Knowing that this had to come to an end sometime soon I reached for the phone and, using the built-in directory called for Chinese knowing that we had at least another half hour to enjoy ourselves. Jennie and I looked into each other’s eyes the entire time as we fucked and fucked. I must have told Jennie ten times how much I loved her and, if anything, she told me even more. Finally, after almost an hour of non-stop sex we picked up speed, eventually rutting like a pair of dogs. I had no idea where Jennie found the energy. I was beat, but I knew I owed my best to my incredible bride. After an extended period of silence Jennie grunted. I felt her body tremble and then, as I finally came, she felt like a ball that was suddenly deflated. Her orgasm was punctuated by a minute-long sigh. “Oh God, Tim, that was absolutely incredible. Remind me to order lots and lots of Saran Wrap.
Can we get up? I think I’m going to need help.”

I rolled off Jennie–my cock making a popping sound was it escaped her beautiful gushing pussy. We were covered in secretions. I lay on the bed for almost fifteen minutes until I heard the doorbell. I scrambled up, pulling on a pair of running shorts as I pulled my wallet from my suit pants. I doubted that we fooled the delivery man one bit. I stunk of sex—reeked of my wife’s cunt—and I had numerous wet spots on the front of my shorts.

I set everything up on the coffee table wondering aloud why we even had a dining room set. “We can eat there if you want, Tim, but we won’t be able to sit like this.” She straddled my hips to push her nipples into my chest.

Laughing as I often did at Jennie’s remarks I asked how I was going to eat. “Simple, darling—I’m going to feed you and you’re going….” I covered her mouth with mine then helped her to a piece of General Tso’s Chicken. She carefully fed me a big piece of shrimp in lobster sauce. We took forever to eat that way; we loved every second. We left the mess on the table and returned to bed once we had taken care of Heidi. We made the most incredible—the most beautiful love imaginable all night long. I had huge bags under my eyes the next morning when I walked into the office.

Claire laughed and so did Gayle, but I didn’t care. I loved my wife unconditionally and she loved me just as much and soon we’d hopefully have someone to help share that love.


Jennie was still late almost a week later so I stopped off at our local pharmacy for some home pregnancy tests. I bought one of every kind I could find. The cashier laughed even as she wished me good luck. Then Jennie smiled when I got home and emptied the bag on the kitchen counter. “How much pee do you think I have, anyway? Well, I think I’d better get these organized. Help me carry them into the bathroom, will you, Tim?”

We laid them in a row on the vanity where Jennie could grab them, hold each in her urine stream and then hand each to me once she was done. Well…that was the plan, but what Jennie did was get impatient. She grabbed all six in one hand and held them all under her at once. Once she was done she wiped herself and set the cylinders in a row. We were nervous, praying that our hopes and prayers had been answered.

“This is silly. Let’s just look,” I said as I picked up the first—YES! Jennie checked the second, also—YES! I was so excited I picked all of them up at once. The answer was the same; they all said YES! I pulled Jennie up from the toilet into the most wonderful kiss. She broke it a minute later.

“This is great, Tim, but I need to see my doctor to be sure.”

“Okay…make an appointment.”

She gave me the sweetest smile. “I already did—next Tuesday at four. I want you to come with me.”

“I will…I promise. I’ll clear my calendar and get the okay from Robert tomorrow. Oh God…I love you Jennie.”

“I’m glad because I was so excited I forgot to make dinner…again…sorry.”

“I am not eating pizza or Chinese tonight! I had my stern face on, but I couldn’t stifle a grin. “I think we need to go out tonight…someplace nice…and expensive. Then I think we need to come back home and make love.”

“I love the way you think, Tim.” Jennie dressed in her best sexy dress and those high heels that always drove me crazy and we went out to the best steak house in town. The meal was great, but making sweet love after was something dreams are made of.

I went to see Robert first thing the following morning. I liked that any of the management team could stop by for a quick chat without an appointment. I felt he was an excellent role model. “Morning, Tim,” he began.

“Hi, Robert—I need to leave early on Tuesday. Jennie has an appointment with her doctor and I have to be there with her.”

“Please, Tim, don’t tell me she’s seriously ill.”

“Sorry, Robert that came out wrong; she’s not ill. We think she’s pregnant and we want confirmation.”

“Tim…that’s wonderful. Do whatever you have to do. What time do you have to leave?”

“The appointment’s at four so I thought I’d leave at three so I have time to pick Jennie up and still get to the doctor on time. Of course, we’ll probably still sit around there forever.”

“Leave at three, eh—okay, Tim, I’ll want to see you at 2:00. You’re just about due for a performance review. Set it into your schedule and congratulations. I’ll be praying that you get the good news you want.” He rose and shook my hand. I was astonished—Robert Reinhardt never shook hands if he could help it. That was one of the things I’d learned over the months I’d been in management.

The five days until Tuesday dragged and dragged just as I knew they would. I’ve always found that time flies when there’s nothing to look forward to, but as soon as that goal appears in the future the clock seems to turn backwards as it was doing now. Finally—at last—it was noon on Tuesday. I felt in a good mood so I joined one of the other VP’s for lunch at the deli downstairs. I had my favorite hot pastrami on rye with cream soda.

Jed was in charge of the bond department. Reinhardt’s was a full-service financial company. We sold stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in addition to the accounting and auditing department I led. Personally, I wanted no part of the sales divisions. I doubted that I could handle the stress. I was surprised that Jed was taking the time off to join me. I was sure he had a reason and he got to it just as we had finished our sandwiches. “Tim, Alcott was thinking of floating a big bond issue to cover the expansion he’s been planning. I’ve been working on it for more than a month, but recently the whole thing has fallen apart. I know you’ve handled their Ankara Escort audit. Any problems I should know about before I spend another month chasing rabbits down a hole?”

“That term doesn’t even begin to tell the story, Jed. About a month ago some assistant district attorneys from the Albany area served a search warrant on Robert. They wanted everything I had on Alcott. One of them told me there’s a huge investigation they’ve started into his use of sub-standard materials in his projects. Since then I’ve been checking online using the Times-Union website—that’s the Albany newspaper. I’d say that those plans are a pipe dream and only then if there’s opium in the pipe. He’s looking at criminal charges and massive fines and…I read the other day that he’s being sued, too. Oh shit, I’ve got to run. I have a 2:00 meeting with Robert—my first performance review.” I paid my bill and hopped on the first elevator up. Taking my notepad and laptop from my desk I walked up the remaining three stories.

Robert walked me to the sitting area. I took the couch knowing how much he liked the armchair. Robert was short; sitting there he was higher than me. I know—silly power games, but what could I do? “How are you finding management, Tim?”

“It’s a challenge, that’s for sure. When I was just one of the accountants I’d have maybe three or four problems to face in a day. Now I still have those, but I have everyone else’s, too. I do find that I enjoy the challenge. No two days are ever the same.”

“Are you taking a lot of work home with you?”

I laughed. “I’m sorry, Robert—you obviously don’t know Jennie very well. Jennie loves sex. Well…she loves it with me. I’m lucky to get an hour to myself and I can’t remember the last time we watched TV.”

“I envy you, Tim. She’s a beautiful woman and it’s clear that she loves you. Okay, let’s get down to business and then you can go. I haven’t heard even a single negative comment about you. On the contrary, everyone says great things about you, even me. I know that losing Ted was hard on you—harder than it was on almost everyone because you also had a close personal relationship. I noticed you didn’t move into his office until after he had died. That was very respectful of you.

“In terms of your work…it’s always been of a very high standard and it still is even with everything else you’re involved in. I’m very pleased.”

“Thank you, Robert.”

“Since you’re new I’ll bet you don’t realize why I wanted a review on you at this time. It’s simple—you have to have one in order to get a raise. I’m moving you up to $150,000 effective today. I’m sure you can use the extra money with your growing family.” He stood and I joined him. He offered his hand and I shook it. A few seconds later I was on my way home.

As I predicted we sat and sat in the doctor’s office. I was so preoccupied I forgot to tell Jennie about my raise. “I got a raise today” I whispered so I wouldn’t be overheard.


“Yup…Robert told me he’s very satisfied with my work. I’m getting an extra twenty.”

“I think we should celebrate, don’t you?” I would have agreed, but Jennie was called by the nurse that very second. Of course, we waited in the exam room for another forever. I checked my watch and was shocked to see the time was almost six o’clock.

“I think you need to get another doctor, Jennie. This wait is ridiculous. I think that anyone could do this. Let’s go.” I stopped by the nurses’ station on the way out to tell them we were leaving. “We’ve had enough. We’re going and Jennie is NOT coming back. We’ve been waiting for two hours and nothing’s happened. Don’t even think of billing us for this; if you do I’ll charge you with insurance fraud, but you will get a bill from my firm for the time I’ve wasted.”

“We thought you were done.”

“All the more reason to never come here again–what an incompetent group you people are. We came here to confirm my wife’s pregnancy. It was going to be the happiest day of our lives and you idiots have fucked it up. C’mon, Jennie.” I took her hand and strode out the door. I was furious—as angry as I’ve ever been.

“I’m sorry, Tim.”

I was still glaring when I turned to Jennie, but realized immediately that she was not at fault. “No, darling—I’m sorry for scaring you. You’re not at fault. We’ll find another doctor. I think I’ll ask Claire and maybe a few of the other women at work. Let’s get a bite to eat and go home.

We went to a fine restaurant, but our minds were elsewhere. We just ate and went home. We didn’t even make love. We just went to bed. I could hear Jennie crying so I pulled her to me. “Tomorrow’s another day. We’ll find a walk-in clinic or something. I love you.”

There were a bunch of women at Claire’s desk the following morning waiting for the big news. I’d only told Claire and Robert, but I knew how news could travel through the firm. They were livid when I told them what had happened. “I’ll be back in a minute, Tim,” Gayle told me. She was, too. “My brother-in-law is an OB/GYN. He’ll see you and Jennie at 4:30 this afternoon. Here’s the address.” I walked up to see Robert to let him know what had happened. He told me not to worry about leaving again. I made up the time by working through lunch.

We arrived early knowing that there would be a ton of paperwork and insurance information to exchange, however we were shown to an exam room at exactly 4:30 and Dr. Berman arrived not five minutes later. “Boy was Gayle worked up when she called me this morning. We sometimes have delays because of a delivery, but to have you wait all that time for no reason…. I’ve already spoken to Dr. Jonas and she apologized and now that I have your release I’ll have all your records in a few days. Now, you’re obviously the Tim my sister-in-law is always telling us about and you must be Jennie. I’m Dr. Berman…Dan Berman and I’m married to Gayle’s sister.” He shook my hand as Jennie climbed up onto the table. He examined her and—truthfully—I was embarrassed when he looked up into Jennie, but she took it all in stride. Once he declared her to be in excellent health he suggested we get to the business at hand. Jennie was given three home pregnancy tests and shown to the rest room. We’d already used these last week so we weren’t surprised when they said, “YES.”

“You know, we did all of these last week.”

“I’m not surprised. These days almost everyone uses home pregnancy tests before they come for an appointment. They’re good—more than 95% accurate, but I’ll take some blood to be sure. I’ll have the results by Friday and I’ll have someone in the office phone you.” We agreed that Jennie would get the call. I expected to be busy all day having changed my schedule around twice.

Jennie received her call around one and five minutes later I left a meeting to get the good news. I was thrilled…so was Claire and so was Gayle. We went to dinner that night and it was a gala celebration with everything but booze. Once we were home we literally ran to the bedroom, Heidi at our heels. I picked Jennie up and turned her in a circle before placing her gently on the bed. “We need to call my folks and your mom.”

“That can wait—I can’t.” My clothes fell like rain and Jennie’s followed only a few seconds later. Once naked Jennie pulled me to her as we rolled across the bed and back, laughing and kissing and hugging until our eyes met. Jennie said the words that would change us forever, “Fuck my ass.”

We’d had our talk about anal. We talked about it from every angle—the pleasure, the pain, the cleanliness (or not), the need for lube…everything. Mostly Jennie liked that we could do it all through her pregnancy. We went online to buy some supplies to prepare her—a set of graduated butt plugs. We also agreed—at the very first sign of pain we were done. I made Jennie promise that she wouldn’t hide it from me.

She moved away from me so she could get into position. We weren’t sure what position would be best so we decided to try all of them—doggie first. Moving behind Jennie I carefully pulled the butt plug from her ass. She’d described the sensation as filling, but not painful. I carefully applied a generous dollop of lube to her sphincter, rubbing it in with my finger. Five minutes later I had three fingers in her. “Damn, Tim…my butt is tingling like crazy. Do it, please. Take me and fuck me.”

I rubbed a huge amount of lube over my cock and changed it with the fingers in a flash. Reaching down to the floor I grabbed a tee shirt and wiped my fingers clean. Now I was ready for my love. I was just about to ask how she was doing when Jennie turned around to give me a look of total love. My hands on her hips, I began to push. Jennie’s pussy was tight, but this was unbelievable.

I knew this wasn’t going to last very long so I reached for Jennie’s nipple with my “dirty” hand and her clit with the other. Jennie collapsed onto the bed, her body shaking and completely out of control when it hit. I felt like my cock had exploded. I tried to roll off her, but she reached back to hold me in place. “Leave it in there, Tim. I like the way it feels.” My cock popped from her anus a few minutes later. We rose as one about ten minutes later and walked into the shower.

“You know what’s great about this, Tim?”

I shook my head knowing pretty much what Jennie was going to say. “I hesitate to ask.”

“My pussy is still hungry for you.”

“Remember what I said once about Superman?”

“I’ll bet I can get you up in no time.” There’d be no bet—I knew Jennie too well.

We were snuggling in bed later when I turned on the TV. My head was propped up on a pillow. Jennie’s was on my chest as she fondly stroked my cock. She might get it hard, but there was no way I could possibly cum again. I flipped through the channels, stopping at CNN. There on the screen, hiding his face under his hands was a handcuffed Simon Alcott. We listened closely once I turned up the sound.

Simon had been arrested on 112 counts of fraud and 87 counts of larceny—one for each invoice he’d submitted for payment– dealing with the construction of the SUNY Albany dorms. The announcer described how his firm was being sued for eighty million dollars in regard to the dorms. The story closed with an interview with Paul Harris who stated that more charges related to other Alcorp construction projects would be forthcoming and that construction on the dorms had been halted pending their demolition.

“Wow! Simon sure is in the shit now, isn’t he?”

“I’m glad,” Jennie replied. “It couldn’t be better. Now what say you turn it off? I’m suddenly hungry…for you.” She was all over me before I had even reached for the remote. Dear God—the life I lead!


Everyone at work was thrilled with the news. I was required to fill in all the accountants and secretaries every time Jennie saw her doctor. She liked Dr. Berman and so did I. He gave Jennie a healthy diet and exercise regimen to follow. He was very forthright in regard to sex during pregnancy. He felt, based on Jennie’s small hips that she would have to give up vaginal sex during her seventh month, however oral could continue until she gave birth and anal almost as long. I thought it interesting that he gave us that information. We didn’t ask for it. Jennie and I planned on following those instructions to the letter.

We decided not to learn the baby’s sex until the birth even though it made our shopping more difficult. We had fun anyway. Slowly—bit by bit—the baby’s room took shape. We had lots of help from my parents and Jennie’s mom who were thrilled—absolutely thrilled—to become grandparents. They lived nearby so we went to visit personally that first weekend after the pregnancy was confirmed. I thought I’d be crushed by my mother-in-law’s hug.

Jennie’s pregnancy was uneventful until fate intervened. It was a beautiful August day with the temperature in the low eighties and moderate humidity. We had opened all the windows the night before. We had air conditioning, but only in our bedroom and we rarely used it unless the temperature was in the nineties or the weather was extremely humid. I was at work just after lunch when my cell rang.

“TIM! TIM!” Jennie was screaming and panting at the same time. I could tell that something terrible had happened. I was afraid—terrified that something had happened to harm her and our baby.

“Jennie, are you okay?”

“Come home, Tim…Simon Ankara Escort Bayan forced his way in and tried to hurt me.”

“Where was Heidi?”

“It was my fault. I had just put her out when the doorbell rang.” She went on, telling me how Alcott had grabbed her, ripped her blouse and pushed her into the house screaming about how she was to blame for all his troubles.

“Where is he now?”

“On the floor, Tim—he’s bleeding badly. Heidi ran right through the screen door and bit his arm. She went for his neck when he fell.”

“Jennie! I’m on my way. I’ll call 911. Just stay there. I’ll be there soon.” Ending the call I raced for the door. “Claire…a man forced his way into the house. I need to go. I’ll call you later.” I was in the elevator going down seconds later.

It’s hard to make a call when you’re running full out, but I managed to connect with 9-1-1 before I reached the car. Giving my name and address I told them that police and an ambulance were needed and that I was en route. Then I ended the call to concentrate on driving home at an insane speed.

The police were already there when I pulled up to the curb. An officer stopped me, or tried to, as I ran through the open door. Jennie ran to me still in her destroyed blouse and shorts. “Oh, Tim, I’ve been so scared.” We held each other for several minutes before I led her to the couch.

Heidi sat calmly next to us, even as Simon Alcott bled badly onto the carpet. I held her jaw with one hand and stroked her head with the other. “Good girl,
Heidi. You saved Jennie.” I hugged her and there were tears in my eyes when I let her go.

“That’s a vicious dog you have there, Mister.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. She’s a well-trained guard dog and that asshole is the reason she’s here. She’s no threat to anyone unless they threaten either Jennie or me.”

“Where’d you get her?”

“KKK. Karl Kline—the same place you get your dogs.” The EMT’s rushed in–kneeling in the ever-growing pool of Simon Alcott’s blood as they began to treat him for his wounds. He was gone minutes later.

“Now that we’re alone can you tell me why your so-called “well-trained” dog attacked an innocent visitor to your home?”

“I wasn’t aware that they allowed blind people on the force,” I replied.”Take a look at my wife. Do you think she dresses like that every day? I want her examined by a doctor. She’s pregnant and I’ll bet she has some injuries. Get us another ambulance. I’ll gladly show you what this is about while we wait. If you don’t I’ll be silent until some detectives come and I’ll file an official complaint against you.” Jennie was still trembling in my arms.

The cop called for an ambulance using his radio so I removed a small flash drive from my key ring. Laying it on the coffee table I left the room for a laptop. I began my commentary once I had everything set up. “My wife and I make love every day, but one Thursday back in January she begged off, claiming a bad headache. The following week, on Thursday, she begged off again. After that she denied me every Tuesday and Thursday for almost two months. I thought she might be having an affair so I installed three cameras in our home—at the front door, here in the living room, and up in our bedroom. After seeing her kiss a man at the door I decided I needed to take action on the following Thursday so I arranged to take the afternoon off. I stood outside in the driveway and using my work laptop I was able to see them in the living room, but it was clear that she wasn’t as willing as I’d thought. When I entered the house I heard Jennie pleading with him not to fuck her. I ran up and…well, you’ll see.” I began the video of the bedroom. It showed Simon Alcott dragging Jennie into the room and throwing her on the bed. Jennie’s pleas could be heard easily. Then I ran in, pulled Simon off and rammed the bat into his gut. It showed everything and everything could be heard, even Simon’s admission that he had raped Jennie.

“That’s your Mr. Innocent. I also happen to know that he’s on bail from Albany. His name is Simon Alcott.”

“You mean the construction guy? The one who cheated the state out of millions?”

“One and the same; I told him I’d give Jennie my pistol, but she hates guns so I got something better—a guard dog. She’s really gentle, but you’ve seen what she’ll do if Jennie’s threatened.” The ambulance arrived and Jennie was taken away to the hospital.

We held hands all the way to the hospital where we were met by a pair of detectives, one of whom was a woman. She photographed Jennie with emphasis on the damaged clothing and bruised breasts. When they were done with the interview they informed us that Alcott’s bail had been revoked and that they’d charge him with home invasion and sexual assault in addition to his other charges in Albany. “The doctors tell us that he’ll be permanently scarred from your dog’s attack. He’ll be reminded what an asshole he is every time he looks into a mirror.”

“What about our dog? We love her and we’d hate to lose her over this.”

“She’ll have to be examined by a vet, but you can choose whoever you want. Her attack was obviously provoked so I think you’ll be in the clear.” We thanked her and waited for Jennie to be examined. That happened about a half hour later. Jennie explained everything to a nurse/doctor team. The doctor examined her breasts, head, neck, and arms. Her injuries were limited to bruises so I went for a little walk. Sure enough, just three bays down was none other than Simon Alcott.

“Do you know the patient, sir?”

“Yes, we’re close business associates. I know him well. He’s been to my home any number of times. I just want to wish him well. I heard he’s going into surgery.”

“Yes, that dog did terrible damage to his neck. I hope it gets put to sleep. Okay, but only a minute.”

I walked up so I could whisper in Simon’s ear. “I’ll bet you think that going to my house today was the worst idea you ever had. Just be glad I wasn’t there or they’d be operating to remove your crushed balls instead of trying to fix your fucked-up neck. Your bail has been revoked, asshole, and now you’re looking at sexual assault, forcible rape, and home invasion. You’ll be lucky to get out in this lifetime. I’ll bet you get raped regularly in prison. Kind of fitting, wouldn’t you say? Well, gotta go. Have fun in Attica.”

I walked out of the bay, but stopped briefly when I saw the nurse. “Thanks, Ma’am; just want you to know that was my dog that bit that asshole. That’s what happens when you try to rape my wife. I’m taking her home and we’re cooking that dog a big ribeye.” I laughed all the way back to Jennie. We took a cab home once I had settled the bill.

“Tim,” Jennie asked me once I had given the driver the address. “Tim, you never told me you installed cameras in our house to spy on me.”

“Actually, I did. Remember when I caught Alcott?” She nodded. “I told you that I had seen you kiss him at the door and in the living room. I knew something was wrong when you wouldn’t have sex with me—probably not the first or second time, but by the third, definitely. Looking back I think you were telling me you were in trouble and you were asking for help. I didn’t recognize Alcott at first, but once I was in the room with you all I could think of was killing him.

“That’s where I went when I left you—down the hall to see that bastard. I doubt he’ll be out of jail any time soon, if ever, but I can guarantee he’ll never bother you again.”

Jennie batted her eyelashes at me, looked up and whispered, “What do you think we should do when we get home?”

“Well, the first thing will be to grill a succulent ribeye for Heidi. Then we’ll have plenty of free time for other pursuits.” I pulled Jennie to me for a kiss that ended only when the cab pulled into our driveway. Heidi loved her reward, but not even half as much as I loved mine. I was on cloud nine when I walked into work the following morning.

There was a huge crowd around Claire’s desk when I walked in. I’d tell them all about our episodes with Alcott, but first I had to tell Robert. We sat on the couch and armchair again, Robert patiently waiting for me to begin. “I told you after my review how much Jennie loves sex with me. Why me I’ll never know, but she does. She’s always coming up with some new costume or game to spring on me when I get home so I was surprised one Thursday when she begged off claiming a headache. I thought nothing of it until the following Thursday when she claimed a stomach ache. After that it was every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few months. The other days were perfectly normal. I knew that something was up. I installed surveillance cameras and saw an older man kissing Jennie at the door. That’s pretty much when I decided to intervene.

“I told Ted that I needed to take Jennie to the doctor the next Thursday afternoon. Instead I went to Starbucks to use their wi-fi then drove to our house once I knew he was there. What I saw in the living room scared me. He pulled her upstairs to the bedroom and I snuck into the kitchen through the garage. When I heard Jennie plead with him not to fuck her I ran up the stairs and into the room, pulling Simon Alcott off my wife. I won’t go into all the details of what I did to him, but I told him I’d kill him if he didn’t confess.”

“Really, Tim? Simon Alcott? I find that hard to believe.”

“That’s where I was yesterday after Jennie phoned me. I had told him that I’d give Jennie a gun, but she’s terrified of guns. Instead, I got her a dog–and not just any dog—a dog personally trained by Karl Kline. Our pet is a trained guard dog, but you’d never know it unless you attacked either Jennie or me. Alcott came to our home yesterday, forced his way in, and assaulted Jennie. Heidi—that’s our dog—was in the backyard. She came running right through the screen door when she heard Jennie scream. She went for Alcott’s arm first and when she had pushed him down to the floor she went straight to his neck. I’m sure that Heidi would have killed him had Jennie not called her back.”

“I wish you had told me about this sooner, Tim. We don’t need anybody’s business that badly. I would have dropped him like a rock. Is Jennie okay?”

“Yes, other than being scared shitless she has a couple of bruises on her breasts and neck, but that’s all thanks to Heidi. So, that’s just about everything. Oh yeah, the cops told me that Simon is being charged with several counts of forcible rape and sexual assault and that his bail from Albany has been revoked. I spoke to him in the ER yesterday. Well…I spoke; he couldn’t.”

“You know, Tim—I worry about my family all the time. It’s the price of being successful and rich. Think Kline would sell me a dog?”

“He absolutely loves me, Robert so if I asked him I’m sure he would. However, we had to spend two full days with Heidi to learn her commands and to bond with her. Also, she cost us $4,000 which I know was a huge discount. Why don’t you and your family come to dinner Saturday afternoon? We’ll have a cookout and you and your kids can see how Heidi is with us…and you, too. I’ll invite Sharon and her kids, too.”

“You’re sure it’ll be safe?”

“Positive. Now I think I need to get to work. There was a big crowd around Claire’s desk hunting for news when I came in this morning and they won’t get much done until I fill them in.” We rose, shook hands and I finally was able to get some work done.

Jennie didn’t have anything special or kooky when I got home, just plain old red-hot anal sex. We did it missionary this time, her butt elevated on two pillows. If anything, it was even better than our first effort. In fact, it was incredible. We spent almost a half hour recovering once we were done. Jennie had three orgasms that I counted. I only had one, obviously, but I swear I shot into her eight times. Jennie told me she felt it every time.

“How about a cookout Saturday?” We were lying together in post-coital bliss. “I hope you’re interested in entertaining because I invited Robert and his family. I thought we’d invite Sharon and her kids, too. I’m sorry; I was telling Robert about yesterday and what led up to it and he asked about getting a dog like Heidi.”

“So you suggested they try out Heidi first. I think that’s a great idea, Tim. Let’s get up for dinner and we can plan a menu. We’ll need soda and beer. You might check our liquor and mixers. I’ll bet we can get Mom to make her potato salad, especially when we invite her. Your mom can bring her coleslaw.” Leaning on my shoulder I looked at Jennie in absolute amazement, realizing once again that life with her would never be dull.

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