My Wife’s Younger Sister Ch. 02

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We didn’t stay in the bathroom long. Ashley got up to go and get dressed and I cleaned myself up. I was shaking I was so excited about the weekend. Everyone was gone and just Ashley and I were left.

When I was done in the bathroom I headed for the kitchen to mix some drinks for us. I could hear the blow dryer going and I couldn’t help but thinking of fucking her young pussy. She was going to look beautiful, I knew it. I went into the living room with the drinks and turned on the tube. I wasn’t there for very long and she came out from her room and stood at the entrance to the living room. She was wearing a purple sweater and a black skirt. Her legs were bare except for the leather boots she had on that stopped at her knees.

“So what are we gonna do for the rest of the night?” She opened the conversation. I was amazed at how comfortable and confident she felt.

“Whatever you want.” I said in return. What happened in the bathroom allowed me to say what I felt, I no longer felt uncertain about what she thought.

“Well, we certainly started the weekend off right.” Ashley said as she looked towards the bathroom. I got instantly hard at the thought of what had happened. Now knowing that she was still a virgin made me shiver with excitement.

I got up and grabbed the drinks and headed for her. She took her drink from my hand and swallowed half of what was a harsh drink. I placed my hand on her waist as she licked her lips clean. She leaned in for a kiss and I welcomed it. We went into the living room and had a long conversation. If it were not for her occasionally touching my legs, I would have thought we were talking under normal circumstances.

After a few more drinks she had a really good buzz on and I wasn’t far behind.

“So how are we gonna make the best of this weekend?” Ashley innocently asked.

“Well, what do you have in mind? I am kind of confused.”

She moved a little closer to me on the couch. “Well, I told you I am a virgin.” She stated again. The look in her eyes almost made me shit my pants.

“What am I supposed to say now? It is your decision to be a virgin, and I am not gonna get in the way of your decisions.”

“I know, but I am sick of it. I am always nervous around guys and I am scared if one of my boyfriends wants to get into my pants. I don’t want to disappoint him and then see him run off laughing to his friends about me.” I thought she was gonna cry.

“Ashley, you are a beautiful girl. Any man would be foolish not to be satisfied just by your smile.”

“I just want to be prepared.”

“Well, I think you should wait for mister right.” I wasn’t trying to get myself out of the situation. I just wanted to feel comfortable with the fact that she was making a sound decision.

“That is what I mean Randy. Mr. Right will make me happy, but I feel nervous around Mr. Right. I know I know you well and that I can trust you. If I loose my virginity to you, you won’t go around bragging about it our laughing to your friends. Frankly, if we spend the whole weekend having sex, then I should be comfortable with it.”

“That is a scenario that I can hardly refuse.”

“Good.” She looked me in the eyes and smiled a greedy smile. “Then please Randy, show me how to fuck.”

With that comment, I said to myself, fuck it. I would make it awesome if she was gonna be like that. I got up from the couch and crossed the living room to the chair. I sat down and faced her

“Spread you legs, Ashley.”

There was a sudden, momentary flash of alarm on her face, and just as suddenly, it was gone, replaced with a small, but definitely, lustful grin. She slowly moved her hands from her lap and placed them palms down on the couch. She uncrossed her legs, keeping her knees together. Our eyes met and she waited.

I looked down at her knees and she let them part. Three inches, then another three, and then another. She adjusted her feet so she could spread wider for me. Another three inches. She paused. I could see the tops of newcratos her thigh-high stockings, and just a hint of black panty peaking out between her perfect thighs. I remembered to breathe.

“Pull your skirt up a little.” Ashley moved her hands to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to almost the tops of her legs. She wiggled a little on the seat so the bottom could rise too. When she was finished she spread her knees another foot apart, giving me an unobstructed view. She was incredible!

I slid from the chair to kneel in front of her, keeping eye contact the whole time. When I was in place I put my hands on the tops of her knees and ran them gently to the tops of her stockings and back. She inhaled deeply as I did.

I made a second run with my thumbs caressing her inner thighs. We never broke eye contact. My third run up her legs was on the outside of her thighs, all the way to her hips. I reached behind her a little and pulled her forward, till her pussy was almost even with the edge of the cushion on the couch. I reached under her legs and lifted them onto my shoulders.

Turning my head I kissed the inside of her right knee and slowly worked my way to the naked skin above the top of the stocking. When I kissed her skin she made a little moaning sound, otherwise she was very quiet.

I started on the left leg and kissed my way up the inside of that thigh to the skin. Another moan. I moved back and forth between her thighs, kissing and licking her skin but not touching her panties. A couple of times I sucked some of her flesh into my mouth. This made her squirm a little.

She had placed her hands on my head, not to direct my moves, but just to touch me. It felt wonderful. She was involved. I let my lips brush against the fabric of her panty and she shuddered. I pushed gently against her sex and she moaned again. Her panties were wet and I licked them, hard.

“Oh, that feels good. I’m liking this a lot.”

I reached up and grabbed the elastic of her panties. “Lift up.” I said. She did and I slid the thin material down her legs and over her feet. She cooperated with me by lifting her legs off my shoulders as I pulled her panties off.

It was then I noticed that Ashley shaved her pussy.

“Ashley, you shave your pussy.”

She looked at me, “Don’t you like it?”

“I love it! I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”

“Well, I want to be as sexy as possible for my first time.”

I was holding her legs up, my hands behind her knees. Ashley grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs up almost to her chest, then let her knees fall toward the cushions.

“I think I want you to have the use of your hands.” She was grinning.

“You have been thinking about this”

“Yes I have, way too much. I am glad it is finally here.”

I set my eyes on the prize and caressed the backs of her thighs. I then moved to the insides and worked my way toward her sex. When I reached her vulva, I used my fingers to trace the outline of her pussy.

I adjusted my position so I could get my face between her legs. Using my fingers, I gently pulled her lips apart and then ran my tongue along their edges. She both smelled and tasted delightful. I breathed in her scent and traced her pussy again.

“Oh, my. This is good. This is very good.”

Next I licked the inside of her pussy from bottom to top. It was a firm lick. I wanted her to feel my tongue and know she was wanted.

“Oh, God! You can do that all weekend. I won’t do anything to stop you.”

I leaned in again and licked her. Her pussy parted slightly and I licked her again. The second time my tongue slipped between her lips and I pressed into her, working my tongue into her vagina as far as I could.

“Ummmmm, that feels sooooo good.”

I moved my mouth up slightly and gently sucked her clit between my lips.

“Oh, God, be careful. It feels so sensitive right now.”

I sucked very lightly at first, keeping only the lightest pressure newcratos giriş on her clitoris. As she adjusted to the sensation I increased the pressure, each time keeping it constant while she became accustomed to the added stimulation. After about six increases, I started to lick her sensitive bud while I sucked it further into my mouth. As I did, I reached around her leg and lightly caressed her skin, just above her pussy.

I licked her clit harder and with a steady rhythm, using as much surface of my tongue as I could. After about a minute she started to climax.

“Ohhhhh, Randy. Ohhhhh yes. That is sooo good. So good. So good.”

She didn’t squeeze her legs together or stiffen at all. Instead she seemed to open herself to me even more, inviting me to become one with her as she reached the peak of her pleasure. I stopped licking but continued to hold her clit ever so lightly between my lips.

Finally she said, “That’s all. Please, I can’t take anymore. It’s too much.”

I pulled back and sat on my heels in front of her. She reached down and placed her palm flat against her sex and pressed hard.

“Ohhhh, that was unbelievable. Thank you.” She grinned at me.

I got her drink from the end table and got another one for myself. When I returned from the kitchen she had drained her drink and was just sitting there, smiling. She looked so sweet with her dress up around her waist, legs crossed at the ankles, knees parted.

We looked at each other for a moment and then she hugged me. She smashed her breasts into my chest and pressed her cheek against my shoulder.

“That was great. I’ll be right back. Don’t go away.”

I grabbed my glass and drank. I took both glasses into the kitchen and left them on the counter.

Her turn

I was sitting on the couch when Ashley returned. She had shed her dress and replaced it with a very thin, very transparent, long white nightgown with a plunging neckline. A white bra could be seen under the material. She still wore the stockings and heels. She was exquisitely sexy.

She sat on the chair opposite me and smiled a wicked smile, “Loose the pants.”

I stood and started to unbutton my shirt.

“Not the shirt, the pants.”

I liked this. She was really getting into the moment, turning the tables and becoming the director. I stripped the socks from my feet. Then I slowly and deliberately unfastened my belt and unhooked the clasp at the waist.

Ashley was grinning like a kid with a new toy. “Let me give you something to motivate you.”

She pulled the top of her dress and her bra down and tucked them under her breasts. They were splendid, large and full, with a pleasant slope down to her pink, erect nipples, then a quick tuck under to her chest. Her nipples were small and just a bit darker than her skin. Her skin was smooth and creamy white. I was impressed.

She was watching me watch her. “Is it better like this?”

“You are unbelievable.”

“I’ll take that for a yes. Now watch closely.”

She spread her legs and lifted the hem of the chemise. When her sex was fully revealed to me, she used the fingers of both hands to separate her still engorged lips.

I had stopped stripping and was just standing there, mesmerized.

“The pants, the pants, don’t forget about the pants.”

“Yes, mame.”

I quickly unzipped and let my jeans drop to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. I watched her and waited.

“Good. Now the shirt.”

I was out of the shirt in seconds. I stood before her in a pair of white boxers.

She was now stroking her clit with the index finger of her left hand.

I watched her and she smiled at me. She was so young and innocent, yet she could be so sexy, so erotic.

“You are driving me crazy, playing with yourself like that in front of me.”

She grinned and held out her arm toward me, making a circular motion with her hand. “Continue. The boxers. I want to see only skin.”

I grasped the elastic at the top of the boxers and pulled them down, stretching the material so I could get it over my very erect penis.

“Turn around and let me look at you.” She looked at me, still grinning, “I like. Now sit.”

I sat where she had sat and this time it was Ashley who slid off the chair and kneeled. She put her hands on my knees and ran them down the tops of my thighs, and back. Then again, with her thumbs caressing the insides of my thighs. We maintained eye contact the entire time, just as we had when our places had been reversed.

She then ran her hands up the outside of my thighs and grabbed my hips. Her face was very close to my hard cock and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss it, maybe lick it, or take it into her mouth. But no.

“I can’t pull you, so you’ll have to help. Scoot out on the couch a little for me.”

I did and she sat back on her heels. She looked very pleased.

She reached out and grasped the shaft of my penis in her right hand, squeezing it gently. Then she moved closer to me, again on her knees, her head was just above my very excited member.

“You feel so smooth, hard and soft at the same time.”

She stroked me gently and I scooted out a little more.

“Oh, you like that?”

I just looked at her and I am sure she could see the lust in my eyes.

Ashley looked at my cock and took a deep breath. As she moved her mouth toward my penis I put my hand on her head and said, “Wait.”

She looked up, confused. “Ashley, this is great, but if you are at all uncomfortable you don’t have to do this. There’s no list of things to do here, no requirements. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, understand?”

She smiled sweetly, “You misunderstand. I do want to do this, now sit back and enjoy.”

Without hesitation this time, she leaned down and took the head of my cock and maybe the first two inches into her mouth. I could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of the shaft, but she made no movement for quite some time. Then she sucked in a little and slowly pulled back. When she got to the head, she slowed her retreat and ever so slowly let me slide from between her lips.

We looked at each other again and she smiled, “I could get used to this.” I said.

I thought she was going to say something, but instead she returned her attention to my penis. Her movements were tentative, but she was obviously approaching her task with enthusiasm. She started with about two inches and stroked me with her tongue and lips until she became comfortable with what she had in her mouth. Then she would add a little more and practice on that.

When she was comfortable with having about half of my cock in her mouth she started a regular, steady, up and down motion. It felt wonderful. She wasn’t sucking or using her tongue that much, but just being in her mouth, being caressed by her lips, was exciting me more than I could believe.

“Oh, baby, this is great. You’re doing just fine.”

Seemingly encouraged by my comments, she increased her pace and I was soon thinking of how to hold back. That was enough for tonight.

I placed my hands on either side of her head and said, “Ashley, that’s enough for now. Easy, baby, easy. That’s all I want right now.”

She pulled back and let go, “Didn’t I do it right? Tell me…”

I interrupted her. “You were doing too well. I was getting close and I didn’t want to risk cuming in your mouth.”

“Why not, I know guys like that.”

“Yes, we like that, but not tonight, not now. Now I want to make love to you, the old fashioned way.”

“In my bedroom?”

“In your bedroom.”

She rose, the material of her dress still tucked beneath her breasts. “Thank you. I was wondering if you were going to ejaculate in my mouth. It was a little hard to handle earlier in the bathroom, you know, the first time and all.”

“You got an A+ from me.”

She giggled and grabbed my hand, leading me to her bedroom. She had already turned down the bedspread. I always wanted to get under the covers of that bed. Now I was really living a dream come true.

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